i think mindy in some ways knows that he wants more

How You Met // Preferences (DEH character x Reader)

My first Preferences, this will probably go in order.



 You looked all over your town for a job that didn’t make you want to die, and you’d found nothing. So you were at your last resorts, you needed a summer job and you’d take anything at this point. And as if sensing your need for a job, the local State Park called you about your application as a trail guide. Basically your job was to give tours to the Boy/Girl Scouts and anyone else who came for them, and if none were scheduled you’d be making sure the trails were clean of litter, safe for people, and clear of fallen trees. What they didn’t warn you about was fallen boys, you were free of tours for the day so you went out to clean up a trail Boy Scouts had used to get to a camp site. And about 100 feet away you saw a boy in a State Park uniform plummet to the ground, you dropped everything and ran to his side. He only broke his arm but you still made sure he got to the hospital and didn’t leave until he was allowed to leave as well. Due to his broken arm and breaking the park rules for climbing trees, you were is “buddy” at work. Basically you made sure he was ok and also not breaking more rules. He became your best friend and you his, little did you know how much that meant to him. 


 It was your first Lab day in your Junior Year biology class and you didn’t have a single friend in this class, over 3 years you didn’t have a single friend in this class. You crossed your fingers under the desk, praying that your teacher wouldn’t make you pick your partners. 
“Alright class pick a partner!” And with that your fate of being the only kid with no partner was sealed. You already knew you’d be the kid that was forced to working a group of three awkwardly, you knew that your teacher would announce to the class that you needed a partner and everyone would know that you have no friends. Than you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned and you were met with black, you leaned you head back and realized Connor Murphy tapped you on the shoulder. “Do you um. Do you want to be partners? If not it’s okay, I’m know I’m a fucking freak and you probably have a partner already, I’m sorry,” You couldn’t help but giggle, his face was pink when he asked you and he seemed so nervous, it was sweet. Your giggles must have seemed like you were making fun of him because he instantly became angry and started stomping away. You grabbed his wrist, 

“Connor I would love to be your partner!" 

"Oh um well than we should um, fuck,” he whispered trying to form a sentence. You smiled and lead him to the supplies table, he sat in the open seat next to you. You walked behind him and gathered up all of his wavy locks 

“What the fuck are you doing,” he growled, ripping his hair from your hands. 

“Sorry Connor but you gotta pull your hair up for this lap, unless you want to light on fire,” you said holding up a hair tie. He didn’t respond, he just turned back to the lab table, so you gathered his hair up again, this time he didn’t refuse. So you ran you fingers through his hair, making it into a smooth little bun on his head. You didn’t know for sure but you swore The Connor Murphy, Mr. I’m so tough and I hate life itself, Connor ‘middle finger’ Murphy was smiling, and blushing?! 


You were at a new school and hadn’t made a single friend in three weeks, the guidance counselor was more than worried. She listed off every club you could join, but you didn’t want to join a club, you didn’t need friends, you were fine. You looked at your shoes as she continued reading off all of the club names, you zoned out, thinking about what you could be doing instead of this. You were about to actually fall asleep when you heard “video game club”. The three words caught your attention, you needed an out here and you like video games, so you told her you’d join. It couldn’t be that bad could it, and besides nothing was worse than listening to your guidance counselor tell you how you need friends for an hour. This. This could be and was definitely worse than that, you walked in the room and you could feel every guys eyes start scanning you. You felt like a piece of meat, and all of these guys were starved dogs. So you scanned the room and found a guy wearing a shirt with your favorite superhero on it. 

 "Oh hey I love (fav hero),“ 

"Oh really? Well than tell me who their estranged wife marries in episode 38,” he said rolling his eyes at you, you tried to think of the answer but apparently that’s the kind of knowledge a “real fan” knows in seconds. “Fake fan! Stupid fucking bimbos trying to be 'nerdy and cute!’" 

 felt the anger bubbling inside you, you noticed he had his own laptop out and his head phone cord was really freaking long and wrapped around his coffee cup. You stood up and quietly grabbed the excess cord, you wrapped it into the back of his chair and waited for him to move. 

 A hand grabbed your arm just above your elbow, you plopped into a chair next to a boy with boxy glasses and large front teeth, he also had a hand on your arm. "You’re already my favorite person in this fucking room, Derek is a total douche. I’m going to help you out here,” he said an evil grin or spread across his face. 

 "Oh you’re going to help me huh?“ You raise a single eyebrow. 

 "Oi Derek, check this shit out!” The boy yelled, Derek swiveled his chair in your direction, his head phone cord pulling his cup on its side. His coffee spilled all over his key board. After 10 minutes of panicking his laptop turned off completely. 

“I’m Jared by the way but you can just call me your partner in crime,” the boy in the glasses said once the humor had worn off of your prank. 

 "How can I can I call you if I don’t have your phone number?“ And as if the stars aligned you found your first friend and probably a pretty fucking great one.


 You worked at cafe on the south side of town, you saw hundreds of faces everyday, some new and some old, some you remember and some you didn’t, but you’d never forget hers. She came in every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and always had a black and purple duffel bag on her shoulder. But those were the only constants, some days she wore baggy athletic clothes, others it was skinny jeans and what you assumed was a body suit, some days her hair was in a perfect bun others it fell over her shoulders. She never ordered the same thing twice and after two weeks you realized she was working her way down the menu, although she always asked what she could get with whip cream. 

Today instead of leaving immediately she sat in a booth, she leaned against the wall her legs stretched across the chair. You were cleaning a table near her when you noticed the Stars on her ankles, they were drawn in blue pen. About a half hour she came up asking for a completely different drink to go, you made her order and drew a cluster of stars and something else on it. She thanked you and left, she didn’t notice your doodle yet, but you noticed she left her phone on the counter. 

 "Hey Mindy, that girl left her phone here I’m going to see if I can flag her down,” and with that you ran through the shop doors. She entered a building across the street, you ran after her. 

 "Hey hey Star Girl! You left your phone in the cafe!“ You said to her once you got through the doors. She turned around and your breath was taken way, she had taken off her jeans and you realized it wasn’t a body suit, it was a leotard. Suddenly all of the dots connected, the duffle bag, the athletic clothes, how she usually wore her hair in a perfect bun, She was a dancer! 

 "Oh my gosh thank you so much! If I lost this again my mom would actually kill me! Oh my goodness how can I repay you? And don’t say I don’t have to because I really do!” She chattered, her eyes lit up and you realized wow she’s more gorgeous up close. You ran through everything in your head and ended up saying the stupidest pick up line.

 "You c-could repay me by um going on a ddate with me,“ you stumbled, not only did you drop a stupid line you also stuttered through it. 

 "I would absolutely love to, but I don’t have your number!”

 "Oh really?“ You raised an eyebrow and turned her cup around so it faced her. 

She laughed "I guess our relationship is just written in the Stars!” her smile took your breath away, in that moment you prayed to every god there was 'please let this one be gay’


 YOU DON’T WANT A FUCKING MATH TUTOR. you definitely need one. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU W A N T ONE! You were failing math class, and if you failed this semester you’d flunk out and not even summer school could save your ass, aka you’d have to go through another year of hell. So your teacher told you that you will be tutored after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the school library by Alana Beck. You didn’t know her but you knew her reputation, literally the smartest kid in the entire grade, if anyone could save you it would be her. Also rumor has it she always smells like old books, that was weird as fuck but you shrugged it off.

 You were waiting for Alana in the library, she was ten minutes late, and you kinda thought she might just not show up. 

“Oh gosh I’m sorry I’m late, I was five minutes late and I felt so bad that I stopped and got us some snacks, and now I’m ten minutes late, you probably hate me,” she said all in one breath. 

 "Hey no it’s fine, I’m sure I’ll be late soon anyway!“ You said cracking open on of the sodas she bought you guys. After a hour of studying you felt like death, but Alana was so smart and funny and pretty and her voice was like honey and you were very tired. She finished packing up her books and you had just started, you expected her to leave but she didn’t, she silently waited for you to finish packing. You two walked to the student parking lot, talking about nothing in particular, when suddenly she stopped, you turned to face her. 

”(Y/n) I think you’re really cool and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out this weekend, as acquaintances,“ she asked not looking up to meet you eyes. 

 "No I don’t want to hang out with you as acquaintances,” she quickly walked passed you, the rejection hitting her hated than she’d like to say. “But I would love to hang out with you as friends!” You yelled after her. She looked at you, her smile so wide, you pulled her into a hug, and she hugged back tighter. And in this hug you realized old books smell pretty fucking good.

Weakest link

Here you go. Enjoy. 

Words: 1,5 k


Can you do a Elijah imagine where the reader are together but she isn’t as strong and she likes to keep to herself most of the time and he admires her when she was Practicing fighting and then she breaks down Bc she feels like she is wasting their time and he goes and comforts her? Love your work!!!!

Changed it a little I hope you don’t mind

Originally posted by klopehybridss

I was turned only 100 years ago. That might sound like a lot for some people but the people I live with are 1000 years old. Since I moved in with the original family I have felt small and weak. I was in good hands with the family and they took great care of me but I couldn’t shake the feeling of failure. I loved these people and they loved me but the more I got to know them the more I felt like I didn’t fit in.

“Okay let’s work out. Everybody in the backyard 10 minutes” I heard Klaus call from downstairs. I was in the room they had given me when I moved in. I didn’t want to change the room because I still didn’t feel like I owned it. Rebekah disagreed with me and then took me shopping. I wanted all the cheapest furniture since the Mikaelsons were buying it but she wanted me to get whatever I thought would fit and whatever I liked. I ended up with a lot of black and red stuff since those were my favorite colors. I’m really happy she made me do it because since then I’ve been feeling like this was my home.

