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The New Kid in Town [Tim Drake x Reader]

Requested by @books-netflix-and-pizza: “Maybe one with Tim? Where he meets someone at school and they really hit it off, and later he meets a new vigilante and they also really hit it off, and he’s torn between the two people, only to find out that they’re the same person?”

A/n: This is a bit long but I honestly loved writing it. I hope you love it sweetie! I’d love to hear if you like it! <33


The day felt about as normal as any day could get. Tim sat in his first period history class, waiting for the first bell to ring to signal the beginning of the day. Chin resting in his hand as he stared up at the white board. He examined the notes his teacher had written up, from the looks of it, today seems to be a lecture day.

He watched as his classmates filed into their respective seats before the bell rang. However, Tim along with his classmates were confused. Usually their teacher was in class before anyone else, but not today. A girl next to him leaned over, “Hey Tim, do you know where Mr. Rickson is? You’ve been in here the longest.” Tim shook his head, “No, he was gone when I got here too.”

“Sorry class” the voice of their teacher interrupted their confusion. Tim looked to the front of the room to see a girl with stunning [e/c] eyes and gorgeous [h/c] hair. He stared at the girl, wondering who she is and why she’s here. “Everyone, I’d like you all to meet your new classmate, [F/n] [L/n]. She comes to us all the way from Central City so make her feel welcome please.” A small, unsure smile on your face. “Miss [L/n], please take the seat in front of Mr. Carter please” Tim noticed him gesture to the seat diagonally ahead of him.

Watching as you nodded before taking your seat, a few of the students smiling at you as you passed. Tim being one of them when you locked eyes with him before sitting down.

“Alright everyone, please take out your notebooks as we continue our lecture about the Great Depression. Miss [L/n] I have the notes up to this point printed out for you.” Mr. Rickson said shuffling through the papers on his desk before delivering them to your desk. Smiling you thanked him before looking to see where the class was. Tim was captivated by you, unable to tear his eyes away. That was until he was called out for not paying attention to the lesson.

During class he would occasionally glance at you, multiple times finding you with your eyebrows furrowed. As if you’re contemplating something. His suspicions weren’t confirmed until he witnessed you hesitantly raise your hand after Mr. Rickson made a remark about reform in during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency.

“Yes Miss [L/n]?” Mr. Rickson questioned as all eyes turned to you.

“I uh. It’s just that you said President Roosevelt was an active supporter of reform. While I know he did support some reforms, wasn’t it his wife Eleanor Roosevelt that was the true ‘voice of reform’ during his presidency? She is considered the most active first lady, no?” You questioned, waving your pencil as you spoke.

Mr. Rickson stood there thinking for a moment, “It appears I stand corrected. Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt is considered one of the if not the most active first lady to date. She is often referred to as the ‘voice of reform’ during the presidency. Taking on rights for women, immigrants, and so on. Nice catch Miss [L/n].” He complimented, making you smile and Tim that much more smitten.

Beautiful and smart? He has to get to know you better.

After class ended Tim made it his mission to get to know you. He was packing up his things, noticing you still sitting at your desk. Studying what he assumed is your schedule. Taking a deep breath and putting on an air of confidence he approached you.

“You look lost.” Tim spoke up, his hand resting on the strap of his bag. Chuckling you answered “That obvious?” He shrugged, “I have good instincts.” Smiling in the process.

He looked over your shoulder, “Where are you going?” Scanning the paper. “Umm, Physics. Room 507.” You trailed your finger down to the class. “Oh, that’s where I’m going. Here let me show you.” Nodding his head toward the door. Tim felt butterflies in his stomach when he saw you grin at him, a joyful ‘thank you’ escaping your lips.

On the way to the class Tim asked many questions, as did you. He asked why you moved, and what it was like in Central City. You asked him what life is like in Gotham and at Gotham Academy. Turns out you both have a lot in common, and were hitting it off quite nicely. Ending up sitting together at lunch, and having nearly all of your classes together. He learned a lot about you that first day.

