i think my face looks gr8


*wyvern noises* (click for gr8 captions)


jungkook: laying out everything and being as professional as possible “this is the eyeliner…concealer…lipstick…” him applying it on your face extremely professionally and you literally shocked asf bc he does your makeup better than you “you’re going to do my make up for me from now on.” him laughing and giving his bunny smile while still holding the make up brush in his hands 

taehyung: you being extremely doubtful about whether or not you should trust this boy with your makeup “dont move jagi” “tae i’m not moving.” him always pausing to look into the camera to give the  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face before writing on your face “tae what are u doing with my face” “vOILA!” disproportionate eyebrows, eyeliner that doesnt even reach your lash line, lipstick in a huge circle aROUND your lips “its beautiful, tae thank u” “yeah i kno im gr8″

hoseok: screaming before he even starts, screaming as he is applying it onto you, screaming when you open your eyes, screaming for you when you look into a mirror after “hoseok awh, my eyeliner is so nice” “yeah i know of course i’m amazing thank”

namjoon: him scared to touch your make up stuff “im going to break your stuff i swear” trying to delicately put it on your face but he tried to use eyeliner as mascara?? him finishing and you looking exactly the same as when u started just with really think eyelashes and eyebrows “thank u namjoonie” “Its bad isnt it” “its amazing” him getting all flustered and smiling with his cuTE DIMPLES 

seokjin: the professional at delicacy “wait you already put on the eyeliner already” “yeah” “that was quick” “yep” him cupping your face in his hands to get the best angle and coming extremely close to your face when trying to put on the eye make up “its done!” and of course, he’s extremely good for a beginner

yoongi: him questioning how hard it can be just to apply makeup “what is this” “thats eyeliner yoongi” “yeah yeah i knew that” him constantly trying to remember how the make up noonas put it on him so he can do it on you “which color do you like” “what color do you think looks pretty on me?” “everything looks pretty on you though…” you looking off into the camera all blushy blushy

jimin: smol chim chim hands cupping your face while he stares at you to “try to figure out what colors would go best with your skin tone” him just coming really close to your face and the both of you getting distracted before laughing your heads off and trying to get back to the task at hand then him just skimming mascara and a little blush on u “wait thats it?” “yeah” “what about eyeliner and lipstick?” “this is enough” “its so little” “you dont even need makeup why are we doing this” “jIMIN” 

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what are some punk haircuts someone with a round/square face could pull off?

Pal, it’s all about not giving a fuck Do whatever you want with your head, you look good if you think you look good. I have a sorta round-ish face and i shaved my head a few months back. Now it’s growing out and i got hairs sticking out everywhere, kinda like a billie joe armstrong kinda look. I think I look gr8 my dude. just wear it with an attitude 

-mod kip

Russian chatspeak

This is a list of chatspeak Andrei gave me. Now, the English phrases and their acronyms are a little dubious in terms of whether they’re actually used frequently enough to warrant an abbreviation (GAL? MEGO? haha ^_^), but I’m providing them all purely for their Russian equivalents.

I hope this list is useful for someone!

  • AFK — away from keyboard (приблизительный перевод: отошёл от компа)
  • BAK — back to keyboard (вернулся)
  • BRB — be right back (скоро буду)
  • BTDT — been there, done that (видали мы такое)
  • BTW — by the way (кстати)
  • FAQ — frequently asked questions (ЧАВО — часто задаваемые вопросы)
  • FCOL — for crying out loud (ржунимагу)
  • F2F — face to face (с глазу на глаз)
  • GAL — get a life (займись делом!)
  • GMTA — great minds think alike (умные люди думают одинаково)
  • GR8 — great (классно! круто!)
  • IMHO — in my humble opinion (ИМХО, по моему скромному мнению)
  • LMAO — laugh my ass off (ржунимагу)
  • LOL — laughing out loud (ржунимагу)
  • LSHITIWMP — laughing so hard I think I wet my pants (так ржу, что почти описался)
  • MEGO — My eyes glaze over ( я в непонятках)
  • OTOH — on the other hand (с другой стороны)
  • PLOS — parents looking over shoulder (родаки в комнате)
  • PUMG — puke up my guts (laughing super hard) (ржу так, что не могу) 
  • ROFL — rolling on the floor laughing (по полу валяюсь от смеха)
  • TAFN — that’s all for now (пока!)
  • TAH — take a hint (это намёк!)
  • TIA — thanks in advance (спасибо заранее)
  • TTFN — ta-ta for now (end of communication) (вот и всё!)
  • TTYL — talk to you later (до встречи!)
  • WB — welcome back! (снова привет!)
  • WTG — way to go! (молодцом!)