“Y/N come on” I heard and it was first then I realized that I had been staring at the wall for a good 5 minutes. I decided there was no way out of this work out so I got myself up. I tried to think of any good excuse to get out of it but I couldn’t think of anything that I hadn’t used before. I didn’t feel like my body and my mind were connected for the first 4 steps until I almost fell and got back to reality.

“Okay so let’s do Klaus and Hayley Kol and I and Rebekah and Y/N,” Elijah said. A big part of me hoped I would end up with Hayley since I was closer in strength with her than Rebekah.

“Could I be paired up with Haley instead,” I said hopefully. They all turned around to look at me with confused expressions on their faces.  “I just think we have to work on the same stuff,” I said more quietly this time. I really felt like I had a million eyes on me. In that moment I felt like a little girl who was lost at the mall. Like I was 2 inches tall and could be stepped on every second of every day.

“No Klaus and Hayley are both hybrids and it would be good for them to train with each other. Plus I think they have some bottled up anger towards each other.” Elijah said and got ready to fight Kol. I got myself to get in fighting position across Rebekah who gave me a sweet smile. I tried smiling back but I’m sure it looked weird and forced and not like I was actually enjoying myself at all. Rebekah leaped at me and hit me straight in the stomach. I fell to the ground without having even taken a hit at her. I groaned loudly and clutched my stomach trying to sooth the pain. Rebekah reached her hand to me and pulled me up.

“Here if you block her by turning the opposite way her punch will make her vulnerable instead of you. You then hit her arm to the ground and push on her back so she goes tumbling down” Elijah explain when he noticed that I hadn’t gotten very far in my attempt to fight Rebekah. Before I knew it they were all watching Rebekah and I. My heart started beating really fast and I’m sure they heard it. Rebekah tried the same move and just like before I wasn’t fast enough and got hit. Elijah put his hand out for me to take but I didn’t take it. I got up and looked down embarrassed.

“You know what. I feel like I have fallen enough for today. I’ll just go” I said before running away from them. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I couldn’t be in that house. I ended up at this coffeeshop I once went to with Hayley when she was pregnant. She always craved their burgers so we would come here almost every single day. I sat down at the booth furthest away from the doors or the windows. I wasn’t really hungry or thirsty but I knew they would throw me out if I didn’t eat so I order an Ice tea and some French fries. The food came but I couldn’t care less. I didn’t even eat anything and I only had about 2 sips of the drink. Why couldn’t I be strong like Hayley or Rebekah?. Or brave like Kol, Elijah, and Klaus. I was always the one hanging in the back. There were rumors going around about how I was powerless and The original family only took me in because they pitied me.

“You gonna eat that” I heard from behind me. I didn’t need to turn around though I already knew who it was. Elijah freaking Mikaelson.  

“Always the hero I see,” I said sarcastically. “What are you doing here, how did you find me,” I asked before lifting my head up to look at him. Elijah moved to sit across me in the not so comfortable seat.

“Hayley told me. Look I know being around us is hard. We aren’t the most easy going people but you aren’t either. I don’t see what the problem is”  Elijah said. A waitress came over to see if he needed anything but before she could open her mouth I opened mine.

“Go away,” I said to her. She looked a little scared and a little- pissed off but left anyway. “The problem Elijah. I don’t get it. You took me in with no reason. You take care of me for no reason. You help me with all my problems for no reason. I don’t get why you do it. Rebekah, Kol, and Klaus are like siblings to me. Hayley is my best friend. And I just don’t understand why I’m with you guys. I’m not as strong as any of you I’m weak. I don’t have any power.” I complained a single tear ran down my cheek.

“Why would you say that. You’re the strongest one of us. Maybe not physically but emotionally Y/N you can handle anything. When we took you in you were a lost little girl looking for somewhere to stay. You were falling apart but we helped you get yourself back and since then you have been the strongest.” Elijah said with

“I don’t see it like that,” I said letting out a little sob. Elijah got up and moved to sit next to me. He put his arms around me and pulled me into a hug. I leaned my head on his shoulder and relaxed a little more. I had always had a soft spot for Elijah. He was so caring and loving and a part of me always wanted to kiss him. Wait did I like Elijah. No, I couldn’t. Did I.

“Before you said that you felt like Hayley was your best friend and that Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah felt like your siblings.” He said. I looked up and nodded at him. His hands went to lift me from him. I let out a little whine not wanting to lose the touch. I felt so happy in Elijah’s arms. “What am I to you,” He asked. My heart started beating a little faster. A part of me wanted to confess that I liked him and another part wanted to play it cool.

“You’re my friend,” I said trying to calm myself down a little. His eyes were filled with disappointment and he looked like he expected something his different. “Okay no. I don’t see you as a friend at all.” I said and the disappointment became more evident. “I like you” I whispered. Even though I knew he could hear me but I wished he didn’t.

“I like you too,” He said. My heart stopped beating for a second. At first, I thought it was a joke but when I looked up I saw the sincerity in his eyes.

“You do. But I’m so damaged” I said without thinking. He placed his hand on my cheek and leaned in to kiss me. His lips were soft and the kiss was gentle. It only lasted for a few seconds but it was the best seconds of my life.

“Not to me,” He said when we pulled away. A small smile spread across my lips and I leaned in to kiss him again. “You’re perfect. Nothing about you isn’t perfect to me” He said when I pulled away from him.

“What about the others”

“What do you mean,” he asked confused as to what I was referring to. I laughed a little at his confusion.

“Do you think they will be okay with us,” I said quietly.

“I don’t care”

Daddy issues

What happens when you can’t pay for your 5 doughnuts and one hot chocolate order, because you forgot your wallet at home? You find yourself a sugar daddy. Or that’s what happened to a grumpy Min Yoongi.

Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three | Chapter four | Chapter five

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook | ft. Kim NamJoon

Word count: 4977

Warnings: Maybe swearing and future smut

A/N: Another fic that was originally posted on AO3. I plan on finishing it over here because I really love the idea and in all honesty, I think it’s my favorite that I’ve written. Also in here JungKook is older than Yoongi. Hope you’ll enjoy!

“One hot chocolate. Three doughnuts. One chocolate pretzel…hmmm…and…huh…you know, make it 5 chocolate and cherry doughnuts…” Yoongi said to the cashier dressed in a rumpled bright green uniform with a mustard yellow shirt underneath. She had a small name tag attached with a safety pin that said “Mindy”. He felt kind of bad for her, but at the same time he didn’t have much time to meditate over the thought, because guilt was creeping into his mind, thinking about what he just bought.

“Crap! I’ll regret this later…for sure I’ll end up a closet with four doors…shit! I don’t fucking care for now, actually. This is for later!” he said to himself, trying to avoid the unavoidable confrontation with the cold truth. He was binge eating. Again.

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  • Stutters out an invitation and blushes like a mad idiot
  • Is so fucking surprised (but happy) when he gets a yes he forgets to breathe for a second
  • Plans the perfect date forever then realizes he had the wrong day in mind
  • Is super upset about it but in the end takes his crush out to see a movie, which turns out to be even more fun
  • Definitely takes a fuckton of photos in purikura booths and laughs at how silly they are
  • Somehow manages to hold hands and breathe at the same time
  • He’s so afraid his quirk is going to magically activate itself and break his date’s fingers as well as his own
  • Doesn’t kiss on his first date but gathers the courage to ask them out again
  • Basically, he’s cute and manages to relax and be himself which definitely gets him a second date too
  • The cutest little blushing ball ever


  • “I don’t really care if you’re going but it’s gonna be fucking epic, just saying”
  • He totally fucking does care and stares at them until they say yes
  • Takes them to a metal concert, I can’t see it any other way
  • They both end up having a lot of fun but of course they both lose their voices from screaming that much and their necks are sore
  • It’s super late when they get out of the venue and they’re starving
  • What do you do after a metal concert? Get some fast food
  • They’re laughing and this is the perfect moment for a kiss
  • If Kacchan wasn’t so oblivious of course. He needs a direct hint for stuff like that
  • “Katsuki, you have ketchup on your face-” “Fuck, thanks.” And he wipes it off
  • He acts like this wasn’t even a date because it wasn’t but he’d gladly ‘hang out with them again’
  • Basically he’s a mess but he’s a hot mess


  • What are dates?
  • Doesn’t like to plan things too much, just kind of wants everything to evolve naturally
  • You know, a walk in the park, ice cream and relaxed chatter
  • It’s the best way to get to know someone after all
  • He has many of those moments where he just sees them smile and it makes his heart skip a beat
  • ‘I can’t do this’
  • Looks chill but is actually nervous af
  • A walk in the park turns into stargazing and unintentional hand brushing, shoulders bumping
  • Is worried about them being home late and getting in trouble so he escorts them home just in case
  • Gets a kiss on the cheek right before they part and a subtle invitation to go out again
  • He got this


  • He’s not even subtle about it, he straight out comes to his crush and asks them out
  • Doesn’t hide his excitement when he sees them and immediately tells them how beautiful they look
  • Basically showering them with compliments, but they are all 100% honest
  • He hasn’t planned any of this date so he just goes with the flow
  • You like cotton candy, we’ll get some. Wanna go to karaoke? Sounds fun!
  • His dates are 100% spontaneous and 150% fun, really, he’s a natural at this
  • If it gets cold, he’ll give them his jacket without thinking, they can’t even try to object
  • Takes a photo or two for memories
  • Is not afraid to make a fool of himself, which is also why he looks so cool doing everything
  • It’s really hard not to fall for him even after only 1 date
  • “You know, I feel like I could kiss you right now”
  • And so he does, if they agree of course
  • The only right thing to do of course is to walk them home and make sure they’re feeling well
  • He doesn’t even need to ask for a second date. The question is when
  • That’s it. He’s the master of dating


  • Oh boy, this cute little mess needs half an hour of mental preparations to ask them out
  • When he does, though, it turns out alright but he’s not sure if they understand what kind of date this is
  • He has no idea what to wear
  • 15 minutes early, you know, just in case
  • Struggles with staying 100% relaxed so he helps himself out with his quirk
  • This turns into an exchange of tricks with their quirks and a conversation about them
  • Once he relaxes, he can pretty much open any topic and find mutual interests
  • Takes them to a nice café and insists on paying
  • Blurts out something like ‘you’re so pretty’ and blushes like mad after saying it
  • Constantly reassuring himself that he will be fine
  • Date ends with a smile and a wave
  • Texts them that evening and continues their lively conversation late into the night, receiving a ‘we should repeat this’ before they say goodnight
  • Basically, he’s cute and he got this
“Sparks” Chris Beck Fic (let me know if you want more :))

After your parents’ relentless pursuit to control your life, you find yourself in a situation that will lead to disaster. A fake engagement, real emotions, and Chris Beck. What could go wrong?