And he learned even more as the days followed. You turned best friends within the week. Tim wanted to be more than friends though, their was just something or more someone holding him back from asking you out.

Tim had met this new hero while on patrol about three weeks ago, two weeks before your first day. Both becoming rather close as well, working on patrols together since they appeared. The new hero is a meta, having super speed like the Flash and Kid Flash. Being close to the Flash as well, that’s who trained them.

Little did he know about you being that speedster. Not that you were aware of the fact that Tim is Red Robin. This went on like this for about two more weeks, working together both during classes and on the streets.

Tonight you both were on a particularly treacherous mission. Taking down Scarecrow who is said to have a new fear toxin in the works. Tim is supposed to go in covert to check things out before you speed in to take out the goons.

Tim dropped down behind some crates, seeing the thugs along with Scarecrow himself holding a vial of the serum as a liquid adaptation. “[S/h/n] I have eyes on the serum” he spoke into his coms. “Alright. Waiting for your signal” you answered.

“I’m going to try and get closer.” He said before ducking behind another set of crates. “Be careful.” Tim crept closer and closer to the men. He thought he was going unnoticed until he peered up to see a cloud of the fear toxin being released. Eyes widening in panic he pulled his cape over his face and made a break to get out of there. Only to get knocked off his feet by one of the men.

He was hacking and coughing as the toxin began to take effect. “[S/h/n]” he managed to say before coughing again and losing consciousness.

When you heard the desperation in his voice you said ‘to hell’ with the plan, needing to get Red Robin out of there. Taking a deep breath, you sped into the building. Knocking all of the goons off their feet before speeding Red Robin out of the warehouse.

Once a safe distance away you checked his vitals, his heart rate was spiking and his breathing labored. Obviously suffering from the effects of the toxin. Not knowing what to do before remembering the computer type communicator on his wrist. Grabbing his arm you sent a distress signal to batman.

“Come on Red Robin, hang in there” Your voice dripping with panic. He groaned in pain from the nightmare, his heart rate spiking again. “Where the hell is batman?” you growled, surveying your surroundings

If only you knew where the batcave was, you could have him there by now. Or you could speed to get the antidote. But what’s the point in having superspeed if you have no idea where you’re going. Turning when hearing someone land behind you, “Batman” breathing a sigh of relief.

“What happened?” He walked up to you, seeing Red Robin. “It was Scarecrow, he ambushed Red Robin with fear toxin.” you explained. “He’s fading, we need to get him to the batcave.” Batman kneeled beside him. “I can get him there faster than anyone. Please trust me, I won’t tell anyone where it’s located. I swear.” You pleaded, concerned for Red Robin’s safety.

Even though having conflicted feelings Batman knew you were right. “Fine.” he said before telling you where to take him. Upon hearing the location you were gone before he could blink, getting to the batcave in seconds. Your eyes widened when seeing Alfred standing there, “Get him to the medical table” he ordered and you did so. Turning away when he went to remove his mask.

Though you have an idea about who Red Robin is now. Is Red Robin, Tim?

“[S/h/n]” A gruff voice called at you. Looking up to see Batman standing in front of you. “Or should I say [F/n]” his tone softened a bit as your eyes widening at the sound of your name. “H-how’d?” the stutter taking over your words.

“I have known for a while. I put pieces together, just like how you’re putting them together now.” Batman explained, crossing his arms.

“You can look.” Only growing more shocked before he gestured behind you. Turning you saw Red Robin, his cowl pulled back to reveal Tim Drake himself as Alfred was administering the antidote. Walking over to the bed you took his hand, “Tim” you whispered.

Facing Batman you asked, “So you’re..?” trailing off before Batman nodded. “I trust you with keeping this a secret [F/n], I’ve been wanting to ask you to help us clean up Gotham for awhile now. Though, that can be discussed later. You’re welcome to stay until he wakes up.” Bruce told you before he went to go back on patrol with the others. Knowing Tim is in good hands with Alfred and you.

Alfred brought you a chair. Sitting at Tim’s bedside, waiting for him to wake up.

