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From one fanfic reader to every author...

Can we not use cancer as a dramatic plot twist? A friend of mine recently lost her father to cancer and honestly, reading is one of the few things that bring her peace. But she keeps on stumbling across fanfics that have sudden cancer plot twists and dear GOD if you want to know what that feels like from her perspective it’s like being stabbed in the chest by a trusted friend. Cancer is much much more than a way to get get some angst, it’s a disastrous condition that affects more people than you think. 

IF you’re someone who needs to write about their own experience with cancer in a creative style then by all means, go ahead. But put a warning in the tags! My friend’s heartache could easily be avoided if “cancer” was used in the tags. That’s all she needs to see to know not to read it!

And I get it, you don’t usually want to spoil the plot twist in the tags, but I would like to think that someone’s sanity is worth more than your plot. Please, for the love of god, tag. it. 

Also, feel free to reblog this to spread it around. More people need to know this…

New Years Kiss!
Listen I’m still figuring out how to paint without things looking stiff but here! This was a bunch of fun! 


The Avengers as music albums.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (original) Drinking Game

-Drink every time someone plays a card that doesn’t exist irl. If you do this during season 4 have a liver transplant on standby.
-Alternatively, drink (or sip) whenever someone plays a card you own.
-Drink every time the animation style changes.
-Drink every time the power of friendship wins the day.
-Drink whenever the “heart of the cards” is mentioned.
-Drink whenever Kaiba voices the gripes of the audience (like that one time after the Noah arc when he basically said “this whole filler arc was a waste of my time let’s forget all about it"👌🏻).
-Take a SIP for every last-minute/last-turn ass pull strategy.
-Chug from the bottle when a character says a line that is actually cool/funny/scary.
-Drink every time someone explains what Pot of Greed does. Seriously this happens EVERY TIME SOMEONE PLAYS IT.
-Similar to the last one: SIP whenever someone explains basic rules or does simple arithmetic (ex. “800 plus 500 is 1300 ATK points!!!).
-Drink every time a person declares something "impossible”.
-SIP when Yami goes all Dan Green and super-dramatic-shouty on his opponent.
-Chug whenever Yami and Kaiba actually get along/work as a team (don’t worry this only happens like twice).
-Drink whenever someone’s soul gets nicked (via shadow realm, seal of Orichalcos, etc). Make it a double if they stay gone for more than one episode.


Request: Im really interested what a husband au for joshua would be like :) ty and if you dont want to I understand ^^

  • okay so I think we can all see Joshua is absolute husband material
  • like he would not start any fights ever and if you did he’d make sire the misunderstanding or problem is resolved as quickly as possible
  • he would def make you breakfast on bed if he had a day of or something
  • just he’s one to do these kind little gestures like leaving notes to make sure you don’t forget stuff or just to tell you he loves you
  • it’s very likely you’d get a pet together 
  • I think he’s a dog person but if you’d rather have another pet he’d be okay with that
  • might nag from time to time he wants a doggo
  • will def help you with chores even if he’s had a long day of work because “It’ll be done faster if I help”
  • Joshua would also sometimes bring you flowers like not only at anniversaries nono
  • just because he loves youuuuu
  • cheesy fucker
  • kisses everywhere because he’s just such a sweetheart
  • like just always wanting to do stuff for you 
  • totally one to yell “HONEY I’M HOMEEEE”
  • then to get some honey out of a kitchen cabinet and say “Hi there honey”
  • act like he hasn’t noticed you and he’s like “It… it’s not what it looks like Y/n…”
  • just Joshua and cringy acting all day
  • will like casually bring up with “If we ever got children what language would we raise them in…?”
  • because they gotta know Korean and English for sure
  • from time to time he’ll serenade you a song but not like in the total mushy way but like “I really think it’s nice to sing to you because I love you”
  • but not in a cheesy way if you get me
  • he can be cheesy though like probably the most cheesy out of Seventeen even 
  • he likes caressing your hand with his thumb if anyone knows what I’m talking about that’s hella relaxing
  • like making circles with your thumb on the back of someone’s hand like it’s basically a win-win situation
  • goodnight hugs AND goodnight kisses because honestly he’s sweet
  • he also sometimes places stuff around
  • for example suddenly your closet and bed switched places because he was bored of the way the bedroom looked
  • which results in you both waking up disorientated
  • but he likes the getting used to stuff like ‘every day an adventure!’
  • yeah Joshua sure if suddenly come home and my tv is at the other side of the room SURE AN ADVENTURE
  • he’s not that messy tho it’s just he knows where everything is because he always moves stuff
  • also useless decorative stuff that later turns out to be useful
  • like a key box why u need that?? but afterwards you’re glad you don’t have to search for your keys every time you leave the house
  • you also have those locks that can open even when there’s a key inside the other side of the lock because there have been some accidents
  • your wedding was also something he loves to remember so there is at least one picture of it in your living room or bedroom 
  • you held either one in church (if you’re christian or you don’t care that much) or two being one in church and one somewhere else.
  • also if your family/friends live far from South Korea there’ll probably be two 
  • and Joshua loves wedding so the more the better let’s be honest
  • your honeymoon was probably a trip through Europe because Joshua is obsessed (come visit me Joshua)
  • every day would be fun with Joshua be sure of that


Style challenge of a few of my favorite artists! @sadfishkid@coconutmilkyway@upthehillart​ thank you so much for all the effort you put in keeping these characters alive (go follow them now! their art is 100000x better than what I did)

wip i think, i didn’t get enough time to try more styles but i really really want to

like a boomerang


Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Mature

Author: youwilll @youwilll

Words:   51979

Chapters: 9/9


AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t.

