i think next halloween i'll be zelda fitzgerald

Oh my gosh you guys, I saw Midnight in Paris tonight and it was absolutely fabulous. (Jen, Jen, Jen…you must see this movie, you must) Having recently been to Paris and always been one to live inside nostalgia, this movie just described my outlook on life perfectly. So many times I feel I was born in the wrong era (when I was 11 I had a decade themed birthday party and everyone had to dress up as a different era, I was a nerdy little child)

This movie is just a nerdy nostalgia lovers dream. It’s like when Jen, and Allie, and I walked down Rue Mouffetard and talked about schmoozing with Hemingway and Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein. It’s like Woody Allen took my thoughts and transported them on the screen. 

I’d also like to make this an Alison Pill and Tom Hiddleston as Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald appreciation post. 

Seriously, go see this movie.