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Pretty, Shut Up | Park Chanyeol

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genre: smut/hit the stage!au/practice room

warnings: Chanyeol dancing

authors note: requested: Hiya!Could you do a chanyeol scenario where we have to be dance partners at hit the stage and we do this dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z85PpnhTcWs and well we end up kissing because look at that dance >. 

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You shoved Pan away and glared at him with all your being.

‘Don’t seem so surprised, we are newly weds after all. Of course its gonna be hard to keep our hands off each other.’ he smiled.

‘Trust me, its hard keeping my hands off your throat.’ you snarled as you wiped your mouth.

‘Damn body and its stupid fucking reactions.’ you grumbled.

‘Oh come on am I really that bad?’ Pan asked.

‘No, of course you’re not.’ you said sweetly.

Pan seemed startled by your sudden change in tune.

You sighed as you walked over to him, you smiled as you took his hand and looked him in the eye.

‘You are worse, the absolute last guy I wanted to marry.’ you grinned as you threw his hand down.

‘Apparently I’m so bad you kissed back.’ he said.

‘Fair enough, so you’re not a terrible kisser and I have been single for a few months now. Not something I’d brag about if I were you.’ you sassed.

You and Pan glared at each other for a few minutes before he sighed and turned back to the hourglass.

‘I get this isn’t ideal for you.’ he said as he touched the glass.

‘It’s been a nightmare.’ you corrected.

‘I won’t deny I was a crap fiance, but it was all I could think to do. You ran.’ he said.

‘You ran me off. All that misogynistic crap, sending your boys to drug me, tying me to trees.’ you argued.

’(Y/N), I’m going to be honest with you right now, OK. I need you, I need you and your love to fill the glass back up. Normally I either get y way or I get my way, but this may be the one thing I will compromise on.’ Pan said seriously as he faced you.

‘What’s the compromise?’ you asked.

‘Anything you want, absolutely anything, you will have. If you stay here on the island as my wife, and open your mind to the possibility of loving me you will be treated as a king for the rest of your immortal life.’ Pan offered.

‘What if that’s not enough? What if I want something you can’t offer?’ you asked.

‘There is nothing I can’t offer.’ he said confidently.

‘Oh really? Turn around.’ you said.

‘Why?’ he asked in confusion.

‘Something I want is behind you, so turn around.’ you said.

Still confused Pan turned around, wondering what you could want that was behind him. He kept a small dagger on him, but that was in his front pocket.

Pan jumped in absolute shock when he felt to hands firmly grabbing his backside.

‘If I’m spending the rest of my life with someone I wan’t to see all the goods.’ you smirked as you still fondled the mighty Peter Pan’s butt.

‘You can’t be serious.’ Pan said.

‘Why can’t I be? Boys aren’t the only ones allowed to be perverts.’ you said as you let go of him.

‘Lady by day a little minx at night, I like it.’ he said smugly.

You rolled your eyes as you walked past him.

‘Don’t get cocky. Now onto the other things I want.’ you said seriously as you sat on one of the skull rocks.

‘I will watch your lost boys, but I will not baby them, keep them in check. But cooking and cleaning will not be my chores unless I choose to do them. is that understood.’ you said.

‘Deal.’ Pan agreed.

‘And if you try anything misogynistic with my I’ll shove a stick up those goods I was just grabbing.’ you warned.

‘You think they were good? I mean I never pay much attention it but Ill show it off you like.’ Pan smirked as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Something you felt you’d see him do often in the coming years.

Again you rolled you eyes as you got up and walked over to the boat that was by the shore.

‘Wait we haven’t consummated the marriage yet!’ Peter teased.

‘No consummating til I actually love you, or at least like you.’ you replied.

‘Where do I stand right now?’

‘Barely tolerable.’


MALEC SCENE FROM 2x01 - City Of Heavenly Fire’s quotes.