My note: Time in a bottle is the music that fits, I think.


Anyways sorry for the wait anon but here’s this style evolution thing I quickly put together for you to get the gist of things.

 I think I started posting fanart onto tumblr in 2015? I got much more into it last year….But yeah, still confused, still trying to improve… hope this answers your question ^^

man?? wqish i had an art style i liked and would stop looking at literlaly any other artist and wishing i had what they have??


Please excuse me for klancing

zimiskoalas  asked:

How can I personalize my character's faces/bodies and stuff without getting away from my own style? You're really good at it, and all of my characters look the same (except Newt Scamander)

First think what exactly makes your style. These are mostly:
medium you use
traditional or digital brushes, what brushes?
it doesn’t really matter if you do lineart or not, it’s the way your hand works, and the more you draw the more fluent and really yours the lines become; it’s this repetitiveness of the movement
colours and their application
colour palettes, the way you apply them to a surface
characteristic elements that don’t change
e.g. the shape of the eyes might differ but you add an ellement that stands out every time, let’s say… thick eyelashes

In my opinion, lines are the most important because as far as all the other things can be imitated by anyone (you can have access to the same brushes, use the same colour palettes, add the same characteristic elements as some other artist,) lines are the most difficult to emulate.

Also, I don’t think my style is that special and distinctive. I just use the same brushes all the time, my colouring process is pretty much the same for each piece. And drawing rosy cheeks is my habit lol. Tbh, I don’t really have a style. And even more tbh, I don’t care about it anymore. There was a time I wanted to find a style but now the improvement is what matters the most to me. I draw to make my hand feel confident and that’s it.

Stop focusing on your style so much, draw and have a good time doing it, draw different faces and body types without thinking that it might not look like drawn by you. It all will be yours as soon as your hand feels free and not restricted to the same few shapes. Try to repeat the process rather than shapes.

wanted long-haired morrigan so i doodled long-haired morrigan. true efficiency

oftd featuring. tezri propie

anonymous asked:

Hey Florbe, do you ship Reigen with anyone?? I don't think we've seen much of Reigen in your art style..? Just the precious sons

Hahaha you are right! i owe him much more attention it’s just that Teru is the owner of my heart and soul omg how I love that kid!!
Ill try and give you more of reigen as soon as i get back home;)
I believe serizawa and him make such a cute couple yes! Let them love each other!

Why Black Velvetopia is my favorite Psychonauts level

Ever since my favorite LPer started playing Psychonauts (plus the fact that he just finished Black Velvetopia himself), I’ve been thinking about this a whole lot and I figured I’d take the time to write this up because I just need to get it out somehow.

I’ve been in love with this game for a decade now, and ever since I played it for the first time Black Velvetopia has pretty much always been my favorite level. I’ve always loved the visual style of it, and with the level being the mind of an artist I can really appreciate it on an artistic level as well. But now that I’m much older, the more I think about it, the more I discover why it’s really my favorite level.

For those that are unfamiliar with the level or in need a refresher, the way you progress through the main part of Black Velvetopia is by going through this big winding street without getting trampled by the bull less you get shoved back to an earlier spot.

Now here’s the thing.

The entire design of the level is a literal representation of the past trying to push you back, and if you want to move on you need to push yourself forward to get over it no matter how difficult it may be.

Edgar’s issue was that he kept dwelling on the past and obsessing over it to the point where it would just entirely consume him; his past being his girlfriend leaving him for a jock, which in his mind are represented by the dancer and the bullfighter. Edgar himself saw himself as the bull in his mind; the creature that gets slayed by the bullfighter time and time again.

That really resonates with me. To be honest with you all, I dwell on past stuff a lot. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about all stupid things I’ve done and said, all the friendships that I couldn’t repair, all the promises I’ve ended up breaking. It doesn’t matter how recent or long ago they happened; they still eat away at me emotionally. This is sort of why I’ve just gotten quieter and, well, less social as time goes on.

But at the end of the day I just can’t let those thoughts keep pushing me back. I need to keep moving forward less those thoughts completely consume me to the point where I can no longer function in society. It’s hard, but it’s what I have to do if I want to make a career for myself. And seeing that amazingly represented not only by going into a person’s mind, but specifically the mind of an artist… it really means a lot to me.

I honestly don’t know if the devs planned this from the very beginning, or if I’m just looking way too deep into a silly videogame about jumping into people’s heads. Either way, it’s all the more reason for Black Velvetopia to be my favorite level.

Psychonauts is a wonderful game. Sure it has issues here and there, but when you really look into it, you can see just how much love went into the concepts and designs of every single mental world. I swear, there’s a mental world or character that will definitely resonate with anyone that plays this game.

My previous Coraline au/crossover doodles seemed to get a good response, so I did something a little more in depth. 

ohh my gosh I’m like creating a new sort of muse the more I think about the Other Ludwig. So basically, he dresses more fashionable and styles his hair with a bit more flare, he tends to smile more often, he is more open, and he is essentially a seducer. Poor Feli.