i got to see NU’EST live tonight!! aaahh, i feel kinda undeserving bc i hardly knew the band ow o;;

the show was amazing tho!! admission was free and i couldnt pass up the chance to see a kpop group live!! i went in completely blind, i had never heard their music before. i rly liked their songs tho and i plan to look them up in the next few days!!

so i’m quitting tumblr, and i wanted to make one last follow forever as a way to show my love for the people who made this hellsite fun. here’s to the people who i’ve been following for literally ever, and to all my friends. thank u for being one of the few good things about my tumblr experience. i luv u all so so so much, u dont even kno. 

*i’d like to say that i went from following 200 people (most of which i was pretty friendly with and had at least one conversation with) to 100 in the last few months. a lot of people deleted, a lot of people changed urls (and as a result i didn’t know who they were so i unfollowed), or their blog content changed, or they stopped posting, etc. i have love for those people too, but i’m only including people who i’m currently following.

@alwaysfob: i’ve always admired you a lot, your edits are fantastic and fobcc was such a brilliant idea and i’m proud of how far it’s grown cuz i remember when you posted the very first one (and i entered and never submitted smth bc i was uninspired and i bothered me for months) so it’s cool to see all that creativity on my dash & know that you’re the cause :)

@anervousboyslife: oh god. i wanna bring up smth from the group chat but i forgot all our lil memes & inside jokes :( thank u for the sims btw. that made me so so happy for like a week & then guess what? my laptop took a shit like. immediately after & i havent been able to play on it since :( im tryna get it fixed but. eh. but it was extremely thoughtful & im still grateful lol. thank u for bein funny & nastay, we’ve had some good times

@angelboyfrnk ahah i just got distracted looking thru ur blog, it looks v nice, like the color scheme? i dig it. anyway idk we havent talked in a while but we were in that group chat right?? that was fun. good timezzz. anyways i hope ur havin a good day bb. i get 2 call u that cuz ur younger than me haha ahh

@arohurley omg angie…we hav been mutuals literally 5ever. i’ve always thought u were so kind & so talented & i look up to u a lot, idk, i lowkey used to consider my mutuals to be like. my family & u were kinda the too-cool big sis, idk? but regardless i got a lot of love & thank u for bein one of my longest mutuals, like i wouldve unfollowed me by now so ty <3

@blooshie omg hannah..ive always admired u for how genuinely nice u r, like u just come off as a pure person, ive always lowkey been jealous of that. ahahhh weren’t u the one who told me abt ducks & their corkscrew dicks. lmaoo jeez

@blowfob u never come on anymore, but i couldnt not include u. u were one of the first people i followed, & one of the ppl i admired most. u & kate & some other ppl. i remember, it was like june 2014 & u got hundreds of asks & i thought u were the coolest person ever. u were super super funny & i literally screamed when u followed me, like i wanted u to follow me for over a year so when u did i lowkey died bc that was like. my big dream when i got into bandom. i just wanted a follow from u. so ty lol. ur so talented (coder, app creator, musician??? list goes on, fuckin crazy) & amazing, i just. i got a lotta love. thank u for bein u i guess. god im sappy pshjs

@boyfriendstump oh my g o d. ur one of the nicest ppl i know, like srsly u’ve always been so kind to me?? also ur taller than me ;-; u fucken string bean. idk i have fond memories of u, thank u for always bein so rad & freakishly nice to me, u always put a smile on my face, real talk. thank u for that

@brandnews omg karlie!! my fav!! ur literally so wonderful, ur blog is fantastic (it’s just. so nice to look at? like it’s the perfect combo of things, it makes me happy), ur a funny and nice person & ur so cute, ur just rlly gr8 im gonna miss u on my dash & u in general aw

@bulletproofatbest did u kno ur the only 21p blog ive stuck with?? thats how gr8 u r. ur fantastic, oh god i cant gush enough. i dont think we’ve ever talked but i have nothing for respect for u, ur edits r gorgeous & ur such a kind human?? i just. i got a lotta luv |-/ :)