Tim was out for a few hours after being given the antidote. Though when he began to stir he felt strange and in pain. Trying to sit up he felt an ache shoot through his head, groaning when it pierced through his temples.

“Whoa, hey take it easy. You need to lay down.” He heard a soft voice say while feeling two hands push him back by his shoulders. Opening his eyes, he saw your face just in front of his. “[F/n]?” he questioned, confusion blatantly on his face. His feeling of confusion turned to shock when he saw the clothes you were wearing and where he was at. Hand shooting to his face to find his mask missing.

“Tim.. Bruce told me. You breathed in a lot of the fear toxin. You scared the living shit out of me, I thought I had gotten some in my system too.” Smiling at him, your worry at the forefront.

“[F/n] I didn’t know you’re [S/h/n].” Sighing you answered “And I didn’t know you’re Red Robin. I guess I should’ve realized when I found the red feathers all over your room.” Letting out a laugh while not tearing your eyes away from his blue hues. “And I should’ve put the Central City and speedster together.” Tim returned your smile.

He let out a sigh, staring into your eyes. Feeling truly comfortable in your presence. “This makes things a lot easier for me.” He chuckled, leaving you in a state of confusion. “I mean that because, I’ve been wanting to ask you if you’d like to go to a movie? On a date?” Nervousness in his tone, anxious as he bit his lip.

Giggling you answered, “I’d love to, but let’s wait until you’re not on bedrest anymore.” He nodded, “I suppose that’s fair.” You grinned before pulling away from him, saying you were going to get him some water.

“[F/n], wait!” He stopped you at the door. When you turned around he continued, “Thank you. You saved me tonight.” After the initial shock you smiled sheepishly before nodding and heading to get his water. Leaving him with a feeling of giddiness in his heart.

Before I go to bed I just want to say that be aware that nothing may happen on Easter, actually I think it’s likely nothing will happen, but that doesn’t suddenly mean we’re wrong. I said it in a post after March 8th, but basically, it’s expected to get individual dates wrong, but still be correct about the core theory that there is more to come. Today (Saturday) makes 3 months since the airing of TFP. 3 months is not a long time to most people. We’re the only ones really still talking about the show. Most people stopped thinking about it the minute they turned off the TV.

If nothing happens tomorrow, I, personally, don’t see a reason to lose all hope, especially because the evidence within the show itself and suspicious quotes from tptb just keep piling up as time goes on. If you really think about it, there really isn’t concrete evidence to believe Easter will be the Reckoning. It’s only speculation (and I don’t say this to undermine the meta done AT ALL; I’m just saying that something happening on Easter has not been guaranteed to us).

My personal thoughts are that if there is a lost special, they’ll announce it around July/SDCC time (it’s a good time to get fandom/media news out there, and the BBC announced TAB and s4 in July of 2014, so there’s precedent) and we’ll get it New Year’s 2018. The show has become like a New Year’s tradition for the BBC, and you know they would need time to market the HELL out of a secret special.

So, yeah. Just keep an open mind and don’t lose your head.


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Swap - Justin Bieber Imagine (Part 2)

It’s a little lengthy but it was requested so, here is part 2!

Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


“Looks like youu have a date with a famous singer” “First it’s not a date and Second it’s still not a date” I corrected her “It’s a date if you want it to be a date. He’s gorgeous and he obviously thinks you are too. Do you really think he would’ve asked you to lunch when he could have easily sent someone else over to swap phones? He’s like the most popular male singer on the planet right now and you, just sat in a 10 minute taxi ride with him” She pointed out “Way to make me nervous” “Anytime, now I’ll just be leaving. Tell me if you find any interesting things on his phone” I rolled my eyes and she shut my office door behind her. I wasn’t going to go through his phone, so I pulled out my sketch pad and my small pencil case from my purse and finished the dress I’d sketched earlier yesterday.

