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PROMPT YES: 81 - “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?” OBLIGED TO SAY JEFFMADS COS OTP BUT YOU HAVE RECENTLY MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH BURRCULES SO EITHER IS COOL LOVE U

okay so,,,,,,, here’s the thing. i spent aaaaages staring at this and trying to figure out which one to write, but i eventually chose burrcules and i’m really glad because i’m ????? hella proud of this fic??? not to toot my own horn, but this is one of my fave things i’ve ever written, because it’s still got that light-heartedness of everyday life whilst still incorporating issues as queer black people, which is how i feel most of the time? like, believe it or not, racism isn’t on the forefront of my mind at all times but i never forget about it. it’s always humming in the back of my mind and i feel like i captured that in this fic and i just ???? relate really hard and i’ve never written anything that i can recognise myself in so much



“Shit shit shit, just our fucking luck,” Aaron grumbled, perching his bag on his head to protect himself of the worst of the rain. It didn’t work, and he only grew more stressed at the thought of rainwater seeping into his bag and ruining his work, so he tucked it into the crook of his arm again. “Hercules, hurry up!”

“I’m coming, babe,” was the reply that he received, sounding far too amused and not nearly enough hurried. “You’re way too stressed about a little rain.”
Aaron huffed a sigh. “It’s a lot of rain.”

Hercules finally caught up with him. The rain didn’t seem to bother him at all; instead, he tilted his head up to meet the raindrops and closed his eyes in bliss. He looked, in that moment, beautiful, like a Renaissance painting that was worth millions and millions. He looked so peaceful that Aaron forgot about the rain for a second, momentarily taken back by the sheer beauty of the man he was dating. He often wondered what he had done to deserve a man as perfect as Hercules, who was sweet and caring and would make impromptu plans but would understand if the spontaneity made him panic and would cancel said plans without a trace of disappointment, who would make dinner without complaint and didn’t make fun of his more childish interests, who would back off when he sensed that his touch was unwelcome but could recognise when Aaron wanted to cuddle without forcing him through the humiliation of verbalising this need or…

Well. Anyway. The point was, Aaron felt blessed to have Hercules. 

“What are you doing?” Aaron asked when he snapped out of his reverie.

Hercules turned to grin at him, wild and unabashed. 

“Feeling the rain. Don’t you ever do that sometimes?”

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?” Aaron asked, incredulous. Somehow, it was such a Hercules thing to do. He saw the beauty in everything. It was part of why Aaron loved him. 

“Try it,” Hercules encouraged. 

Aaron snorted, tucking his bag tighter under his arm and beginning to walk away. There was no way in hell he was going to hang around and get struck by lightning just because his boyfriend was fascinated by the concept of water falling from the sky. “Yeah, no, I’ll meet you in the car.”

“Aww, come on, babe,” Hercules called out, jogging lightly towards him. “Just try it, thirty seconds and then you can go back to the car.”

“Why? It’s just water!” Aaron huffed, but did as Hercules asked. 

It felt… wrong, standing there are the world continued to storm furiously around him. He felt like he should be going, moving somewhere, he should be on the move. Standing still felt like he was rebelling against… God? His instincts? He didn’t know what, but he did know that the flash of exhilaration, knowing that he was ignoring all signs and doing what he wanted to do, was intoxicating. His blood was rushing and he was shivering and the rain was falling like bullets, but he was still. His whole life, Aaron had been dedicated to following every rule, whether that meant giving in all his homework or squashing down the suspicion that he may not be straight in order to properly ‘fit in’ with other people. But in that moment, rules meant nothing, and he could toss them away in favour of just existing.

“How’s it feel?” Hercules asked, soft. 

“Good,” Aaron replied after a moment. “Like… Like I’m rebelling.” 

This made Hercules crack a wide smile. “Goody little two-shoes Aaron thinks standing in the rain is rebellion, how sweet.” 

“Fuck off,” Aaron laughed, hitting Hercules lightly. This, of course, did nothing, consider Hercules was a solid wall of muscle, but whatever, it was the thought that counted. “It’s like… The world’s telling me to do one thing and I’m standing here, and I say ‘no’. And even our own brains are telling us to run but we don’t need to, because it’s just us two, and we don’t need anything else. It’s just us two, and the world is shut out, and it’s silent because we don’t need words when we have each others’ presence. If I were alone, I’d never do this but, with you next to me, it’s like I can conquer the world because you bring forward everything in me that I don’t have, you give me courage that I lack and push me to try new things, and with every new thing I experience with you, I grow a little, and we grow together.”

