i think my favorite line in the show

It’s Quiet Uptown

So I want to talk about my favorite moment in Hamilton because I never have, and with the mixtape early singles, I’m now listening to the Kelly Clarkson version of this song and thinking about it again.

This is my favorite song for a lot of reasons, mainly because it has my favorite two lines in the entire show in it… “There’s a grace too powerful to name” and “Forgiveness, can you imagine?”

But here’s the deal. This entire show has been building to Alexander’s greatest foil- his ego and pride while he fights to advance and stay ahead… to the point that at his worst moment, he publishes a long essay detailing his affair to defend rumors that he mismanaged money… and is so fixated on protecting his name, that he literally doesn’t even stop to think about how this will effect Eliza, and his family. Angelica shows up and he actually thinks she’s there to defend him. 

And then you have his son, who loves his dad, idealizes his dad, wants to be just like his dad, and he goes out into the world, and defends his dad against people who are insulting him, to the point that he ends up in a duel to defend his dad’s name/honor. And Alexander LOANS HIM THE GUNS for the duel. He’s not like “you know what son, I don’t really deserve to have you defend me like this, they’re right, I screwed over your mom and my actions are not defendable.” He’s like, yeah, okay son, let me show you how to duel, here, take my guns, have fun!

And then Philip dies. And I don’t think it’s until that moment Alexander truly realizes what his selfish pride has done to his family. And you hear it in the lyrics, they retreat from public life, he starts going back to church and praying, he’s actually for the first time repentant. 

And then there’s this lovely song, where he finally apologizes to Eliza, admits that this is his fault, admits he doesn’t deserve her, states he’s willing to die if it could bring their son back. 

And since Burn, Alexander and Eliza haven’t touched, there is a clear coldness between the two, when she’s sobbing over Philip she won’t let him touch her to comfort her. 

And then on the line “They are standing in the garden, Alexander by Eliza’s side, she takes his hand.” And they’re center stage, and when Eliza takes hold of his hand, Alexander breaks down, he loses it, he is literally standing there sobbing on stage, head bowed, overcome with emotion, while my favorite line covers them “Forgiveness, can you imagine.

And for the first time I think Alexander finally realizes how much he doesn’t deserve this forgiveness. His pride literally killed his son, his son died defending his honor when it didn’t deserve to be defended, and here is his gracious and loving wife, who still forgives him, even though he doesn’t deserve it, they both know he doesn’t deserve it. 

That simple moment, Eliza reaching out and taking hold of his hand, Alexander sobbing when she does… that to me is the most beautiful, powerful, poignant moment of the entire show. It’s the moment that I’m going to remember 50 years from now as one of the most moving moments I’ve ever seen on stage. 


☆️Aesthetic Meme☆ [6/7 AU]

Stucky Coffeeshop AU where Buck is a vet (obsessed with black coffee and his bike) that runs into Steve at Steve’s favorite coffee shop to sit and think and draw between his classes. Buck says he only keeps going back to the place because the coffee is good but we all know different.

aww, that was a really sweet episode (perfect for the season too!). Its so nice to not only have a new SU ep, but for it to bring all the Gems together (and Greg + a newbie)

Lots of cool stuff from this ep, finally meeting a member of Steven’s human family (which the crew hinted at at SDCC this year), learning that Universe isn’t Greg’s original last name, confirmation that Greg and Rose were never traditionally married (which is so funny because just yesterday I was looking at some old posts where we were discussing it and I was thinking “I wonder if the show will ever actually state it” and then pow, they did)

I think “Garnet says not to lick stuff I find on the ground” is one of my favorite lines, but Pearl’s “Since you love marriage so much, we thought ‘why don’t we all just marry each other!’” was pretty great. Also I love that birth, marriage, and death were the decorations they got because those are human things

Anyways, yes, really great episode! Very cute and sweet and just really what I needed right now. Thank you, SU <3

lol I drew this because I always draw realism and I wanted to practice line work for once because I suck at it, this was hella good practice!! mashed up my favorite comic book character (constantine, if you haven’t seen the movie, comics, or show i 1000% recommend it tbh) with spn

Also finally decided to try out redbubble!! you can buy a print of this work at my store here , come check me out!

Dave Strider Style Rating

Honestly, there are a lot of good Daves. I think the sunglasses help to make a lot of styles work well for him. I had to use far fewer images than I saved. 

The sprite- not my favorite. the hair is better drawn with fewer lines, left to the imagination. His sunglasses are cuter round imo but the vague aviator look here isn’t bad. 2/10

Replacement- the replacement to the sprite looks pretty good. Dave is very simplified, and I think the lack of mouth in some scenes looks cool. 7/10

Scared- this is a good boy. I want lots of people to look at this boy. He is not actually an endless pool of cool with no genuine emotion mixed in, he just likes to seem that way. Here, he’s scared. Showing his eyes was a nice touch. 9/10

Dead- speaking of making the shades transparent enough to show Dave’s eyes, it was definitely not done in this dramatic scene, so we just stare at Dave for a second, while, presumably, his eyes go white in what is, presumably, an emotional moment. It did make me laugh tho. 2/10

