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Any headcanons you have on being close friends with Modern!AU Hamilsquad? (^.^)

boss’ memo : i think this is one of the first straight up platonic requests i’ve had !! very nice!!!!

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  • hercules might not carry a bag, but he honestly has anything you could ever ask for just in his pockets. need a phone charger? he’s gotcha. bandaids? yeah. gloves? yep. bubble wrap? mm-hmm. he makes for an excellent Parent Friend! he’s the one who also lets everyone just come and hangout at his house. it’s pretty cool of him! he goes long periods without making any puns, but whenever one of the others says one (usually john) he’s quick to start firing them off in rapid succession, and can go on for an hour or two or five.
    • you can always vent to him ! also, if you’re a really close friend of yours, he might actually open up to you!
      • for all that he talks, he never really reveals more about himself other than the standard instruction… he’s one of those friends that, when you take a step back, you realize that you don’t actually know that much about him,,
    • if you mess up on something or accidentally hurt the feelings of one of the others, hercules will make sure that the problem gets solved,,, he doesn’t want anyone to split the friend group nor does he like drama
  • lafayette is that one friend who likes to ask you for favors constantly, but you can’t ever really dislike him for it because he always does his best to make life easier for you,, he likes to playfully tease you and the others and may bond with you over being salty about someone / something,, he’s got info on everyone,,, 
    • if you’re the type to make big, wild plans about anything, he’ll usually tag along and support you so long that it doesn’t get either of you hurt,, he’s your partner in crime !!
      • (and if you ask him for any favors, he’s glad to do them for you!!)
    • if you ever get into any hobby or game or media–lafayette also supports you there !! he’ll probably join you and will be three times as enthusiastic about whatever it is that you like
    • like hercules, you can tell he really likes you if he shares what’s going on in his mind!!
  • alex has lots of friends but only a few close ones,, if he’s listening to you talk, it’s a clear sign that he thinks highly of you–you don’t even have to fight for his attention, ‘cause if you’re close enough to him, when you speak? he listens and absorbs your every word (he’s one of those sainted people who will help suggest a word or thought if you can’t think of one)
    • he might love you as a friend, but he’s super competitive and you can bet that he’ll laugh happily if he wins over you in any game, ever,,, he might flaunt the victory in your face but he means it with love
      • in a similar sense, he will reply with any typos you make and might just make them into inside jokes
      • (you have so many inside jokes with him you can honestly just talk purely in them,, s’like your own language!)
    • a lot of your friendship with him is playful bantering–it’s lots of fun when you’re in the same room as him with lafayette
  • john’s a protective friend through and through, and if he gets wind that you’ve ever been picked on or bullied you can expect him to Get Mean about the other person,, just because he’s a sweetheart for you doesn’t mean he’ll be the same towards anyone who’s wronged you,,,, he doesn’t forgive easily and if you’re trying to make amends with someone who’s previously hurt you, you can expect him to flat out inform them that he’s watching. and he doesn’t trust them.
    • he’s really good for late night talks,,, he doesn’t often give out advice but when he does it’s pretty useful !! john will often just end up listening and comforting you if you vent to him, might also exchange a similar experience that he’s had! he’s not afraid to share !
    • he likes to steal your food (with permission!! give it once and you’ve created a food stealing monster) 
    • he’s quick to become upset and while he holds grudges, past a certain point of friendship with him, he becomes more forgiving and more likely to be sympathetic towards you,,
      • in general, you don’t really have to worry about him being upset at you for too long because if you already know the others then it’s a clear sign john wants you as a friend for life. (plus, herc is always quick to sort things out)
  • most of your time is spent at hercules’ house, each of you doing separate activities (or maybe two or three of you are playing a game with the others watching). but generally, a lot of the time in your friendship with each other is just… enjoying each other’s presence, really!
  • platonic and sarcastic “i love you”s are frequent and sometimes hilarious
Babysitting : John Laurens x Reader

Modern Setting. 

And obviously Philip is very young in this.

(Also mentions of LAMS)

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Your POV:
Today I’m going to watch Philip. I’m actually nervous because John and I think he’s on to our relationship. You see, we can’t tell anyone about it. If someone knew it could potentially be told to Alexander. That would be horrible since they did have a thing for each other at one point. So right now to everyone else we’re “friends.” I wish we could be open about it. But we just can’t right now.