I was—I’m almost four hundred years old, Alexander. Warlocks, as they get older, they start to calcify. They stop being able to feel things. To care, to be excited or surprised. I always told myself that would never happen to me. That I’d try to be like Peter Pan, never grow up, always retain a sense of wonder. Always fall in love, be surprised, be open to being hurt as much as I was open to being happy. But over the last twenty years or so I’ve felt it creeping up on me anyway. There was nobody before you for a long time. Nobody I loved. No one who surprised me or took my breath away. Until you walked into that party, I was starting to think I’d never feel anything that strongly again.

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1. is most certainly Melt Away, from Summoned. First image I saw of yours, (and I bought the shirt!) 2. is probably the image of Peter Pan and Alice, it's very dynamic! 3. is probably the image of Ginger and Cotton from when you were showing off your OCs (Those two in particular I'd love to see more of!). Maybe not the most instantly recognizable from a style standpoint, but they've all stuck with me for various reasons, and are thus the first I think of when I think of your art.

All of these are good choices!

I’m glad these are the ones you think of! I put a lot into all of these <3

Mine~{Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan Imagine

Part III of here and the final part 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, a lot, this one is most recent:  Hi there!!! Would it be a part 3 of Mine cause it was amazing, and I really can wait for another part !!! I can’t wait for the next part of Mine😱 I hope it will come out soon!!Anonymous said:I really can’t wait for the next part of Mine😱, i hope that it will come out soon!!!Anonymous said:I can’t wait for the next part of Mine 😍. I love your writing

Warnings: Fluff,  swearing, short

NOTE: WE MADE IT TO 1000 FOLLOWERS! Oh my gard, I am so thankful for all of you lovely people who read my imagines and stuck with my scatter brain, and slow updates! Love you all so much, more on the way as we speak, while I’m enjoying myself in Florida! AGAIN THANK YALL SO MUCH! 

You woke up to soft stroking from the back of your neck to your lower back. Peter stared at you with hooded eyes, watching as yours fluttered open slowly. The thrill of seeing your eyes the same dark shade from last night made a grin spread across his face. 

“Good morning, my little devil.” He rasped, you mirroring the same grin as you pecked his lips. 

“Fuck off,” Getting up to stretch, you can’t help but wince once you saw deep red marks traveling down from your collar bones to your pelvic bone. “Jesus Christ, could you have scratched any harder?”

“Oh, you’re the one to talk?” He turned over, showing you his scratches and bite marks, some of the blood still prominent. “And that’s not even all of them, love.” He smirked, laying back down with his hands behind his head.

You stared down at him, shaking your head slightly. “You must be pretty fucking proud of yourself, huh?”

“Well shouldn’t I be? I won, love. I got your demons out for good. No more being that boring Y/n, and more being the fun Y/n. Peter Pan never fails. And now it’s time to seal the deal.” He sat back up, one hand caressing your face while the other waved in the air, a box appearing in it. Opening by itself, showed this ring that had a dark glow surrounding it. “Be my queen, Y/n.”

You raised your eyebrow, tilting your head to the side. “You never pegged me for the marrying type.”

“Don’t think of it as marriage, that’s a waste of time. Think of it as…being mine forever, and you never leaving this island. Meaning no more family, no more of your ‘friends’…and no more Henry. Ever. Again.” His jaw clenched at the thought of Henry, daring you to say no. He didn’t mind reminding you who you belonged to. Over and over again. “What will it be, my pet?” 

You’re mind was already made up when he opened the box. That old Y/n? By now she was long gone. Never coming back. And the new Y/n could care less. The only man who could excite you the right way was sitting in front of you, that animalistic look in his eyes drawing you in even deeper than you were already. 

Leaning into him, you connected your lips with his, moving closer to where you were now straddling his waist. Your arms linked around his neck, while his one free arm wrapped securely around your hips, pulling you in impossibly close. The kiss quickly turned intense as you deepened it, gripping the hair at the base of his neck, earning a low growl in approval. Pulling away slowly, you made sure to bite his lower lip, smirking as another fell past his lips. 

