i think maura is a bit short

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I will never understand why in the R&I pilot they dropped all this random details like Maura being called "Queen of the Dead" or Jane playing the piano, Jane's ringtones, or Det. Crowe and then never brought up again.

god, it drives me up a wall about the piano thing. How great would it had been to see Jane playing? Or attempting to play? (ugh.. and in a flashback and she would just get so frustrated because her hands hurt..) I mean, she had one in her apartment in the pilot episode.. there were even script pages from unused scenes that had her talking about it to Dean.

and Maura.. poor season one Maura. how we miss you. she was my favorite. she was perfect and left of center. she was a elegant and a little dark. i would have loved to have seen how and why she got the nickname Queen of the Dead. I would have loved to have seen flashbacks of Maura spending late nights in her office, or a day where she stayed in the morgue and didn’t speak a word to anyone living until she went home and spoke to Bass, recounting her day as she poured herself a glass of wine.

really, I think I just want flashbacks in this show, something to fill in the blanks. the thing the pilot gave us was groundwork for back stories that were never expanded on. character development in the show became cardboard and two dimensional at best. given the trauma and experiences Jane and Maura have dealt with, you’d think we’d be delving into more character depth. this show short sells the baggage those two must carry.

PTSD in every way shape and form for Jane, and I don’t doubt a bit for Maura as well.

all the benign neglect? how did that manifest itself into Maura’s adult life? emotional and physical trauma are covered up by ill timed humor (see: my little pony birthday part .3 seconds after a near death experience) or brushed off completely (see: does Jane have PTSD? Maybe! But really, lets mention it in passing and then lets focus on a secondary characters more)

excuse me while I flip over the nearest table.