“Wow,” Hercules said lowly. “I still can’t believe you don’t publish your poems.” 

And just like that, the spell was broken. Aaron laughed, making his way to the car again, albeit without the hurriedness that had pushed him earlier. The feeling of his clothes sticking to his skin was still disgusting, but he didn’t mind it so much now. “No one wants to hear about a dark-skinned black man talking about how much he loves his gay boyfriend.” 

“I want to hear about a dark-skinned black man talking about how much he loves his gay boyfriend,” Hercules protested. 

“Babe, that’s because you are also a dark-skinned black man who loves his gay boyfriend,” Aaron pointed out just as they reached the car. He suppressed a wince as he sat down, trying not to think about the water ruining the leather seats he cared so much about. Standing in the rain may have had its perks earlier, but Aaron was absolutely going to regret it later. 

“Damn right I love you,” Hercules said, grinning. “But seriously, I’d buy every single copy so you don’t have to worry about sales doing well.” 

“Then the money would just come right back round to our house again.” 

“…Yeah but it’s the thought that counts, right?” 

Aaron shook his head, unable to stop a smile stretching across his lips. It seemed like the conversation was over, as Hercules began to drum his fingers against the dashboard in an unrecognisable beat, and Aaron was focused on driving anyway. But the thought plagued him, as he imagined publishing his poetry for the world to see. It was… too public. Too much. His poetry was the one place that he could be unabashed about his love for Hercules and anything else that he didn’t want the world to know. For so long, his philosophy had been to keep his emotions close to his chest, but the first time he had expressed it, he had scored a date with Hercules, and they had been dating ever since. Maybe revealing his heart wasn’t so awful. Not all of it, of course - he wasn’t ready for that level of vulnerability - but if there were other black people who didn’t fit neatly into the cisheteronormative slot society had created for them to be ‘acceptable blacks’… well, surely Aaron could give them something to relate to?

“Maybe I will,” he said finally. “Publish some poetry.” 

Hercules looked at him, raising a single eyebrow but looking completely non-judgemental. “You don’t have to. I was only joking earlier. If you’re not comfortable doing that, then you don’t have to.” 

“I want to,” Aaron said firmly. The conversation was slightly easier when he could focus his gaze on the road, but he turned to glance at Hercules anyway for a second. “For anyone else out there that’s like us. They deserve something to relate to as much as straight white people.” 

Hercules was silent for so long that Aaron grew worried. As he reached a red light, he turned to glance at his boyfriend, concerned, only to see a smile curling at his lips. 

“I’m proud of you,” Hercules murmured, making Aaron’s cheeks grow hot. 

“You’ve grown so much and… It’s just an honour to watch you develop as a person and get to be alongside you throughout this journey.”

Aaron smiled. “You’re something of a poet yourself, Mr. Mulligan.” 

“Shut up and give me a kiss before the light turns green, Mr. Burr.”


it’s not the mindless fluff that’s implied by the prompt or that i usually write so i’m sorry about that tho agghh but it gave me the same feels i got from moonlight and i’m just emotional because i want that to be me in the future okay 

(pssst send me more prompts))


Like always you were late
It had been 2 years i had seen your face.
I wondered if you still had that scar on your left cheek,or did it fade…
I wondered if you still obsessed over the way you tied your shoe lace.

I still remember the horror of walking on you and her, going second base. 
I wondered why did you’ll decide to choose the floor over the mattress..
Like that’s what i had to focus on..
Instead of your hands inside her dress.

That was the last time i said stepping back… you will never see me again. 
I left the key on the counter, 
You followed me to the hallway.. and pinned me to the wall
Asking for a chance to explain.
A moment of weakness you called it, that’s all.
I wondered what kind of strength you need to not let your pants fall

You asked me why was i here,
In this pouring rain.
Wasn’t i supposed to be at work?
Werent we suppose to meet at eight?

To suprise you i replied
To make up for yesterday.. 
To get suprised…i yelled..
Get out of my way..
It doesnt matter anyway.

We stared at each other in disbelief
For no words would ever be enough to make me stay.. 
No words would ever be enough to make it all okay.
Somehow i knew , it was the end of us.. that day.
I could see her in the background, thats when you let go of my hand.. and stepped aside.
I couldnt help but laugh, when she asked me who the hell i am.