Chris Beck x Reader

Word Count: 3,327

Notes: Fluff, angst, small part of nudity. let me know what you think :)

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Isaac Lahey| Don’t come easy.

Count of words: 698

Warnings: mention of one-night-stands and death, possible spoiler if you haven’t finished the third season.

A/N: Hope you like it guys ♥ 

Requested?: Noooo

I can tell by your eyes you want more than this
But can we be much more beyond these sheets

You have met Isaac a while ago at a club. You felt sparks fly in your stomach since the time you met, no matter how stereotypical it sounds. He had these beautiful eyes and this charming smile, but he seemed to be a lot more than that. He had an intruiging back story to tell, but he kept it like a holly graill, never letting anyone see. 

You two started of with a one night stand, but then the nights became two, three and the numbers go on. You started to have feelings for the tall boy lying beneath you but sometimes he seemed to be completely indifferent. So one night after everything that happened you desided to talk to him.

”What am I to you?” You asked and looked him straight in the eye. He could not look at you being confused himself. As much as he wanted to know, he didn’t. Were you something more for him? Or were you just another girl? “I mean, what are we? Are we a thing?” you asked once again and his gaze shifted to your eyes. “I don’t know.” He said softly. “Can we be much more beyond these sheets?”

No I don’t
Don’t wanna mess with your head
But my love
It’s hard to love again

As time flew by your mind kept wondering. After that night he dropped the subject and neither of you brougt it up again, but it burned you on the inside. Night and day that’s what you would think of. Was he just messing with my head?

“No!” He said as if he read your mind. “I didn’t read your mind, love. You said that out loud.” he said and slightly chuckled at your expression. “So, what is it, Isaac? What are we? What is this? Why you show love the one night and then your cold again?” You asked looking at him with sad eyes. “ I’m just scared,” he said. “I’m scared to love again.” He said and looked at you back with the same saddened expression. “What do you mean?” 

It don’t come easy
And it don’t come cheap
Been burned too many times
To love easily
Don’t mistake me
My love runs deep
But it don’t come easy
It don’t come cheap
No not with me 

“It’s just- It’s not easy. Love isn’t,” he said looking at your pazzled expression. “It never comes cheap, love. The price is too much to pay, and some times it can completely destroy you. And when I fall, I fall hard.” He said a tear slipping from his eyes but he quickly dried it. “I am willing to pay that price,” you said this time looking at him with pleading eyes. “Me too it’s jus-” “Then why are you making this so hard?” You asked one more time. “I’ve been burned too many times to love easily,” he said reminising his time with Allison. 

I used to move in fast to erase my past
But it never works no it never lasts no

“You know,” he said, “ I have a horrible past.” He contininued. “Once, I fell for this girl. I moved fast, just to forget my awful childhood and monsterous things I did.” He added. “But it didn’t work. I could not forget, I could not leave it all behind.” He sighed a tear running down his cheek, but this time he let it fall, and so did with the next one and the next one… “And then I lost her. I got myself into that so fast, and when I lost her it hurt more.”

In my mind
I gotta get things right
Take it slow
Before I jump this time

I slowly walked up to him, wrapping my arms around him, comforting him through out this break down. “This time, I wanna get things right.” He exclaimed looking me dead in the eye. “This time, I’ll take it slow. I’ll let myself rest and make sure that I am indeed falling.” He added kissing my hands I never realised he was holding. “And I think I’ve fallen for you, baby. Just let me do it the right way this time.”

you know that you wanna play

pairing: okieriete “Oak” onaodowan x reader

request: @captain-trashma :“something with Oak” and “Cute to sinful? Like at some point oak, reader, Daveed and Ant discuss kinks and shit and reader is like  s i n f u l l  and everyone is a bit “woah, bruh.” But oak is hella intrigued and curious??”

summary: on two show days dinner breaks, the reader has dinner and plays ‘story time’ with daveed, ant, and oak. one day they talk about kinky sex, and oak’s interest picks up.

warnings (STRAP IN BITCHES): NSFW! smut. SMUT.  litany of kinks including: shower sex, public sex, the desecration of the richard rodgers stage, bondage, daddy!kink (so much daddy kink), hickies, orgasm denial, dominance/submission, begging, dirty talk, mention of threesomes, mention of double penetration, mentions of breath play, mention of sex swing, mirror-sex

word count: 5,360

a/n: title taken from “wriggle” by clippng. 3 DAYS, 3 FICS. I am exhausted but fulfilled. You guys have been so loving and nice and supportive I live for it!! Message me thoughts/questions/anything! I’m loving getting to know ya’ll. Take a shot every time I mention Rafa, clippng or Oakland (have fun). I sincerely apologize for how sinful this is. ENJOYYYYY. part two to this fic is here!! 

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anonymous asked:

On twitter people hate on kala but they seems to like kalagang do you think their relationship more about wolfgang than kala it is so depressing to see people saying she doesn't help cluster anyway and she is so privileged except for kalagang there is nothing for her I finally got a indian character that makes so much sense I just wish people stop comparing her to sun nomi n Riley they went through so much n kala is strong in her own way this thing is so depressing for me

ok first of all, first rule to being happy on the internet: if somebody starts saying or doing things you’re not into, unfollow them. it’s that simple. you don’t need that negativity in ya life my dude

second of all, kala is amazing??? and kalagang is beautiful?? so live your life and let bitter people be bitter if they wanna be

third of all, reasons these people are Wrong (imo):

  • Privilege doesn’t make a character boring. What’s boring is a show where everyone is the same or has the same level of privilege. The whole point of this show is to help us see the different ways people live all over the world, and guess what? Some people are privilged. some people have money and complete, nuclear families and somehow don’t murder people on a day to day basis. I personally can’t relate to many aspects of some of the other sensates, but I can really relate to some of Kala’s because we share some of the same privileges. What’s great is that there is a bit of everything, so that many people can feel represented and identify with different characters.
  • Along the same lines and going off what you said above - everyone’s struggles are different. Each character’s initial, core struggle - separate from BPO and the narrative arch of the show, but tied to their story and sense of self - is different. Riley struggles with PTSD from her experience with Magnus and Luna. Sun struggles to juggle her promise to her late mother and the way her family and her world treats her. Nomi struggles with a transphobic family. And Kala struggles knowing a that marrying Rajan will bring her everything she has been taught to want - a loving husband, financial stability, a good job, social standing, etc. Except that she doesn’t want any of it. It doesn’t make her happy. But if she doesn’t choose Rajan, she’s turning her back on her family and the heavy societal expectations of her culture and heritage.
  • Kala is an Indian woman in an American show. How many indian actors play main characters in American television? I genuinely can only think of four - Aziz Ansari in Master of None, Mindy Kaling in The Mindy Project, Priyanka Chopra in Quantico, and, you guessed it, Tina Desai in Sense8. So while Kala the character is privileged, her existance is still a huge step forward in representation not just for Indian and Desi people, but for POC and WOC everywhere
  • Kalagang is 100% NOT all about Wolfgang wtf??? The whole POINT of Kalagang is that they’re perfect for each other, that they are both just exactly what the other needs. “You have something good and beautiful hidden inside of you. Just as there is something dark and wicked inside of me.” Wolfgang needs someone who will let him be good and beautiful, who will see the softness in him despite every dark thing he has been  through and done. And Kala needs someone to let her be dark and wicked. Someone who doesn’t hold her to an expectation of pleasantness, of niceness, of pristine-perfect-beautiful-wife. They are the perfect yin and yang, and to say the relationship is all about Wolfgang is to do both their narratives a huge disservice, and honestly, to have some god-awful reading comprehension tbh


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 2 152
summary : Reader and Kai live together ; Reader has feelings for him and one day Kai brings home a girl.
*not my gif

Almost three months had passed since Y/N moved to live with Kai. His place was near her college and since she had been a late admission , the dorm had been filled. Kai had offered that Y/N move in with him she had agreed. All her friends had been against it specially Damon, but Y/N ignored them. Truth was she liked Kai and has never been afraid he’d hurt her. He always acted different towards her , nicer though he still got on her nerves some times.

