i think lily did it on purpose



Lily: No! Harry! 

James: *panicking* I know that spell from somewhere, Blondie needs help immediately. Merlin’s pants Myrtle he’s not dead STOP shouting!

Lily: He’s about to be, it can’t be.. no. That bloody book, that is a very dark spell Jamie

Sirius: Trust me knows, he was hit by it.

Lily: WHAT?!

James: *through his teeth* Padfoot!

Sirius: We are all dead Prongs, it doesn’t matter if she knows or not really.

James: You son of a–

Sirius: Bitch. I know, I lived with her for sixteen years.

Lily: Who?

James: Doesn’t matter.

Lily: *fuming* I. said. WHO

James: *giving up* Snivellus. Dumbledore healed me pretty fast, I didn’t have many scars so I decided to keep it to myself than to hurt you.

Sirius: Speak of the devil

*Snape heals Draco and comes back to order Harry to bring his school bag*

Lily: He’s gonna have to give that stupid book to him eventually

Sirius: *smirking* Not necessarily

Lily: Sirius, I will drag you to hell myself and hand you over to Walburga if you don’t shut it.

James: He’s going to the Room of Requirements to hide his book, I can’t believe we didn’t include that in the Map.

Lily: Jamie, this is so not the time love.

James: Alright alright, got it.

*Snape checks Harry’s copy of Advanced Potion Making”

Sirius: Seriously Harry? Roonil Wazlib and the best you can come up with is “That’s my nickname”?

Lily: He’s in so much trouble, he’s done for–

James: Lily calm down a little.

Lily: He almost killed that boy!

Sirius: Well he’s up to something for Voldemort, didn’t you see his arm?

Lily: Doesn’t mean he has to die! Don’t you ever think of Regulus and how he was forced into all of this?

James: LILY!

Sirius: Don’t you dare talk about him again Evans.

Lily: I– I’m sorry.

*“Well, we shall see how you feel after your detentions,” said Snape. “Ten o’clock Saturday morning, Potter. My office.” “But sir…” said Harry, looking up desperately. “Quidditch… the last match of the…” “Ten o’clock,” whispered Snape, with a smile that showed his yellow teeth. “Poor Gryffindor, fourth place this year, I fear”* 

James: That fucking wanker, he did that on purpose. He’s gonna miss the final game. I miss the days with Charlie Weasley, he was one hell of a captain *both Sirius and Lily don’t talk* I will never understand why he went for dragons instead of eternal glory on the field.

*Day of the match and Harry’s detention*

Sirius: Snivellus didn’t just give him our detentions to go through.

James: Yes, yes he did.

Sirius: Merlin I hate him more than I did 20 years ago, I never thought that was possible.

Lily: *shyly* He does that to make sure he reads your name, Sirius. Harry is used to his comments about James but your absence is new to him. He’s just being his cruel self.

Sirius: Well fuck him, Jamie how is the game going? 

James: Not bad, not bad at all. Redhead is actually pretty good.

*Hour and a half later*

James: *cheering* THEY WON! 

Lily: *surprised* Really?

James: Redhead caught the snitch! I can’t believe this, they won!

*half an hour later*

Sirius: Harry’s off of detention and he’s going to the common room now.

James: Well, a pleasant surprise will be waiting for him.

Lily: Ah look at them, there’s Ginny oh.. OH! Well that’s a way to celebrate



Sirius: *grinning* Resemblance is uncanny.

Lily: Harry, love maybe that’s enough, Ron is watching.

James: And she loves Quidditch

Lily: Molly’s gonna be happy

Sirius: Happy is a very underrated word but wait til the twins find out.

James: And have you seen one of her Bat-Bogey hexes? That girl is awesome.

Sirius: If you are done swooning over your future bride Prongs..

Lily: He secretly wanted them to be together since he rescued Ginny from the Chamber of Secrets, leave him be. It took Harry sometime to take his head out of his ass to see Ginny.

Sirius: *smirking* Evans! That’s your son you are talking about and that reminds me of someone.

Lily: *smiling* Oh shut it Black.

James: Nice one Pads, he’s right you know. Everyone knew you were swooning over me for a good six months before you finally accepted you liked me.

Lily: Except for you, Jamie.

James: Whatever. It’s like us but involving a lot less hexes.

