i think one of them is called jane

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❝ Call me One Direction ‘cause my relevancy is dropping by the day. ❞

game grumps memes. / accepting.

❛ … your name is jane. there’s four directions, technically eight. why would i call you that ? i think you’re very much relevant. he’s really, really not catching on. ❛ is someone giving you a hard time ?


“I’ve been hearing everyone calling Jane and Kurt “Jeller.”  Umm, I may have used it once or twice on my twitter.  But it’s an interesting relationship because I think both of them fill each other’s voids.  There’s a void in him, and there’s a void in her, and it’s like two puzzle pieces that fit together.  Where they’re going to take it, we still don’t know.  I think it’s safe to say they both do have strong feelings for one another, starting from a place of human connection and caring for each other’s well being.  But do they take it further or do they remain professional?  It’s one of those things that…who knows?”

Jane & Michael - The kiss

I’m still a little excited because of the kiss.

I maybe I’m being a little impartial here, but it was the best kiss of the show. Ok, not a little, I’m being completely impartial.

But come on, look at this:

It was Michael who initiated the kiss, but Jane responded very quick, wait… she gave herself to the kiss, completely, no question, no doubt, It’s breathtaking, she lost himself for a moment… a call-back to their first kiss. If these episodes have not convinced you to join the #teamMichael, what else do you need? How about:

They’re smoking hot in this episode  

One of the things I read about people being against our ship was: They seem to be a lot more friends than lovers, they don’t have the sexy spark between them.

Think again:

Because seriously, in this scene the sexual tension its was all over the place.

They’re that kind of couple who can be sexy when they want to, between them and only between them and act like best friends, because they are familiar with each other, no pressure, no discomfort, mostly because they have a lot of stories between them, but if we see how they met, the first kiss, I think it was something natural between them, which only grow in the relationship with time. They remind me Seth & Summer (The O.C), it’s  different dynamic and characters, but as S&S, Jane and Michael are always playing with each other, teasing each other, always have good times with each other, even if it in small moments.

Jane was not feeling herself these days, all she was being is Jane, the mother, which makes the kiss special and so decisive for her, because with Michael she is being herself, the kiss is a reminder of who she was and who she wants to be.

About Michael in the last 2 episode.

I will open a space for him in the 2x03, we saw he followed Rogelio’s advice (honestly, who follows romantic advise  from Rogelio) and we saw a Michael more distant and cold.

Michael when I said I wanted you to give a distance between you and Jane, I didn’t  mean for you to be indifferent.  And he tried, really, but he realized that is not who he is, if Jane (or someone else) want to be with him, they have to accept who he is, he cares too much, he listen, he’s thoughtful and he is a person with flaws and I like that, and he have these little competitiveness with Rafael, and sometimes he let carrying away and it’s really childish,  but he redeemed before doing great damage, or sometimes are little things.  Jane soon realized thatsomething was wrong with Michael in last week’s episode, and was looking for emotional support from him, look for his advice. Each episode just convince me that they belong together.