“Morning roomie.” said Kai grinning when Y/N walked into the kitchen in morning still wearing her PJ’s. “Sleep well ? It sounded like you kept tossing and turning all night.”
Kai was leaning against the kitchen counter holding a steaming cup with coffee in his hands. Of course she had been tossing and turning. Thoughts about him kept her awake. Y/N wanted to tell him how she felt , but what would be the point ? It’s not like he felt the same way about her. She sighed taking a step towards the coffee machine to pour herself some coffee when Kai touched her hand getting her attention.
“This one’s for you. Just how you like it - no sugar , no milk.” he said smiling. “I even added nutmeg for you.”
“T-thank you.” said Y/N looking at Kai with curious eyes. “Why are you being so nice ?”
Kai put his hands in his pockets leaning against the kitchen counter again. He was looking at her differently or maybe she was imagining it. Her ‘rommie’ was never this nice to her. Sure he’d make her morning coffee and breakfast but usually by the second minute she had entered the room , he’d be making comments about how annoying it is when she tosses and turns all night , making noises and keeping him awake. Or how she had woken him up coming late from a party at her friend’s dorm room. Kai was getting on her nerves most of the time and a few times she even considered moving out. Except she couldn’t , even if she wanted to. Y/N was in love with him. She hadn’t intended for her crush to turn into this but there was just something about him when he raised his voice during their bickering , looking at her with fire in his eyes that was drawing her towards him. Every little thing he did somehow was able to make her love him and hate him at the same time.
“What are you talking about ? I’m always nice to you.” he smiled at her. “Making your breakfast , looking after you… ”
“Right. Okay.” she said glancing at the clock on the wall. “Damn it , I’m gonna be late! Why didn’t you wake me ?”
“Because I like the sparkle in your eyes when you have slept 8hrs not 5. And you are not going to be late , I’ll drive you.” offered Kai. “Get dressed , I’ll pack your textbooks for today.”
Y/N looked at him suspiciously. Something was definitely up with him… What had been that comment about her eyes ? And how did he know what textbooks she’d need for the day ? By the time she had changed , Kai was already waiting for her with a packed lunch , all textbooks for the day and a cup with coffee to go.
“What are you up to ?” she asked suspiciously when he even offered to carry her things to the car for her.
“Nothing. Why do I have to be up to something?” he smiled putting the keys in the ignition. “Can’t I just be nice to my gorgeous roommate ?”
Y/N glanced at him trying to figure out what had happened to get him to act like this. Before she had time to even being processing what was happening , he parked the car on the college parking lot and went to open her door for her.
“Classes end at 6PM right ? I’ll come pick you up.”
“Um … okay ?”
Kai winked at her and got in his car , driving away while she stood frozen in the parking lot starring after him. Y/N checked her lunch bag and couldn’t help but smile finding a veggie wrap inside.
* * *

Y/N was in the kitchen that evening when she heard the front door unlock. Kai had come home and she was excited to see him again and figure out why he had been this nice to her the past month. She was starting to fall for him even more and a part of her missed their bickering over everything.
“Hey you’re ba-”
Y/N froze on the spot. Her heart broke to pieces when she saw Kai and his arm around some girl’s waist , his other hand caressing her cheek as he was leaning in towards her. It looked like he was about to kiss her.
“OH. I um …”
“Oh hey. Sorry , I should’ve called.” he said casually. “This is Mindy. We met at the coffee place down the street…”
Y/N smiled awkwardly waving her hand in ‘hello’ to the girl. There it was - she had kept quiet and Kai had found someone else. Even though her heart was breaking she was happy for Kai. Now she knew why he had been so nice to her - because he had started falling for someone. It made sense , love changes people. Maybe this was his chance to become better. Y/N felt her eyes starting to water and she knew if she didn’t go away he’d see her cry and thats the last thing she wanted. She cared too much about him to ruin his evening like this.
“Well , um … have fun. I .. I’ll give you some privacy.” she said quickly walking past them and locking her bedroom door behind her. Y/N slided her back down against the wall next to the door until she was sitting on the cold floor , her hand covering her mouth trying to muffle the sobs. A few minutes passed and there was a knock on her door. She ignored it , trying not to let the sobs become audible , but she lived with a vampire…it was pointless.
“Y/N ? What’s … whats going on ? Are you OK?” Kai’s voice came through the door. He sounded worried.
“Yeah , I’m fine. Go back to your date.” she said trying to sound confident.
“I can hear your heartbeat. You are lying.” he said. “Talk to me , please.”
“I am not lying. Just … go back to Mandy or whatever.”
“Y/N…. Open the door or I will kick it in.” he said twisting the door knob.
There he was. The Kai she knew and fell for , the one who didn’t accept ‘no’ for an answer and always got what he wanted.
Y/N reached her hand up , unclocking the door.
Kai pushed it open , glancing around the room searching for her until he saw her - her knees brought up to her chest , red puffy eyes with a trail of tears on her cheeks but what got to him the most was that she was avoiding his gaze completely. He sat on the ground next to Y/N , his eyes focused on her.
“What happened ?” he asked. “Did someone hurt you ?”
Silence. Kai didn’t like seeing her like this , and he hated the thought he might be the reason for it. Y/N wouldn’t even look at him. He tilted her chin towards him until her eyes met his.
“Tell me.” he asked softly.
Y/N couldn’t take it anymore. How can he not know what the reason for her being like this was ? As if it wasn’t obvious. She slapped his hand away and then slapped him hard.
“Ouch ! Aghhh …” he said rubbing his cheek.
“That was for bringing a girl to our home.” she said angrily , getting up and heading into the living room with Kai on her tail. He grabbed her hand blocking her way. “Let go of me.”
“Why would you care if I bring a girl home or not ?”
“I don’t care. You can do whatever you want.” Y/N replied.
Kai smiled to himself. “You slapped me for bringing a girl to our home because you don’t care ? That makes no sense , Y/N.”
Y/N tried to come up with an answer but came up with nothing. Kai had pushed her buttons a little too hard this time.
“Because I … … UUGHH!” she groaned , storming into the kitchen with Kai right behind her. He grabbed her hand making her spin around so suddenly she bumped into him.
“Y/N … ” he whispered, his eyes meeting hers. For a long moment they just gazed into each other’s eyes. Kai’s palm brushed gently her cheek and Y/N leaned in towards it. “You like me.” he said smiling , listening to her heart beat change. “That’s why you are so upset. You are jealous…”
“I am not upset.” said Y/N pushing him away , taking a step back from him turning towards the fridge. She opened the freezer , getting the chocolate ice cream box out. Kai swiftly took the ice cream from her hands putting it back in , his smile getting wider by the second. “I want my ice cream. Give it.”
She tried to open the freezer again , but he kept the door closed not taking his eyes off her as she struggled to open it. Kai didn’t need vampire hearing to know she lied about being upset. Whenever something wasn’t going right for her , she’d reach for the chocolate ice cream. Always. And she hadn’t denied liking him or being jealous.
“Ugh !” she groaned in frustration.
“Do you know why I brought that girl home ?” he asked suddenly serious , his fingertips trailing their way from her shoulder to her fingertips , intertwining them with his. Kai could feel her shiver under his touch , her heart starting to race. “Because I wanted to figure out something … and now I know.”
“To figure what out ?” said Y/N quietly , her heart beating so fast as if about to leap out of her chest. She was starting to get lost in his smoky blue eyes just like every time they fought except there was no fire in them this time, there was something else.
“How I feel about you.” he said smiling , slowly leaning in towards her. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. Every night for months now I toss and turn in bed until I sneak into your bedroom to watch you sleep and when finally I do fall asleep you are still there. You are everywhere. It’s like you’ve gotten into my blood stream or something.” he said stroking her cheek for a moment. “Arhhh … Emotions are hard…”
“Wh-what … what are you trying to say ?” said Y/N , a small smile on her face. Kai had sneaked into her bedroom to watch her sleep. If it was someone else , she’d probably think it was creepy but when it comes to Kai it felt different.
“I think … I am in love with you.” Kai’s lips almost touched hers as he said it.
“You have a very .. interesting way of figuring things out.” she whispered.
“I’ll make it up to you.” he whispered gazing longingly into her eyes for a moment before his lips crashed against hers , scooping her up into his arms. Y/N’s hands moved towards his neck , pulling his face closer to hers. Kai seated her onto the kitchen counter , her legs hitching around his waist as his lips kissed her jaw line. “I love you Y/N.” he said softly into her ear while her fingers tangled in his hair.
Kai rested his forehead against hers, Y/N’s fingers brushing against his scruff. Both of them smiling widely. His eyes were glowing and everywhere he touched her it felt like electricity coursing through her veins.
“I love you.” he repeated , listening to her heart skip a beat at his words. “I love everything about you - the way you crinkle your nose when you don’t like something. How your eyes glow every time you smile. The way you furrow your brow when you are thinking. I love every little thing you do. I love you.”
Y/N was at a loss for words. The evening had taken a very different turn. Kai kept looking at her, a little nervous waiting for her to say something but how could she put everything she felt towards him into words ?
“I love you too Kai.” she said. “I love you more than I can put into words.”
“So you forgive me for … hurting you earlier?” he asked smiling.
“I … I don’t know.” she pretended to think about it. “I may need more convincing…”
“You are so mean.” he teased , his lips colliding with hers again. “How about now?” he whispered. Y/N shook her head and he kissed her again and again , taking away her breath completely.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Kiss me before I fucking lose my mind-Alec lightwood

Never done a lyrics imagine but here you go.

btw the songs called kiss me before I lose my fucking mind by Charlie Puth.

Should have told
You how I really feel
A little in advance

Then I
Would’ve had some time
To go and work it out
I think I’ve lost my chance

I watched as Magnus approached my 3 year long crush Alec Lightwood. We had known each other for 4 years after my parents sent me to the New York institute. There I had met my parabibiti Izzy, friend Jace and of course Alec. We didn’t get on at first but after me and Iz  became parabibiti he relised I was sticking around. For the last 3 years we had been flirtasiously teasing each other but nothing happened. I was to scared to tell him. Now I had to watch this warlock fawn over him. Don’t get me wrong I love downworlders but this is testing my patience.

For the last 3 years I just hid it so well
Hoping that you’d figure it out because I never could tell it
Straight to your face

Izzy looked at me with a sad smile as she saw me staring at the two. She walked over “I’m sure its nothing”.

“mmm” I responded. we were waiting for Clary to finish drawing the chalk thingy, yeh I didn’t rely pay attention. “Maybe you should tell him?” Iz suggested for the 100th time. “You and I both know I don’t have the guts.”