Right now me and Philip are sitting on the couch,“I can take care of myself you know.” Philip says.

“I just can’t leave you alone until your parents get back Philip.” I said.

“That’s stupid.” He pouted.

“What do you want to?” I asked him.

“I don’t know.” He said. There was a pause for a while.

“Let’s make a deal.” Philip said.

“What kind of a deal?”

“If you let me stay up late I won’t tell anyone about you and John.”

“How do you know?!?”

“Trust me. I have my ways.” He says. Clever little boy, just like his father.

“I don’t know Philip.” I said.

“Alright. I’ll call my mom right now.” He said reaching for the phone.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Nobody’s going to tell anyone about John and I.”

“Yes!” He said.

I sigh in defeat and the night went on. We actually had a good time. We played board games and attempted to cook. Philip even talked me into swimming with him.

“I’m glad you and John are dating.” Philip said.

“Me too.” I smiled.

“Do you love John?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied. “And I love you also Philip.”

He laughed and gave me a hug.

I had a hard time coming up with who should be who tbh. First off though, I’d like to clarify that I don’t think each Derp Crew member acts like the stereotype they are supporting in this fanfiction. For the sake of ZeRoyalChaos and TehFawkes I had to switch some things around. I also had a lot of time skips due to my laziness, so sorry about that. In this part, most of the story is the Derp Crew in situations the Breakfast Club were in. The second part will be more different from the movie. Well, that’s it. Enjoy!

Warnings: Strong language

Pairings: ZeRoyalChaos and TehFawkes, although most of the story won’t have any romance. Most of it will be in the second part.

- - -

Groaning, Anthony stumbled out of his dad’s car with a bag filled with his lunch in hand. Looking around he saw other teens his age doing the same as he was. With just a glance at them, Anthony could tell this was gonna be a shitty detention.

Walking into the library, a boy with dark brown hair donning a tie and dress jacket was comfortably sat in the first row. He seemed to be the most non-weird person in the room which persuaded Anthony to sit next to him.

As Anthony took a seat, the boy shot a disapproving and annoyed look at him but quickly turned away. With embarrassment building up in his gut, Anthony turned his head to look at everyone else in the room: a curly-haired teen in the back by himself, a darker-skinned boy with a knitted sweater and a tall man wearing iconic blue glasses and a trench coat. In his head Anthony made a checklist of the stereotypes the people here seemed to be like.

Prince? Check.

Basket case? Check.

Brain? Check.

No idea.

However, Anthony knew he stood out the most with his football jersey.

Jock? Check.

A minute after, the teacher strode in with his head held high.

Clapping his hands together once, he bellowed,“ So! You are all here for a reason. With what you did this week, I suggest you -”

With a deafening voice that countered the teacher’s, the guy with the blue glasses, who seemed to have stripped himself of his trench coat spoke up,“Yeah, yeah. We get it,” Mimicking the teacher’s voice, the teen imitated, “‘I suggest you listen to me and don’t do anything else that would earn you another detention.’ No one cares, old man!”

Punk? Check.

The teacher, whose face has gotten red over the teen’s outburst, clenched his fist and opened his mouth to most likely yell something back, but closed it before anything could come out. He took a deep breath and composed himself.

“Thank you for that comment, Tom,” Sighing, the teacher moved his gaze to everyone else in the room.“Anyway, my name is Mr. Montoya and you will be here for nine hours starting…now!”

Barely audible groans emitted from the teens. When the teacher seemed to not say anything else, he spoke up again.

“I’ll be in my office which is not far from here at all, so if any of you are too loud, I can, and I will hear you. Watch your mouths and find something productive to do.”

He walked out of the room and into another one that was across the hall.

As soon as Mr. Montoya was out of the room, the guy with the glasses who was presumably named Tom stood up and started to stroll around the room, examining everyone with judgmental and piercing eyes.

Stopping at the dark-skinned boy, he questioned,“What’s your name?”

Fear evident in his eyes, he stuttered out,“A-Anthony…”

“Well we better come up with a nickname for you because my name’s Anthony as well.” The jock Anthony sneered.

“I - uh… Y-You can call me GaLm…”

GaLm was still obviously scared, avoiding eye contact with Tom.

