i think my brain just melted

What do you think Killua?”

Omigosh I had so much fun sketching this out. Gon-chan in Killua’s clothes makes me melt. If you want an inked and full color version then down’t worry, it’s coming…sometime. I was actually planning on giving this to an AMAZING artist online so I’m trying really hard to make sure it looks good. 

I’m probably gonna change my profile pic to Gon’s face in this pic sometime soon, you know, when it’s finished.

Any tips or advice is welcomed!

Kathryn Janeway and Mark...?

I have so many questions. But one of the least important but most-asked questions in my brain is: Why did he give her a copy of Dante’s Inferno as an engagement present? Now, I love the Inferno, and I know Janeway does too, but that is not exactly a book that screams “I love you.” It’s great that Chakotay can quote from it and we can all melt into goo because he knows her favorite book, but even if it is her favorite, I just don’t think a book about all of the different punishments of sinners and levels of hell is a good choice for the “Will you marry me?” moment. Especially because the deepest circle of hell is a lake of ice, and in the Voyager books (which I know aren’t technically canon but whatever) her former fiancé died under the ice…? 

This may be completely irrelevant, but it just struck me as the kind of present you would give to someone because you’re in an intellectual partnership, not a romantic one. Does anyone agree/disagree? I get that if it’s her favorite book, and her most prized possession, this was a really sweet thing to give her, but still…it’s a book about punishment and death? 

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216/638 [D-422] until he is back

anonymous asked:

There was this red velvet cake at uni yesterday, while picking out all these valentine day deserts I whispered a little prayer to aphrodite, and as soon as I tasted it I just like melted. The weird thing was though, I heard (in the kind of inaudible but almost audible way) this kind of, I guess amused giggle at me? And I know it wasn't...but also...? that's a super out there thing for my brain to concoct? And I usually don't immediately think of a diety with things?

*Sorry for the late reply!! Pls forgive me!*

Oooo, sounds like Aphrodite was enjoying herself with you that day!! xD

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Yeah, so I made a mistake, lmfao. So I went and read each of his posts, ugh, and sent an ask message with the bare minimum on counter points because he doesn't reblog, as you know, and now that I've finished part six I wish I hadn't started because now I'm just going to get into a slugging match with a guy who thinks he's infinitely superior to everyone in brain power and lore/war knowledge. It melted my brain man.

Rofl that’s why I stopped at 1 and 3, he’ll just ignore em or spam the reply box anyway.


So…I was at the Bronze premiere tonight, and I totally panic called @youneedtostrut​ and then almost dropped my phone when I saw Seb. And HE WAS SO NICE, GUYS!!!

I worked up the nerve to tap him on the shoulder (SOLID shoulder btw), and he turned around, but then accidentally knocked into this other girl by us, and he apologised to her. Then he looked at me and I just blurted out “Can I get a selfie please?” And he seemed happy to do it! And then after he asked me for my name, THEN HE SAID MY NAME, AND THEN HE SHOOK MY HAND AND I’M SO (and I think he actually said “nice to meet you” but like my brain had MELTED by then). And at this point, some guy came to usher us to our seats. It was amaze.


Dramatical Murder 30 Days Challenge

Day 16: Character that you thought you would hate and ended up loving-Mink

Omg ,where do I even start.

Ok so,Mink,in MY eyes,was a HUGE DICK(no pun intended ).Because he was just plain violent,bossy and mostly because of this 

hurting Aoba everytime he wouldn’t do as he wanted him to.His violent ways to control Aoba were so irritating that I said “I hope you die,son a bitch”.Wanting to use him ad a tool for his revenge against Toue ,every single little thing that may have cause Mink to think he’s being left alone in all that,by Aoba,made it worse.And Aoba,seriously ,you could have just melted his brain,tbh.

Always hitting him until he bleeded and fucking him up (literally) until Sly came out and made him change his mind a bit,were all so very dissapointing to me.

BUT!This scene right here

I may have released the biggest gasp of all time when Mink grabbed 

G-E-N-T-L-Y Aoba’s hair,so gently that he didn’t even notice him.My eyes were so big I was like “What?WHY?WHAT IS HAPPENING!?Mink?Gentle?NO FRIGGIN WAY THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE”.But it wasn’t :3

As we all know after the whole mission in Oval tower ,Aoba scrapping Mink and Mink refusing to be saved by him and stuff ,Mink sent Lulakan(at that time,Tori.lol.calling your bird,bird) to fetch Aoba and get him to safety.I was like “OK MINK YOU BETTER NOT DIE NOW OK?YOU MUST LIVE AND GO TO AOBA AND HUG HIM,KISS HIM,LOVE HIM&STUFF KAY?COUNTING ON YOU,YOU BIG SON OF A…YOU KNOW”…Buuuuut he did not,he vanished after this scene 

Aoba went after him,he looked for him for a loooooooooooooooooong time,everywhere,but he finally him and …I WASN’T READY 



“A smell of cinnamon comes my way” OH MY GOD IT’S HIM

Not just looks,everything about him changed in such a way that I literally just had my mouth open like a thirsty bi*** the whole time .From raping and beating the crap out of Aoba,to T-H-I-S.My eyes were bigger than Aoba’s when I saw this!


You gotta be kidding me,he’s resting his chin on Aoba’s head… Appart from the days he just ignored Aoba&stuff,that alone being a huge step ahead for his character,not pushing him away or forcing him to do something,he’s being gentle with Aoba,he even said “I’m sorry” for the times he pulled on Aoba’s hair even tho he knew he had sensation in it.Basically,his actions were apologetic for everything he did.

Just kill me now…He’s kissing him both gently and seductively,Aoba is no longer afraid of him since his hand is in Mink’s hair.Mink cups Aoba’s cheek with his bara hand and they way he looks at him is just PERFECT.

Mink,you’re the one who better take responsibility ,you caused my heart to throb so hard during your Re:connect and Drama Cds so bad.

The last CG is perfect.I consider Minao as my second OTP,my feelings for Mink were mixed but now they’re pure and I love him to death



 I can’t believe this many people follow my crazy, bipolar blog! I had something very heart filled to say, but a usual my brain melted like chocolate in the sun…

SO I will do my best so here goes…

I can’t thank you guys enough for helping push my blog this far. I mean I just get up everyday and do something that I think is fun…I had no idea that you guys would like it and follow! I was happy with 10 followers, surprised by 100 , super shocked by 500 and now! OMG completely speechless!

I bow to your awesome and I hope to keep you guys entertained for many days to come!

THANK YOU AGAIN!  LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU ALL  even those who just stay quiet in the background!