i think my favourite photo of him

my favourite sasusaku family moments <3

  • sakura having to put her picture over a photo of taka because there’s no family pictures of sasuke, sakura and sarada
  • “did dad wear glasses?” “hmm… i don’t think so…… i guess….” “you’re his wife and you GUESS?”
  • “what’s weird is your relationship with dad. are you really dad’s wife?”
  • sarada crying and then having to witness her father pulling a blade on her the first time she meets him
  • “are you one of those creep’s friends?”
  • “why won’t you be with mom?”
  • sarada assuming that karin is her biological mother because to her there’s no other explanation as to why sasuke doesn’t spend time with his family
  • sasuke looking bored to tears at their “family dinner” while sakura looks exhausted and depressed
  • sasuke frowning in their first family picture, 12 years after their daughter was born
  • this:
March 18th, 2017

They all take a try to chip away at me.
Take your chunks and sniff them.
Get high off the death of me.

I grow again.
I rebel and am reborn.

Hamilton last night, I love Claire and Sophie so much. I love strong, empowered, comical, loud, fearless women. I ate chips as we walked around Hess Village bars filled with bros and preps lined up outside. I can’t be bothered with that scene.

Megan and I listened to the Beatles on our way home. I cried about my dad when I got to my room. They’re his favourite. I looked through photos of him and wondered if he ever thinks of me, if he ever feels proud or misses my presence. I wonder what I will tell my children when they ask of him. I compartmentalize the thoughts and close the door to the room I keep them in.

Claire said killing yourself is boring, when life has so much possibility.

Without being insensitive, I think she’s right.

Dressing up for a date night with Megan.

I’m alive and screaming “lalalalalalala” at the clouds.


A/N: hey, i’m back with something new! it’s gonna be first part and i don’t know how many parts my poor writing will have but anyway i hope that you will like it! Enjoy!

Pairing: Jai Courtney x Reader

Warnings: cursing


(Y/N)’s POV:

One day I was checking my Instagram account and saw that some of Jai Courtney’s fan accounts wanted him to post something, because he hasn’t posted anything for so long and they wanted to know what he was up to.

I like him as an actor and human being. I think he is a nice, lovely and funny person as I read and watched interview with him. And he is so handsome and hot, just in my type. However, I’m not like one of those big fangirls and all. I just like to check out photos of him, watch movies and so on. I have never been so much in any fandom. I support my favourite actors, bands, etc., but I am rather next to it, not basiclly in it, if you know  what I mean.

So, I wanted to do something good for Jai’s fans (and for myself as well) and I wrote him on IG. I was worried a little bit, and honestly I had no idea why, but then I realized ‘shit, I don’t loose anything, I’m doing it for Jai’s fandom!’.


Hi Jai,
I’m sure that you get a lot of messages here. I’m writing in the name of your all fans, who miss you so much and would like to know how are you? Yeah, just these.
So, take care!

I felt a little bit silly and I was sure that he would not reply. But I just shrugged and took care about my stuff.

Well, couple of days passed by and I completely forgot about that message to Jai. One day, I came home from shopping, made myself tea, sat in my armchair and turned on TV. While watching some talk show, I heard a sound coming from my phone. I stood up and took it from my bag. I saw Instagram logo on information bar. I opened the app and saw orange symbol next to DM sign. ‘Who the hell?’ I thought and pressed the icon. What I saw, suprised me very much! It was message from Jai Courtney.


Hey (Y/N),
Thank you for your message! :) I was quite busy lately and hadn’t got time to be active in social media. Anyway, thank you for your suport and I’m glad I have great and pretty fans. :) I mean it.
Jai X

I felt rising heat on my cheeks and growing smile on my lips. It was so nice, that he replied. I decided to answer, just to be polite. Okay, okay, I had small hope, that he would reply again. Silly me.


It’s so nice of you, that you replied and no need to thank. But I thank you for the compliment for all your fangirls.
(Y/N) X

I sent it. I still had a big smile on my face. I was so nice that he cared to take a minute and reply. I put my phone on the table and went to the kitchen, I was starving. When I was chopping vegetables, I heard my phone again, so I put the knife down on the counter and almost ran to the living room.

It was message from him. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!


Hahaha you’re welcome. I allowed myself to see your photos here and I believe that all my fangirls are as stunning as you are. I mean it, really. X


That time, I had a huge smile on my face. Was he flirting with me? I was sure that, he was with all girls like that, because he was so smoking hot, famous and rich. Not that I care about his fame or money.

My thoughts were racing. I had no idea what to reply. Calm down, girl! He was an actor and I was out of his league. He was just nice and flirty.


Uh, thanks, that’s nice to read :) You are not bad too :)

‘You are not bad too’ so great (Y/N), so eloquent. I sighned and with phone in my hand came back to my previous activity.

