i think my homestuck is showing

We were joking about this last night which resulted in this:

TG: rose
TG: rose i need you to come over and answer the door for me
TT: Did someone hire a deep web hitman to kill you?
TG: no im not that lucky
TG: i sexted the pizza guy
TG: pizza girl
TG: pizza person of indeterminate gender
TT: Perhaps even, the Papa John himself?
TT: Would you call him “daddy”?
TG: fuck off
TT: I didn’t know you were sexually excited by placing delivery orders.
TT: Are all those takeout menus on the fridge pornography?
TG: i thought it was an automated system it was a joke ok
TG: but now theyre saying if i dont give them the biggest tip theyve ever seen theyre showing my texts to their manager
TT: I don’t think extortion is an industry standard.
TT: Maybe they are owned by the mob.
TG: they know where i live rose
TG: they could show up at any moment to deliver hot and cheesy retribution
TT: Was it a sausage pizza?

turntechGodhead [TG] has blocked tentacleTherapist [TT]
turntechGodhead [TG] has unblocked tentacleTherapist [TT]

TG: please help me


okkkk let me show u smth
this photoshoot is really old, i think its from 2015, but anyway it is still my favourite
i wish i could change my wig styling hah but i still look rly good i think meenah is one of the coolest cosplays of mine :oD 
ph: RedCrow 


For @dirkweek AU day: Humanstuck. The backstory of this picture is Leijons and Striders are sportsmen and take part in different competitions. Nepeta replaces Meulin for a while in Heart team and attend trainings and join little strifes Dirk arranges. But she doesn’t behave very professional: she doesn’t like when it takes very long and takes a lot of breaks. At first it was quite annoying, but Dirk is too cool to be bothered by this, especially by this friendly girl, who always find a good theme for a conversation or stuff to do. For example, today she has found out, that he has a “special someone” and wants to ask if she can add them to her shipping wall. He’s surprised.

And this is for shipping day, and it’s pretty old (was drawn on 01.01.17), but i’ve never posted it, but i think i should now. And this is also a redraw of my another very old 2016 pic, which i won’t show, ‘cause it’s cringy af

My roommate and I rocked out to homestuck music last night and then I showed him a bunch of the flashes. They are really cool high. Also I understood and followed them way better than normal while high? Like I followed act 7 and cascade really well and understood a lot about act 7 that I don’t think we give it any credit for.

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Top 5 pictures of Aradia (from MSPA or fan art)

i was gonna pick fanart but i wasnt able to go thru all of it and i was getting distracted so im just gonna do official art. remind me sometime later and maybe ill try to pick out my favorite aradia fanarts ;0


i have a deep grudge against act 7 but all aradias are beautful aradias……..i have to honor her last canonical appearance until her alive self shows up in hs again 


i love my cryptid wife


where were u when aradia megido appeared out of nowhere and started serving LE’s ass to him on a platter??? (i was there, cheering her on)


a classique aradia grin. a lot of people mock this moment, but can we just appreciate her beautiful smile????? truly an icon 



[Monday - Canon / Earth C] @dirkweek


uu: HEY.
TT: I guess you would probably think so.
uu: OH YES.

(If he knew he was doing thumbs up to Jake…)

I tried explaining why I liked gravity falls so much to my friend the other day and… for some reason that was really difficult to do?? I told her that half the fun of the show was interacting with other fans and consuming/creating fan content but I couldn’t for the LIFE of me phrase it in a way that was very compelling. 

seriously how do you explain the absolute clusterfuck of hidden messages, illuminati bullshit, alternate universes, fan theories, red herrings, how much people flipped the fuck out when fan theories became CANON, the desperation and ridiculous memes brought about by hiatuses, the phenomenal praise and essential worship of alex hirsch, and the insanity of cipherhunt (which was basically hirsch’s love letter to the fans)?? 

it made me realize that man… the experience of gravity falls was really something else. I feel like you had to experience it as it was airing to truly understand why people loved it and STILL love it with such unparalleled ferocity

Homestuck theory: Dave Strider

So, this isn’t just a theory… Its more of an observation. People really dont give Dave as much credit as he deserves. He’s seen as the comedy relief. He’s seen as the “funny” and “cool kid” and I’ve seen a lot of posts making fun of this character because he doesnt show emotion, he makes the Same face most of the time, and it basically is a straight, bored looking expression. I think he, just like Roxy, learned to mask his emotions and suppress his problems and focus on helping his friends more, even if no one really noticed. He’s probably the deepest, most fucked up character in homestuck, in my honest opinion. What Bro put him through (an emotionally and physically abusive childhood) and the fact that his only mentioned friends, although he lives in a big city, are online. Its also apparent that he was made fun of a lot as a kid for his eyes, and that’s why he never takes off his shades. When Bro died he didn’t talk to anyone for awhile, terezi even asked him why he became so distant. He didn’t want to admit to her, or even himself, that he was hurt about Bros death. He kind of shut down for a minute afterward because he wouldn’t face that he did care deeply about him no matter how fucked up he was. When rose started drinking he tried desperately to help her, and he did it practically alone because when he asked for help a lot of the trolls (like karkat) didn’t really understand what alcohol does to a human. He hides behind his jokes, he covers his interests/problems with irony, and his raps are basically just poems because that’s the only safe place he has to express himself. He works so hard to suppress his emotions and mask how he’s feeling because he cares too much about his friends and doesn’t want to burden them with his seemingly (to him) unfixable issues…

Just thinking

its like -93519 degrees outside 

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can you examine Dirk and Jane's relationship? because I fucking love their friendship and you have a cool mind so I wanna maybe know any fleshed out thoughts you might have.

allow me to answer in screencap form 

Not here specifically, but only because I think it’s likely Dirk will show up in my Jane post which I’m…thinking is gonna be…the next thing I write? Possibly also the last thing for a while before I refocus on video editing and uh, you know. Making money from a job for a while. Capitalism :( 

The tl;dr shortform version is Jane and Dirk fucking love each other and are also deeply jealous of each other and are also deeply guilty about being jealous of each other. It’s a mess. I love them. Dirk probably looks at John and Jade and fucking keels over and dies just from how much he sees Jake and Jane in them and loves them for it probably. 