In the last 20 minutes, Taxi Guy- I mean, Justin, had gotten 12 calls. I knew it wasn’t my place to answer any of them obviously so I put the phone on vibrate. I had about 10 minutes until my lunch break, so I put the phone in my purse and walked to the bathroom to freshen up. I check my makeup and hair before stopping my Madison’s office. “Knock knock, I’m about to go meet him” Looking down at her phone she checked the time. “You have 3 minutes, you don’t want to see too anxious do you?” I glared at her before sitting on the couch she had against the wall. “I guess not, but I’m so bored. I can’t use my phone because he has it, his phone kept going off and I finished the sketch I was planning to be doing all day today” I complained to her “Boo hoo” she teased “I need to figure out how I’m decorating my office, it’s going to be so cozy” I love decorating and designing things. Probably makes sense that I work for a fashion company but it’s a real passion of mine. When I moved into my apartment I went a little over board. Like, 5 thousand dollars overboard with furniture and things but what’s in the past I can’t change. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since I pressed the complete order button on Ikea.com. “Okay it’s been long enough, I’m going to go meet him and I’ll tell you how it goes” I got up “Good luck”

I exited the building and seconds later Justin’s phone started to vibrate. I checked the caller i.d and it was my number. “Hey Mysterious Taxi Guy” I greeted him “I’m mysterious?” “Well, you were wearing sunglasses and I never caught your name so as of now, you’re mysterious taxi guy” “Fair enough” he laughed “Have you come up with a nickname for me yet?” I wondered, smiling obnoxiously as I walked down the busy New York streets. “I’m still deciding, it’s between Cute Taxi Girl or my lunch date” Why is Madison always so right? “Hmm so this is a date” I bit my lip rounding the corner “I’d like to think of it as a date, yes” I giggled “Fair enough” Repeating what he’d said minutes before. Madison is never going to let me live this down “Let’s play a game” He blurted “A game?” I furrowed my eyebrows confused on his logic “Yeah just go with it” “Alright, shoot” I shrugged “I spy with my little eye, a beautiful girl wearing a really cute dress and a gorgeous smile walking my way” My smiled got even bigger as I saw him slightly leaning against the brick wall outside the restaurant “Well eye spy with my little eye, my lunch date. I’m going to have to call you back” We hung up and I stopped right in front of him. “I believe this is yours” I grinned handing it to him “And this is yours” “Thank you” This time, I made sure my phone made it into my purse “Let’s go inside” opening the door for me.

There were a reasonable amount of people already inside. The restaurant was very elegant and classy. It looked very expensive, but he was rich. “Bieber” the hostess nodded and picked up two menu’s before bringing us to a booth on the far side of the room. We sat down and he took off his sunglasses. “Not very mysterious anymore huh” “No, still pretty mysterious. You still have me pretty fooled on a few things but, they can wait” I smiled “So, how long did it take you to realize who I was?” The question of the question of the day “When I got to work and figured out that I had your phone so I called mine. That’s when I saw your background. You’re pretty recognizable.” He nodded “Don’t worry, the reservation name didn’t give it away.” I reassured him “I was hoping you’d figure it out before then” “I’m Victoria” We took a little time to make our lunch choices and ordered the food. “So, did you make it on time this morning?” I smiled thinking back to how fast I was actually rushing. “Barely! I’ve been interning for about a month now, but today is my first official day working there.” We talked and laughed through lunch until I noticed the time. We argued over who’d pay the bill, Justin obviously wouldn’t let me. He told me he doesn’t do “Dutch”, especially on the first date. He walked me back down the street to my building and asked my about a second date. So this was a legitimate date, not just lunch plans. I mean we talked about it earlier but now he clarified it. Maybe that was him clarifying it earlier but I’m just hesitant that he’d actually want to go on a date with me. “It’s almost 1, I have to get back to work. Or Sofia will kill me…again” I rolled my eyes just picturing it now. “I’ll call you” I Smiled and waved before reentering the building and going back up to the 6th floor.