“Does that answer your question, master?”  

His grin deepened, a deep chuckle escaping his mouth as the ring moved itself onto your ring finger, the dark glow disappearing and now permanently attached to you. 

“Welcome to Neverland, my queen.” 

Southern Charm

Cameran: I have a soft spot for Cam. She’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s pretty low maintenance. I don’t think she’s a mean girl for not wanting drama in her everyday life. I question her decision to be on a reality show, but I’ll put up with her keeping her personal life completely out of it in order to listen to her narrate. Shrug. Haters gonna hate.

Whitney: Vampire. I don’t think he was ever in love with Kathryn, but I do think he had a certain vision for how the show would go, and she came in and derailed it. He resents her for sure. I also think there’s something odd about his “relationship” with Larissa. 

Shep: Nothing but love for our Shepherd Rose. Then again, my affinity for the affable Peter Pan man-child is nothing new around here. 

Kathryn: Whoo boy, where to start. She’s obviously smart. It’s starting to feel gross watching her and Thomas act like such fools when there are now two children involved. I don’t see how they can keep this volatility going while trying to maintain a healthy environment for those kids. As much as I like watching the drama, I think it’s in her best interest to stop filming. That being said, what the fuck was she wearing at the reunion? She looked like she stepped straight out of a Wild West brothel.

Craig: Ugh. 

Thomas: Don’t you just hate those guys who get validation from pitting two girls against each other, all while claiming complete innocence for his part in it? Yeah, me too.

Landon: I know a girl exactly like Landon. Went to a prominent SEC school, was briefly married, is flighty and changes career goals every six months or so, but without wanting to do any of the work to achieve those goals.Tries to put on the perfect, charming southern belle act, but every once in awhile, the facade cracks, and she’s just a fucking bitch. But I do like her clothes, usually. And I totally think she slept with Thomas. (Landon, not the girl I know.)

Patricia: I love her, I can’t help it. I love her caftans, I love her martinis, I love her butler. I love her bon mots, I love her creepily perfect museum house, and I love that she has a fainting couch in the year of our Lord two thousand sixteen. I do, however, think there’s nothing less ladylike than sitting around with a bunch of younger bros talking shit on one of said dude’s baby mama.

JD: I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something a little sinister about JD. 

The rest of them: Snooze.


Every morning, you wake up earlier than the other Lost Boys to fetch water from the lake. Pan assigns everyone a job, and yours is getting water for everyone in the morning. Other boys hunt, fish, or guard the perimeter of the camp. Pan gave you the water girl job, and you didn’t complain. Today, when you grab two pails, you notice Peter Pan is already awake. He’s crouched, building up a fire for breakfast. When he notices you staring, he gets up and smiles
“Morning, water girl.” He teases “would you like me to accompany you to the lake?”
As much as you’d like that, you pass. The mermaids at the lake are much kinder when Peter isn’t around.
“I’ll be right back.” You say to him. Walking to the lake, you remember the first time you were sent to fetch water. Getting to the lake was easy enough. It’s the mermaids you didn’t see coming. They took you by surprise as you crouched to fill your pails with water, and had tried to drown you, thinking you were an invader of Neverland. The only reason they didn’t succeed was because Peter followed you to the lake. He stopped them from hurting you, and warned them never to touch you again. At first you thought it was because he protected all of the Lost Boys, but the mermaids say he has a soft spot for you. Now, when you reach the lake, you notice there isn’t a single mermaid to be seen. Strange. Usually they’re around to chat, but the lake is silent. With a shrug, you fill up the first pail. When you turn to set it down, you’re met with the blue eyes of a pirate. Before you can call out, he clamps his hand down on your mouth and spins you so your back is pressed against his chest. Your pail falls to the ground, water splashing everywhere.
“Good morning, darling.” You struggle against him, and he brings a hooked hand to your throat “Smee, tie her hands.” The pirate says. Another man comes up from behind you and binds your hands together. The blue eyed pirate doesn’t take his hand off your mouth.
“Come along, darling. Big plans for today.” He pushes you along after Smee. You know exactly where they’re taking you, the one place Pan can’t track you. Echo cave.