Tom nodded his head with a grunt and walked over to where Anthony was sitting.

“So,” Looking at the brown-haired boy next to Anthony, Tom continued,“What’s your name?”

With a confident look in his eyes, the teen answered,“John.”

Gesturing his hand in between Anthony and John, he questioned,“Are you guys dating or something? Y'know, dates… kisses… maybe even the ol’ thrust mov-”

Oh, go to Hell!” John screeched.

Snickering, Tom raised his hands in defense but didn’t say anything and walked over to the guy at the back and stopped in front of his desk.

“I get the vibe that you don’t talk much, but would you mind at least telling me what your name is?”

The boy shook his head violently and covered his face with his hands and started to make squeaking noises. Normally Anthony would’ve found it cute, but this guy seemed to be a total nutcase.

Tom remained where he was with his eyebrow raised and started tapping his foot. The boy could probably tell that Tom wouldn’t go without an answer, so he rummaged in his bag for a piece of paper and pencil. Finally finding some, he wrote “Steven” on it and then quickly put it away.

Tom smirked and slapped Steven’s back, making another squeak escape from his mouth.

“Well thanks for telling me, Steven.”

Finally sitting back at his desk, Tom was quiet at first, but then began to make guitar noises, accompanied with air guitar motions. After a few seconds, he stopped and set his eyes to GaLm.

“Hey, GaLm, why don’t you close the door over there and we can show Prom King over here what getting a hickey feels like,“He snarled, gazing at John.

John’s mouth fell open and he started becoming extremely flustered. Trying to muster up words in vain, gibberish stumbling off of his tongue.

With how rude and annoying Tom was being, Anthony turned around to face him with anger in his eyes.

“Hey, would you mind shutting up?!”

Tom’s eyes widened behind his glasses and he put his hand on his chest in mock astonishment. Quickly removing it, he glared at Anthony.

“Actually yes, Sport-o, I would mind,” Pointing a finger at John, he continued,“Why’re you getting so worked up anyway? I thought you said you weren’t dating each other.”

This guy’s attitude was irritating Anthony beyond words.

“We aren’t dating! Me standing up for him is just something called human decency – something that you probably wouldn’t know anything about!”

Raising his eyebrows at Anthony’s little scene, Tom opened his mouth to say a snarky comeback but was interrupted by Mr. Montoya leaving his office. Tom quickly scurried over to the desk between Anthony and John and plopped himself onto the chair with an innocent look on his face.

Without a glance at the detention room, Mr. Montoya exited the hall. Quick to action, Tom dashed to the door and started to twist the screws out.

“Uh, Tom… that’s school property. I really don’t think you should be doing that.” GaLm stated.

“GaLm’s right. You better stop right now before we get in trouble because of you and your bullshit.” Anthony hissed.

Tom only ignored them and continued to remove the screws. After deciding he took enough, he shoved them in his pocket and scrambled back to his desk as the door shut behind him.

“Hey, asshole! Put them back!” Anthony barked.

“Shh! Before h-”

Put them back, you fu-

Shut up!” Tom snapped one final time before Mr. Montoya stomped into the room from another entrance.

“Why was that door closed?!” Mr. Montoya belted while pointing at the door.

Turning towards John, he repeated,“Why was that door closed?!”

John stammered out,“I - I don’t know! It just closed by itself.”

Behind him, Tom asked,“How’re we supposed to know, though,” Not looking at Mr. Montoya in the eye, he added,“We’re not supposed to move, correct?”

Mr. Montoya ignored Tom and snapped his head toward Steven. He snarled,“Tell me what happened!”

Steven squeaked once and put his face onto his desk, his hoodie covering his head.

“He doesn’t talk, sir.” Tom acknowledged.

Looking around with infuriated eyes, Mr. Montoya gave up and hurried over to the door and grabbed a nearby chair.

As he positioned it in front of the door, Tom advised,“The door’s too heavy.”

Not bothering to listen, Mr. Montoya let go of the door, which only ended up in it slamming closed and making the chair fall over, with him on the other side.

Everyone started to snicker as he quickly marched back into the room with a face that tried to hide his embarrassment in vain.

“Chaos! Get over here!”