@bznedrine my san fran loving fav! ur so beautiful & so kind, aw. remember when u tried to hook me up w fob tickets?? i do. that was so nice of u. thx for always bein so gr8 chloe <3

@cabbagepatrick ive kinda come to the conclusion ur like a robot or smth bc u’ve literally never posted anything personal, in fact it used to alarm me & i almost considered unfollowing u a few times, but i just love u & ur enthusiastic tags way too much haha. ive been following u a long time & u just consistently put good posts on my dash & mix up the content & i just love u a lot for that. thnk u

@centurese i dont think uve logged on in a while but we’ve been mutuals & fanfic writing buddies for a pretty long time & i still admire u a lot, ur a fantastic writer & a rlly good person & ur rlly cute i hope ur doin ok <3

@cocoamocha omg im lovin ur new theme it’s so simple i luv it. ok so ur just rlly sweet & ur art is soooo good & i remember bein super duper psyched when u followed me bc ur such a wonderful artist & ive always looked up to the bandom artists & ya

@corktree i still cant believe u follow me. i still look up to u & think ur just as rad as i thought u were before, but since we’re mutuals now im less intimidated. but omg i used to think u were like otherworldly bc 1) ur super gorgeous i literally live for ur selfies 2) u’v been a fan for so long & ur still so passionate abt fob thats so admirable i lose interest in shit so quickly lol. but ya ur just. actual fob queen & i think ur amazing

@deathofabvchelor aw cami. ur bday’s sorta soon so first i wanna say happy early bday! uh idk i dont think we’ve talked much but u’ve been one of my fav blogs for a while & i loved havin u on my dash thx for bein so gr8

@donthurtyoself again i dont think we’ve talked much but ive always admired u ur rlly nice & i luv ur aesthetic & the stuff u post. thx for bein a mutual of mine :)

@falloutofvegas aye vegas buddies! ya we’ve never talked much but we’ve been mutuals for a long time & i always liked ur blog. thanks for stickin w me so long :)

@ginasfz aw i luv u & ur blog & the content u post & i dont have too much to say bc i didnt rlly know u but i always enjoyed u on my dash so thx for bein mutuals w me

@goldenstump i got two camis on this list & i luv em both!! gosh ur just rlly pretty & i luv luv luv ur fashion like ur selflies r what i think of when i see ur url & specifically how cute u r & how cute ur clothes always r & i hope ur doin well

@gothish we used to be mutuals but it’s ok, i still go a lotta respect for u & admire ur luv of andy & ya thanks for always bein so rad & nice to me in the few times we did talk

@holidaybassline we have been mutuals a long time, & u post a lot of sj stuff these days which normally i hate but i ended up sorta liking it, like u kept me up to date on discourse shit & it was surprisingly nice cuz i like bein informed so ty for that. & for u urself, i dont think we talked much but u always came across as nice & i always respected u so. ya.

@ilyena-rose uve been following me a long time (unfortunately if i remember right it was a while until i followed u back eh :c) but u always stood out in the sea of notifs & finally i followed back & im so glad i did, ur just awesome, i luv ur blog & i luv u, keep bein amazin ok?

@jerseypunk ur so freakishly pretty like it’s unnatural how beautiful u r not to mention ur an unbelievably nice person w a fantastic blog. we’ve had good times aw im nostalgic. stay rad & ilu <3

@lukeallvez ah i was so happy when u followed me omg ur such a fantastic artist (srsly so talented like how??) & ur just a rlly good person idk ur gr8 & i hope u kno it

@milkhealy imani ah im gonna cry. i cant even. put words to how much u mean to me. uve always went above & beyond for me & never failed to make me smile & im gettin a lil teary rn cuz it’s not often yanno that ppl care that much to do that for a person? ur just rlly special & this sounds corny but i legit cherish u. thank u so much for everything. ily.

@nofunclvb i was super duper psyched when u followed me, i admire u a lot & im so jealous of all the shows uve been to thats so impressive. idk ur so pretty like ur face is just. Rlly Good. and ur blog is Rlly Good too ur just amazing idk thank u for dealing w my nonsense on ur dash

@ohvegeta ok can i just say thank u?? so much, like the whole fic thing, im still so grateful for that, i love that damn fic sm & u were so incredibly nice w that whole situation (which im sure was annoying & a pain in the ass), and u continued to be ridiculously nice to my annoying lil self so? thank you for that.

