i think its a weed

Real friends get you high when you’re out. 🙌🏻 I will always smoke with another person even if they can’t put in all the time. It’s just what friends should do. Especially when I’m out, and then those friends smoke me out? Like yessss. True friends rt


heathers meme

Day 2: Favorite Song

Because we all know what state JiKook were in when this masterpiece was created…

gotta say, what I find so damn funny about those like “headcanons for being so and so’s sister but dating [insert bad boy here]” is the idea that someone’s brother would gaf about who their sister is dating lmao like my brother wouldn’t care if I dated a literal serial killer let alone a guy who smokes weed sometimes

Latte Art

PAIRING: Taekwoon x OFC


WARNINGS: The usual AU/sex/foul language/cheesy romance y’all know the drill at this point…


NOTES: Y’all know my usual excuses: life is cray, I work hard, blah blah blah…However this has been sitting in my drafts for a while nearly finished so I decided to buckle down and write the finishing touches on this today. Please note that I’m complete trash for even writing a coffeeshop AU in the first place like who even does this anymore…TRASH I TELL YOU!!!! I hope that those of you who can stomach my cheesy AF writing will enjoy. Big hugs to y’all xoxo


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anonymous asked:

Larries are fucking bananas, don't get me wrong.. but in Ldn, Nick & his pals are known for doing coke Tbh, I don't think it's a big deal/insulting. Coke is about as common as weed/booze in the industry & in big cities period, even amongst straight-laced business people in my experience. Idk Ive heard people deny Nick et al are into it at all and I just think it's naive. That said, Harry lives in LA half the time & hangs w models lol. If he does coke the "blame" is NOT on nick

No, they literally are NOT known for doing coke. Those are tabloid and larry/tumblr rumors only. Partying and boozing? Yes maybe, but it definitely is insulting to ridicule and downplay nick and his friends’ relationship with harry into some corruptive influence, whether it nick being gay or the group POTENTIALLY doing drugs, simply due to their proximities with the entertainment business. 

And yes, it IS a big deal and a serious thing to accuse people of. One of Nick’s closest friends and Pixie’s sister died from drug overdose - its literally not a funny accusation to throw around. 

Manilla folder boys

Orange tea biscuits,
Sun radiating on your freckled skin.
You say maybe nows the time to coverup,
But you’ve never been so modest.
You smoke cigs at gas stations and smoke joints in the halls of hotels.
I love the way you get so high its hard to tell,
When you are you or if its just the weed.
I think of big overalls,
Baby’s breath in your pockets.
I promised I’d make you a cup.
I think you forgot that I was in love.
This world is beautiful,
Your soggy tea biscuits sink like stones.

Well… Sometimes i imagined how much Stuff i Would wish If ‘fairy goodparents’ Would be real… And yeah now i think Its just weed, munchies and and infinite Pizza slice

i really can’t believe the emma/weed cake i queued like a month ago just so happened to post today

i didn’t plan this it’s a 4/20 miracle

i feel like crying and i cant tell if its fear or excitement or loneliness or being overwhelmed or being suicidal but honestly..? i think its just wanting to smoke weed

i think of trying out animal crossing new leaf again since it had its updates, i think there are less weeds now in town and also you don’t have to be there everyday, which is an issue

but also i tihnk it would be a lot of work, which is bad, because i didn’t think that as a kid, and i miss animal crossing