Once in the cave, the two pirates tie your feet and sit you down on a rock.
“What do you want with me?” You hiss.
“You’re going to help us.” The pirate says
“There’s no way in hell I’d ever help you.”
“Is that so?” The pirate smirks, and raises his hooked hand. Before you understand what he’s doing, he buries his hook in your chest, pulling out your heart. You gasp at the pain, and soon the pain is gone, replaced with emptiness. “Now, you’re going to help us get off this bloody island.”
“How do you suppose I do that?”
“A simple trade.” Smee unties your hands and feet “Go on out there and wait for Pan to find you. You’ll know what to do next” You get up and do as the pirate says. You sit on a log not far from the cave and wait. Why do they need your help? What if they hurt Peter?
“There you are!” A voice says behind you, snapping you out of your thoughts. “I’ve been worried.”
You smile “There’s no need to worry about me.” These words aren’t your own, but you can’t stop them.
“Is everything alright?” He asks, clearly still worrying.
“Of course, Pan.” He looks confused by this, you usually call him Peter. You feel a bit of triumph, that’s something the pirate doesn’t know. “I just wanted to talk to you.” Take his hand, a voice in your head says. You do as told. “Somewhere private, where the boys won’t find us.” You give him a little smile.
“Of course, love.” You lead him toward the cave, dreading every step. You let go of his hand when you enter the cave and close your eyes. The Pirates appear at your side, and the blue eyed one puts his arm around your shoulder. Peter clenches his jaw and looks at the three of you.
“I’m sorry, Peter.” Your eyes fill with tears.
“Don’t look too heartbroken, Pan.” He shows him your heart.
“All I need from you is safe passage from this island.” He raises an eyebrow. “Let me and my crew off this island.”
“You really think I’d let you out of Neverland-” Hook squeezes your heart, sending pain throughout your entire body. You clutch helplessly at your chest.
“I really did.” He doesn’t loosen his grip on your heart. Black spots make it hard to see Peter. He looks pained.
“What will it be, Pan?” He squeezes harder, making you gasp for breath.
“Stop it. Give me her heart and I’ll let you leave. I promise.” He says desperately. Hook smiles and hands him your heart. Tears run down your face from the pain, and Peter crouches down next to you
“You’re alright, love. You’ll be alright.” He gently pushes your heart back into your chest.
“They used me. I’m so sorry, Peter.” You begin to sob, and he holds you to his chest.
“Don’t be sorry.” He shakes his head. He lifts your face to his. “They used you because they know I care for you.” He wipes the tears from your face. He smiles at your confused face
“What do you mean?”
“I’ll show you.” He brings his soft lips down to yours, holding your face in his hands. “You’re my weakness, love. You’ll always be.” He kisses your forehead. “I won’t let anyone hurt you again.”

My little family

Request: An imagine where reader finds out that she’s pregnant but thinks that peter will kill her if he finds out so she tries to kill herself but Pan stops her and she tells him and then Pan isn’t mad and then write about their life with the child too.


A/N: so here it is, I hope you like it. Sorry that it took me some time, i was very busy with school.

You just couldn’t believe it, Pan was going to kill you if he found out. You lay your hand on your stomach. You just couldn’t believe that their was something growing inside of you. ‘(Y/N) what are your going to do now?’ Tinkerbell asked you. She looked at you with a worried face.

You had been sick for some weeks, but when you started puking for no reason and started to count all the symptoms you figured out something was wrong. So you went to Tink for help who confirmed you concern. You were pregnant. Pregnant of freaking Peter Pan.

You heard the story about Peter’s first son Rumpelstiltskin and you knew Peter wouldn’t be happy with the fact that he would get another kid. ‘He can’t know.’ You said to Tink who just nodded.