I saw animexion‘s compilation with Pearl and all so I wanna do it too!!
But I was thinking “hmmm…who should I do? How about Peridot or maybe I should do Pearl instead! Then an idea  struck me…what if I’d do Max from Paranatural!” and BAM! DONE!
Plus I wanted to celebrate my baby’s comeback..Sorry for the delay though
(Welp! this would be the last drawing for this semester!)
I’ll be back so don’t worry!
(Nusa, ur ship is showing)
//credit for animexion for letting me use their art as reference! you guys should follow them! their art is just….SQUEEEEE//

I don’t understand how people can say Davekat is an abusive ship, and then go and have a crush on Bro Strider.

Davekat, in canon, is a supportive relationship, where BOTH of them were able to get over insecurities and grow up some. They were able to show what they really were and remove the masks of anger/coolness that shrouded who they really were. They appear happy together in every panel they’re in. Yeah great ship, moving on.

Bro Strider however is abusive toward Dave both physically and psychologically. He beat up Dave repeatedly during sword fights and other physical battles such as rap offs “where they insert keywords into rap to launch the contents of their sylladices at each other”.  He lacks any empathy or self-awareness toward what he is doing to Dave. Dave, himself, IN CANON, says that the way that he was raised was “totally sociopathic” and that he saw raising Dave as simply a game. It is also stated that that he denied Dave food often. Many of his interactions with Dave only involve violence.  In addition to this, he also made Dave believe that he was a hero and this “ruined the idea of heroism” for Dave. Dave learned from his brother not to show any emotion, otherwise he would be weak.

I could go on, but I think I have made my point. Feel free to ask me about anything else a long these lines or about this.

Anti-Parallel Evolution

[disclaimer: as always with just-so stories, i’m talking ‘what i enjoy believing’ not 'true with any authority’]

This is kinda a continuation of my semi recent homestuck myth post, and kinda a continuation of my not even a little recent blackrom post**.

**[Which I think still holds up, although if I was re-writing it today I’d put either way less or way more effort into bullshitting the low-level mechanisms of reproduction, 'cause that’s the least thought-out part & it shows. tldr: I enjoy believing trolls have many more than 2 parents.]

And alas but I’ve gotta ruin the “true thing” hidden in the homestuck myth post to go on with this one.

It’s the last bit, where the early proto-trolls were, as a swarm, a single(ish?) superorganism in the way that a colony of earth ants or termites or bees can be best understood as a single superorganism, but then as the trolls evolved they became more and more individualistic until they are as we meet them.

Things that make more sense this way:

  • variation between "castes”

eg, why are there sea trolls? why are deep blue trolls apparently hoarding all the superstrength? why are there powers that you’d expect to find in yellows or ceruleans respectively… but not v.v.?

a: because at one time they were specialized “cells” of a superorganism, where the castes had different functions like how ants have soldiers and workers and breeders.

and those divisions were either too useful (for some definition of “useful”) or too genetically baked in to be completely erased yet even if they’ve blurred.

  • incestuous slurry

eg, if the endgame is sexual reproduction, why not just have two parents and less confusion (even if imo it would be a waste of thinking about aliens)

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For the fandom ask, homestuck? Or voltron (I think you like that, correct me if I'm wrong)

Already did hs so ill just do voltron

send me a fandom and i’ll tell you…

  • the first character i ever fell in love with:

Hunk i love him sm

  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not:

No one so far

  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not:

N/A, the shows probs too new      

  • my ultimate favorite character™:


  • prettiest character:

Allura by far omg

  • my most hated character:

I dont think i rly hate anyone 

  • my OTP:

gonna have to go w klance

  • my NOTP:

Anything shiro/paladin

  • favorite episode:

The mall one omg

  • saddest death:

No one is dead

  • favorite season:


  • least favorite season:

well that only leaves 1

  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate:

like i said i dont rly hate anyone

  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave

probably lotor even tho we havent met him

  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave:


  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship

if you feel that way about a ship and you still ship it you are Very Gross

  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship:



DIRK: *wiping cold tea leaves off his face* I…. don’t think these games were built for a pacifist run


So in honor of my recet playthrough of the Ezio trilogy, here is Dirk showing Terezi the Assassin’s Creed games!

He kind of regrets not showing her Batman instead, but she’s having fun.

anyway… this is the exact opposite of my playstyle

I live out of state and was on the phone with my mom tonight and she was telling me she misses understanding my nerdy references because I’m not at home to show her what I’m into, and then my dad yells from the other room “I LOVE ROOSTER FEET AND HOMESTICKY” and if you don’t think I lost my fucking shit you would be wrong.