i think maybe i have an underbite

orayanno  asked:

Your opinion on woozi and yoongi comparisons? Like the whole joke about the members could mix em up and stuff? do you think they look alike?

i don’t think they look alike at all…..i mean i think they both have monolids??? but woozi looks like he has a bit of an underbite that yoongi doesn’t have?? hold on i gotta look at pics i’ve literally never even considered that they might look alike….

after i have googled both of them i can maybe (?) see why ppl say that??? they’re both tiny and have frequently had pastel hair….they both have sad puppy eyes but i don’t think they have the same sad puppy eyes. their mouths and noses are completely different tho….and same with their face shape…. idk i put a lot more thought into this ask than i needed to. 

conclusion: i don’t think they look alike but i can kind of see why ppl might make the comparison to begin with….