Never have I ever woken up in a cold hard sweat
From a dream wondering
If you’d ever say “goodbye”
If I didn’t say it first

“I’m starving” Jace complained. “Yeh me too, I’m gonna run down to the corner shop. I’ll grab you some crisps/chips(I call them crisps but the US says chips so I’ll write both) You want anything Iz?” I questioned walking to the door.

“No thanks” “Ok what about you Alec?” He was snapped out of his daze “Ehh sure a can of cola”

“Ok, be to secs bye.” Jace and Izzy said bye as I stood in the door way. “Bye Alec..” I reminded him.

“Oh Yeah bye” As I walked out the apartment I couldn’t help but wonder if he would even notice.

I’m done
Playing these games
I can’t believe what I’m about to say
I won’t tell you goodbye
With my love left behind
Kiss me before I
Fucking lose my

As I was walking back I decided I would tell him tonight. By the time I got back up they had already done the spell and failed. “Oh well heres your drink anyway” I went o hand the blue eyed boy his drink when he said “No its fine. Magnus summoned me one up after you left. “Oh”

“Sorry you left before I could say” Magnus said. “Its fine” I smiled walking out with Izzy.

No more nights
Drink until my loneliness
Up till 2 AM

No more waiting
Pacing round the bar
Hoping that you might walk in

That  night I went to a downworlder bar and just sat and drink. I left Alec a note saying I would be there and he should come to. I figured it would be easier to tell him if I was tipsy. Well now I was drunk and looking at the door.

“You alright?” Maia asked. “Yeh just drank a bit much” I said paying off my tab.

Never have I ever woken up in a cold hard sweat
From a dream wondering
If you’d ever say “goodbye”
If I didn’t say it first

I’m done
Playing these games
I can’t believe what I’m about to say
No I won’t tell you goodbye
With my love left behind
Kiss me before I
Fucking lose my mind

I woke up the next morning with a hang over. Alec opened my door. “Uhh you reek like whiskey” he joked “get ready we have a mission.”

“With who?” I sat up. “Just us” He left.  Fuck it I thought. This is driving be insane.

I’m done
Playing these games

After the mission we were walking back when I stopped him. “Alec I gotta tell you something and you cant flip”

I can’t believe what I’m about to say

I took a breath in.
Cause I would rather die
Then feeling this inside

Tricks played on my mind
No I would rather die

″What is it Y/N?”
Then just tell you goodbye
With my love left behind

Could I just run away? No never.

“I love you Alec” I looked down then he said

“Kiss me before I
Fucking lose my


Auston Matthews #1 - Gold Medal, Baby!

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A/N - ugh i got so carried away while writing this i loved it so much. so yeah, now I have a 5 page document about being a canadian national team diver at the world championships. that doesn’t even mention auston matthews until like the third page. I basically wrote this 2.5k pic about this prompt, realized that ppl are prob not going to want to read about moral courage and determination then cut it down to just the cute sappy parts with ma boi aus. message me if you want the full version, i think it adds to the whole emotional effect of this

for the prompt: Anon: Hi you’re such a good writer! Please can you do one where the reader is a diver for Canada and has her last competition and Auston surprises her?

(also thanks bby <3 i love when i see messages like this)


As soon as your hands touched the water and your body slipped perfectly in the pool right after, you knew it. You had the performance of a lifetime at the World Diving Championships in Bangladesh and were fighting for first place with this last dive. You couldn’t help the smile that broke onto your face when you knew that you had nailed it. When your face reemerged from the water you were enveloped in the sound of the crowd, which was the first time you really noticed how loud the fans were all meet. You swam to the edge of the pool and pulled yourself up and immediately ran to your coach. He was wiping a tear from his cheek when you practically launched yourself over the barrier to wrap him in a hug. You separated and he held your hands while waiting for the results.

It felt like an eternity. You hopped from foot to foot holding your breath, not caring that now that you were out of the water you were starting to get very cold. When the results came in, you couldn’t even help your reaction: your coach screamed something incoherent in your ear and you jumped into his arms once more in a bone-crushing hug. You could feel the happy tears stinging at your eyes and you stayed in the arms of your coach for a long time. You couldn’t even get your head around it. You did it; you won. You were the World Champion of the Women’s 3m Diving.

“Look behind you,” your coach said when you finally pulled away. You turned around assuming that the camera crew wanted a shot and you gave a big wave and blew a kiss at the camera. “No, behind that. Look at your family.” You scanned the crowd and located them quickly by the sheer volume of their cheers and the almost obnoxious amount of Team Canada apparel they were sporting. A megawatt smile broke out onto your face when you made eye contact with your family and you shot them a thumbs up which they returned. Right when you were about to turn around to go find your best friend on the international circuit, Aifeng Xing from China, who came second and celebrate with her, you noticed him.

Standing right between your parents wearing an obnoxious bandana and Canadian muscle shirt was your boyfriend, Auston Matthews. Your jaw dropped and it took you a second to process what was happening. How did Auston manage to get all the way to Budapest without you knowing? And more importantly, why did Auston take so much time out of his schedule to see you compete?

In that moment, Aifeng wrapped you up in a hug and you held her for a bit, both trading congrats and I love you’s and so happy’s in English and Mandarin. When you separated you wanted nothing more than to run over to your family and boyfriend and share this moment with them but the camera crew lined you, Aifeng, and your American rival Mindy LeRoy up for a picture. You smiled and said congratulations to Mindy, who pretended to be gracious.

You grabbed the towel and clothes from your coach and threw them on to go and run over to your family at last when an interviewer pulled you to the side.

“(Y/N) how do you feel being the first female Canadian diving to win a World Championships, in your last competition no less?” some woman that you vaguely remember seeing at CBC asked you.

“Honestly it’s such a surreal feeling.” you breathed out, “but right now I just really need to go be with my family and boyfriend who flew all the way from Toronto to surprise me.” you managed to force out before running, somewhat childishly, over to where Auston was leaning over the railing. You jumped up to him and he picked you off the ground a bit, arms grasping tight under your shoulders with your arms going around his neck. In the back of your mind you realized that this was going to be all over sports media back home but right now you really didn’t care. You were on top of the world and the only things you could hear was Auston’s voice in your ear saying how proud he was of you and the distant sound of your mom crying and your dad cheering. When you pulled back, Auston set you back on the ground before leaning down some more and kissing you soundly on the lips.

Yep. There go the cameras.

“Gold medal, baby!” he smiled big at you.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” you shouted up at him

“You really think I would miss this?” he replied, “I love you so much (Y/N) and I am so ridiculously proud of you. But that is also the most nervous I have been in my entire life.”

“I can’t believe you are actually wearing a Canadian flag muscle shirt and maple leaf bandana right now.” you laughed.

“Not gonna lie, it hurt a bit putting it on,” the ever-patriotic Auston laughed, “but I’d do anything for you.”

If you could smile any bigger than you were already, your face would probably threaten to split into two. You moved away and shared an emotional hug and a couple words with your parents and siblings before you were pulled away to finish your interviews. You quickly pulled on the rest of your clothes and re-did your hair while listening to the interviewer’s questions. You answered a couple about the significance of this win and if it changes your plans of retirement. You also answered some more backhanded questions from American media about your long-standing rivalry with Mindy that you smiled through and wished her the best in the rest of her career. Finally came the question about your relationship that you were just waiting for,

“So we saw you run off after your dive to your boyfriend, who is a professional hockey star back home. What is it like having such a large, close, support group like you do?”

“Honestly, I owe all my success to them. I wouldn’t be here today without the sacrifices that my family made for me and I don’t think I can ever truly repay them. As for Auston, I am the luckiest girl in the world for everything that he does. He is truly beyond words.” you gushed producing a chorus of aww’s from the little group of media and some of the fans. After all the questions were asked, you were ushered to the medal ceremony where you got a little more than misty eyed when the Canadian anthem played and you saw the flag raise at the top of the podium.


“Oh my god, (Y/F/N)(Y/L/N), I need to get your autograph!” Auston exclaimed the next morning when you woke up beside him in the hotel room the next morning.

“Aus, what are you doing? It is too early for me to understand your jokes.” you mumbled while wrapping your arms around his bare torso and snuggling closer to him.

He wrapped his arms around you in return and tucked your head under his chin so that you were flush against him, “You’re famous now! I need to get an autograph so I can sell it on eBay and make tons of money.” he explained.

“Auston.” you sighed, “You are literally the saviour of an Original Six team: you already make more money than you know what to do with, and if you really wanted to sell something on eBay you would make 3 times whatever you could get for something from me by selling something stupid of yours, like your sock.”

“Whatever.” he smiled and placed a kiss to the top of your head, “Mitch has been sending me pictures all day, apparently we are all over TSN now.”

“Oh, really?” you looked up at him, “What are they saying?”

“Just that we are the greatest athlete power couple of our generation. They caught your runaway from your interview to see me all on camera and now everyone is obsessed with us. We inspired a TSN countdown of the greatest relationships in sports.  And apparently there was a really creepy segment from some network i don’t recognize talking about how we need to have babies and train them to be the ultimate athletes. Then the discussion devolved into two middle-aged white dudes arguing about whether or not if we banged and had kids, which country they would compete for.”

“Oh my god.” you laughed into his chest.

“But you want to see my favourite?” he asked

“Mmhmm” you mumbled. Auston reached around you and pulled his phone off the bedside table. When he turned on his phone you could see that the lock screen had changed. Now instead of it being a picture of you too with ice cream on your faces after an impromptu ice cream war, it has been replaced with a new picture you’ve never seen before that makes you gasp. It is taken from the side and shows Auston leaning over the railing and holding you in your still-wet suit and hair still a sloppy mess in a tight hug. The background is faded is faded but the moment of pure happiness and elation is captured in perfect definition and you can see the way you can’t control the grin on your face and Auston’s adoration is written all over his face while he’s kissing your cheek.