You were laying next to Peter who was asleep, snoring lightly. He looked absolutely adorable, this was one of the reasons you fell for him. You looked at the seeing thinking of your options. You could tell Peter with the chance that he will kill the baby or kill you both. You could also kill the baby yourself but you knew that you couldn’t live with yourself if you did that. Or you could kill yourself so that you decided to die with your child but at your own hands.

Slowly you got out from the bed, trying not to wake Peter. You had decided. If you were going to die, it was at your own hands. You wouldn’t let Peter rip your heart out of tear off your shadow, and you definitely wouldn’t let him hurt your baby.

You walked outside the tent, immediately feeling cold. You were only wearing a green nightgown which wasn’t giving much warmth since you mostly had Peter to keep you warm. You were also barefoot making the falling leaves crunch beneath your feet.

You looked around, all the Lost boys were sleeping. You could even see Felix sleeping against a tree while he was suppose to guard the camp. You smiled slightly. You were going to miss this place. You started walked towards the big cliff, it was a cliff so high you knew if you would fall you would die for sure.

You walked towards the edge of the cliff and looked down. This was going to be a long fall. You turned around with your back towards the cliff so you wouldn’t have to see where you’re falling. You let out a sigh, closed your eyes and fell backwards.

You waited for pain, for a smack on your lungs but nothing happend. You opened your eyes and saw that Peter was holding your hand keeping you from falling. He pulled you back from the edge and folded you into his arms, hugging you tightly.

‘You idiot.’ He whispers in your ear. ‘Why the hell would you do that?’ He says looking at you holding you face between his hands. You placed your hand on your stomach, and tears start to form in your eyes. ‘I-i’m…’You started to stutter afraid of his reaction.

‘Your pregnant I know.’ Peter suddenly said and you looked at him with shock. ‘Y-you knew?’ You stuttered. ‘My love, I can sense every life on Neverland, including the one in your womb. I was just waiting for you to tell me when I suddenly fell you not laying in bed anymore so I came to look for you.’ Peter said pressing a kiss on your forehead. ‘Don’t you ever scare me like that again.’ He said.

‘You’re not mad?’ You asked him and Peter laughed softly. ‘Why would I be mad? This is one of the most wonderful gift anyone could give me.’ Peter said kissing you on the lips. ‘I love you (Y/N). You and our child.’ Peter said placing his hand on your stomach, next to your hand.


4 years later

‘Mommy Mommy! Daddy thought me to hit a bullseye!’ My son Jonathan came running towards me holding his little bow in his hands. ‘Oh really, did you?’ You asked while you pulled him on your lap. ‘Yeah, Daddy says he will be taking me hunting soon.’ Jonathan says happily.

‘Well I will need to talk to him about that.’ You say and then Jonathan in being called by Felix. You stood up and saw Jonathan run towards Felix. Suddenly you felt two hands on your stomach and you turned your head a bit back to see who was behind you. You saw Felix.

‘How are you doing?’ He asked while he kissed your cheek. ‘I’m fine Peter.’ You say while placing your hands on top of his. ‘And your little girl is fine too.’ You say while looking down at your stomach. ‘Good, have you decided when we are going to tell the Boys yet?’ Peter asked you. ‘I’m thinking of telling them when I start showing more.’ You said and Peter nodded.

‘So what’s this I hear about Jonathan hunting huh?’ You say turning towards Peter. ‘Oh, what? You hear that Felix is calling me. See you soon my love.’ Felix said and he quickly walked towards Felix and Jonathan. ‘Peter, we are not done talking!’

“I’m so happy, I think I’ll give you a kiss.” “What’s a kiss?” “Ohhh, well, I’ll show you.” I had a Disney themed party for my birthday this year and asked everyone to Disneybound and it was a huge success! (More pictures to come) I did Peter Pan as a, “I’m turning 20 but will forever be a kid at heart” and my boyfriend was Wendy so, of course, we had to take this picture!


