i think its because it rained earlier

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I was thinking about this earlier and thought you might enjoy: Madison owning a tiny flower shop, and he owns it more as a hobby because he has plenty of money and he just enjoys plants and he pretty much reads all day because it's not that popular. Jefferson comes in one day, taking cover from the rain and is immediately entranced by Madison, who is of course naming all the Latin names. So Jefferson buys like 30 bonquets in a month so he can keeping going, and Madison slowly develops a crush

This is….the cutest thing I’ve ever read. Like James just using the flower shop as his own personal garden because, as you said, not that many come in, so he just has a good ol’ time planting flowers and you know he talks to them as he waters them and whatnot. 

And Thomas walks in while James is talking to the flowers and he has some dirt on his forehead and this small smile on his lips and Thomas is basically in love from the very beginning.

And Thomas would buy flowers and eventually he just sticks around to chat to James and asks him about all of the flowers and about gardening in general so James starts teaching him and soon Thomas is helping him run the flower shop as well and they fall in love and get married the end I love this so much.