@ouijafrnk i still look up to u & ill always admire u, ur so beautiful inside & out & i couldnt explain why but uve always been an inspiration, like just how u handle urself, idk, it’s 2am & im havin a hard time bc i love all these ppl sm but idk how to put that love into words lmao. idk ur just wonderful in every way i hope u kno that. 

@patty-strump again it’s 2am so mixing shit up out of exhaustion but im 70% sure u sent me a rlly sweet message when i said i was leaving & it was rlly nice, i dont think we talked too much but i loved ur blog a lot & ur a sweetheart

@payingnaivety bri uve been so nice & funny and like im not the kind of person who actively seeks out ppl to talk to so when u just started messaging me one day i was a lil offput but then i ended up loving ur stories & ur personality & idk im gonna miss u a lot thank u for bein so amazing 

@philsass phil sass or phils ass? the world will never kno. aw ur just rlly sweet thx for bein mutuals w me <3

@pstumph aw jaden ilu. ur so cute & so nice & ur blog is awesome, im gonna miss u a lot ur an awesome person & we haven’t talked recently but we used to & i always enjoyed our convos :)

@punkfob ur so pretty & ur blog is fantastic. when i think of ur blog ur selfies & ur lyric edits come to mind & both were always nice to look at haha hope u have a gr8 2k17 :)

@quicksilvcrr i have new found respect for ur url after an evan peters binge watchin fest back in october lmao. ofc assuming ur url is abt the xmen quicksilver. if not that’d b awks. anyway ur rad af k bye

@radicalrumps we’ve been thru a lot, mostly good times & a couple bad times, but u were always gr8 no matter what. ur funny, nice, beyond talented, & i loved hearin ur stories abt ur crazy life. thank u for sharing it w me. ily.

@rapunkzle ive been following u almost my entire time on here & never stopped loving ur blog for one minute, thx for bein gr8. btw i luv luv luv ur theme it’s so adorable omg

@ribbonwentz sarah u & i hav been thru. A Lot. i remember when u told me what cummies were .-. that was cruel. but idk ive always respected u a lot ur info-finding skills r beyond impressive (become a detective or smth legit ur good at it so get paid for it) & idk ty for fun talks & stuff

@saverockanroll that message u sent me was literally so sweet, thank u sm for that. ur a wonderful person, & ur literally so pretty, ur def goin places. i believe in u! ily thanks for bein amazing 

@sayyoprayers vegas jew buddies!! aw ur funny & memey & u come off as so chill & fun i hope u have a good 2017 & let’s hope maybe it snows here in satans ass usa??? thatd be nice psh

@semiwentz u kno of all the blogs im following ive been following u longest?? thats pretty impressive. i never even considered unfollowing, thats how rad u r. thx for bein a quality blog for 2+ yrs.

@sixteencandlez aw my lil hayley williams loving fav :) ur just rlly gr8 & ur blog is awesome idk ily a lot

@slimshadylamps oh god uve always been so, so nice to me im gonna miss u sm. thank u for always bein there for me & srsly so kind & fun i def appreciate all the times we talked ty for those convos.

@soulpunkboxes ur rlly sweet & super cute, ty for always bein a nice friend even if we didnt talk too much & good luck w ur vinyl collecting & ur music makin :)

@spaceboyfrnk i couldnt believe it when u followdd me & i still cant, like ur blog is so good, ur edis r fuckin rad, u deserve every single follower u have. ty for makin me feel cooler than i am every time i remembered u & i were mutuals lol.

@stillfeelthatrushinmyveins ur such a happy person, like idk u just give the impression that ur rlly optimistic & fun & i kinda like associate u w happy things like sunshine so like. idk thanks for bringin ur metaphorical sunshine & great content to my dash

@stumpelstiltskin ah man we’ve been friends for a long time & i hope ur not too upset abt me leaving. im sorry we havent talked that much this year but i always valued u as a friend & our skype calls were always fun. pet ur cats for me ok? ilu.

@swiftembers omg ur so nice & ur edits r legit incredible like i love the things u create & post & when u followed me i was psyched enough bc of ur original content but then i found out ur an incredibly nice person & i was like???? how dare u be so amazing??? keep up the good work.