Sirius: He’s like a teenager girl whose two favourite characters finally got together.

James: Fuck off Pads.

Lily: He was like that when you and Remus got together, too.

James: So what? Can’t I be happy for people I love?

Sirius: Sure you can but maybe be a little less enthusiastic?

James: *raising an eyebrow* You are one to talk

Sirius: Okay, got it. I’m out.

Lily: What just happened?

James: Nothing important. Ah! Look at them walking around in the castle talking, if her hair was a bit darker they would look exactly like us.

Lily: *putting his head on James’ shoulder* You are relentless.

James: Tell me you don’t like this.

Lily: I love it.

James: Exactly my point.

I just want to know more about Peter Pettigrew. 

I want to know about his family. 

I want to know about him at Hogwarts. 

But I especially want to know about him during the first war. What happened? Why did he betray his friends? Yeah, he was scared of Voldemort, but there has to be more to it. I want to know the details. I want to know everything. How did he feel about James and Lily getting married? How did he react when Harry was born? Did he purposely make it look like Remus was the traitor so Sirius would suspect him, and how did he feel about doing that? Was he conflicted? Did he ever wonder if maybe it would have been better if Voldemort had killed him? Did he ever hesitate and think about those years at school, his best friends?

Things have changed a lot for the gay and lesbian community since the 1970s. Can you explain the circumstances in which you rejected a Time magazine cover in 1975?
They wanted to do a story about gay issues and they wanted a gay person on the cover. My publicist called me (with the offer), but I was kind of insulted. I also don’t think I would have had the courage to do it just for that purpose. If I was going to be on the cover I wanted it to be as a performer not simply to trade my life for that cover. I never did not come out, but I wanted to be acknowledged for my work.” - Lily Tomlin

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could you pretty please write something that involves james and lily getting drunk together? i know it isn't very specific, but do anything with it! xx

While he’s entirely sure the Prefect Office was not meant for this activity, James is certainly glad to be able to take a drink after an exhausting week of essays, patrols, Quidditch practice and a full moon to boot. Or several drinks. He thought he was at three when Lily joined him, but he’s since lost count. It’s her fault, really, for making him take a drink for every report they’d yet to submit.

In fact, it is not until James takes off his glasses to get a look at his reflection that he realizes how thoroughly plastered he is. As it turns out, he can’t see without his glasses, so it’s not his reflection that helps him discover this, but his bungled attempt to shove them back on his face.

Beside him, Lily giggles. “Your specs are upside down.”

“Your face is upside down,” he replies, wrinkling his nose at her.

His happiness with his own response is twofold: his statement is true, as Lily has propped her legs up on the back of the sofa with her hair hanging down over the other end, and he gets to use ‘your face’ in a comeback for the first time since second year.

“Looks better than yours does right side up.”

“I am a gift,” says James seriously.

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Icarus flew too close to the sun and I pretended not to see
self destruction is purposeful and so was this
when you left I locked my window and drew lines across my arms
lit my fingertips on fire when the electricity went out
asked my mother why she never loved me.

this is so beautiful and so ruinous and I hope you never forget about me
i hope you cringe whenever you hear my name.

Icarus flew too close to the sun and I pretended not to see and
I think you did the same thing to me.

—  God we were never beautiful, it didn’t look like heaven when we fell– Lily Rain

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I've been on the verge of tears for like, an hour now I just can't stop thinking about Will, and how Dark has purpose has a reason But why did he leave us? And how did we wake up in our body but then somehow get left behind?

We were an obstacle. Dark had reasons to be angry, to want revenge. We didn’t. We could’ve tried to keep him from doing what he wants if we stayed, so Dark made sure we didn’t try to, and left us behind. - Mod Lily



Person A owns a flower shop and Person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says, “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flowers?” Flowershop au for @jilyfest

AO3       FFN

Lily grimaced, pausing mid-bite as she heard her shop’s door fly open, its cute little bell clanging violently in protest. She regretfully set down her biscuit.

This was the third time a gust of wind had torn it open in as many hours, and as she moved through her back room, she made a mental note to call her handyman. No, she needed to find his number before she could place a call and negotiate a price. Though he wasn’t an expense she relished, she knew replacing the entire door in two months’ time would cost her even more.

