i think of crazy shit when i'm tired

Things I have said/heard in the hospital (part 1)
  • "________, don't swear!"
  • "That's a big needle."
  • "I see mud when I close my eyes."
  • "Why aren't you recording this?"
  • "It feels like you're squeezing my SOUL out the tip of my finger!"
  • "Fuck you, vertigo."
  • "Hail to the nub."
  • "*While laughing hysterically* I'm crying."
  • "What? You're a crayon?"
  • "If my hand wasn't broken I'd punch you."
  • "YOU'RE HOT."
  • "*Tired, unintelligible mumbling.*"
  • "That's nice."
  • "I'm sure this is the right way."
  • "It was not the right way."
  • "He's dead, my foot hurts."
  • "I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy."
  • "I do weird things when I'm in pain!"
  • "The only edible thing here is the jell-o."
  • "That little pan won't hold anything, give me the garbage can."
  • "This shit's fucking amazing."
  • "I was sleeping on the waiting room's couch, I feel like death."
  • "I don't even know how I managed to do this, it just happened."
  • "I broke myself."
  • "*Sobbing* You're such a nice person."
  • "That's not going in me, is it?"

christmas headcanon

i know yall Mick’s have headcanons that he doesn’t really think much about christmas enough to really celebrate it but you guys crazy if you think the SNIBLINGS let you get away with that shit. 

They love christmas okay- not crazy about it, just the healthy amount but ever since they were young, Leonard always made sure his sister got the holiday she fucking DESERVED. He went all out for her, whatever he could do to make her happy. When they were still living at home, it was always ruined in some way by Lewis. 

Mood’s completely ruined by the fights and alcoholism, making complaints, etc. But Christmas had always been something Len made sure his sister HAD. Made sure they celebrated it no matter what. Then by adulthood, it was all out of HABIT by then.