Anthony stood up and rushed over to Mr. Montoya’s side. They both began to carry a small magazine shelf together, intending to put it in front of the door.

“Why does he get to get up?! That’s unfair! If he can get up, we all can!” Tom yelled.

The pair ignored him and continued to push the shelf. Finally finishing up, Tom was getting desperate and reminded them,“What if there’s a fire though? You’re violating fire codes and endangering the lives of children. For shame, Montoya. For shame.”

Realization hitting him, Mr. Montoya shifted his head to look at Anthony and nagged,“What were you thinking?! Go put that back!”

Anthony nodded his head and began to shove the shelf back. As he shuffled back to his desk, Mr. Montoya stormed out of the room, irritation and humiliation no doubt filling every inch and crevice of his being.

Tom wore a smug look with his arms crossed and proudly looked at everyone in the room.

~Time Skip~

The topic of the teens’ parents came up and John was the first person to talk about his parents.

“I really don’t think my parents care about me… like, they just use me to get back at each other.” John mumbled.

John’s words catching Steven’s attention, he suddenly exclaimed,“Ha!”

John turned around to glare at him with disbelief and surprise evident in his face.

Leaning back in his chair, Steven teared up and quickly shut his mouth. On the side, Anthony grinned, proud of Steven for saying something against John’s whining.

“Shut up!”

“Oh, you should be the one shutting up. You’re only feeling sorry for yourself.” Anthony muttered.

“Well if I didn’t, nobody else would!” John fumed.

“You’re breaking my heart, sweetie.” Sarcasm dryly fell from Anthony’s mouth.

With nothing to say back, John awkwardly slumped back in his chair and started to play with his thumbs.

~Time Skip~

“You guys have thirty minutes to eat lunch here.” Mr. Montoya stated.

“Here?” Anthony questioned.

“Yes, here.”

“Well, will milk be provided to us?” Tom asked.

“I’m extremely thirsty, sir.” Anthony added.

“You know what, I’ll just go get it. No biggie.” Tom stood up from his chair but was stopped by Mr. Montoya raising his hand.

“Ah, ah, ah. Go sit back in your chair, Fawkes,” Turning to Anthony, he simply said,“You.”

Anthony groaned and grudgingly pushed his chair out and stood up.

Looking over everyone in the room, he pointed at Steven, once again repeating,“You.”

Steven’s eyes shot wide open, and he started to glare at Mr. Montoya with such intensity that even Anthony became scared for him.

He then rose from his seat and stomped out the door with Anthony behind him.

- - -

“So when we get there what do you want?”

Steven only gazed at Anthony, not bothering to reply.

Feeling extremely awkward and uncomfortable, Anthony just turned around and muttered,“Forget I asked…”

After another few seconds, Steven replied,“Just get me a soda.”

Steven started to walk faster, causing Anthony to jog over to him.

“Hey, can you tell me why you’re here?”

Steven remained silent once again.

“Why’re you here?” Anthony repeated.

Becoming aggravated, Steven quickly turned around and demanded,“Why’re you here?!”

Surprised by his sudden outburst, Anthony stepped backwards into the wall.

“Well,” He hesitated,“ I just, uh, y'know. Got into a fight trying to help some nerd being bullied.”

He humorlessly chuckled with a forced smile.

“That’s a nice story… but why don’t you tell me why you’re really here.”

Huffing, Anthony pushed himself off the wall and continued to the cafeteria,“Forget it.”

~Time Skip~

After lunch, everyone stayed in their seats with unusually tense silence filling the air.

Sighing, Tom stood up and rushed to the hallway. Acknowledging what he was doing, Steven watched him with amusement and bewilderment dancing in his eyes.

Tom popped his head into Mr. Montoya’s office room, finding out that he was gone. With a sneer, he hurried out of the room with everyone’s attention now directed at him. Not knowing what else to do, they all hesitantly followed Tom, afraid of what was about to come.

~Time Skip~

Stopping at a horribly damaged locker, Tom pushed his hand in and brought out a bag with ground-up plants inside. Immediately recognizing what it was, Steven gasped and stumbled back, a look of sheer regret and terror showing in his eyes.

Quickly glancing at Steven, Anthony knew something was wrong. Inspecting what was inside the bag for a little while longer, he finally realized what it was: weed.

