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THE DEVIL WE KNOW - Resbang 2015

My murder mystery is finally here! Participating in Resbang has been a joy this year, and I’m so excited to share my hard work with you.

Check out my artist @notzilon‘s art HERE HERE HERE.


Wes Evans has been murdered in cold blood over Thanksgiving weekend, and Soul is the only family member without an alibi. With Shibusen’s top agents tied up at a witches summit, Kid sends Liz and Patty Thompson to the scene. The sisters-turned-sleuths discover that not only does every suspect have a secret to hide, but the specter of a woman long-dead hangs over the entire family.

When it comes to murder, its not the unknown we must fear. It’s the devil we know.

Rated: PG-13/T

Warnings: Canon typical violence, expletives, suicide mention, murder, attempted murder, spooky situations. 

“Dead folks can’t hurt you none. It’s the ones that are alive you have to watch out for.”

Liz Thompson, curled up on her absent meister’s throne with a worn paperback copy of Peyton Place open in her lap, read this line and felt her mind dart away from the story and back to someone she didn’t expect-her mother.

She didn’t think of her dead-beat mom often. At first, Liz missed her because someone had to feed Patty, someone had to find safe shelter beneath bridges and down shadowed alleyways, someone had to beat back the onslaught of urban predators who had wanted a piece of both girls since the day they first stepped on the streets. In the months after their mother’s abrupt abandonment, Liz had desperately wanted that person to be anyone but herself.

Time gave Liz distance, which in turn gave her perspective. Mom had tried to love them both in her own way, but that didn’t change the fact that she was a heinous, negligent bitch who gave up on parenthood. Liz would never forgive their mother for that. Never. And so Liz stopped thinking about their mother altogether. She became Patty’s caretaker, Patty became her universe, and their lives took off from there.