But when she heard footsteps—stomps, really—Lily stopped just short of entering the front end of her shop. She watched a man—tall, crisp suit, and under different circumstances, fit as fuck—storm between her displays, nearly upending a bucket of chrysanthemums with his elbow, and slam something down on the counter next to her till.

Excuse you, fucking much?

“Hello?” he called, when an employee did not immediately appear out of thin air. “Anyone work here?”

“Hello yourself,” she said coolly, stepping out and taking her place behind the counter. “What’d my shop ever do to—”

“I need your help saying ‘fuck you’ in flowers.”

More a demand than request, the entitled prick. Lily raised what she hoped was an imperious eyebrow. She ought to let this slide—he’s a paying customer, or potentially paying customer, after all, but she was in no mood to accommodate arseholery.

“Try again.”

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Lily Evans didn’t unwittingly fall in love with James Potter -she was much too sharp for that- but she didn’t exactly jump head first into it, either. She sort of… wandered. Stumbled. Meandered, maybe. Eyes closed and trying not to think about it too much. She didn’t stride meaningfully towards it, but she didn’t up and run in the opposite direction. 

In hindsight, she should have seen it coming sooner.

One day she was reluctantly laughing at his jokes and teasing him about his hair, and the next she was saving him seats at dinner and passing him notes in class and whispering secrets to him at 3am. She couldn’t remember when exactly they had acquired a million and one different inside jokes, but all of them made her laugh, and she was never quite sure how she’d ended up snuggled into his chest on the common room armchair, but she knew that it was comfy, and that she liked the smell of his shampoo.

It was quickly coming apparent that she liked James Potter a great deal more than she had intended to. She liked the sound of his laugh and the tiny mole beneath his left eye. She liked that he trusted his friends implicitly, and that in turn they did the same for him. She liked how his writing was untidy because his hand just couldn’t keep up with his brain, and she liked the way he was constantly fiddling with a quill or his wand or a stolen snitch. She liked the way he scrunched up his face just before he pushed his glasses up his nose, and she liked the way he flexed his fingers before he did magic. 

It wasn’t until she found herself thinking that she liked the way his brow furrowed when he sneezed that she realised she was a goner.

Up until that point, she had seen all of the signs, but had simply elected to ignore them. And so here she was, completely and thoroughly in love with James Potter, and most worryingly of all; not all that concerned about it.  

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I was rewatching ALWAYS WATCHING (which is the video of Anti at Pax) and I noticed at about 2:07 Anti is looking down with a straight face and walking back and forth towards the back of the roon which seems really strange considering in most of the video he's up close to the camera with a wicked smirk. It just seemed really out of place to me and I thought maybe that's when he started to get scared. Do you think this could have any link to Grasshopper Banana's behavior in his recent tantrum?

I do remember this striking me when I was watching it, it was so out of place that I even wondered if it was there because Robin ran out of clips to use
But now I’m certain that Jack did it on purpose
What could’ve scare him which didn’t happen in Say Goodbye?
I just thought of one but it’s in French, however it’s a food name and it works hahaha - Mod Lily

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When did Lilly make ableist comments?

Assuming you’re asking about what she’s said about Autism and not people with depression or self-harm issues, it was basically revealed in her video “Self-Destruction”.

In it, when she was talking about the danger of romanticizing self-harm and depression and downsizing the need to cure it, she mentioned Autism as being in the same vein as them. Given that you cannot cure Autism, nor is it nearly as destructive as depression or self-harm, this came off as ignorant at best.

Still being at the point in my life where it was right before I was through with giving her the benefit of the doubt, I told her in the comments that some people with Autism don’t see it as a bad thing and that some have even found that they enjoy the outside-the-box kind of thinking and different perspective on life it gives them, and that famously smart people like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Oscar Wilde have been theorized to have had Autism.

This was her response:

First of all, the first part of that response clearly came from someone who was dismissive of the idea to the point where they didn’t even bother to look up the legitimacy of the studies themselves. It was so dismissive that she might as well not have even added it in the first place.