Tom laughed as he looked at everyone’s expressions but was quickly cut off by upbeat whistling, no doubt coming from Mr. Montoya. Everyone’s mind couldn’t catch up with their bodies, and they soon found themselves running through the halls.

With too many close calls of running into Mr. Montoya, Anthony was getting annoyed and decided to get to the detention room through the school yard. Everyone followed him but found out that the gates to the yard was locked. The small amount of hope that everyone had had was soon lost and John fell onto his knees.

“Well…looks like this is it, huh.” John humorlessly chuckled.

Feeling a pang of guilt in his chest for causing everything, Tom decided to take the blame. “For me it is.”

After stuffing the bag of marijuana into GaLm’s trousers, Tom dashed off to the opposite direction of the detention room. Anthony smirked as he heard the distant sound of lockers slamming and being pounded on.

Suddenly being snapped out of his trance, Anthony motioned for everyone to follow him to the detention room.

Luckily, everyone – except Tom was able to get to the detention room before Mr. Montoya.

After five minutes of worrying about Tom’s wellbeing, Mr. Montoya stormed in with a red face. Tom wasn’t with him.

Without saying a word, Mr. Montoya started to look around the room, most likely searching for Tom. No one dared to say anything.

Finally, Mr. Montoya straightened his back and sighed. He then sauntered out of the room while muttering incoherent words under his breath.

Not too long after the teacher left the room, Tom fell from the ceiling, catching everyone by surprise.

“Eugh,” Tom moaned while slowly getting up from his position on the floor.“Air vents aren’t the most comfortable routes to use when hiding from someone.”

Everyone stared at Tom with gaping mouths. There was no way he crawled through the air vents…right?

Noticing everyone’s expressions, Tom smirked and put his hands on his hips. “Just call me ‘James Bond’ from now o-” He stopped mid-sentence and snapped his fingers in realization of something.

Tom walked over to GaLm and pointed at his pants. Realizing what Tom meant, he awkwardly searched in his boxers for the bag of weed and threw it to him.

Tom grinned and skipped to a corner of the room. John watched him and soon followed him. GaLm did the same while Steven silently glared at everyone with no intention of moving from his chair. Anthony pushed his chair out but earned a pleading look from Steven that basically said Please don’t go, it’s a bad idea. He wondered why he was the only one that Steven gave a warning look to but quickly shrugged it off. Anthony hesitated but caught a quick glance of Tom, John and Galm and decided to go with them. Steven’s expression turned cold and he quickly turned away, refusing to look at Anthony. Something about that struck a chord in Anthony and he started to drag his feet over to the others with his head hung low in shame.

The Other Brother

I had this idea for a story a while back where John and Hank Green had a third brother that nobody on the internet knew about because he was entirely non-noteworthy in comparison to his brothers and he just never really came up. 

There would be a scene where the Green family sits down for dinner and their parents ask them what’s new in their lives, and John’s like “Well they’re making an awesome movie out of my NYT best-selling book” and Hank goes “And I’m winning an Emmy for this awesome web series that I created” and then there’s this big pause and everyone looks at the other brother (let’s call him Dave Green).  Then Dave looks up from his food and says “Well, I just made third shift supervisor at Wendy’s,” and their parents do that thing parents do where they pretend to be really proud of you but it’s really incredibly patronizing.

I did not write this story because it sounds incredibly depressing.  I think being a third Green brother who wasn’t creative and talented and successful sounds like it would be pretty unbearable.

Also, this is the sort of thing that makes me kind of glad to be an only child.

“People say I love you all the time - when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it - you just have to listen for it, my dear.” -John Patrick

I’m rambling again, but I think Tajima would be very touched by Hanai’s fussing, eventually. After growing up in a crowded home where maybe sometimes his parents forgot to make him wear rainboots, or forgot to check if he was home on time among all his other siblings, Hanai’s more gentle and focused “captain’s orders” would be kind of special to Tajima.

Fuck, I love you./It hurts knowing you're sleeping with someone else. (Swazz)


It’s been about six months since John broke it off with me. He broke up with me, because he was always on tour, and barely had time for me, he didn’t want me to feel pain of not seeing him, or kissing him, or touching him. I really loved him, and told him that we could work through it, that I would wait for him. He didn’t listen.