@theballadofmonalisa ah another case where i dont think we talked much but i loved u a lot anyway?? u post #goodshit & ive always loved ur blog

@thexstyles idk we rarely talked but theres a couple of blogs that i would never unfollow even if they stopped posting yanno & ur one of them. i just rlly luv ur blog & u 

@throam i still cant believe u got that url. thats so impressive. we’ve been mutuals for a long, long, long time. like, im pretty sure ur one of the first ppl i was ever mutuals w. thx for that.

@ticksinbeat ur theme is so cute omg i luv it. hey ok i dont think we’ve ever talked but i luv ur blog a lot yahhh

@trohvocaine remember that time i misspelled ur url. lmao idk how that’s possible but i did it psh. ur just rlly fantastic, i remember when u followed me i was soo happy cuz i looked up to u sm, still do, ur rlly nice & ur selfies r always so good (ur so pretty!!) & ya thx for bein ur amazing self

@washingtonsqpark i look up to u sm, like ur snapchat is my actual favorite thing & the fact that ur like besties w bill beckett like??? i just have a lot of respect, ur a super kind person, ur rlly beautiful, & idk. thanks for talking to me all that time ago. keep bein amazing & chances r ur probably goin to a show soon so have fun lmao

@winterwentz aw fuck ilysm. ur just so wonderful, w havent talked too much recently but i used to love our conversations a lot. ur a gr8 person, i hope ur doin well ilu.

@xmasdallon aw tessa. ur a good way to end this. i luv u a lot. ur so cute & talented (pls keep makin music ur so good at it) like legit i live for ur a capella stuff, it’s so fantastic. idk ur an actual treasure ily

ily all, thank u<3

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Those pictures of u layin down goin 😋✌ are literally some of my fave selfies of you & actually proved a thought i have had for a while: ur hair looks SO good when its pulled back like that & i think you would look so gr8 with a soft pastel pixie cut with tendrils by your cheeks. You have such a pretty face & ur cheekbones are 👌👌👌 & idk ofc u can look however u want but gOSH u look so CUTE

hehehehe WOW!!!! thank u!! <3 maybe I’ll try that haircut out next time ^_^ have a wonderful night!

@utterly-d tagged me to post my most recent selfie (I’m actually shook because no one ever tags me to do anything lol.) So here’s me trying not to look like I want to scream at my poor mum for taking my picture I guess 😂
I tag @angryredpaladin and @cottoncandyfeuilly because they’re pretty gr8 people and I don’t think they’ve done it yet… obviously if you’re not comfy with it don’t bother but yeah, you know the drill.

but a samstevebucky au where steve and bucky are raising a cute little blonde kid named ben but aren’t romantically together

steve meets sam at a gluten free bakery, his toddler craving muffins – muffins are steve and bucky’s worst nightmare because ben doesn’t understand he’s gluten intolerant when he sees any type of muffin; muffins are his kryptonite. so steve carries ben in, and sam’s the guy behind the counter. sam talks ben through the muffins he has, patient as ben talks and questions loudly over steve; steve thanks god he doesn’t have to deal with frustrating the cashier because ben’s indecisive and thanks sam for dealing with them. sam laughs and waves it off. 

ben demands as fiercely as a three year old can that he wants more muffins the next day. and the next day. bucky laughs as steve tries to give him the store bought ones; ben takes a bite and then spits it out. he wants “the bakery one.” so a trip to sam’s bakery becomes part of the weekly routine, ben getting a muffin every five days or so; bucky cuts back on his starbucks. ben gets super excited to eat the muffins and babble at sam. steve jokes that he should leave ben with sam as they leave one day, and ben just says “yes.” 

bucky meets sam when steve’s down in bed, his chest pains and stomach too much that day. ben pets bucky’s hair, trying to braid it as he tells bucky all about sam’s. bucky nods along and stops dead when he actually walks into the bakery. steve is fucking dead when he gets better because he didn’t tell bucky what a knock out the guy their kid’s drooling over is. as it is, he just plasters on a flirty smile as he brings ben over to the counter, the line short. sam takes a look at ben’s smiling face and bucky before lifting an eyebrow. “steve didn’t tell me he had a partner” is what he says, and bucky decides steve is going to be even deader. he didn’t tell bucky on purpose. 