“..oh auston…” you smile, “that is incredible.”

“You are incredible babe.” he kisses you on the lips again, “Each and every day I continue to be amazed at what you do.”

You blush and smack his chest playfully, “You’re such a sap.” you giggle.

“Gold medal, baby!”


yeah so that was really long… oh well! again: message me if you want to read the full version, I personally really like it lol

Acting up (”Some kind of drug” part 2)

Summary: Even though your answer to Bucky’s confession was unexpected, he is still determined to show you that he meant what he said. 

Word count: 2717

Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: language probably

A/N: This is long overdue, but I finally managed to write the second part of Some kind of drug. This one is also inspired by G-Eazy’s song (I wanted to keep the pattern) “Acting up”. Thank you so much for the feedback on part one! As always, excuse any mistakes and I hope you enjoy!

Feedback is welcomed!

Read part one here

(gif is not mine)

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I stand here waiting for you all the time

Hope you recognize before I fall apart

The one question staying on my mind

Is why you keep playing with my heart?


After months of preparation and weeks of doubt and fear, he had finally confessed his feelings to you. Maybe not in the most straightforward way possible, it had been more of a hint rather than a statement, but still, he had finally faced his concerns and told you about his growing affection towards you. To say that your reaction had been unexpected would be an understatement. He had been prepared to your denial or at least confusion, but you stating simply that there was no hope for you two as a couple had crushed him.

You, on the other hand, had thought it was just a joke, a funny dream not exactly worth your further attention, even if it sounded adorable and Bucky seemed at least concerned by your answer. You had brushed it off quite easily, falling back into the old habits of your relationship, with him in your bed almost every night.

That was until you had met Jason.

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Five Times, One Time

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Chris Beck request where maybe the reader and Chris keep bumping into each other and every time he tries to ask her out they keep getting interrupted and he gets increasingly frustrated? Thanks, Gem! -anon

Tagged: @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes

Chris was going out of his mind, his plan had always been the same evers since he was 14. Go to school, become a doctor, train with NASA, go to space (represent the human race), come back and become a research scientist. His plan had been right on track, he even got onto the NASA space program, except then he met you.

You worked in satellites, you were one of the new guys in control so you were often giving the crappy shifts and making everyone coffee. He would always see you around, passing you in the hallway or in the break room, he was enamoured by you. Chris couldn’t help but become enraptured by your smile and the animated way you talked about something you were passionate about. He had been trying to ask you out for months now, but he never had the chance.


Chris was jogging around the camp as the sun rose above the trees, it had become a habit of his to do some extra training outside of the program to increase his levels of fitness and chances of getting chosen to be on an Ares mission. The program had begun merely two weeks and the training was already intense and gruelling, it was a mix of lectures, physical training and teamwork exercises. So far he hadn’t socialised much with the others which he knew wasn’t good for his chances but the work had been so much that nobody had really had the time, he was planning on getting to know at least one of the others by the end of the week though.

He zoned out as he pushed himself forward, his legs beginning to burn a little, he didn’t even notice someone in his direct path until it was too late. Chris crashed into the person sending him and them flying to the ground, “Oh my god, I am so, so sorry,” he apologised quickly, jumping off the person and holding his hand out.

The person on the ground was a pretty shapeless figure that was drowned in a large jumper with the hood up and obscuring their face. They accepted his hand and he lifted them up, “I’m really sorry,” he apologised again.

“It’s fine,” you gave him a tired smile, pulling your hood off your head.

Now that he could see you he spotted dark circles forming under your eyes and your hair was messy and falling over into your eyes. “Still, sorry. I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. Are you on the program?”

You shook your head, covering your mouth as you yawned, “Nah. I work in satellites, I’m the newest so they keep giving me all the shifts nobody wants that’s probably why you haven’t seen me,” you smiled tiredly.

Chris nodded, “Well, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Chris. Beck.”

“Y/N Y/L/N. It’s nice to meet you, too.”  You couldn’t deny that this Chris guy was insanely attractive, in fact you were more than willing to stay and talk with him than drag your ass home and sleep for 12 hours, which was saying something. “So, why are you on the program?”

“It’s been my plan since I was fourteen,” he explained, “To be honest I never really thought that I’d make it this far, I thought that they wouldn’t accept me.”

“Well, they did,” you smiled brightly, “Congratulations.”

He blushed and ducked his head bashfully, “Thanks, but I don’t think I’m gonna get put on an Ares mission.”

You smirked knowingly, “I think you’ll get on.”


“Yeah, guy as hot as you going to Mars? NASA would stand to make millions,” you grinned.

Chris laughed, “Thanks, but I don’t think so.”

You shook your head, “That’s where you’re wrong, Mr.Beck. NASA’s all about image, they’d love to send a guy who looks like you up there,” you teased.

“Hey, that’s Dr.Beck to you,” he said in a falsely stern voice.

It was as if your attraction towards him doubled.

You laughed, “Jokes aside though I’m sure you’ll get in for your skills, not just your looks.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” he smiled.

“No problem.”

Chris smiled, courage came bubbling out of nowhere from inside him, “Would you want to go out sometime?” he asked.

Before you could reply someone came up to the two of you, “Y/N what are you still doing here?”

You and Chris looked up to see your best friend Mindy coming over to you, “Mindy, hi,” you smiled, “I got caught up. What are you doing here?” you asked.

“My shifts starting now,” she told you.

You looked down at your watch and saw just how long you had spent with Chris, “Shit,” you cursed softly. “I’m never going to catch up on my sleep before tonight. Chris it was great meeting you, Mindy, I’ll see you later,” you bid them both goodbye and hurried on to the car park.

Chris sighed, maybe he would see you again soon so he could try and ask you out again.


You were lounging in one of the comfy bean bag chair in the break room, today was one of the rare days when your shift was during the day. It was nearing afternoon and you were halfway through your shift which meant it was time for a coffee break, you sipped happily on your coffee as you listened to the pleasant hum of your coworkers chatter around the small coffee room.

“Hi,” you heard a soft voice in front of you and you looked up to see Chris standing over you.

“Oh hi,” you greeted brightly, you gestured to the other bean bag chair and he sat down next to you, “How’ve you been?”

Since you had met Chris back in January the two of you had become good friends, you would often see him at the beginning or end of your shift and once or twice you had been invited along with him and a bunch of others from work to go to a bar. Of course you had been swept up by your own respective friends to spend more than a few minutes with each other when that happened. Still, you were confident to call Chris one of your friends.

Little did you know that Chris hadn’t had the courage to try and ask you out again. He never saw you for a long amount of time and when he did see you there was no way to bring it up naturally, so he let it go and let the feelings within him build up. Chris hadn’t expected to see you in the break room so he tried to subtly fix his messy hair as he listened to you talk about your new shift rota.

There was a small lull in the conversation and he knew that this was the only chance he was going to get, “So, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time,” he started.

“Chris, hey, can you go over the work we did on EVA’s. I know you’re a specialist,” Mark came over suddenly and interrupted him. Mark then noticed that Chris was talking to you, “Hi, I’m Mark, Chris’ friend,” he held out a hand.

“Y/N, Chris’ friend,” you shook his hand, “Are you on the space program, too?”

Mark nodded, “Yeah, it’s great. You’re not though, right? I would have remembered you.”

You blushed lightly and shook your head, “No, I work in satellites.” Chris couldn’t help the jealousy that was rising in him but he kept quiet. “What do you do though?”

“I’m a botanist and and engineer.”

You perked up at that, “A botanist, really? I seriously need your help.”

Mark smiled wide and nudged Chris, “See, I told you guys botany was a real science,” Chris managed a false smile and nod that went undetected by you both, “So what’s your issue?”

“So I’ve got some indoor cactus’ and I was wondering how much I needed to water them. Especially now that the seasons are changing. I looked it up online but it wasn’t all that helpful, I mean how much is a small amount - that’s very subjective, you know? - what’s a more exact measurement.”

Mark began to explain how you should take care of your cactuses and that soon developed into a conversation about general gardening which took up the rest of your break time. “Sorry guys I gotta go, Mark it was lovely meeting you. See ya, Chris!” you called over your shoulder as you hurried back to mission control.

Chris sighed softly as he watched you go again, he knew he shouldn’t be jealous of Mark but he couldn’t stand the thought of you with Mark instead of him. It was silly, he knew, you only had one conversation with the guy but he had never felt so strongly about someone before.


The work only got more intense for the both of you. Ares II was underway at the moment which meant your work in satellites increased, you were constantly scrutinising images of their base to make sure everything was intact and good to go and angling satellites to see if you could catch a glimpse of the Hermes. Chris’ workload practically doubled and you saw even less of each other than before, only a few minutes every few weeks if you were lucky.

It had almost been a month since you had seen him, you were lounging out on one of the benches around the base. Summer was fully upon you and you couldn’t stand being indoors if you didn’t have to be, every so often you would hear the recruits jogging past you but you didn’t open your eyes, you didn’t need to go back inside for another half hour and you weren’t moving unless you had to.

“Hey, stranger.”

You peeled open your eyes and saw Chris as the foot of the bench, “Chris!” you yelled excitedly and sat up, “I haven’t seen you in so long.”

Chris sat down next to you and began chuckling after a few seconds. “What?” you asked.

He pointed at your face, “The glasses?”

You blushed lightly and straightened the glasses, “Yeah all this extra work on computers is killing my eyes. I need them if I don’t want to go blind in the next five years.”

Chris laughed, “Fair enough.” He looked up at the sky and closed his eyes as he basked in the warm sunlight, you noticed how the sun hit his face in all the right places making him look like some kind of Greek God.

“How’s the program going?”