But, I can actually say I’m happy. I got a new boyfriend, his name is Will. He has beautiful eyes, he’s a little taller than John, and completely understanding and loving.

We’re chilling at his house just watching movies joking around. My phone rings and I go to his bathroom, so I’m not rude, without looking at the caller I.D, I answer. “Hello?”

“Y/n.” My heart drops at his voice, it’s John.

“Uh, hey, John.” I try to sound not stunned, but it’s not working.

“Can you come over, please?” Is he okay?

“I don’t know. Are you okay?” He’s dealt with panic attacks and depression a lot, and I’m the only one who knows how to calm him down.

“No, I really need a friend. I need you.” It sounds like he’s crying.

Me and John live in the same building. So, it’ll take me about ten minutes to get there walking. “I’ll be there soon. Do you wanna stay on the phone with me?”

He whispers a soft, ‘yes’. I go out to Will and he pauses the movie and looks over at me, “everything alright?”

“Yeah, I just need to get home. My parents and I were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, and I forgot.” I quickly make up a lie.

I get my shoes and jacket on as I give him a quick peck on the cheek and leave, “who was that?” John asks and he sounds a little pissed.

“My boyfriend.” I say lowly, I can hear a gasp on the other end.

“Is he good to you? Does he treat you better than me?” Yup, he’s jealous. To be honest, I don’t think anyone could treat me better than John. We’d always go out on dates, he’d spoil me, he was always available.

“No one treats me better than you, John.” A small smile creeps up to my lips.

“Well, at least he makes you happy?” Not really, actually. He’s too possessive. He’s come close to hitting me a couple times, but he’s never laid hands.

I tell him that I’m happy as I run the stairs to his apartment, “Open the door.” I command.

Almost as soon as I hang up, the door is opened and I’m brought into his embrace. “Please. Love me, again.” He just starts to bawl.

“You broke up with me, John.” I inform him as I bring him to the couch. I pull away from his hug and wipe his tears.

“I was stupid. You are the only girl for me. You’re my true love. I need you, more than you need me. Please, it hurts knowing you’re sleeping with someone else. I know you could’ve waited, I thought I wouldn’t be so soft for you, if we ended, but I was wrong. I was so depressed when I did it. I need you back, I need you to love me.” He looks me straight in the eyes with every word he says.

“John, you ha some more chance. No more after this. If you hurt me again, we’re done. I’ll break up with Will, after you calm down.” I smile and kiss John lovingly on the lips.

“Fuck, I love you.” John hugs me again.

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You think that we'll probably meet Harry in s4 or s5, right? It occurred to me recently that it would be wonderful if her and Clara got back together and were an another parallel/foreshadowing for Johnlock, aside from Sherlock's parents. They went through a lot of trouble and split up at some point, but eventually they would find each other again and spend the rest of their lives together. Harry would be fem!John and Clara - fem!Sherlock (John used to look at her 'like that' after all).

I think we’ll meet Harry in 5x2 - as the client. It’ll be something like: Harry and Clara haven’t spoken in five years, but Harry just found out that Clara has been accused of some crime and she knows Clara didn’t do it. So she goes to Sherlock and John. Of course, it’s actually not Clara that committed this crime, and Sherlock proves it.

(Possibly the crime is based on “The Problem of Thor Bridge,” in which this married guy is in love with his kids’ governess and his wife is so jealous that she kills herself in a way that frames the governess. With Clara being the governess character, obviously. There are also some possible similarities to Harry and John with “Lady Frances Carfax”: Frances is what Watson describes as a “modern woman” - independent/adventurous/free-spirited, possibly even bordering on flakey - and her brother John is stern, grumpy, and very conservative. There are no even vaguely important Claras in ACD, so that’s not where they got the name.)

I think Harry will be there to really clarify John’s bisexuality and help him come out. We know from Sholto etc, but pretty much 90% of the viewers do not know, so Mofftisson have to do something about that. But I don’t think they can clarify John’s sexuality until after they get rid of Mary because until they get rid of Mary, the surface level will still be “John is happily married and not interested in Sherlock.” Since I think Mary will die in 4x3, I don’t think Harry can be in S4. That’s why I don’t think Harry will appear until 5x2.

