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Texts Between Strangers

Note: female/woman ‘reader’

Hey, it was really nice meeting you last night. Maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow? This is Cisco btw.

The text pops up on your phone screen as you’re scrolling through social media. You’ve been lounging in bed on this rainy Saturday morning planning on doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day but binge watch The Walking Dead and order thai take out later. You just stare at the text for a minute, blinking.

You definitely didn’t give your number to anyone last night because all you did yesterday was pull a double shift at Jitters because they’ve been short staffed lately. A long day at work usually left you looking a bit wrecked so you’re damn sure there wasn’t anyone slipping their digits your way either.

This person has the wrong number.

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story time with Pandy

a long time ago there’s was a flying potato.

this flying potato was flying so fast that he became a cool flying potato!

the cool potato think “I’m too cool 4 be a potato! I must evolve and be cooler!! and maybe a little bit cute”

so the potato starts to turn very fast, releasing a strong light!

the potato showed its true shape, a Nightmare octopus called Goopy.

He was very cute, and strong!

but right then it was passing Cross, who was a true fan of Nightmare! And soon he saw him, he was immensely happy.

he hugs and cuddles Goopy. Goopy was happy…and cute for the rest of his life

the end.

this story will help you with bad kids who don’t want to sleep

Nightmare!Sans: @jokublog

Cross!Sans: @jakei95

the flying potato: idk;^;

the COOL flying potato: I think Fresh ( @loverofpiggies ) or Epic ( @yugogeer12 ) because they are cool, and the cool people make cool potato

transformation: Sailor Moo- I mean…. someone

Goopy!Nightmare: me lmao

i think we were just hit by the tornado. the rough patch of every relationship. the fighting and endless hours of crying. i dont know if you will love me like you did before this, and I really don’t know if we’ll be the same after this. they say you can see the tornado coming, i think i saw it in my eyes last night while tears fell down from my eyes at 2 am and i gasped for breath because it hurt too much. and i think i created this tornado. and i think it all started with little thoughts and anxiety. i created the tornado which left me sobbing. and i created it bit by bit and now its spinning so fast, my worlds turning around but i hope by the end of it, you’re still here holding my hand like you did before, like you never left it.
—  t o r n a d o//nikitagupta
I Just Called To Say

Wonho | Fluff | WC: 1.7k

Originally posted by wonhontology

But what it is, is something true
Made up of these three words that I must say to you

“I love you.”

You blink slowly, trying to process the words you just heard. Moving the phone away from your ear, you squint your eyes to look at the screen, reading the name and time at the top of it.

“Hoseok,” you yawn, rubbing an eye and rolling onto your back. “Do you know what time it is?”

Your eyes widen a bit and blink a little faster to adjust to the pitch black surrounding you, and you wait for him to check and see that it’s four in the morning.

“Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t have called you because you have to wake up in a few hours for work but I—”

“Baby, slow down.” He’s talking way too fast, his words blending into each other and your brain is still in its waking up stages so you need him to talk a little slower.

He takes a deep breath before continuing.

“I can’t sleep, and when I can’t sleep I think about a lot of shit,” when he pauses, you hum. “And we’ve been together for a while now. Next week it’ll be six months, right?”

You hum again, switching back to your original position on your side, snuggling further into you comforter. “On Wednesday.” The smallest of smiles stretch your lips because you know he’s downplaying how he feels about this halfway mark in your relationship.

“I know you said you don’t want to do anything for month-anniversaries—”

You snort. “Because they’re pointless.”

Hoseok sighs. He’s always been such a hopeless romantic and you can be one too, but you grew out of celebrating each month of being with someone and prefer to go all out for milestone dates. But you know how excited he is for each month that you’ve officially been together and you feel kind of bad you let that slip out. You blame it on your brain still not completely functioning and not being able to filter your thoughts as fast.

“I’m regretting waking you up,” he deadpans and you snort again.

“So I can go back to sleep?” And when he sighs again, you roll your eyes. Your attempt to lighten the mood clearly isn’t working. “Baby, I’m kidding. Tell me what’s on your mind, I won’t joke around anymore.”

Hoseok hesitates for too long and you call his name, trying to prompt him to let everything on his mind and chest out on the table.

“I don’t know… I was just thinking about how happy you make me. Even when we were just friends and I didn’t even know I wanted to be with you… you’ve always made me happy and I knew I always wanted you to be in my future.”

