i think mine was a bit premature

anonymous asked:

Would you ever want to have kids?

Hah, eventually. We were going over kid names last night, actually.

Real talk though, I’m a bit paranoid that I’ve inherited my mother’s issues with fertility. I was her third attempt at a child. I don’t know if her first pregnancy with my sister went smoothly or not, but her attempt at mine resulted in two miscarriages. And I was also born premature by about a week or two. It doesn’t bode well for me, I think. I’ve already inherited her depression, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a Double Whammy.

So, it’s an issue I won’t have to face for a quite a while, but I will eventually.

So yes, I’d like kids eventually, but it’s nothing I’m thinking about currently. I’ve got a long time. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~