We know John’s mother is dead:

And it seems extremely likely that his father was in the military - a Major.

Possibly Harry will bring up Sholto in a way that makes it clear what happened between him and John; possibly they’ll use some other lead-in. It might be similar to Battersea in that she and John get into some kind of argument and Sherlock overhears. I’m guessing it might be pretty nasty: from the little we know about Harry from the show and John’s blog, if she thinks John is making himself miserable by not coming out and therefore being with Sherlock, she might be pretty vicious.

“You’re a repressed bisexual. And your life is spent overcompensating for this cowardice.”

I’m not saying I think it’s cowardice; I’m saying despite the fact that Harry obviously wanted to keep in touch in ASiP, she could feel abandoned by John if she came out to their parents and it went badly and she felt like John should’ve supported her more. I think Harry and John will likely get pretty angry with each other, possibly lots of yelling. We know that why Harry and John don’t get on isn’t just the drinking:

JOHN: Harry and me don’t get on, never have.

My theory is that it’s because Harry is always trying to make John open up about things and John hates it - possibly particularly over John’s sexuality. I’m getting this impression from their interaction on John’s blog.

I definitely think it’s likely that Harry and Clara will get back together because this show is romantic and soppy and because they’ll be the female versions of Sherlock and John. And you know who’s going to help set them up? Sherlock. Because Sherlock is a romantic little sap.

(I suspect that Clara is going to look like Sherlock to make a Harry/John Clara/Sherlock romantic mirror, so my guess is that - as TPTB like to keep things in the family - she might be played by Sophie Hunter:

I mean, they definitely don’t look dissimilar.)

We know that Harry left Clara, not the other way around. My best speculations on why they split up are:

  • Harry was uncomfortable with her sexuality
  • Harry felt that Clara was “married to her work” / “doesn’t feel things like that”
  • Clara lied to Harry to protect her

Whatever the reason that they split up is, I think it’s probably something where they can get back together again.

Because think about this: let’s say Harry and Clara are ridiculously in love. They’ve split up very close to when John and Sherlock first meet. 5x2 is very close to the last episode, when Sherlock and John finally get together. That means that Harry and Clara have spent the whole time (that John and Sherlock have been not together and pining for each other) not together and pining for each other. Could Mofftisson really get anymore pointed about two people who have been in love this whole time but couldn’t work it out, but they were still in love the whole time and finally do work it out? I think a big part of the Harry/Clara Johnlock mirror could be to say that John and Sherlock have been in love all along, and the reason they weren’t together wasn’t that they didn’t love each other but that they couldn’t communicate. So it’s not just a “new phenomenon” for S5 that they’re in love because Mofftisson “couldn’t think of anything to do this season” or “ran out of mysteries,” but that they were always like this from the beginning.

Given the in-show timeline I’m predicting, I think that at least part of 5x2 will be set during Christmas 2015 (their time, obviously). I think it might be pretty unabashedly romantic. I also suspect that Molly and Greg will get engaged in this episode - and you know who sets them up? That’s Sherlock, too. Molly and Greg (like Harry and Clara) are an extremely pointed Johnlock mirror: the detective that couldn’t hold down a relationship because of his work and the doctor who’s always dated all the wrong people.

I also suspect that Sally will tell us that Sherlock has become “a good man” in this episode. In fact, I think that’s pretty much the narrative point of Sally - to tell the audience about Sherlock’s weaknesses, and to tell us when he’s overcome them. We’ll know he’s actually completely succeeded in becoming a good person when Sally (someone fair but doesn’t particularly like him) thinks he’s a good person. I suspect he’ll do - not something clever, but something nice for the victim (Clara) - and Sally will say something to John like “He’s changed. He’s better.”

Other minor things:

  • If Sherlock and John get a dog, I’m betting they get one in this episode. If they get a dog, they’ll probably get one because the case involved a dog and now the owner is in jail and the dog needs a home. The ACD cases with dogs are mainly “Silver Blaze” and “Shoscombe Old Place.”
  • Eventually I assume Hopkins is going to turn up (in ACD, Hopkins is the one young policeman who reveres Holmes and wants to be just like him). This could be a good place for Hopkins (though of course there are lots of others) because presumably the police think Clara did it, so the police are “bad guys” in this episode, which makes me think it’s not Greg. So this could be Hopkins’s very first case. John will probably be jealous of Hopkins.
  • Speaking of John being jealous, I think Sherlock might try to impress Harry (for John) - and of course John will get jealous of Harry. Since I think that Mycroft will die in 5x1, I think Sherlock could be on a “fix John and his sister’s relationship” kick.