You don’t think you’ll ever get used to how open he is with his feelings. Not that you’re incapable of expressing yourself, it just takes a little push for you to let it all out like he can.

“We don’t always see eye-to-eye but you balance me out so well and you’ve ruined my expectations for everyone else. I don’t even want to think about the possibility of having to find someone else.”

He’s barely getting started and you have a feeling your cheeks will be wet because you’re a softy for romantic confessions—especially when it comes from the man on the phone—and aching from smiling so hard because he always seems to know the right things to say, even when he’s unsure of his words.

“Ah, I’m getting off topic.” You almost tell him it’s okay and to stay on the mistaken topic, but you just bite your lip and let him get back on track. “Since you promised we could do something on Wednesday, I already have everything put together… but I’m second guessing it all.”

You aren’t hard to please. A simple dinner and movie are enough to make you the happiest girl in the world. Some cuddling and kisses added is the perfect date. Not saying going all out wouldn’t have the same effect, but you’re sure that anything he puts together will be just fine. Knowing he took the time and energy to do something for you is enough to have you okay with anything. He knows what you don’t like, so you’re not worried in the slightest. But Hoseok is such a caring and loving person who always wants to make sure others are pleased and he second guesses himself up until he realizes they’re more than content and he was worried for nothing.

But, you’re not going to tell him he’s over analyzing it. After years of knowing how he works, you know he hates it the most when people tell him something isn’t that deep and to stop thinking so hard.

“I just don’t want it to be a total flop because I’m really excited about it,” he sighs.

“If you’re so excited about it, I love it already,” you speak softly.

“Like I was saying before, you always make me so happy and I want to have the same effect on you, you know? I know you say I do but I can’t help but doubt—”

“Hoseok. I will hang up on you if you continue that sentence.”

Hoseok isn’t clingy. He doesn’t crave your attention every second of the day. He doesn’t have an exaggerated need for validation, but every once in a while it’s good for him to hear how much he means to you, how much you love him.

“As cheesy as it sounds, from the day we became friends you’ve made me the happiest I’ve been since I was a kid. When I realized I had feelings for you I didn’t get scared like I always had in the past. Do you think I’ve ever confessed to a guy first?” you chuckle, remembering how abrupt and unprepared your confession was. The look on his face was priceless and you wish you would’ve caught his reaction on camera. “Just hearing your name makes me smile and makes my stomach feel weird, and you have the audacity to doubt if you make me happy?”

You’re wide awake by now, his uncertainty alerting your brain. It’s not even like you did something to make him feel this way, but you feel like you have to let him know he has no reason to feel that way without telling him he’s over analyzing things because his nerves are getting to him.

It’s quiet for too long after you open your heart up to him a little. “Did you fall asleep on me?”

The sniffle you get in response has a wide smile slowly making its way on your face.

“Are you crying?” You try to sound worried but the amusement can’t be shielded. Maybe you aren’t the one meant to cry tonight.

“Shut up.”

You openly laugh, apologizing when he starts mumbling under his breath that he can’t stand you and an empty threat of hanging up on you.

“Seriously, though. I know I don’t say it as often as you do but I love you so so so much and I’m so happy I snatched you before Jihyun did.”

He chuckles, followed by a long inhale.

“Thank you.”

His voice is the softest you’ve ever heard and it makes your tummy do a little flip.

“For what?”

“For putting up with me. I know I’m a mess sometimes and I really try to control my emotions but sometimes…” he struggles to finish his sentence, so you jump in.

“Hush. You’re perfectly fine and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.”

You know he’s smiling on the other side of the phone and keeps your smile in place. You don’t mind getting woken up at the asscrack of dawn when it comes to Hoseok, and you love your sleep. So if that isn’t enough proof of how whipped you are for the kid, you don’t know what else could be.

“If these are your thoughts on a restless night, I can only imagine what your vows will be.”

Shrugging the cover off, you swing your legs off the bed and slip your slippers on. You make your way out of your room and into the kitchen, turning on the hallway light as you pass it for some guidance because you just moved and you don’t have the place memorized yet.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see,” Hoseok chuckles, voice a little deeper than before and his words and tone have you biting back another smile as you grab a water bottle and take a few sips. All this talking after being asleep for hours has your throat as dry as a desert.