The Avatar (requested by anon)

request: y/n is an avatar and can control all four elements.

I lightly sank down to the island, closing my hands to stop the wind I was controlling, when I set foot onto it. “So you’re the girl everyone’s talking about.” A mysterious boy said from out of the woods in front of me. He was leaning against a tree with a smug look in his eyes. “And you are?” I asked, raising my eyebrow at him. He snorted at me. “Why so sassy little girl.” Then he suddenly disappeared. I looked at the now empty spot where he had stood before in disbelief. And then seconds later, suddenly someone whispered into my ear. “I don’t think you have a reason to.” The boy. I jerked away from the voice and turned around to face him. “What do you want?” I asked him, condescendingly. “You just set foot on this island, without asking and now you ask me what I want? I think the better question what do you want here?” I looked him straight in the eyes. “I came for a boy named Peter Pan.” I said narrowing my eyes to slits. “Do you know him?” I asked, the boy gave me a smug smile and started backing me up against the tree behind me. “My dear, he’s standing right in front of you.”

Peter took me to his camp in the woods, where he lived, to get to know the Lost Boys, as he called his group of friends. He was planing on keeping me as a prisoner in a cage, but as no one was allowed to leave this island without his permission, anyway he decided to just let me live with them. It was a cold winter night, so I decided to sit down on a log near the fire. Didn’t help anything at all. “There you are y/n.” He said smirking sitting down next to me. Although we were some kind of enemies, it simply didn’t feel like it. Sure Pan was not acting that friendly, but I saw that he was only playing a role. If Peter really hated me, he’d act differently towards me. We sat next to each other in silence, Peter sharpening his knife, me looking at the bonfire. “So why did you come to look for me?” He suddenly asked without looking up. I hesitated. “Well back home, where I come from, people like me are hunted. In my world we are chased and caged like animals. In other countries they even shoot people like me, so I decided to to hunker down in a place no one knew about. Neverland. I visited this place in my dreams, when I was a little child and thought I’d be safe here, even accepted, but well I almost ended up the same here either.” Peter turned his head to look at me and smiled. “Good decision not to lock you up though. I think we could need someone like you here.” He smirked and I snorted at his comment. “You mean a girl?” I said frowning. “No an Avatar.” He said punching me on the arm. “Oh.” I said laughing. “But why would you need me here? There’s nothing I can do except for burning down the whole forest or turning everything into a snow scape.” I said ironically. “And that’s the plan. The Lost Boys haven’t seen snow in centuries. I think you would rejoice them by giving them a little snow to play in, they’re still kids you know.” That moment showed me that Peter, the wicked boy from all those stories I heard, wasn’t that bad after all. He had a heart, and he had the ability to care about people he loved. “Okay Pan, listen. I’ll help you, if you allow me to stay on the island without being treated like a prisoner. Deal?” He looked at my outstretched hand for a second. And then he shook it. “Deal.”

