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In regards of my artwork Black & Gold:

#wait HOLY SHIT#IS THIS JUST COINCIDENCE OR IN REFERENCE TO THE SONG BY SAM SPARRO#because this song gets a whole new level in connection with Solas#like… religion in general in that universe#I think my mind is being blown right now

@medeadea No, it’s actually not hahah

But! You did piqued my interest in the said song so I searched for it on Youtube and instantly fell in love! I love the whole black tie costume used for the music video so I drew Solas in it.

I hope it’s an appropriate appreciation to Black & Gold by Sam Sparro!

look u guys, i just did something i never EVER do and went INTO THE TAGS just so i could reblog some ML fanart for you all, because like 5% of my dash has been ML lately and i feel like you all think i’m not part of the fandom anymore even tho I am so I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY- I HATE GOING INTO THE TAGS- BUT I DID FIND SOME GREAT ART I HAVEN’T SEEN.

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Since there’s so many new folks around, hello! It’s lovely that you’re all here to share in my adventure, my very very gay adventure.
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kageyama bros fight!


RPGs, or relentlessly persistent girls by cassandrha


The living room wasn’t meant to sleep nine bodies but somehow they made a workable nest out of it.

I am so emotional over these kids and I couldn’t get this scene out of my head.