Anime Mood Boy- they really got the anime look down pat in this scene of act 7. I feel like he is going to lock eyes with our bright young protagonist across a crowded room, and eventually leave his friends to look down at his much shorter love interest, hair ruffling lightly in the breeze. 5/10

Storybook- this Dave seems to come straight out of a children’s picture book. Points for him looking young, as he is 13. 4/10

Tense- this Dave was really good. He has nice shapes. Returns to the aviator look of the sprite, as opposed to the rounder look of the replacement.  8/10

Sketch- This Dave is cute. His hair looks nice. 7/10

Milton- the eyebrows suggest, to me, a plotting young antagonist. He wears nice clothes and has the things he wants but is never happy, only ever content to stand behind our protagonists and glower. Someday he will be part of the team, those eyebrows will relax (both of them, milhouse) and we will watch past episodes and laugh about how he was once the antag. 6/10

Heroic- my favorite Dave. He looks sweet, and his hair sticks up in a really cute manner in the back. The shapes are nice, and his face is long enough to suggest that a nose exists. 10/10

I think of all the things they did in Season 6, my favorite is how badly they neglected Starlight Glimmer. I really came around to “Trixie is best pone”. Best bad influence, best enabler! But I think the best line of the entire season was, “You’ve really come a long way” after Glimglam magically brain washed the whole main cast of the show. A long way indeed, and we should have stopped, but let’s keep going and see what happens!


lucas friar appreciation week -
           day six (late), your favorite underrated moment. ♡

for as much shit as this child got for the whole triangle nonsense -because god forbid oNE show in the universe not have a love triangle- he was always making sure the most important thing was that no one was going to get hurt because of his decision. this puppy was terrified about breaking up their friendship and it’s just… i love my son lucas friar. 

excluded lines: “we know that.” “why do you think we like you?” 

Because I need to talk about it,

my favorite Rogue One moments (MAJOR SPOILERS):

-When Chirrut takes out any stormtrooper

-When K2 choke slams Jyn

-Every K2 line

-When Bodhi is kneeling in front of Saw and I realized that Riz looks good with a burlap sack on his head, not in any kinky sort of way, but I think he’s the only person who can pull that look off

-When Jyn steals Cassian’s brilliant hope line at the council meeting

-When the Rebel fleet shows up at Scarif

-When said Rebel fleet smashes two star destroyers together and then both into a third space station

-“You are my luck”

-Jyn gives K2 a blaster pistol and he goes total gunslinger

-Every time Orson gets shot

-Galen’s message to Jyn

-The destruction of the holy city

-The rebel soldiers frantic rush to escape with the plans

-Cassian and Jyn holding each other as they wait to be vaporized

-The volunteering of the soldiers for the suicide mission and the subsequent storming of the imperial base

-Baze and Chirrut are totally gay for each other

Star Trek Advent Calendar: Day 17 - Favorite Quote

“I do not approve. I understand.”

This quote is one of my favorites because it shows that you can understand someone’s choices but it doesn’t mean you agree with them. I think it’s a really important distinction to draw. Also, I love that it’s Spock who says this line because here he acknowledges (all on his own) that something can be logical and/or scientific, but it doesn’t mean he’s in favor of it, or that it’s right.


oh my gosh I know it’s not an original idea I’m just pointing out the similarities between the two (that other people have also brought up as well) its all in good fun, anon.

ASOUE thoughts so far

A Bad Beginning: Part 1

  • love the theme
  • love the color scheme
  • hate that Lemony Snicket is the first person we see. His anonymity is very important in the books, so showing his face at all, let alone first, makes no sense
  • love the actors playing the kids, they seem to have a good understanding of the characters
  • Good balance between absurd/weird
  • Good so far regarding the themes of abuse. I think my favorite line regarding this theme was when Klaus said “This isn’t better than nothing,”. I love that he was given the chance to express very real anger at his abusive situation
  • Love Neil’s Olaf so far
  • Love the dynamic of the theatre troupe
  • Love Justice Strauss
  • Could do better with ethnic diversity, but it’s only the first episode
  • So many VFD references and I’m thrilled
  • Hate that they confirm the parents are alive at the end of the episode. That’s a subplot that (if I’m remembering correctly) doesn’t become important until later in the series, and never is resolved. If I’m wrong plz feel free to reblog and @ me 
  • All in all, I am very happy with how the first episode went, and I’m excited for more! 
One of my favorite moments was, I think, was being on set with Grant when the Pilot was airing. We couldn’t really watch and live-tweet with everyone at home, but I just remember Twitter just kind of blowing up and we’d been living with the show for a while at that point, I think we were shooting Episode 9, we were falling in love with the show and falling in love with each other and we didn’t know how it was going to be received, so  when we got on line and saw that everybody was tweeting about the show, it was one of the moments where you’re like ‘I am a part of something really special and it’s going to kind of last for forever’. That’s amazing. I mean, in terms of history, I’ll always be known as a version of Iris West and that’s amazing, I don’t know how I got here.

Candice Patton on her most memorable moment from S1 [x]

I’m just gonna leave this here. 


I’ve reached 1000 follower!