A week later, Peter woke me early in the morning. “You ready?” I rubbed my eyes. “Sure, just give me a second.” I said returning to my tent to get dressed. We stumped through the woods, for what seemed hours to me until we found the perfect spot for a snow scape. “Here?” I asked already raising my hand, letting snowflakes drop down to the ground from my palms. “It’s the perfect spot don’t you think?” He said leaning against a tree. “Pan.” A women’s voice suddenly said from behind. Peter didn’t bother to turn around. “It’s a pleasure to see you too, Savior.” He said smirking, then he walked towards me and situated himself to my left. He now faced the crowd coming from the woods. “The Dark One, The Evil Queen, Baelfire. Must admit, I hoped I’d never see you again.” He said obviously amused, but still through gritted teeth. “Where’s Henry?” The blonde woman shouted. “Oh Emma, I told you that a hundred times already. He’s one of us now. He came here by his own choice and you can’t change that. Me neither by the way.” Peter said mockingly. “Give him back.” The guy in the black jacket said threateningly. “I think, you didn’t understand.” I said darkly. I knew Henry, and I knew he wanted to be with us. He left his family for becoming a Lost Boy, he’d told me that. “Henry wants to be with us. So you should better leave him alone and never come back.” I said raising my hand to let a flame appear on my palm. “Oh look what we’ve got there.” Someone suddenly said from behind me, “An avatar.” It was The Dark One, the guy in the black jacket. He was holding a knife against my throat and had a tight grip around my left wrist. “Do you really think you can stop me with this ordinary knife?” I said mockingly, quickly holding my hand against his knee. I heard him scream, and felt him loosening his grip on me, but suddenly the flame in my hand went out. “What did you do?” I shouted at the man, who was lying on the ground. I stepped with my foot on his belly so he couldn’t stand up. “It’s a cuff, made by your sweet lover, Peter Pan himself.” He said mockingly letting me fly against a tree with his magic. My back hit the tree so hard, that my sight got blurry and I felt like throwing up. “She’s got nothing to do with all this.” Peter’s voice sounded like a million miles away. “So leave her alone.” he said aggressively before I saw the man flying back from Peter’s magic either. He hit the stonewall behind him and passed out. Peter appeared in front of me. “Everything’s gonna be okay.” He said softly helping me to my feet. “I made this cuff, so I can easily undo it again.” He said smirking, loosening the bracelet from my wrist. “And now, let’s get this over with.” He said smirking, looking back to the people behind us. We were quickly done with them, bundling our powers. Peter banished them from the island, and only the two of us were left, leaning against a tree, exhausted. “You still want me to do the snow thing for the boys?” I asked turning my head to face him. “You don’t have to if you’re too exhausted.” He said softly. “Don’t worry, this fight was nothing.” I said smirking getting up from my sitting spot. I stretched my hand out and let a little whirlwind out of snowflakes appear on my palm. I turned to look at Peter, who looked back at me with admiration. I smiled and let go of the little hurricane, letting him dance over the whole forest area. In a matter of seconds every tree and stone was covered with cold white snow. “Do you like it?” I asked him smiling. Peter got up and walked towards me. “It’s perfect.” His face was only inches away from mine and I could directly look into his forest green eyes. “And do you think the Lost Boys’ll like it either?” I asked blushing. But Peter didn’t respond because we could hear the Lost boys cheer and scream from far away and then we heard them running towards us. I quickly threw my hands up to create a cloud ceiling, which let snow fall down on us. Peter and me, both looked up at the sky. Suddenly someone pulled at my sleeve, it was one of the youngest Lost Boys at camp. “Did you do this, y/n?” He asked reluctantly, hanging on my leg, mumbling into my jacket. “Yes, I did this Jason. Do you like it?” He looked me right into the eyes. “Thank you.” He said admiringly and then he ran away to play with his friends. I smiled and looked at Peter, who’d been looking at me the whole time. He obviously felt caught because he quickly looked away and blushed. I knew from the beginning, that we couldn’t hate each other, there had been something between us two all the time and now I knew what it was. Love. So I simply grabbed his hand, earning a shocked and challenging but still a happy smirk from him. And then the look he gave me, and it assured me that my feeling was right. “And what makes you think that I like you?” He said turning his head to face me. “Oh shut up.” I said, cupped his face with both my hands and kissed him on the lips. “How did that feel, tough boy?” I asked sneeringly. He looked at me smiling and wrapped his arms around me to shut me up. “Quiet, princess.” He said, kissing the top of my head.

Live action adaptations of Disney movies we already have:

101 Dalmatians
Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty (“Maleficent”)

Live action adaptations of Disney movies that are coming up:

The Jungle Book
Beauty and the Beast
Winnie the Pooh
Peter Pan (“Tink”)
The Sword in the Stone
Aladdin (“Genies”)

I’m gonna lose my mind. I love the world we live in.

