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iiimmm sorry but you saying that this crack vid about bill was good amv made me feel a lil bit sad considering the fact that you used like amv's. let me show you some good ones /watch?v=sGNtU2Se4Uk /watch?v=2ZnP2TmVwkM /watch?v=JplEB9kscjo /watch?v=C14AyAPnItc and here are ones from gravity falls /watch?v=_USwKq3Gis4 /watch?v=SdeFok2vUSo /watch?v=ojcdSwLfiP0 /watch?v=186I58EZh8s ~~ just a few. sorry for sending this but it tohught you might like it ouo

Okay, I legitimately don’t know what you mean by “crack vid”. Is that … a bad thing? Are you sad because I like something that you don’t agree is good? 

I sat down and watched a few of the music videos you sent me and I believe we actually have very different tastes in AMVs. Now while it’s totally fine that you like what you like, and I can objectively see why you would like them, I actually have some strong feelings about them! Granted, most of that is probably because I’m coming down with a cold and didn’t get enough sleep, but I am going to stop what I am doing and defend My OpInIoN oN tHe InTeRnEt!

Here, for me, are the markings of a good AMV: The song chosen is relevant to the footage chosen, the editing of the footage is minimal and subtle, and (most important!) the footage matches and enhances the natural rhythms of the music. That last part is what makes AMVs both really difficult to put together and super rewarding to watch. To me there’s nothing more rewarding than a perfectly matched edit. 

One of my favorite AMVs of all time is Evangelion - Engel. I admit that I know nothing about the band Rammstein, nor do I speak German, but dang, doesn’t the intensity of the song reflect Asuka’s character perfectly?? It is both hilarious and weird when she starts “singing” the lead singer’s vocals, but by the end of the song, I’m totally into it!

But the thing I love most about this video is the timing. It is SO ON POINT. By what bizarre chance did the swishing of her hair happen to match that bass motif as it came in?? How satisfying is it when the melody kicks in at the EXACT moment she does that little bounce as she turns to face us (which is also the first time we see her straight on–it’s a fun little reveal)?? How perfectly matched are the rhythms during the End of Evangelion fight sequence?? 

And the AMV creates this great little narrative. It has moments of high intensity and moments of quiet. It builds to our first reveal of Asuka (leading in with the brooding scene in her bedroom and the creepy doll) so that you already want to know more about her before the song even really gets going. Honestly, the main reason I even LIKE Asuka as a character is because I saw this video before watching the series.

This is why video editing is so cool!! Not only can you feel the skill and patience involved in making it, but it can fill you with energy and excitement to learn more about the characters and story they came from!!

By comparison, let’s take one of the videos you sent me– SWAG - Chainsaw. Now, as a brief disclaimer, I want to point out that I may be biased against this one because I really … REALLY don’t like Black Butler. But that’s a whole other rant. I think my issues with this video in particular are pretty removed from the series itself.

“Chainsaw” is all about adding a ton of edits and special effects to FORCE the footage to match the song, rather than allowing the audio and video to compliment each other. There’s soooo much added stuff–all the zoom-in and zoom-outs, camera pans, the timed lyrics onscreen … half the time I can’t even tell what the characters are doing because everything moves so fast.

I’m really impressed by the amount of work the creators clearly put into the video, but they did SO MUCH manipulation of the footage that you could practically shove ANY old video footage in there to the same effect. I could be watching cat videos or … even still illustrations and they would probably feel the same. 

Also, while the use of techno (or is it eurobeat? electronic?) music does provide a lively tempo, it’s all the SAME tempo–super super fast. I found myself getting bored with it because it doesn’t really go anywhere. 

Again! I want to emphasize that it’s totally cool that you like this stuff. I’m sure a ton of people love these types of videos and that’s awesome! But don’t diss the kinds of videos that I like just because they’re not as fancy as yours!

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Just out of curiosity, how would you react if you got fanart that involved a self-insert of yet another person with you and Papyrus? Would that be acceptable? (By the way, I wish I could do the same thing you did by having a self-insert blog. I'm honestly jealous! However, I don't want to copy your idea, so I'll just enjoy your blog instead.)

* I think I have at least four images on my fridge in which Pap and I are depicted with the picture’s artist! I’d most likely react all the same - with glee! <:

* And I highly doubt you’d be copying “my idea” of you had your ask blog, self inserts are far from new and unique lmao. Taking inspiration and copying are two quite different things.

* You can always make some sort of a gimmick to make your blog more recognizable among others, like for me I think some of mine are that I quite strictly stick with positive, “everyday life” sort of content, canon depiction of characters, that I pretty much want to platonically marry Papyrus, and somewhat more recently, that I have with my ‘inner thoughts’ appear written out in my soul.
I chose to do that last one because I tend to think a lot of cool and funny things that I’d be too anxious to say face to face, so I figured this could be a great way to still have them in the comic AND keep myself in-character around other characters.
If someone would copy this for their ask blog, then I’d find that a lil bit shifty since I came up with it due to my personal anxiety issues, but someone just making an Undertale self insert comic or ask blog? 

* I am FAR from being the first one to have that idea. Probably. 

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how you met saber?

long long ago on youtube (2010, her and I were both like 11 or 12)
I had a copy of a movie (Alpha And Omega) and she wanted a  copy of that movie. I had made an AMV video with it and Saber saw the video and saw that I had a copy of the movie. So she came to me and asked for the link (this was back in the olden days of megaupload)
So since my old link for the movie didn’t work, I uploaded the copy again just for her. Surprisingly, while the movie was uploading she actually stayed and talked to me.
And we had a hella good time. I remember listening to Forbidden Friendship and going out that night to swing on my swingset and I kept thinking of Saber. LIKE SHE WAS SO COOL AND NICE.
She learned my real name pretty early on, but she preferred to call me Humphrey (the main character in Alpha and Omega was named that!)
We kept talking for a pretty long time, up until the end of 2011. Nothing bad happened, we just went our separate paths. Our last messages were literally like an afk/brb message. We had no idea that was the last time we were gonna talk for a long time. D: 
but then
ON JUNE. 30TH. 2013. I got home from a longass trip to Oklahoma, and I found I had a message from Saber. She was like “HEY WE NEED TO TALK MORE” 
And I was like
and so we exchanged Skypes and became super close rapscaliwags.
Now here we are, 2015, and we have met once, are meeting again this month, and then agAIN in June, and then EVEN MORE LATER ON.

//Serious music plays

Saber is super gr8 okay, i know i might seem like a very chill person here but I have literally -69 chill. I am a very problematic friend but Saber has always been vERY FIRM but very loving (don’t let your shipper hearts flutter, I mean loving in a friend way) and patient. She’s great.
A true and honest friend through and through.