i think its rly cool tbh

well… im glad they’re having a comeback since they always say its good to be busy you know ok cool but…… dont u think its too much work? i mean it will be in february, before the tour starts, they will be exhausted, they will have to travel from here to there…. we all know how much they love to do music, concerts and meet their fans but i rly worried tbh, all the stress and fatigue that they must endure the rest of the year… i love them but they rly need to rest and spend some time with their families ://


mayuzumi-san no egao #2 (what, you think i’ll stop doing these things)

nebuya keeps shouting MUSCLE MUSCLE!!! and hayakawa keeps speaking gibberish (its really cute tbh he’s so pumped up for training) and even tho its funny it is really distracting practice, our Cool Senpais™ cannot concentrates.

M: “what are they saying…”
K: “something about ‘muscle muscle’ huh… well hayakawa can’t say 'ra-ri-ru-re-ro’ so…”
M: “…haa?” (holy shit i laughed so hard during this….why tf do you look THAT offended mayuyu jfc control your face)
M: “yeah well, 'muscle’ is the only thing that guy (nebuya) can say.”
K: “is that so.. well, shall we begin training too?”
M: “…yeah.”

mayuzumi smiled twice this game is truly a gift

Of all the neat things Paladins do in pathfinder, I think my favorite, and the most mechanically interesting, is the ability to cast 0 spells of a level when it first gains that level of spellcasting

it sounds useless at first, until you realize that given a numerical value of zero instead of an inability to cast the spells, your bonus spells from a high spellcasting stat apply, effectively letting you cast spells a level early if you’re charismatic enough

do you love hunter x hunter? do you think the chimera ant arc would have been 1000x better with hisoka in it? are you down to clown?

if you answered yes to any of those questions, then this net is perfect 4 u!


  • ppl to talk to about hunter x hunter and hisoka
  • youll meet new people to cry over the new arc with!
  • cool new mutuals!
  • group chats on skype and possibly twitter!
  • maybe even watching hxh on rabb.it? who knows

how 2 apply:

  • fill out this application (its rly easy i promise!)
  • follow me, jenn, @chrollomatsu (this is optional tbh but ill probs follow u back if ur a hisokfucker anyways)
  • rb this post!


  • please be over 16! 
  • having a skype or twitter isnt necessary but if u wanna be a part of the gc then i would highly suggest it!
  • just like hisoka. you really dont have to love him, as long as you dont hate him its cool lol
  • track the tag hisokanet i guess? 

ok cool thats it! ill pick when this has enough applications (ill probably accept everyone anyways lol)