My eyes shifted on you, 
The same question in my mind
I dont know about her.. 
But in your hesitation,
I had found my answer
I realized it was over this time. 
You had crossed the line

What the hell was she still here for?
I was so angry…i could start a war
Right then she called out my name. 
So she knew about me.. 
Wow i said, i was shocked. 
All i did was stare at you
You noticed the crumpled letter in my hand. 
You noticed the cake and the shoes you wanted so bad.
You asked me what’s that?

Its a fucking letter
That tells you how much i love you
It’s everything that you’ll never understand. 
Its everything you lost when you chose to let go of my hand.

Unable to hold back the tears, i walked away
Too scared to look back
I cried the whole way home
Drenched in the rain
And that was the last memory of us i had.

The present hit me like a lightning 
When I seen you walk towards me
You had that look on your face
The one you make when your found guilty
Surprisingly you wore the same shoes i gave
And my favourite shirt, i was amazed

You said hello,
Probably waiting for me to respond. 
And when the silence got awkward.. 
You asked “what now?”
Still caught in the past,
I whispered. ..
“Nothing..a moment of weakness. .thats all”.

We chose to grab some coffee instead of the so called lunch we planned to have
i think we both knew, we couldnt pretend for long, to not notice the facts.
And when you said lets order the usual
I said my tastes have changed
since when, you asked
Since the world ran out of gentlemen, i laughed 
You rolled your eyes.. .. 
“Please dont start with your rhymes again”..
I smiled..
“Im sorry, does it still offend? ”
Your voice had a touch of irritation..while you said my name with your teeth clenched 
I chose to let it go, afterall there is nothing better then sweet revenge.

So then we drifted through topics and we had quite a talk about the weather and work and friends…
About happy times together..
We left out the bad parts…
Probably that made it seem all better.

We walked through the rain and sat on the swing
The one where you can sit together …thts when you started to sing.
Imagining yourself with a guitar i think
You looked at me, and then you winked.
I looked away, and thats when you asked me if i had also changed my taste in music.
I laughed and sang along. Somehow we shook our heads in sync.

We laughed so hard, thinking about this one time we lost our way back home.
And how we thought, the village was full of ghosts. 
And you asked me if i remembered easter or the first time i met your mother.
I asked if you still steal your fathers liquor..
And how is your sister?

You were amazed to know the details i remembered
Its hard to forget the past i said..
Because it matters…you replied and touched my hand which took me by surprise
“Now you have her”, my words seemed rude, and you looked at me, into my eyes.
Like you were searching for an answer..

You instantly took your hand away, from mine
And asked me about this “new guy”
And just when i started to speak,
You told me you miss me. 
That you missed us, that maybe we could try to make it alright.

I said i dont want to repeat my mistakes
Annoyed you asked me, then what am i doing here, in this pouring rain?
I said to make you realize 
That the reason i dint say hello earlier 
Was because i wanted to say goodbye.

You were hurt by the words,
But that dint explain why you smirked
I looked at you puzzled
And you asked me,
“Do you really think this new guy is the one?”..
I said it doesnt matter, if he is or not..
You arent. We are done ..

You probably ran out of words to say..
So you said you are sorry for everything..
And i said its okay. 
You confirmed if we still could be friends 
I smiled and said, yea its not “the end”.
And we walked our separate ways..
You said goodbye,
And i said i hope i dont see you again. 
And once again, i was drenched in the rain..
This time i wasnt scared but i chose not to look back..
That this is the last memory of us i wanted to have.

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I was thinking about this earlier and thought you might enjoy: Madison owning a tiny flower shop, and he owns it more as a hobby because he has plenty of money and he just enjoys plants and he pretty much reads all day because it's not that popular. Jefferson comes in one day, taking cover from the rain and is immediately entranced by Madison, who is of course naming all the Latin names. So Jefferson buys like 30 bonquets in a month so he can keeping going, and Madison slowly develops a crush

This is….the cutest thing I’ve ever read. Like James just using the flower shop as his own personal garden because, as you said, not that many come in, so he just has a good ol’ time planting flowers and you know he talks to them as he waters them and whatnot. 

And Thomas walks in while James is talking to the flowers and he has some dirt on his forehead and this small smile on his lips and Thomas is basically in love from the very beginning.

And Thomas would buy flowers and eventually he just sticks around to chat to James and asks him about all of the flowers and about gardening in general so James starts teaching him and soon Thomas is helping him run the flower shop as well and they fall in love and get married the end I love this so much.