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But it makes so much sense though. Bedelia knows running from them will only postpone her demise, so she's making a peace offering. And, about the 3 chairs, she heard both H&W escaped 2gether and she expects they'll come together (haha pun intended)

But that presumes so much about what happened in between. Does she know that they escaped? Prove it. I can tell you exactly why she doesn’t know, so also why she’s still in that house (I want to make a post on it eventually, but it’s going to have to wait, as I need to get ready to go to my mom’s for our last Hannibal evening).

It’s too unrealistic, even for this show, that she could do all that (especially when we have no evidence she can cook at all), and cut her own leg off. It’s not the same as falling off a cliff and being miraculously saved by the water underneath, which is done so often in TV and movies, it’s a trope (Not the Fall That Kills Youand a subtrope (Soft Water). Guy does a Peter Pan right off of a huge drop into water? He’s gonna live (and escape the police, I might add. The episode even called out to The Fugitive in the escape from the prison transport sequence, which I loved, since I adore that movie).

Furthermore, it doesn’t make any psychological sense. This is the smartest person on the show, remember? She’s a survival specialist. And the best she can come up with is, “I’ll cut off my own leg. Yeah, that’s the ticket!” ??? Why would she think this would sway him? It wouldn’t. He would find it amusing and let it inspire his next dish.

And it’s so obviously intended to let people know that Hannibal and Will lived, miraculously–or that they died and were reborn; I guarandamntee that if there were another season, the words “born again” would be used to describe them, with their Christian context intented–and came to get exact their due from this woman who drove them apart, psychologically manipulated them, encouraged one of them to eat the other, and mocked the suffering of Hannibal’s other victims and her own by profiting off of their stories. The show built the enmity between Will and Bedelia to lead to this, as well as set up Hannibal’s intention to eat her early on, specifically in reference to his previous action of eating Abel Gideon piece by piece, feeding them both oysters and marsala. It’s meant to imply that Hannibal finally got his wish: “If only that company could be Will Graham.” Hannibal always intended she be his next Abel Gideon. He got his way. 

I get why the idea is interesting on its own: self-mutilation is a fascinating marriage of physical and psychological horror. But that does not make it the most plausible reading for what is going on in this scene, in this episode, with this character, within this season’s context, for this show. 

Fairy Tale Convention: Sean Maguire and Robbie Kay Q&A Roundup

(Thanks to OnceUponAFan for the coverage! Follow their twitter for live updates!)

Sean Maguire:

  • Sean says he has great respect for younger actors like Robbie. He wishes he had been so smart at that age.
  • With regards a musical episode. Sean thinks it is a really good idea and would fit a Christmas special.
  • “With which character could Robin be friends with in Storybrook?” Sean: “There are a lot of people on set I don’t like…*laughs* I love all of the actors there Josh, Colin…but it is true that as Colin is Irish and playing guitar we have a lot in common so we are pretty good friends.

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HD is your friend!

somewhere in neverland ~ the new adventures of peter and wendy

So, my lovely followers (and our little NPAW fandom=)), this is a fanvid about that show I made a gifset of yesterday. Just go and watch it, because it’s so addictive and you know, canon DP (but i’m not tagging it, because I don’t wanna spam). I hope you like the vid, and most of all, this sweet little show =)

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Can't wait for your continuation..! Here's my prompt for a next one: You want to be comforted because you're missing home so badly; but Peter ends up making you cry instead. You run away into the Dark Jungle and sit down so you could cry alone. Felix sees you for the second time and he comforts you in a super adorable way? (Ya fall in love?) <3

[[ One dose of adorable Felix coming right up ;P I think I kind of set this up for a continuation. Enjoy!!! :)  ]]

Pan found himself dragging you in from the shore and dropping you at the center of the camp near the fire which causes the Lost Boys to stop everything and stare at you intently. You lay there in the dirt for a moment before raising up and scrambling to your feet behind Pan. His brows raise at your strange actions before he turns around to face you.

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