“Good, good,” Chris nodded, “They’ve put us in teams now. The others in my team are all some of the best, I actually think that we have a good chance of being put on the Ares III mission.”

You grinned, “See! Didn’t I tell you?”

“You did,” he nodded in agreement and looked over at you.


You couldn’t deny it any longer. You had feelings for Chris Beck. It was crazy, you knew that, you had always admitted that he was attractive and that you were attracted to him but you had been pushing away your feelings for too long.

It had actually happened when you were out with Mindy on the first time you had both been free at the same time in months, you had gotten to a bar and you had gotten a little (a lot) drunk. During this time you spilled all your hidden thoughts about the handsome doctor and now those words had escaped your mouth there was no going back.

NASA would have a hissy fit if they ever found out. Fraternisation was forbidden between astronauts you knew, though technically you weren’t an astronaut so did that count for you and Chris? Not that it mattered, he probably didn’t like you anyway.

Yes, you remembered vaguely he had tried to ask you out when you first met but that was all the way back in January and he hadn’t asked since. He probably didn’t feel that way about you anymore, if he ever felt this deeply about you in the first place.

You were getting a cup of water when Chris sauntered up to you and leaned against the wall.”Chris,” you squeaked, instantly blushing when you heard how you sounded out loud.

Thankfully he didn’t seem to notice. “What’s up?” you asked him, glad that you had managed to get your voice under control.

Chris had determination written all across his face, “I’ve been meaning to say this for months now, believe me. So don’t interrupt me. Are you free–”

“Chris oh my god thank god I found you,” a feminine voice sounded next to you and a girl a similar height to you stood in between you and Chris and blocked your view of him. “I lost my course book, can I photocopy the pages out of yours?” she pleaded.

Chris nodded and gave her a soft smile, “Sure. Though, Beth, I was in the middle of something,” he nodded behind her at you.

The girl spun around and noticed you had been there the whole time, “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there. I’m Beth Johanssen it’s nice to meet you,” she said brightly.

“You, too,” you nodded politely.

“I’ve seen you around, you work in satellites right?”

You perked up, it was rare that someone actually recognised who you were. “Yes! That’s me!”

She smiled wide, “That’s cool. I’m on the space program with Chris.” When she mentioned Chris you noticed just how close she was standing next to him and neither of them seemed uncomfortable with the lack of personal space, in fact it seemed almost natural.

“Welp, I’ve gotta dash. Bye,” she smiled at you then at Chris and went off.

You saw how he gave her a gentle sincere smile and watched her walk away, you had to push down the intense jealousy that rose within you. Of course he was probably dating her, and they would make a cute couple as well. “I’ve gotta go to,” you faked an apologetic smile and walked away as fast as you could with tears burning behind your eyes. You left a stunned Chris behind who had no idea what had just happened.


“We should go out sometime.” A confident voice came from directly behind you.

You yelped in alarm at the sudden noise and jumped up to see that it was only Chris. “God, don’t do that,” you slapped his arm lightly.

“Sorry. I mean it, we should go out. To a bar or something.”

For a moment you got your hopes, then you remembered the nice pretty girl Beth and they were squashed again. “I don’t know,” you drawled out, he clearly didn’t mean a date and you didn’t want to third wheel with him and his girlfriend.

“C’mon,” he insisted.

You sighed, “Okay, okay. Where shall we meet?”

“The bar on 7th?”

You nodded, “Sounds good. I’ll bring Mindy, oh and you should bring Mark.” If you were going to this then you were going to accumulate a group of other single people who you liked. “And I mean you can bring that Martinez guy if you want but he seems like the kind of guy who’d do karaoke when he’s drunk and I’m not into that.”

Chris could only nod and hum, he hadn’t phrased it well enough. He was asking you to go as a date not as a friend but it was too late to correct you now, “Sounds like fun, I’ll tell the others,” he agreed in a strained voice.


You shivered in the cold and wrapped your coat closer to your body, the evening was fully underway and the long stretch of paths to the car park seemed longer than even.

“Y/N, wait up!” Chris called and jogged up to meet you.

“Hi,” you gave him a weak smile, exhaustion evident throughout your body.

“You look like shit,” Chris commented.

You chuckled, “Thanks.”

Soon enough the two of you reached the car park, “I’ll walk you to your car.”

“Thanks,” you smiled at him. You reached your car and dug your keys out to unlock it, before you could open the door Chris caught you by the arm. Turning to face him you didn’t have time to get a word out because his warm lips were pressing softly but urgently into yours.

It only took a few seconds for you to sink into the kiss, the your senses came back to you and you pushed him away, “Chris, no. What about your girlfriend?”

“My girlfriend?” Chris scrunched up his nose sounding confused.


Chris snorted, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Oh,” you frowned, “I thought she was. You guys seemed close.”

He shook his head, “Nah. She’s more like my little sister.”

You hummed in acknowledgement, “So you just kissed me,” you commented.

Chris blushed heavily and nodded, “Yeah, I did.”


“Because I’ve liked you since I met you back in January,” he admitted.

“I’ve liked you since then, too.”

“Typical,” Chris laughed, “To think we could have been dating this entire time.”

You laughed, “It’s pretty ironic. Well better late than never, Chris, would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow.”

Chris smiled wide, “I would like that very much.”


A/N - sorry if there’s any spelling mistakes it’s after midnight. Let me know what you thought! Requests are open xx

anonymous asked:

could i have a scenario of rfa plus saeran and v reaction when they mention rika, mc tells them their name also happens to be rika (my full name is Henrika lol my family and friends call me Rika)? and can you also add how chat conversation would go? would they call mc by rika or full name or would they give mc a different nickname? how would they feel about it? thanks a lot

Okay but Henrika is such a nice name I love it? Your name is beautiful and I”m jealous. I don’t really know how I’d do a specific chat (it isn’t really in my writing style so I’m not sure if I could do a good job lmao), I’m sorry! ^^;
Also spoiler warning for this, for pretty much every route and the secret endings!

And unrelated note I finally got a new laptop and it’s a Macbook and I’m so hap py with this omg I can actually do writing stuff again


  • He’s actually really cool with it
  • I mean he calls you “babe” more than anything else so it probably wouldn’t come up a hell of a lot
  • Honestly he would call you whatever you want sweetie ;)
  • He thinks it’s a cool coincidence though?
  • And Rika had faith in his abilities, even when he wasn’t very well known, and it was probably one of the first times this really happened for him
  • So maybe the name is more of a blessing for him than anything else?


  • oH no
  • no no no no no no no no no no
  • Nobody in the fandom let’s go of his Rika obsession
  • Well guess who won’t now 
  • Seriously, there’s consideration into if he has issues with his cousin (especially if he goes into the stage of comparing you to Rika still)
  • Because the first person he ever gets attached to has quite a few similarities to Rika in his eyes
  • But all in all your name won’t really get in the way of anything? He’ll just have to use a nickname for you


  • Nope ^^
  • He had feelings for Rika before, and when he finally opens up his heart to someone else
  • It’s another person called Rika?
  • well k then
  • After a little bit though he finds he doesn’t really mind
  • I mean he may opt to give you a different nickname at first but it’s just a name at the end of the day


  • She’s never really shown to be close to Rika, in either a positive or negative way
  • And actually finds it amusing that the same position is being filled by another person called Rika?
  • She wouldn’t really make a big deal out of it though
  • To her, it’s just something that ended up happening and she’s chill about it
  • Both the nickname and your real name are fine with her, so whichever you’d prefer to hear, that’s what she’ll call you ^^


  • He honestly thinks it’s hilarious that this coincidence has come up
  • “Maybe it’s not a coincidence lolol”
  • Talk of Rika coming back to haunt them is pretty much being spammed into the chat for a while or until someone slaps him for it
  • But honestly? She opened up this life for him, so you having the name Rika wouldn’t bother him at all
  • until the secret ending stuff goes down :))))))))))))
  • Then he may be a little awkward with it


  • He’s really conflicted about this
  • I mean Rika was his Saviour but she also really fucked his life over
  • Something about the name just puts a funny taste in his mouth 
  • It’s nothing against you though! He may even go to calling Rika a different name instead
  • he’s pretty much used to calling her Saviour anyway, why not call her “evil bitch monster of death” or smth it doesn’t really matter to him-
  • He’s probably going to try working around using your nickname for a while though, so be prepared for that and he is actually sorry about it


  • For a while, the name will bring up some memories
  • And at first, he was worried that he’d get a weird feeling if he used your nickname
  • But really? it ended up bringing up good things as well
  • Sure, the memories of his past lover may still be painful, but she is a past lover and his present is with you
  • There were negative and positive feelings coming up with it
  • But he’s not letting the negative side of it get in the way of anything between you
Teach Me (Part 6/7)

Summary: Bucky seeks out your help for drawing lessons…even though he already knows how to.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1,960

A/N I gotta say, this one is by far my fave of this series, I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading!



You woke up to an empty bed, the only indicator that Bucky had slept here last night was the crinkled sheets on his side. You felt a weight of disappointment sink into your chest that he hadn’t stayed until  the morning. You shook it off and went to brush your teeth and take a quick shower before grabbing your sketchbook and a few pencils before heading down to the kitchen.

When you  neared it you could hear Steve and Bucky talking.

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I’ll Be With You (Part 5)

A/N: This one is short. I just wanted to have fun writing some smut. Have fun! ;)

Warning: SMUT/talk of scars and blood

Summary: After a month long mission, you show James Buchanan Barnes just how much you missed him.

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(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Life continued to blur on even though you were secretly dating an Avenger. You worked such long hours and he could easily be called into a mission on a moment’s notice. Currently he was on one of the longest missions, separating the two of you for about a month. You would never admit it but you always had a sense of pride when he told you he was gone on a mission. It scared you, thinking that you had lost your mother the same way, but you never let him see. You two had agreed to let Steve know about the relationship so he could tell you if something had gone wrong or if Bucky was ever hurt. So when the unknown number crossed your screen at two in the morning, you jumped.