Months in and it still feels like you’re in your honeymoon phase because you’re always smiling when you speak to him, or even when he simply gets brought up by a friend or a parent.

“Mm, can’t wait.”

Leaning against the counter, you look up at the clock on the stove and the time reads a quarter past five. You can’t see yourself falling back asleep anytime soon and all you can think of is cuddling with your boyfriend while the sun rises in an hour or so, watching a movie or continuing your heart to heart.

“Do you have work tomorrow? Or today, whatever.”

“I don’t go in until two-thirty, why?”

“You should pack a bag and come over,” you propose, twisting and untwisting the bottle’s cap with your forefinger and thumb.

“Don’t you have work at—”

“No one said I work tomorrow,” you laugh.

There’s rustling on the other side and a grunt, followed by a clicking noise you’re assuming was his light switch illuminating his room.

“Say no more, I’ll be there in twenty.”

This is so fluffy and sweet my tooth hurts omg idk how I’m managing to write all this fluff bc I suck at expressing my feelings asjukldlk; enjoy 

anonymous asked:

21 with harry sounds amazing! I love you and you're account SO MUCH!!!

A/N: This was so much fun! I love Husband!Harry…Enjoy! xx

21) “Nope, no kisses until laterrrr”

Today is the day. Soon, I’ll finally be able to call myself Y/n Styles; it feels surreal. He truly is the man of my dreams and i wouldn’t want to marry anyone else.

I stand, surrounded by my bridesmaids as they all unroll the curlers from my hair. Harry’s mom, Anne is helping my Mother place my shoes; they wouldn’t let me do it because it might ruin my manicure. As much as I love having people do everything for me, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed with everyone running around and tugging on me. I think I need some air.

“Okay okay okay” I breathe out, swatting their hands away from my body. I take another deep breath before i stand up from the chair and head towards the door. I look back and see them all staring at me in shock. “I just need a little air” I giggle at the fact that they probably thought i was bailing on the whole wedding. I can see the girls sigh with relief and i shake my head, twisting the door knob and walking out of the room. I look down the long hallway of the beautiful venue; The walls are covered in classing Italian paintings of buildings and other incredible scenes. I navigate myself down the marble floors, trying to find the bathroom. 

 ‘wow we really did pick a good spot’ I think to myself as I look around.

Suddenly, I hear some voices in the distance and the seem to be getting closer. I turn too look down the other end of the hallway and I see two guys walking this way. I squint a little and now i can see that its my favorite person in the world.

“Harry!” I squeal. I haven’t seen him since yesterday afternoon since the bride and groom aren’t supposed to sleep together the night before their wedding. I throw all care to the wind and run over to him as fast as I can. He hasn’t noticed me yet, as he is in the middle of a conversation with the guy next to him. I’m barefoot so i’m sure he doesn’t hear me either. My heart almost stops when i take in the way he looks. He’s already dressed in his tux with his hair somewhat tamed. He looks really good. Once i’m close enough for him to definitely hear me, I say his name again. This time he looks up and smiles as he outstretches his arms to me. I run into his arms, wrapping my legs around him. He presses his face to my neck and leaves a kiss there. 

“Babe, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you getting ready?…I’m not supposed to see you, right?” He asks just about a million questions. I pull my head back and look at him, he sets me down on the floor, his face is full of concern. “I’m fine I was just headed out to the ladies room” I assure him. He nods.

“You look gorgeous” he smirks, his arms snaking their way around my hips, my own laced around his neck. I roll my eyes at him; i’m literally wearing a pink silk robe with curlers in my hair and he’s saying i look gorgeous. “You’re either being really sweet or really sarcastic, I can’t tell” i mutter. He throws his head back, laughing. “You always look beautiful, Y/n” He compliments again. He leans in to kiss me but i place my hand over his mouth, his eyebrows furrow in confusion.

“kisses” He whines and pokes out his bottom lip in a very child-like way. “Nope, no kisses until later!” I laugh and push him off of me. He keeps his lips pouted but respects my wishes. “Go on then, leave me” He says, clutching his heart in, being VERY dramatic. I blow him a kiss and he acts like he catches and places it on his heart.