Second of all, yes, Autism does affect your ability to socialize. But it also has a host of other effects, such as giving you the ability to visualize things in your mind a lot better than most people and being able to look at an issue in multiple ways easier. So saying that the benefits are the product of one’s own activities is another clear sign of someone who’s incredibly dismissive of the research done on it. I understand that some of it might seem far out there, but in the words of Mr. Enter, “There gets to be a point where coincidences are no longer coincidences. They form trends.“

Not to mention that saying “They’re only attributed to Autism in an attempt to make kids feel better about it” is just explicitly dismissive of the entire Autistic community and how they feel about their conditions. I find myself using that word a lot as I type this, but that’s how I’d describe Lily’s attitude towards people with Autism in a nuthsell: dismissive. And for someone who really goes out of her way to appeal and defend the rights of the LGBT community, it’s honestly kind of shocking that she’d go even this low.

Then again, I’ve heard people saying she faked having Autism a few years ago, so I guess she decided, “If I can’t look cool by being in the A-crowd, then no one can!”

I actually asked Amythest Schaber what her thoughts were on this, but she never responded. In retrospect, I think she did that on purpose. People like this don’t really deserve attention from people as respectable and kind as Amythest (it still shocks me that Josh chooses to even associate with Lilly).

(A horrifying thought came to me as I typed this… Lily mentioned that she would drag someone “kicking and screaming” to a psychiatrist if they had depression. Would she do the same thing to someone with Autism? Would she go the JRC route and forcibly hold someone down if they were having a meltdown?)

Name Calling

Pairing: Marauders X Fem!Reader (Platonic)

Request: Can I request a one shot where the reader has become pretty close with all the Marauders and she and Sirius are sitting together one day and he starts to brain storm all these ridiculous nicknames they could give her, and even though they’re so out there it sorta makes her emotional that they’ve even THOUGHT about the possibility of a nickname

A/N: Made this a drabble due to short nature of prompt. Enjoy!

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The Pregnancy Scare

Lily’s heart raced as she nearly sprinted down the stairs from the Girls’ Dorm to the Common Room. Mentally she was counting and re-counting and calculating days and percentages as her thoughts whizzed over the conclusion that her brain was most certainly not jumping to.

Not twenty minutes ago Lily had been sitting peacefully in her dorm laughing with Mary and Alice about their respective boyfriends. She’d been having a good time, taking her mind off of the fact that she hadn’t been able to see James much that entire week. That was, until Marlene had walked in, Quidditch gear in tow, complaining about how James had made her play through her cramps, and Lily should bite his head off for it because Marlene was in too much pain to do it. The girls laughed, and Lily’s stomach dropped seven floors.

Yes, Lily was having a wonderful morning until she realized she was late. 

Three weeks late.

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  • sirius and lily being really good friends
  • sirius being the first one to find out lily likes likes james
  • and he’s ecstatically happy about it
  • lily admits it sheepishly, blushing, while he’s joking around
  • and when he comes off the excitement she tells him she wanted to know what he thought of it
  • because he’s james’ best friend and remus is wonderful too and peter is fiercely loyal but sirius is like a brother to james
  • and she asks him for a blessing of some sorts
  • (even though she’s too shy to ask james out)
  • sirius is completely dumbstruck but he’s so happy
  • and he and lily get pissed drunk that evening but she makes him swear he won’t say anything to james
  • and he doesn’t
  • although he bores lily to death with innuendos, up to the point james is suspicious
  • because the two are always running off somewhere and he’s not jealous - it’s just that it’s odd? and he has no idea what to think of it
  • but maybe they like each other - they’ve always been pretty good friends
  • james finally confronts sirius one evening, asks him whether they’re shagging and sirius bursts out laughing
  • and earns a death glare from lily the next morning 
  • but no one tells him anything still
  • and sirius and lily quite like wracking his nerves so they continue sneaking off on purpose 
  • because they’re wicked like that
  • and lily likes it when james looks like a confused puppy

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YOOOOO In jacks new video. At 10:55 his audio goes all wonky!!