<<Back to 5x1

  • Family came in for the opening to our new Arby's. They came in approached the counter, their son looking incredibly upset while holding his balloon sword and pirate costume. I assumed either the kid really liked pirates or he came from a birthday party and it possibly don't go well. So I greeted the camily.
  • Me: Hi welcome to Arby's what can I do for you today?
  • The adults ordered and the kid approached the counter.
  • Now obviously I'm suppose to make the customer happy so I got on the other side of the counter and squatted eye level with the kid.
  • Me: Why don't you like Arby's?
  • Kid: Cause Pirates like Long John Silvers!
  • Me: I don't think that's true.
  • Kid: It is!
  • Me: Want to know a little secret?
  • Kid: What?
  • Me: Do you know what a pirates favorite restaurant is?
  • Kid: Long John Silvers!
  • Me: Nope! -curls finger and closes an eye- AAAARRRRRby's!
  • The kids face was absolutely priceless. The parents were just smiling and thanking me about it.
you know what would make a perfect destiel au

the proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock 

Cas as the super uptight immigrant orphan book editor who’s all work and no play who’s about to be deported

and Dean as his assistance with dreams of having his book published who’s father desperately wants him to take over the family business

they go back to Dean’s hometown and try to pull off that his older, nightmare of a boss is actually the man he desperately wants to marry as they reluctantly take in Cas as a part of their family, daddy issues with Dean over what he what makes him happy, an ex who screams Lisa to me.

When he gets upset he goes out and cranks up his music and cuts up a canoe which is basically Dean every time something horrible happens he cranks up the classic rock and works on the Impala.

And soon, through the bickering and understood dialogue between the two they slowly realize that they’re not that different, and begin to understand each other better.

Benny could be Dean’s friend from the office, Mary and John as the role of his parents obviously. Benny White’s character is hard but I’m gonna go with Grandma Charlie because personality wise Charlie would just be fantastic. The little fluffy dog’s name is Kevin which amuses me to no end. And though it bugs me that Sam can’t be in it since the story is contingent upon Andrew being an only child I was thinking either have Sam have died long before the story starts, since he says “I’m sorry I wish you had another son” which makes it all a little more tragic OR have Sam be that HS friend that shows up a few times in the story as being hilariously supportive. 

Anyways I’m watching this movie and I’m just enjoying the shit out it especially with like SUPER uptight Cas trying to like rough it in the wilderness with these plaid wearing wilderness people and Dean just forever hilarious about his struggles because he’s been torturing him in the office for YEARS and everyone is like WOW really ur fucking marrying HIM

and then they do fall in love and he chases after him and makes that speech in their office and fucking dom!cas sub!dean in those roles of like Cas being in charge of Dean but then that subverted as Dean gets to be in more of a dominate position and is completely unnatural at it because he just instantly follows all of Cas’ orders and they’ve been set in that kind of natural dynamic for years *drools*

AND at the beginning she has like hand singles and they talk in such short hand because they know what the other is thinking and what the other means and their dynamic is just *drools more*

And she falls in love with his family and the idea of having a family because she doesn’t have any and she’d been alone so long she forgot what it meant to have people care about you and it’s just so beautiful and UGH

AND the fact that his father is like “I didn’t know you to sleep to the middle” “you brought home your meal ticket to meet your mother” and he like defends her and says she’s the best editor in the country and says “she’s not a meal ticket dad - I’m gonna marry her” AND THEN the mom is like “What did you do you need to support them getting married what if they have grandchildren that we don’t get to see” when the dad like snarks at the fact that Margret and New York make him happy. And it’s just so perf and Margret got swallows on her back when her parents died and she’s like a flightless bird and I just cannot. AND THEY’RE LIKE OOH GET MARRIED IN A BARN WHICH IS WHERE DEAN AND CAS MET.

I’m sure there’s more I’m just rambling but yeah is that a thing that already exists or a thing I might have to try to write or????