I feel a lot better now, he has that effect on me. I happily return to the room, looking back every once in a while to find Harry still standing there with his friend, only he’s no longer paying attention to the conversation. Instead, he watches me until I close the room door behind me.

anonymous asked:

Do u know of any fics where either Clarke or Bell is affected from some kind of love potion? The 'love potion' could be the affect of radiation.

themajorindianfangirl said: Hey, do you have some multi-chapter with a lot of fluffiness? Like you will smile until your face hurts kind cute. Yeah, that’s all thank you.

Here are some that you might enjoy (but just a heads up, some of these come with a little bit of angst too):

You might want to check out this search, too. 

Anonymous said: Hey! I was wondering if you guys could find a fic I never got around to finishing. It was a now and then story of Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship. Each chapter wold either be the past or current situation. In the current Bellamy is getting married to Echo and Clarke had told him not to marry her. Her dad is alive, but her parents are divorced and they’re going to her family’s beach house (?) For the wedding. I hope that’s enough info and makes sense ! Thank you!!

Now and Then, thanks @chebz for finding this one for us!

mostly–bellarke said: Any 10 things I hate about you bellarke fanfiction?

Anonymous said: Do you know of any completed youtubers AU?

a hand in the sand [m]

COUNT → 16.076

GENRE → smut

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → hand kink | pirates | chuck e. cheese | horses

i worked really hard on this all weekend you guys!!!!!! i hope it’s not too bad :-( let me know what you think!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!! this was a special request from my bff @tinkerbeom so if anyone to blame its her fault!!!!!! :-)

Your nails dug into the wall, but lost your balance every few seconds from all the sweat in your palms. Jungkook was behind you, thrusting into you so fast that you couldn’t even ask yourself where you were. All you could think of was the word “dick” as it went through one ear, out the other, then did a little turn around your head and back inside your ear to repeat the process.

“That feel good, baby girl? Come on. Let me hear you.”

“It feels so goo—”

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The Moon

the series read as follows:

SupermanMondayCheezy PouffsBaconStumblingTrail Mix …  PunchFridayPreparationUncle MudlerNormalBackseatMudler-senseThe FBIUnthinkablePatienceElephant JokesCooking Rickety TablesMr. SkimmerBert and Ernie … Midnight Confessions


There’s some stuff at the end .. fun stuff .. stuff the cat said was inappropriate for virgin eyes … I told her to go take a nap …


Frustration won.

Growling in the darkness, heart racing, mind flying, she banged the mattress with balled-up fists, “stop. I’m sorry. Can you stop?”

Mulder, having felt her getting nowhere fast and the tension building up accordingly, slowed, then stopped his fingers, burying his lips above her ear, whispering through a kiss, “can’t stop thinking, can you?” Wiggling her hips slightly, she waited for him to remove his hand before she dropped her forearm across her eyes, not daring to look at her partner in that moment, choosing dark embarrassment over honest concern. Mulder, however, wasn’t having any of it, reaching up to gently pull her arm away, “hey, it’s okay.”

Groaning now, she hauled herself up, sitting on the edge of the bed, feet resting on bedframe, elbows on knees, head in hand, “really? Because it feels fairly annoying to me.”

1am had its good moments and 1am had its bad moments, “I’m just telling you what I think and I think that maybe you went looking to forget a little too fast.”

“Are you honestly going to psychoanalyze me in the middle of the night?”

“Nope.” He stood up, then took her hand, a little rougher than usual but feeling it necessary to get her to move, “come on.”

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DAY 3481

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Oct 7/8,  2017                Sat/Sun 12:08 AM 

Tomorrow will be ‘karaka chaturthi’ or the day of ‘karva chauth’ .. the day the wives shall fast for their husbands’ long and prosperous life .. they shall break their fast after seeing the moon at night, through a sieve .. they shall dress in their finery the entire day .. do prayers and rituals in the early hours .. and when the moon is sighted, the prayers are repeated ..

Husbands shall remain by them the entire day .. trying their best to keep them entertained so their minds are driven away from consumption of and the temptation to eat .. the husbands seldom succeed .. the wives are stronger and do better than the men .. the men at times and in some homes keep a sympathetic fast too .. most do not .. 

The sanctity of the festive day is ever maintained .. the sighting of the moon has always been a trial .. attendants are asked to perch themselves at vantage points so they can sight the moon at the earliest .. on most occasions the Moon plays tricks .. hides itself behind large dark clouds, making it even more torturous for the wives to hold back .. I think this is a little unfair on the part of the Moon .. but its status is such in all our lives that one dare not take umbrage .. 