I can’t believe guys we made it! ;-; 1000 actual people who care about my art… Seems like a dream to me. So I hope you enjoyed my thanks a this short crossover angst doujinshi. I hope I doesn’t disappointed you guys >-
The lines were taken from my favorit show, from The 100’s ends scene.

 This doujin takes place after the big fights and end arc. Natsu wants to leave even without Happy, because he can’t look at his eyes - he hurted his best friend, his nakamas and his love. He need time to think about it. But this time, he can’t leave without telling, he not gonnado the same mistake.

Guess a fanfic could tell the situation and show their feeling much better, but this is what I can do ^^; Overall I’m proud if it. I did it in my style, I drew every part myself in SAI, and this is the result. 

Hope you liked it. Love you guys

FT by Hiro Mashima; The 100 by Kass Morgan

anonymous asked:

The line Stella says is "woman: subject, man: object". Not backwards like your tattoo and her shirts and the charity. Did you watch the fall? I don't think 2moms did.

I did watch The Fall, darling anon. One of my favorite shows. I’m fairly certain it’s one of @2moms-0fucks favorites as well. 

The intention wasn’t to get a word-for-word quote tattooed on me. That wasn’t Liz’s intention with the shirts, either, or her charity. It’s about the meaning behind the words.

But by all means, sit at your computer judging other peoples’ activism. That’s totally your right. Gillian didn’t seem to mind when she wore the Subject: Woman shirt for charity, though. ;) I don’t think Stella would mind, either. 


Who are your favorite designers, and what are your favorite trends for summer?

I mean, Chanel. My mom always calls me a Chanel whore because I love Chanel presents. I think Chanel’s number one. I also really like… What do I shop daily? Missguided, and I don’t really shop at Urban that much anymore, but I used to. Designers though — I like Phillip Lim. I didn’t get to see anybody’s fashion shows this year because I was in Mexico, so I’m not sure whose best lines came out or what was coming in for spring because I didn’t really get to see the shows. - Bella Thorne for Galore magazine.

eene-fangirl  asked:

What is your favorite Edd line?

I don’t have ONE favorite, but I feel like Edd is definitely one of the most quotable characters, so here’s a bunch that I think about a lot!

“A stubborn lid, this” and “And I am a bit.. peckish…” are probably my favorite line reads in the Big Picture Show, they’re just so quiet and calm.

“That’s disturbing” is said with such a perfect dead pan, it would be a crime not to mention it. (Three Squares and an Ed)

“No one would ever suspect Mother Nature to harbor a spring-loaded circus cannon and blow innocent bystanders to Kingdom Come!”  (From Here to Ed)

“Acorn…becomes TREE!” (Dim Lit Ed)


“In the dark ages, I caused millions of deaths…” This one I just love because he lisps a little and says “deaths” like “desssss.” (Boo Haw Haw)

“My mind is RIDDLED with disturbing images!!!” (For Your Eds Only)

“An omen I’m sure….” Perfect response to anything. (’Cool Hand Ed’)

That’s literally just what came to mind, I might edit this if I think of more.

Okay, so @copperfire and her lovely liveblogging of Legends (what is it with awesome people suddenly liveblogging my favorite show?  Not that I’m complaining, mind you!  :-D) made me realize something.

At the end of River of Time, when Vandal Savage taunts Rip Hunter at Vanishing Point (saying “this time I don’t intend to lose you”, which is possibly my favorite suggestive Savage line after “You might be a Time Master, but I’m the Master of Time”, which I still think reads like a Fifty Shades of Grey invitation.), he pulls out the novelty pen which Rip had used to escape Egypt.

And that’s hilarious to me.  Not just because he apparently was fascinated enough with the pen that he kept it for damn near four thousand years.  That’s funny enough right there.

But Savage didn’t KNOW he was going to be captured right then and there in Leviathan.  But it’s not like he had time to go back and get the pen after he was released, so as to taunt Rip more.

That means he had to have it on him.

Does that mean that he ALWAYS carries Rip Hunter’s novelty nudie pen on him all the time?

What does he do with it?  Does he stroke it menacingly and whisper threats?  Does he write his most horrible correspondence with it?  Does he draw dicks on everything?  I want to know.

Beauty and the Beast 30-day challenge: Day 1

I decided to participate in @batbobsession‘s 30-day challenge of questions to be answered day by day, to tide us over until the live action movie’s release. So here goes with the first day’s question:

1. When did you first see the original animated movie?

Probably when I was a fetus. Really though, it came out two years before I was born and my parents were all about showing us Disney movies, so I don’t remember the first time I saw it or when it became my favorite. Just that I must have demanded to watch it so many times, because my dad seems to have it memorized, and so many lines have just become a part of my family’s vernacular. Like, he’ll just randomly say “it’s over, Beast!” in a Gaston voice, and i don’t even think about what it’s from because i’m so used to it, lol.

There was a brief period of my childhood when I suddenly became afraid of the movie and wouldn’t watch it, though. I think I was maybe five? My parents think it was because I got scared of the Beast, but actually I had become afraid that i would turn into a beast, too, if I was selfish and vain like the prince. (Idk what that says about me as a child??? But it’s kind of funny so i though i would share.)