after setting sam straight, and flirting with him as ben sloppily gobbles up his muffin – bucky doesn’t think about how it’s his eating habits ben picked up, he’ll deny it forever, steve is the rotten influence – bucky takes ben to the park to play and then heads home to see if steve’s feeling better. he isn’t, so he and ben cuddle up next to him and watch movies on the laptop. 

after that, steve and bucky – they don’t fight, per-say, but they try to be the one to take ben to get his muffin. each time, they can tell sam’s more and more amused. ben, bless him, just eats his muffins and asks sam about his day and cooking and continues to ignore the flirting. eventually, steve and bucky go in together, and sam picks up ben, turning him to face his dads. “do you think it’s time i gave them my number, huh, bud?” ben shakes his head; he thinks that’d mean no more muffin trips, and the adults laugh at the horror that crossed ben’s face at the admission. 

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my pal ur gonna make this lil artist cry thank u very much i still cannot believe people like my art ;~;

ok so, u gave me the best thing when u asked for 308 because its sunset colours and those colours are my l i f e so for that ily

anyways, have a surprised Kylo (idk he looks surprised or awed?? either way i think he look gr8) and an unfairly cute Hux with his stupid hair and stupid face

!!! im very happy with these omg

i may be slow at getting to u (my sincerest apologies), but come send me requests, either off this palette challenge or lil prompts in general!! i only ask that u read the tags on the palette post <3

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You should post up close pics of each of the boys on Sims, I wanna see how you designed them!!

OK SURE you’ll probably be hearing more about their adventures as i continue playing so might as well get acquainted

first here is a terrible capture of their incredibly awkward family photo

and i juST WANNA SAY that it is impossible under normal circumstances to make sims look like real human beings and that there often comes a point during sim creation where u just. can’t be assed anymore. and i got to that point with all of them SO don’t expect anything impressive lmao here we go

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Basic Recap of the Tower
  • Princess Emma: Dance with me daddy!
  • Charming: lol, k this is totally normal
  • OUAT: Too spooky
  • Rumple: Jesus loves me this I know...*Wait? wrong song?*
  • Zelena: I'm gonna shave your face Sweeney Todd style kay? *This may or may not look insectious*
  • Rapunzel: Something is happening, witches? I'm sorry I zoned out of my own storyline, not rlly sure whats goin on.
  • Hooded thing: too spooky
  • Henry: I think something weird is going on here random hot mayor who's taking me around.
  • Regina: Yeah, but one day ur gonna have a big...*hold in the laugh Gina hold it in* family.
  • Hook: It's rlly gr8 ur heartbroken, wanna makeout?
  • Emma: No.
  • Mary Margaret: Idk who this lady is but I'm gonna instill my full trust in her.
  • Zelena: Good, I'm wicked good at midwifing.
  • Mary Margaret: Was that a Boston thing?
  • Zelena: No*It was a pun you stupid bitch, hold it in Zelena*
  • FTL Charming: What's happening, idk what is this storyline? Oh hey it's me, wow I'm too spooky.
  • Evil Charming: I'm somehow way more attractive than you.
  • FTL Charming: That may be true, but I have a bigger sword *kills him saves day*
  • Emma: That lock was locked before!
  • Regina: You're lucky you're cute swan. Wow, do you smell that Emma?
  • Emma: Love?
  • Regina: No you idiot, dark magic.
  • Emma: Uh yeah...totally. lol...not love...
  • Someone idr: Rumple is alive!
  • *dramatic music fadeout*

ALSO i got tagged for the 6 gr8 photos of me by artgarfvnkel (again. Thx bby!) SO HERE ARE SOME SELFIES TUMBLR HAD NEVer seen!!!!! Im so cute and i have been loving my look recently and its all good in the hood! Ive been happy n this is a goooood life rn :–))

I tag anyone that follows me that wants to do it! (Tag me as the person who tagged u tho so that i can reblog ur photos and compliment y'all ;-))


i was tagged to do 6 selfies of 2015 by @ohkay-cosplays @governorfink @heyitspj @aneki-is-watching (I THINK THATS ALL THAT TAGGED ME.. srry it took so long i had a hard time choosing selfies and i tried to pick some from diff parts of the yr/when i looked diff)

this year was a rollercoaster tbh but i had some really gr8 moments this yr with friends and i’m ending it on a p nice note as well. rdy for 2016 tho !!!

i think most of the ppl i wanted to tag have alrdy been tagged whoops so i won’t tag anyone but you can def do this if you want :”)