The domesticity for the Blog over it is now to the business end - the chatter the talk of the normal and Ef oriented banter .. tell me then what goes, or if it is comes, then what comes .. 

What comes to me are some serious questions on the work schedule ..

That is all that invades my mind , for the present .. for the future there is always the elements to react to and with .. known futures are unwelcome .. better be taken by surprise than to wait for it to happen .. astrologers will and shall not love or like this .. but there you are .. they discover the study of the stars and their values through those complicated charts the ‘janam patri’s’ .. one that fascinates most of the world population .. the desire and the need to know what shall come to them tomorrow, what shall be a good object to possess, a stone a band a ‘jap’ that needs to be done to ward off the negative elements .. so much study and science in its working .. a most revered document in the lives of all that be around .. countless interpretations and endless hours of study and research, they shall predict and tell you what shall happen with you the very next hour and minute .. those lucky days, those lucky colours to wear on particular day, those signings for deals sand those opportunities that are to come your way and the cautions that need to be executed ..

I would rather die on my own than be told of my death ; to be commissioned on a particular day and time .. its that rather valid debate on Capital Punishment that has plagued the legal system for years .. the sudden and unexpected killing by the murderer, or the capturing of the villain, putting them in prison, subjected to life or hanging, but not telling them when .. so they wait knowing they are to be hanged, but when .. is the question under debate .. is it rather more cruel to get them to wait where they do not know when they shall be executed .. or more cruel to be suddenly without warning be given an end to your life ..

NO .. there is no celebration of any kind for the 75th .. and there is no possibility of my presence here in the city .. they speculate .. they aver .. they get to know from their ‘sources’ , details which can be completely wrong .. at times one wishes to be those sources - for we never ever know who or what they are … and the state of this state would be the largest wonder .. but so is the business that that Omerta is beyond all .. the code of conduct, of silence, that they sign is invaluable remote and unbreakable in the entire universe .. one that only justifies silence .. but one that has deep and final penetration in the conduct of them that pay allegiance to it ..

Why does the controversial always have the code of perfection - silence ! its a world wide phenomena ..एक चुप , सौ सुख  ।। k chup, sau sukh !! … one silence, a hundred happinesses ..

And here I am breaking all the ‘omerta’ .. by breaking every code of silence ..

Good night 

Amitabh Bachchan

blacksmithgendry  asked:

I miss your AxG headcanons so pls tell me about your favorite moments between the two and why they're important

i miss talking about them in general tbh. like im so happy about the asoiaf fandom being comatose but goddamn! i miss arya and gendry sf much. and it hurts all the more knowing their ACTUAL CANON REUNION is practically within fucking reach but grrm refuses to finish twow. its torture. but whatever. im gonna list like every single arya/gendry scene now to cope™ 