Couple of minutes later, I drop the vegetables to a pan and pasta to boiling water.

I still couldn’t believe that he replied me. He could just didn’t give a shit, but he did and even said that I was stunning. No one has called me that, it was nice, but again I remembered that he was probably confident about his handsomeness and how he acted on women. But hell with it. I could write with him.

My phone rang again.


You are first woman who told me that I am ‘not bad’. I always hear that I am super hot and so on :) X

Hell, I knew it!


You are pretty confident about your look. Are you like Narcissus, look in the mirror and sigh how handsome you are?  ;)


Sometimes…. :) kidding, hell no! I mean I care about how I look, it’s also part of my job, but I would not go Narcissus path, believe me. X

Oh gosh, he sent me these kisses. I blushed as hell.


Okay, I believe you hahaha. You are really nice and funny person. And I think, it’s great that you are in contact with your fans. :) X

Then I smelt something bad. OH FUCK! I forgot about vegetables and pasta. This man just burned my dinner, thanks Jai. I turned off everyhing and put not burned vegies and pasta on plate. I started eating and it tasted not bad.

Jai was on my mind all evening. He didn’t reply for the last message. I was disappointed and sad. Maybe he couldn’t reply or decided that my message was end of our conversation. I thought about writing something more, but I didn’t want to be too intrusive. But in the end, I just left it, how it was.

A couple of hours later, when I was half asleep, my phone buzzed. I groaned and took it from the nightstand. It was Jai.


My fans are very important to me, really! Thank you and the same to you too. I feel that you are not only beautiful outside, but inside as well. I like talking with you, even if we shared few messages. I hope we can chat more, not only via IG. XXX

Momentally, my eyes opened wide. OH GOD! OH GOD! Did he just write that he want to meet me?! I would definitely die if he would! Hey, hey, calm down. Maybe, he just wanted to be nice. Don’t be so hot-headed! I took a deep breath and wrote a reply.


Oh, thank you. No one has told me such a nice words. Means a lot! I like talking with you too. I was suprised that you replied and continued the conversation. X


I try to reply everyone, even if it takes some time to do this. I continued talking with you, because you have something in your eyes. I know it sounds silly and you may think I am wierd, coz we have never seen each other and all, but I would like to know what it is. Don’t think I wanna hit on you. I’m not normally like that. You just intrigued me. X



Oh, I don’t know what to say. It’s really nice of you. And you are not wierd!

I had no idea what to reply. My head was empty. My relations with guys, okay, there weren’t any relations. I was too scared to ask guy out or something. Yes, I was a coward. A huge coward. I was not a confident person, really shy and introvertic. I hated talking about my emotions, about what I feel. When I tried, no one listened, so I stopped. I always kept everything inside me, sometimes I exploded and cry like crazy, but never in front of someone. I knew that it was bad, I knew that my bad emotions could lead me to wrong things, but I pushed myself forward just to live day after day.


I bet I just scared you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to! Really! So, (Y/N), I will let you go to sleep, it’s late and you are probably tired. It was great to talk with you. Sweet dreams! XXX


No, you didn’t scare me. Don’t worry! Good night, Jai. X

  • <p> <b>Bitty:</b> *arrives*<p/><b>Jack [inside]:</b> my teammate has arrived. He is cute and lovely and my favourite . I feel the deep urge to take a photo of him while his hair is lightened up by the morning sun . for some reason all I can think of when I see him is warmth. I must greet him in a manner that indicates my appreciation for him<p/><b>Jack:</b> *chirps*<p/></p>

Me and my bro were playing smash the other night, playing random characters on the miiverse stage. There were so many that I forgot to get photos of but these ones I got because I thought they were good. First one was from Wii Fit Trainer, the other one we found when my brother wanted to practice mario a bit, I tried to pick him too, but my thumb slipped and I ended up luigi.
I think I can say that the miiverse stage is my favourite.

according to people on twitter misha collins got mugged last night. He unfortunately will not do his panel but he is still staying for photo-ops and autographs. I think this would be a great time to send some love his way and to show him love and support we could win the money for his charity random acts.

you could tweet something like this: i #vote for @RandomActs to be my favourite non-profit #UpgradeYourWorld 

Kit Harington is by far my favourite celeb. If I ever meet him in person I’m not going to be that crazy fan who walks towards him and ask for a selfie and then walk away. I’m seriously going to chat with him instead and maybe invite him on a friendly coffee because I feel he’s one of those really interesting, smart and funny people. I guess he thinks it’s creepy if I ever invited him for a coffee, but hey, it’s worth a try anyway! I’ve heard that some celebs actually likes being treated as normal people.