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anonymous asked:

i request you estimate the amount of frames that exist in the entire sonic series

You know what? I’ll actually try and give you a straight(ish) answer to this. Just to get one thing out of the way at the start, I’m going to assume you meant ‘drawing’ or ‘animation frame’, rather than ‘frame’ in the sense of ‘frames per second’.

Most animation done for television (at least back in the days when people drew things on paper and celluloid before moving onto computers) is ‘limited animation’, which means that it uses a few tricks in order to stay in budget and on schedule. A really easy way to save time and money is to animate ‘by/on twos’; which is to say rather than drawing an image for every frame of animation you draw one image for every two frames. I.e. there are 24 frames per second in film (again, this is before computers and exceptional individuals on internet forums who complain about textures in PC games) so rather than drawing images 1-2-3-4-5-6-…24 you draw 1-3-5-7-…23- ‘holding’ the drawn image for two frames. If you want to make the animation more fluid then you can add the extra drawings needed for that particular sequence. All in all, a much easier process for the poor old animator, and a much more profitable process for the not-so-poor old producer.

So with that in mind, it’s not a simple case of saying that there would be 31,680 images/frames for each episode of Sonic Underground, each episode being 22 minutes long including intro and outro. That would be an insane number of drawings. Also, to go on another tangent, it’s worth mentioning the fact that not every frame is made up of a single cel. there are very often multiple cels in each image, mouths or eyes for instance will often be drawn on a separate layer to the body so you don’t have to draw the entire character when animating them. For example in the image below (from my personal collection) Scratch and Grounders bodies are on the same cel, but their eyes get a cel each.

So, how many frames (by which I mean drawings) are there, roughly speaking, per episode of SatAM/AoStH/Underground? Well, I shall take away the 2 minutes worth of intro and outro from each show, as that is repeated animation, and quite likely done with more drawings than the normal episode (this is why intros are nearly always much better animated than the show itself). I shall also be counting the final images, not cels, as the numbers can go all over the place and it’s really no different to a digital drawing done on several layers, which still gets counted as one image. All three shows are done ‘by twos’ which means that it should be 14,400 (20 minutes times 60 for each second, then times 12 for each frame of animation), right? Not really, I’m afraid, as mentioned above the animators will add frames for certain sequences which require more fluidity or just a bit of extra nuance. So I’ll have to make an educated guess, fortunately, we do have this clipping from a Disney Adventures magazine from 1992 which I used in a question I got two years ago on a similar subject:

Remember, this was early Simpsons, and yes, at the time of writing the show is still on the air.

These is of course not the most authoritative source and is also estimating, but it does at least show us that Hammerman was cheap as chips when it came to animation. More usefully, it shows that our image estimation of a show done entirely ‘by twos’ is about right (I’m surprised Hammerman wasn’t done by threes frankly). So let’s be generous (and account for TMS animated episodes as well as any spurt in budget) and say that each episode of the 90s Sonic shows had 15,600 frames each, or 13 images a second (in a 24 frames per second viewing), give or take. Now we just do the maths:

SatAM has 26 episodes, so around 405,000 images

AoStH has 65 episodes, so around 1,014,000 images

Underground has 40 episodes, so around 624,000 images

Sonic Christmas Blast would be around 15,600. Maybe more, but let’s keep it simple.

As for Sonic X and the OVA, I’m not an expert on anime (in fact, I’m not even an expert on western cartoons). So I won’t try to go into detail here, from what I can tell, anime is also done by twos but it tends to use less frames than its western counterparts. So I’ll put it as 12.5 frames a second for Sonic X and the OVA, therefore:

OVA = 45,000 images

Sonic X, 78 episodes = 1,170,000 images

‘Man of the Year’ is a much higher budget production so let’s say it’s 18 frames a second, that means it’s got 1,800.

As said, these are all very, very rough, guesstimates, but I like to think they are in the right ballpark. If anyone wants to correct me then feel free.

The total number however, added up across the series, is:

3,275,400 frames of animation (give or take a few thousand)