  • with ned: okay not technically a moment between them except it kinda is??? an entire book before they even meet and they have these parallel scenes with ned where we see how stubborn and defiant they are. 
  • love @ first sight: gendry is literally introduced into arya’s story defending her. i love him. 
  • the (fight) proposal: you ever notice how they mirror each other in that scene where arya tries to get gendry to fight her?? cause i have. and how they both lead the other around. which is like their relationship in a nut shell 
  • “Stubbornly, Arya dragged all the harder, pulling the crying girl along. Hot Pie scuttled back inside, abandoning them … but Gendry came back.” nuff said
  • as m’lady commands: obviously iconic. what can i say that i havent before? nothing. but i wanna emphasize the significance of arya confiding her identity in gendry. again. like jfc. he’s the only one. her arc revolves around this being a secret and fragile thing. that could make or break her. and he protects it which protects arya. and when every one else sees arry or weasel or nan gendry sees arya. the power of a name y’all. also kindred spirits. oh and gendrys shameless flirting before he finds out arya is highborn. 
  • The Female Gaze: the language here is my fave. its almost flowery for arya. (the play of muscles~~ the steel music he made~~) just like when she watches him polish his “”beautiful”” helm. even if arya isn’t consciously crushing she admires gendry abilities…….and his smoking hot bod. 
  • that time arya saw gendry naked. grrm wrote that tiny detail in for no reason im sure lmao
  • the first chapter in asos where arya’s all about the determined stubborn look on gendrys face. just some more casual observations that im sure mean nothing. oblig: “"NO!“ Arya and Gendry both said, at the exact same instant.” theres a trope for that. plus mutual teasing of hot pie. the latter two here show how they’re on the same freaking wave length. about most things at least. 
  • “In his chainmail shirt with a sword in his hand, Gendry looked almost a man grown, and dangerous.” here she goes again. 
  • acorn hall: listen im gonna keep it short on this one bc if i Start its gonna get out of control real fast. so i’ll say this: endgame 
  • the most underrated thing about the stoney sept is how arya stands on gendrys shoulders to pour water over those men. imagine his pov. ugh. but like he was there for her to literally stand on when she needed a boost.  
  • and then they have their little lovers quarrel at the peach but i love that shit too. the angst of it all. they have a real difficult time seeing the others perspective sometimes bc they’re from different worlds but i think in the future this will become easier for them. bc the worlds in for a rude awakening. bonus: i love gendry blushing. its important. 
  • Gendry hooted. “Those soft little things?” he called out.” arya’s hands have killed. gendry’s literally seen them covered in blood but then he literally yells this in a room full of people. he doesn’t see her as this killer. he still thinks she’s just a girl with soft little hands.  
  • gendry joining the brotherhood seemingly sucks but they had to be separated so they could meet when they’re older and wiser and ready 2 be together. thats storytelling 101 
  • im gonna call this bullet: god bless ned dayne. his existence is a huge neon sign of romantic subtext lmao. the mental image of gendry in this scene kills me. he was so pressed. 
  • and then gendry chased arya through the trees and the rain before she was kidnapped by the hound. he tried to save her. again. but she needs to be on her own AND I GET THAT AND I RESPECT IT because its important for their relationship and character growth 
  • their reunion. it hasnt happened yet but i already love it 
Blurryface Era | A Goodbye Poem

on april 8th, the blurryface era was OFFICIALLY over. the last show was that night. it’s done. it’s gone. it’s over.

but this was the era that brought me into tøp, it’s so special to me. it taught me so many things. it helped me defeat my own demon, or blurryface, if you will.

so i decided to pay tribute to my old friend, the blurryface era.

also, today i went to an indoor trampoline park (like that thing tyler had his birthday party at) on april 8th and they played ride. i LOVE ride so much. i started screaming the lyrics as loud as i could and the dj gave me a shoutout for my awesome rapping skills. just wanted to share that experience.


“Blurryface Era”

This was the time when I came to sing,
First about being stressed and taking my time,
But soon I was screaming about almost anything,
And somehow, I learned it’s okay to not be fine.

Demons running laps in our minds,
Blurryfaces, we called them all,
Some had our own names to tell the difference between yours and mine,
Silhouette came to life, bad things, she started to call.

I’d cry in my bed until five past one,
But two young boys reminded me,
Silhouette hadn’t yet won,
There was still time for fighting.

She started to get smaller and smaller,
And Tyler’s Blurryface did too!
And Josh’s, and his, and her’s,
Or whatever pronouns you use!

Skeletons, you’re safe!
Aliens, no need to hide!
Broken people, come to life!
My family, we’ve defeated the night!

Blurryface is gone, this era is behind us,
Good memories, bad memories,
Singing songs about overcoming and using problems to discuss,
All these amazing songs, most I have memorized.

A love song,
A sad song,
A happy one too.
A scary song,
A fast song,
They bring us together, me and you.

Now, on its closing day,
In a trampoline park, bizarre as it is,
I heard the speakers turn up and Tyler say,
“I’ve been thinking too much.”

I began to scream the words,
Every verse, every rhyme,
Listen to Josh’s every drumbeat,
And Tyler singing about taking time.

I met my second family here,
So it’ll always be the tear in my heart,
When I talk to them, I have little to no fear,
And I feel as though nothing could tear us apart.

So, goodbye, Blurryface,
Goodbye, Silhouette, too.
Even though you’re still there,
I’m no longer talking to you.

On to the next album,
Coming with even more friends.
I’ll cherish them and love them,
And they’ll be my family until the very end.

A final wave, a final send off.
A final black paint spread,
A final rap about making voices stop.
All these words will stick in my head,
And they’ll be my favorites until the very end.