 Opening my office door, Madison turned around from looking through the window and ran over to me. “I couldn’t wait for you to text me, so I just came in here” “I see tha- did you eat your lunch in here?” I questioned smelling soup in the air. “Uh, nooo. What would make you think that?” she failed at sliding her Panera bowl into the trash can without me seeing. “Let’s just get this over with already” I said putting my bag down on the only piece of furniture I had at the moment, she clapped. I told her everything that happened since I left the building. She was thrilled at how the date went and fawned over Justin. “I knew it! A guy doesn’t just ask you to lunch if he doesn’t want to. But, now that he did and there is a second date…” she trailed off “Do you like him?” she uttered. How did I know this was going to be her next question? “What’s it matter? He could have any girl he wants, if he doesn’t like me” “But he does like you! Don’t doubt yourself” She interjected. Lunch was actually really fun, he’s really funny, and sweet. He’s more than most people read in magazines. I figured that but, you never know, he could’ve been a total douche. “Yeah, I like him” “Yay” she clapped “Can you tell me how you feel on this design” I asked her opening my sketch book. Maybe I’m just overthinking the entire situation, but I never found out why he was in that taxi - he could have easily been driven. What is he doing in that building across the street? It’s amazing how I didn’t find out one thing about this morning at lunch. I was too busy answering his questions that my questions slipped through the cracks of the conversation. Strange

Two days later

My alarm went off, I groaned before pressing the screen to stop it from ringing in my ear and rolling over. I rubbed my eyes and picked my phone back up again, 7:10. “Shit shit shit” I had about 20 minutes until I had to be at work. Why do I always do this to myself? Jumping up, I quickly picked out a cute and comfy yet sophisticated outfit. Slipping into a white shirt, black skater skirt and thigh high socks before running into the bathroom and doing the essentials.

I threw my makeup in my purse once again and grabbed my shoes before running out the door and to the elevator. I put on my shoes before reaching the lobby and ran outside to catch a cab. “Fancy running into you here” Looking over, there was Justin. “Hey!” “Running late again?” “That obvious?” I bit my lip and he chuckled “Need a ride?” He nodded over to a black car. His driver opened one of the doors and I looked back to him. “Are you sure? I could take a c-” “Of course” “Thank you!” his hand rested on my lower back as he guided me to the car.

We pulled over into a spot right in front of my building “Thank you so much!” His driver opened the door for me and I stepped out “Anytime, got your phone?” “Oops” I muttered before grabbing it off of the seat and smiling at him. The door closed after me as I walked over to the revolving doors.

“You have to bring this one to the meeting on Friday” Madison encouraged me pointing to a page in my sketch book. Before I could respond, my phone vibrated interrupting me. It was Justin. “What are you all smiley, about? Who is it?” “It’s Justin” I laughed reading his text and continued on to respond to his corny joke. “Yeah, um, we’ve been texted back in forth for a while” “Is it getting serious?” “Serious? It’s only been a few days” “I mean if he’d rather text you, then do whatever he’s doing in that building then he must be into you” I looked out the window and over to where he’s been going every morning I’ve seen him. “I guess” not really answering her question. I wonder what he really is doing over there. I heard earlier this year that he was going on a break but, nothing specific. On our lunch date he didn’t really go into depth, he just mentioned that he had “meetings”. “I heard there were munchkins in the break room, wanna grab some?” Pulling me out of my deep thoughts I blindly agreed. Our heels clicked against the granite floors as we walked down the decorative halls. “I heard right! And there are chocolate” she confirmed. I continued to text Justin, as M went on and on about her obsession with dunkin donuts. “Okay let’s go, hopefully no one sees me eating these” She pulled back into the hallway as she shoved another one in her mouth. “Why?” She stopped in her tracks “Because! I can’t be caught dead eating these when I’m supposedly on a diet” “You’re on a diet?” I don’t remember her mentioning it “Hell no! but I need them to keep thinking that” laughing at her reasoning I took one from her napkin and popped it in my mouth.

“Victoria! I was looking for you” Andrea called me reaching for something behind her desk. “This was dropped off for you this morning soon after you got in” She handed me a card “Oh, thank you” She flashed me a smile before getting back to her computer. I opened the envelope as I stepped back into my office and sat down at my desk “You really need furniture, I have no where to lay” M complained. The card was from Justin.

