i think jack just stepped in something

I’d like to think that Anti didn’t “stand us up” on Valentine’s Day. I think it’s because Jack knew Mark had something huge he was working on and knew the date was set to Valentine’s Day. He didn’t want to post anything Anti because he didn’t want to take anything away from Mark or have it seem like Anti was stepping on Dark’s toes or what have you.

I’m most likely 100% wrong and Jack probably just wasn’t ready with a new detention video, but that’s how I think it went because I just think Jack is such a good person/ friend. Idk…lol


Kind of want to write a fic about Dex being an actual werewolf, heading to Samwell thinking he’s the only supernatural being??? And he learns pretty quickly that Lardo is a Druid, and Bitty is… something, but everyone else seems human? Though Jack’s athletic prowess is suspect and something about Ransom doesn’t settle quite right with his senses.

Anyways shenanigans ensue and I can put all my experience writing teen wolf into action


Screenshots from A Step In The Right Direction! :)

Okay guys I’m just trying to get all my thoughts together for what I want to say about this vlog. 

I think Jack getting an editor was one of the best things he could of done for the channel, his videos and his life in general. In my opinion his content is a lot better now that Robin has been editing for him because he puts his all into recording now. Plus he seems a lot happier too because he has more time for other things besides making videos. I think this is a perfect step in the right direction for him because Jack is more then just a gaming youtuber and a video making machine. He’s a real person with a life on the other side of the screen. Just like how we’re all real people with lives too.

Honestly after he came back from Pax East I had a feeling that something was a little wrong. Then I noticed when the editing started feeling a little different because I watch his videos everyday most of them 2 times in a row for me to make these posts so I know when the editing is different or if a video has a different energy to it. But when I started to notice more little edits here and there especially right after he got back from New York I legitimately got worried about Jack despite the fact that I thought his videos were also getting better. That’s mostly because I know editing takes a lot of time and can be very tedious that’s why before whenever Jack put a little more time into editing I always said good job to him and that I appreciate the time he put into it. But I was also hearing him say little comments here and there like for example how he said in Wade’s live stream “I recorded 5 videos today” and I sitting here thinking to myself is he putting ALL of his time into youtube? Or is he just preparing for another trip? Keep in mind this was before he said he got an editor. I was worried that he was putting so much time into his videos and youtube that he was barely doing anything for himself and I know if people do that with anything no matter how much they love it wears them down after a while and then they eventually crash or burn themselves out from it. I never said anything about this because I thought I was just overthinking it and even if I did ask if something was wrong most likely it wouldn’t have been seen. When he said he got an editor it was major relief for me that nothing was wrong and that’s why he has so much more time to record more videos. But then what he talked about in this video with how the reason he got an editor was because he didn’t really have any time outside of youtube and he wasn’t putting his all into recording because he knew he has to go and edit later. It was right on the money with what I thought was going on with him which is kind of weird that I had a little bit of intuition with that. xD I know I praise Jack a little too much sometimes in these posts but I really do see him as a real person at the end of the day that’s not on a pedestal to me and I also see him as a friend I seriously care about even if don’t actually know him personally even though I’d really love to actually talk to him again one day. I care about him like I would any of my friends offline that’s why I want to see him do the best for himself. That’s why I stay watching and making these posts about him everyday because I come for him the person in the videos not the games even though I love video games and watching him play video games. So yeah I think him getting an editor was the best step in the right direction because Jack has more time for himself and that makes me super happy. :) 

Also major props to Robin for some of the edits in the videos lately! A lot of them have been very good! :D 

Steppin’ where you fear to tread
Stop, drop and roll - you were DEAD FROM THE GIT-GO!
Are you scared of me now? Then you’re dumber than I thought
Always is, never was
Foundation made of piss and vinegar
Step to me, I’ll smear ya -Think I fear ya? BULLSHIT!
Just another dumb punk chompin’ at this tit
Is there any way to break through the noise?
Was it something that I said that got you bent?
It’s gotta be that way if you want it
Sanity, Literal Profanity HIT ME! 

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I went swimming today, and there were two teenage boys standing at the side of the pool, and one of them stepped up behind the other and closed his arms around him.

I thought they were gonna have a ‘Jack, I’m flying!’ moment, but the second one just put his hands on the forearms of his friend, and they stood there like that for a moment, in this gentle chest-to-back embrace.

But then #1 pushed #2 into the pool and just laughed, and if you don’t think that’s something Aomine would do to Kise then you’re wrong and probably don’t know anything about life in general.