Overplayed? I don’t care.
I still love every beat,
I still love every shout,
Even though a few others have their doubts.

Stressed Out and Ride,
They dragged me into this mess.
But I love this mess, they make me alright,
Now let’s all go scream the chorus to “Heathens”.

  • Me: Okay brain time to think and do work let's g—
The Celestial Maiden (Teaser)


Wow, this turned into more of a chapter than a teaser. Aw well, at least it gives a more rounded view of what the story will be like.

I don’t know when I’ll start releasing official chapters but let me know what you guys think so far! This story is still in its infancy so please be gentle.


The old woman gave a look of amazement.
“What?” Inuyasha snapped. His patience with the situation was starting to burn out fast. “If your damn prophecy says I have no soul mate then you’re not shocking anyone, so just spit it out!”
The hag chuckled, flashing him a conspiratorial look. “Oh, ye have one alright." 

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Your Heart Was Beating Too Fast

Yeah…I know, I know. I said I was done. Turns out I wasn’t. This popped in my head, and spilled onto a page very quickly, and well…here ya go. A little prequel to the other two Supercorp/Sanvers/Kiddos fics. (At least this one’s short? Haha)

And now I’m done. For real. …I’m pretty sure…

Feat. Supercorp and Sanvers and Danvers Sisters and babies.

Alex and Maggie barely push the door open, when Kara cries, “Alex! In here. Please…please help me.”

There is a lot of crying coming from Kara and Lena’s bedroom, and not all of it sounds like it’s from their newborn baby girls.

Alex kisses Maggie on the cheek, leaving her to occupy their three kids in the living room and hurries down the hall toward all the noise.

Her jaw drops in the doorway to Kara and Lena’s bedroom.

Toys and blankets and diapers and bottles are everywhere. Kara is cradling two tiny, pink bundles—one in each arm—bouncing and rocking and trying everything she can to make them stop crying, which they don’t seem to be inclined to do, as her own tears stream down her cheeks.

Alex wants to laugh and cry at the same time.

“Lena had a meeting, she had to go…she…and I…I can’t. Alex, they won’t stop.”

“Oh, Kara…”

“Alex, please,” she pleads.

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Close Interactions

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader

Requested: yes, by @supremethunda

Summary: “How about the reader is working with Shuri as an assistant when Shuri is designing new technology for their country and this allows T'Challa to get closer to the reader. Very close. Like she could be a graduate from a prestigious college & is studying abroad in Wakanda.”

chapter/one-shot: chapter 11

Rating: M

notes/warnings: crying, making out, fluff. time skip to a month after the last chapter. 

Originally posted by comicherald

Your name: submit What is this?

You were T’Challa’s house once again. He had texted you after work to go over calculations, but a part of you told you that he was up to something. Nevertheless, there you are, eating Chinese delivery on his couch with some random reruns playing on his television.

“Are you going to finish your dinner, your highness, or are you going to stare at me the whole time?” You quirk an eyebrow over at T’Challa, whose brown eyes were staring fondly at you.

“Well, my dinner isn’t nearly as interesting to look at as you are, umhle..” He winks but feeds himself another forkful of rice.

You roll your eyes at his charms and look at your phone. Shuri had sent yet another email about calculations she needed you to check.

Guess you really were working tonight.

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Hidden Rooms

Summary: Every night you hear noises in your closet, every night you pay a visit.

A/N: these keep getting longer ;;

Hoshi x reader x Woozi (nothing weird i promise lmao)

Wonwoo [here], Dk [here]

Word Count: 4,009 T T

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Part 2 of that Possessed Teru idea! (psst you can find part 1 here!) 

Mob really doesn’t like the idea of his best friend being possessed it seems! (who would tho really? lol) This spirit also seems to be trying to toy with something it really really shouldn’t. 

I made this part a little more lighthearted kind of I think maybe this time and the next part I think I’ll write out because I feel like I’ll be able to put in the detail I want to that way. We’ll see! Maybe I’ll get inspired to draw it out again but who knows! Not me! Its too late for me to know anything really haha off to sleep again. Hopefully another continuation tomorrow!!! (I honestly only got this part drawn out so fast because so many people were saying nice things about the first part and???? I’m really grateful!!! It was really amazing to see!!! It really inspired me to get more of this out like heck thank you all you kind people you ily)