Date on Friday? You in?

Circle yes or no (:


If you want a part 3 just ask! I’m really getting into this imagine (: Thanks for reading! If you liked it, don’t forget to favorite!

The Art of Cooking

This was supposed to just be a cute little fic about grocery shopping (because that’s literally the only kind of shopping that matters to me) and then somehow turned into…well, this, so, um, yeah.

Modern AU. Developing E/R.

From the moment he set foot in the grocery store, Enjolras felt like a cat who had its fur pet the wrong way. It wasn’t that he had anything against the grocery store, specifically, other than the fact that there always seemed to be unaccompanied minors running around and getting in the way, and he somehow always wound up in line behind the slowest old lady with an oxygen tank who had eighty tins of cat food that she unloaded from her cart one at a time, and really, if Enjolras could subsist on something besides food, he probably would.

Because the problem with food was that it took time, both to shop for and to cook, and one thing that was at a premium for Enjolras was time. He traveled all the time, and normally ate at least one meal at work, and that meant whatever few minutes he actually spared in his apartment were better spent doing things other than cooking.

Unfortunately, not eating wasn’t an option, and Enjolras had already eaten all the stale packages of ramen he had stashed in his panty (and Combeferre had physically barred him from his apartment, saying he was tired of Enjolras eating all of his food, and the Chinese takeout place down the street had started to get that fake sympathetic tone whenever he called to order food for one), so he sucked it up and headed to the closest grocery store.

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Upcoming comic book/graphic novel movies


  • Iron Man 3 (May 3)
  • Man of Steel (June 14)
  • Kick-Ass 2 (June 28)
  • R.I.P.D (July 19)
  • The Wolverine (July 26)
  • 300: Rise of an Empire (August 2)
  • 2 Guns (August 16)
  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (October 4)
  • Thor: The Dark World (November 8)


  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 4)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2)
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past (July 18)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1)
  • Untitled animated film - likely ‘Big Hero 6’ (November 7)


  • Fantastic Four (March 6)
  • Untitled ‘The Avengers’ sequel (May 1)
  • Ant-Man (November 6)

updated: 22 December

@timelordinvictus answered your post: btw, i’m pretty tipsy at the moment so…

Ten x Rose “everyone thinks we’re dating, and we’re really not, but we’ve stopped correcting people, so does this mean we’re dating?” au :D

“You two are cute together,” the woman Rose was fairly sure worked in the accounting department commented.

Rose just smiled and squeezed John’s hand, not bothering to correct the assumption. John didn’t either.

Over the course of her office’s holiday party at least five people commented on how good they looked together and neither of them bothered to correct them on the fact that they were not actually dating.

Actually, Rose thought as they collected their coats and left the party, they’d both quit correcting anyone about a month ago. She shot her best friend a speculative glance, chewing on the side of her thumb.

“Something wrong?” he asked, cutting himself off in the middle of a rant on the origins of eggnog. “You’re giving me a look.”

“Have you noticed that we kinda stopped telling people we weren’t dating when they make that assumption?”

John swallowed hard. “Yeah.”


“Got tired of correcting them?” he said, voice rising in pitch as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“You’re lying, John,” Rose shot back, eyebrows raised. “I know you too well to fall for something that obvious.”

He searched her face, eyes running over her features. “I don’t know how you’ll take the real answer.”

“Give it to me and find out then,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest.

John’s eyes flickered down to her chest, taking in the way she was unintentionally enhancing her cleavage. “Um, I might have stopped correcting people because I wanted to pretend they were right.”

He wasn’t meeting her eyes, words coming out rapidfire, so he missed the smile dawning on her face.

“You idiot, that’s why I stopped correcting them, too.”


“Yeah.” She smiled up at him. “So…does this mean we’re dating now.”

He took her hand and pulled her closer. “Maybe. Think there’s one more thing we need to do though.”

“What’s that?” Rose asked breathlessly, smile still lighting up her face.

“This.” John lowered his mouth to hers and claimed her lips in the gentlest, most reverent kiss Rose had ever had the pleasure of experiencing.