    “Hello!” You croaked out as fast as you could.

    “Hey Dollface.” He chuckled.

“Bucky?! Oh my goodness!” Tears stung your eyes but you wouldn’t dare let the emotion hit your voice. Be strong for him, you chanted in your head..

“Are you okay, Y/N?” You noticed the concern in his voice through the phone.

“Yeah! Yeah, I just thought this might be Steve with bad news…” You trailed off, taking a deep breath to keep you emotions in check.

“Oh no! God no doll! I’m so sorry! This probably wasn’t the best idea.” He sighed. “I’m outside.” You accidentally let out a small squeak. Your feet were quick but quiet as you scampered down the stairs and to the door. You had completely forgotten you were only in one of his shirts and the shortest shorts you owned.

“Bucky!” You let out, like a gasp, as you leapt right into his arms, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Hey you!” He chuckled. He was now comfortable with holding you with both arms as he engulfed you. He nuzzled his nose into the top of you head, taking in the sweet scent of your shampoo. “God, I missed you.”

“Well, it was the longest we’ve been away from each other since we met.” You answered sheepishly, hiding your blush in his chest.

“Oh, really?” His words were dripping with sarcasm. He pulled back to look at you. “And did you miss me?” He smirked as he lifted up your chin to meet your eyes. The light blue of his eyes and the square of his jaw made your legs weak. There was a heavy growth of stubble on his chin that made him look even more attractive than he already was, if that was possible. The answer was yes. You missed him so much. He was the only thing on your mind but you refused to let him know. Your answer to him was a simple kiss that he quickly deepened. You moaned in response.

“Bucky…” Your lips lightly touched his, not wanting to pull away. “Let’s take this inside.”

“To your room?”

“Yes, come in.” You grab hold of his hands as you pulled him into the apartment and up the stairs.

“Is anyone else home?”

Originally posted by iglovequotes

“No, Nan and Mindy went upstate for a few weeks.” You didn’t want to say it was with your father which is why you absolutely refused to go. You pulled him into your room and sat down on the bed, pulling him down with you. You now noticed he was still wearing his tactical suit with what looked like a hundred buckles and his metal arm on full display. It was your first time seeing his metal arm uncovered. You ran your hand down the cold metal, smiling up at Bucky. He relaxed when he saw no fear in your eyes, only love. Something snapped you out of the moment, the smell of blood. You were on your feet instantly and inspecting him for any injuries. “James, are you hurt?”

“Uh-” he hesitated.

“You are! Take it off! I can’t believe  you came straight over here! You could have waited.” You turned to grab your first aid kit, wondering just what exactly his injuries were.

“No, I couldn’t” He mumbled.


“I couldn’t wait to see you. I had to see you.” A grin spread across your face. He was slowly pulling off the top of his suit, revealing a disgustingly stained undershirt. Your face twisted but grabbed to slowly pull over his head. This was your first real time seeing his bare chest. His angry red scar across his left arm interested you. You ran your fingers down where skin connected to metal. His breath shuddered at the feeling of your hands on him. He had a few grazes on his flesh shoulder. He had a few bandages and several scars, too many for you to count, but was he beautiful. His chest was chiseled and his pants hung lower than you expected, showing that defined V-above his waistband. Bucky cleared his throat, pulling you out of your thoughts.

“Oh right!” You coughed. “You should probably take a shower.” You reached over to your extra towels, pushing him towards the bathroom. “Once you take a shower, I’ll patch you up.”

He chuckled. “Okay,” he said, shutting the door behind him. You let out a ragged sigh and your core heated. You could not remember the last time you had sex, not that it was really something that you couldn’t live without. Sex with Kyle was mediocre at best, rarely completing the action for you but rather just to pleasure himself. Bucky had told you that he wouldn’t pressure you into anything but you couldn’t help but notice a bulge in his pants every so often. You shook your head, trying to push down your thoughts. He was injured and he needed your full attention, not some sex deprived girlfriend thoughts.

“James!” You called out through the door, “I’m going to try and wash your tactical suit.” He called out to confirm and you walked in to collect the remnants.

“My boxers and undershirt are probably the only things to salvage from that mission.” You blushed as you saw his shadow through the curtain.

“Okay,” you squeaked, silently cursing your voice, “How bad do you hurt?”

“Y/N, I’m really okay, doll. I promise.”

“Well let me have a look when you’re done anyway.”

When he was done, he emerged from the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist and sat down on your bed. He was right. There was little to no fresh wounds on his body but you still took the time to allow your hands to explore. Your hands moved from his neck to his shoulders, down to his abs. One finger traced the scar that connected his arm as your lips kissed the crevices. You hear a soft moan leave his lips as your mouth touched his body. You moaned his name as you left open mouth kisses from his shoulder to his collarbone and up to right below his ear.  

“Doll, you better stop now, I won’t be able to–” he stopped mid sentence as he looked into your eyes.

“What if I don’t want to stop?” His eyes turned dark, as his hands were on your hips.

“Do you want to do this?” You knew exactly what he meant, so you simply nodded. “No I want to hear you say it.” His eyebrows curled up as he searched your face for any hint of regret.

“I want to make love to you Bucky.” You stared into his blue eyes, hazed over in lust, as you bent down to kiss him. He took your lips feverishly, tangling his flesh hand in your hair to pull you closer. “James,” you moaned, causing him to pull you into his lap. You could feel his hard member under your shorts, rubbing against your hot core. His finger tips played with the bottom of your shirt, as if he were still contemplating his decision. You made it for him as you pulled off your shirt, revealing your bare chest. 

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“Shit.” You blushed under his stare. “Look at you. God, you’re beautiful.” His hands ran up your sides until they brushed underneath your breasts. He slowly ran his thumb across your nub, making his hard to the touch. Goosebumps ran across your body causing you to moan.

“James” you crashed your lips into his, causing you two to roll over, losing his towel in the process. You gasped, staring at his hard member, dripping with pre-cum. Your mouth gaped open making him chuckle quietly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go slow.” You giggled, reaching up to bring him back down to your lips. His fingers found their way past the fabric of your shorts, sliding into your core. You let out a breathless moan at the contact. “Christ, you’re so wet babygirl.” You bit your lips at his words.

“Keep doing that.”

“Doing what?” He smirked.

“Dirty talk,” you blushed. He let out a small chuckle before bending down to kiss you again. Never leaving your lips, he slowly pulled off your shorts, then trailed down your jaw to your neck and then to your collarbone. He sat up to look at all of you, muttering expletives as his eyes gazed over you.

“You’re fucking gorgeous baby.” Your arms instinctively tried to cover you from his gaze until he pulled them away, placing them above your head. “Absolutely not. Don’t you cover an inch of your skin from me.” You bit your lip, trying to keep from smiling.

“Sergeant…  please.” You moaned, arching your back to try and reach his touch. He groaned, rolling his head back. He was quick to fill  your request, grabbing his dick to line himself up. He rubbing the tip until slowly entering you, causing your own head to roll back in pleasure. He was huge, filling every inch of you.

“F-fuck, baby girl. You are so fucking tight.”

“Please James, move!” You gasped, needing friction now. He slowly pulled out and pushed back in, increasing his pace every other thrust. You couldn’t hold in  your moans and high pitched groans as he quickened the pace.

“You like that? You sound so good. Keep it up.” He praised as you gripped his biceps. He dipped his face into the crook of your neck, peppering kisses on any patch of your skin he could reach. “F-fuck Y/N. Come for me doll.”

“Yes Sergeant!” You gasped, gripping his ass to pull him deeper. A growl erupted from his chest causing you to tighten around him. The pressure deep in your stomach was too much. You didn’t understand the feeling washing over your as your screamed his name, throwing your head back on the bed. His own orgasm quickly followed as he emptied himself in you, covering your walls with his thick cum. He slowly brought you down from your high, whispering his love and affection for you in between kisses.

“Doll, that was amazing.” You smiled breathlessly, not sure what to make on how you felt.

“I’ve never… “ you furrowed your brow on how to form your sentence.

“Doll! Have you never had sex?” He cupped your face in his hands. You chuckled.

“No, but it’s never felt that good.”

“You’ve never orgasm?” His face was one of shock and disbelief.

“I think so. That was amazing.” You finally caught your breath. You couldn’t hold it back any longer. Your arms wrapped around his neck bringing him into kiss you again and again. “James, that was amazing. I love you. I love you so much!” A huge smile formed across his face, reaching his eyes. He sat up, pulling you into his embrace, holding you tight to his chest.

“I missed you so much. Y/N, you were the only thing I could think about for the whole month.” You snuggled up to his chest, pushing you two under the covers.

“Can you stay the rest of the night?”

“And all day tomorrow.” You grinned, knowing you were off work for three more days.  

Part 6

There you go!

-Love Kate xoxo!

So, uh. I might have done a thing. @noquirkyurl I will let you take almost full responsibility. Some of it also belongs to @amusewithaview and @jadziabear for reminding me how much I wanted this. Also, @thestanceyg and @nourgelitnius, I believe you expressed some interest. 

Without further ado, a work I decided to call Coquettish Ingenue

How do you tell someone that you have been and may still be extremely emotionally invested in their well-being and life? Especially when you have never actually met said person. Mindy had debated this question for weeks; ever since they brought Mark Watney home.

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*Full Version* Auston Matthews #1 - Gold Medal, Baby!

So, I’ve been getting a whole bunch of requests for the full version of the Auston Matthews x Canadian National Diver story. So here it is! I actually love this story but be warned: it is 2.5 k words so…. 

(I may have been feeling emotional about my last gymnastics competition and this was the result whoops)

I’m putting it under a cut because it is a MONSTER 

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