But didn’t he say that he has a new sound modulator thingy in his vlog? Because I think he did it on purpose because he was having fun
We never know how useful it could be to him in the future… ;) - Mod Lily

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babe please make a spam about- what you said- that after 2014 ended kaisoo moments have been more intense please omg.

hey there babe, okay first of all i want to explain that “moment after 2014 becoming more intense” is purely my opinion, this thing is prob wouldnt/couldnt be applied to y’all 

[this gonna be long ass post so i put this keep reading thingy so ppl on their phone wont start complaining about my post making their fingers tired bc they want to skip it] basically this post contains their 2015 moments + my bullshit theory hah prepare ur eyes

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Jily, James accidentally apparates to the wrong house

Despite being as drunk as he was, James knew instantly that he had apparated to the wrong house. The thing that gave it all away was very simple, actually. He was not in his room. He was standing in a garden. The house that he shared with the Marauders didn’t have a garden. At least he was somewhat sure it didn’t have a garden. Did they have a garden?

James decided that he shouldn’t try apparating again and lay down on a bench. Even if they had a garden, this couldn’t be theirs. They’d never have any girly benches in their garden. He drifted off to sleep, thinking about flowers and benches.

He drifted off to sleep, not thinking about what would happen in the morning when the inhabitants of the house woke up before him.

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Kay, sorry, gotta get some chapter 135 thoughts/feels off my chest~

  • Sorry Mizali, you could bring the HHB a banquet, stop harming Zeno and buy them all a villa in the south of Xing and I still don’t think I’d be willing to forgive you after what you’ve already done. I’m still awaiting your full-on mental break down later in this arc due to the way you’ve been presented so far. 
  • Speaking of which, Mizali is such a loose canon that I’m half expecting the HHB to escape by offering to have Jae-Ha fly Mizali around if he lets them all leave the prison and go to the courtyard. Cue Jae-Ha grabbing Kija and Yoon and fleeing and Shin-Ah and Zeno powering their way out before anyone can gather to stop them.
  • *holds Jae-Ha and never lets go* ;__;
  • Mizali is such a four dragons fanboy. I pray he and Tae-Jun never meet - those two would run an entire four dragons fanclub.
  • For freaks sake Soo-Won, I thought we spoke about those polka-dot pyjamas you insist on wearing!! *holds out hand* Come on Your Highness, give them to me. Yes, give them to me. Burn them? *chuckles* Of course not! I’m just going to place them way too close to this open fireplace, no biggie!
  • What are you trying to research there Lili, hmmm?? *raises eyebrows*
  • *unimpressed voice* Oh look, it’s Min-Soo, the character I totally wasn’t expecting to see and whose appearance in this chapter totally wasn’t spoiled for me, which then totally didn’t ruin the surprise… *dives back into her salt mine*
  • Okay, I see you reacting to that letter from Hak and Yona (or at least, the letter I assume was from Hak and Yona) Soo-Won and scrunching it up in your hands. This was the biggest wtf of the chapter for me: did Soo-Won see the note, immediately decide he wasn’t going, and then purposely pick Min-Soo to go just to mess with Hak and Yona?? Or is this a whole Min-Soo conspiracy where Min-Soo was actually working for Soo-Won the entire time? GAH!!! Damn it!! I mean, if Min-Soo was obviously on Yona’s side when he helped her escape, you think Soo-Won would have just fired him. Why keep a servant at risk of turning on you like they once did? Then again, Min-Soo looks so broken when Lili bumps into him :/ *claws at the air making dying whale noises* I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!!

TL;DR: I NEED TO KNOW MORE DAMN IT, MORE!! And Jae-Ha is my darling, I love him so much~

but consider dating jily arguing over who affects the other more
  • james: YOUR BOOBS ARE SECRET WEAPONS, EVANS. i can’t get any amount of work done with you tossing them around
  • lily: my boobs? what about that fucking ridiculous hair? you ran your hand through it on purpose in class this morning. i KNOW you did.
  • james: so?
  • lily: i set my bloody armadillo on fire!
  • james: revenge for the way you were chewing on the end of your quill? YOU THINK I DIDN'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE DOING?
  • lily: revenge for last night! i know it wasn't a bloody accident that you came back from practice in your Quidditch robes? you KNEW how it would affect me, and you KNEW i had to do that damned essay. you delight in my misery, i swear it!
  • james: revenge for falling through the trick staircase yesterday afternoon, evans, 'cause i was walking behind you and your bum should be illegal!
  • lily: well, that’s because you’re an idio-- wait. is my bum really that nice?
  • james: 'course it is.
  • lily: you’re still a wanker.
  • james: definitely, yes, but i’m a lucky bastard, too.
  • lily: wanna go snog?
  • james: fuck yes.