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Ok... so, we all know Theo is an allergic lil' bean. But everyone with allergies has a memory of their /worst/ day that just makes them shudder. What was Theo's worst fit? What caused it? Where was he when it happened? How did he deal with it?

whoa whoa whoooaa… ease up there, turbo.
but I love this so let me weave a tapestry of bullshit for you.

I would say most likely around the time he first began attending uni (& was not prepared at all..)
SOMEONE in his course was a little too liberal with their perfume that morning (& no it was not Anika lmao). It first became apparent it was going to be a problem during the lecture, since he was stuck only a couple rows behind them for the entirety. He held it together for most of it, but started to falter a bit near the end. Tried stifling a few times but decided that probably wasn’t the best decision since he felt like his head was going to rip apart at the seams and black out.

But they had other classes with him that day too so it was really a.. no-win situation. Once Anika figured it out, was going to say something to the offending person but he begged her not to & suffered in silence*. 

So he got through the day without too much damage surprisingly (almost toppled a monitor but someone grabbed it just in time…. yes they were confused) Which is what he was most worried about. The fact he was a miserable mess was a secondary concern;;
When he made it back home his Aunt was thoroughly horrified & is the main reason why he now takes anti-histamines almost every morning before leaving the house (& is always sleepy;;…the trade-off is preferable.)

*may not have actually been silent

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fluff prompt souharu - haru comforts a jealous!sousuke :^) (sorry if I ever sent this twice! I was not sure if it got through)

I definitely didn’t stay up till 4 am writing this instead of sleeping.  Nope.  Anyway, the continued adventures of Olympic celebrities Haru and Rin, and Haru’s bf Sousuke.  Also domestic souharu because I’m weak.  I love these dorks.

“Haru, what are you wearing?” Rin asks in a disbelieving voice.  His eyes survey Haru’s outfit incredulously. “Just… how?”

Haru shrugs, indifferent.  “My warmups,” he mumbles, as if that should be obvious.

Rin runs a hand through his hair, gritting his teeth.  Leave it to Haru to do something this ridiculous right before a fan gathering and act so distinctly nonplussed.  

“Why are they… pink?”  Rin honestly doesn’t want to know the answer, but he can’t just let Haru be seen during public events like this.

Haru blinks, and then glances down, as if he’s just realizing for the first time that his uniform has gone from a crisp white to a dull salmon.  “Sousuke messed up the wash.”

Rin chokes.  Beside Haru, Sousuke makes a small moaning sound and hides his face behind his cellphone.  

“He- what?  Haru, those are official Japanese National Team uniforms, you can’t just-”

“I like them better this way.”

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