i think out of all the new!who companions jack loves the tardis the most


Eleventh Doctor Oneshot/ X-reader.

A/n: Sooooo, Doctor Who is on in a little while and I’m just real excited. I wanted to write something and I literally just came up with this hella fast so yeah, I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading. Hope you all enjoy the new season! 

Summary: Both the Doctor and reader have a crush on each other, the reader has been travelling with the Doctor for a year now and he wants to take the reader somewhere special. The Doctor finds this beautiful planet that made him think of you but little does he know what the events of that planet will conclude. 

Tags: Springtime, mild smut?

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol abuse, language, make-out session, mild smut? 

Words: 1.25K


You’ve been travelling with the Doctor for a while now, a year to be exact, and there has never been a time in the whole twenty-five years that you have been alive that you have loved someone to this extent.

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a-tardis-at-downton  asked:

Hi! Do you have any Really Good Nine/Rose AU recs? I'm finding my love of Nine/Rose has been rekindled. :)

Oh, do I!! This is one of my favorite genres, though it was one I got into later in my fic journey, so there are still so many gems I haven’t been able to read yet. We’re going to do a more extensive list on @doctorroseficreclists, so keep an eye out there too. 

But here is my list of AUs I’ve personally read and love - I’ll organize by writer in no particular order (most have multiple Nine/Rose AUs and I highly recommend checking out ALL their fics - all A++):

(And I’m so sorry for how long this has taken!) 

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anonymous asked:

so i was just wondering, since you have that massive selection of fic recs, do you know of any BAMF rose fics or things like bad wolf!rose or time lady rose? thank you for your time!!

Hi! I’ve read and know of quite a few actually :D. This got long so I’m putting it under a read more and dividing the list into three categories.

First: Bad Wolf Rose fics

Warning: telling you that these are BW fics is a little spoilery for some fics (gif not mine)

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evayu2  asked:

I absolutely love your blog. Can you write Doctor Who 1-4 seasons by Steven Moffat? That should be interesting.

DW seasons 1-4 as Written by Moffat:

Rose is working in a shop when the mannequins come to life and chase her.  She runs into 9 who rescues her by using his sonic screwdriver to scare the mannequins away.  Rose is awe struck when she finds out he’s an alien.  9 thinks that she must be something special, because he only likes special people.  However, he doesn’t know how or why she’s special just yet, but he’s determined  to find out.  He insists that she travel with him, and she says yes, because he seems like an authority figure.  During their travels they meet Captain Jack, who likes to “dance” with everything because he’s such a fab gay man, and they are always having the most fun amirite?  Eventually, 9 notices that the words “Bad Wolf” seem to appear everywhere in their travels.  He suspects that this is because of Rose and his sense that she’s special (MYSTERY!)  The three find a hidden race of Daleks that survived the time war (because the Time Lords totally won and are living happily and everyone loves them, especially the Doctor).  9 makes a rambling speech about courage and war which makes the Daleks self destruct.  Rose asks why 9 thinks he’s special, and he says “Bad Wolf,” it’s following us.  So Rose takes the TARDIS and leaves Bad Wolf hints for 9 so he would know that she’s the best companion for him.  9 is so touched by this gesture that he regenerates into 10.  Rose finally realizes that she’s in love with The Doctor because he now has great hair, really great hair.  Jack, who doesn’t want to feel like a third wheel, goes off to work for Torchwood.  10 and Rose have wonderful adventures until Rose gets sucked into a parallel universe because of global warming.  

10 mopes around all sad, because he’s sad.  He then meets Martha, who’s ~sassy~ and a med student.  10 thinks that Martha must be something special because she’s a med student, so he takes her along on his adventures.  Then the Master comes back, who is The Doctor’s arch nemsis.  They fight and chase each other across time and space, until they find themselves on the top of Big Ben (*ahem, what do you mean it’s freudian?).  10 decides that the only way to stop the Master is for them to both jump to their death. Martha wanders the Earth, talking about 10, because that is what he would have wanted.

 A few weeks later, 10 decides he wants to go see his old pal Donna. Donna is a mother, and thereby a good person so he likes her.  He thinks Donna would like to travel so he takes her along with him.  Donna cries a lot, because she’s a mother and there are so many children in the universe.  10 decides that she’d be better off at home with her children, so he erases her memory and puts her back on earth where she belongs.  10 decides he wants a new look, so he guzzles a jug of radiation and turns into 11.

Ten Signs You're in Love (Nine/Rose)

This was not his fault.  It was absolutely, positively, 100% not. his. fault.  Rose is angry and the Doctor is brooding…when he discovers one of her magazines on the jumpseat.   Out of boredom (so he would claim), he begins to read one of the articles and then realizes he may be in way, way over his head.

This ‘article’ is based on an actual article from askmen.com. I really have no idea now how I stumbled onto it (my browser history is a strange, murky place of weird google’s), but the idea of poor Nine slowly figuring out he’s in love by reading an article and then panicking about it just struck me as too funny. There’s always a possibility for a smutty sequel, but it’s just fade to black for this one (for now anyway). 

It’s a little Nine/Rose fluffiness with Jack thrown in to straighten out our poor, confused Time Lord.


This was not his fault.

It was absolutely, positively, 100% not. his. fault.


The Doctor was prowling around the console, wearing an expression from which Jack would have scurried and at which Rose would simply have rolled her eyes, he knew. He collapsed heavily onto the jumpseat, crossed his arms and glowered at the Time Rotor. The TARDIS, by way of said Time Rotor, glowered right back at him and, if he wasn’t mistaken, would have rolled her eyes too, had she eyes to roll. 

The irony that she was reacting the same way Rose probably would was not lost on him, which only caused his scowl to deepen. When did his Timeship start taking a companion’s side over his?

Well, that wasn’t really a question he had to ponder long.

He knew when. 

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Episode Review S8E01: Deep Breath - "I'm not your boyfriend."

Title: “Deep Breath”

Written by: Steven Moffat

Season: reboot Season 8

Episode: 1

Feminist grade: B

Overall grade: B+

“Everybody take five.”

Make no mistake, ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon, this new era of Doctor Who is being carried solidly on the shoulders of Peter Capaldi. Attack eyebrows or no attack eyebrows, the man can play complexity. It isn’t easy to simultaneously show intelligence and befuddlement, as this episode demands, but he has done it.

Warning: like all my reviews, here be spoilers!

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