i think its a good cosplay even if it's a girl

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Hi I love your blog and headcannons so much! IDK if you're taking requests, but if you are can you write one where the RFA (plus V and Saeran) and MC are cosplaying at a convention? Thanks so much and please never stop writing!

YEAAAAAA CON HEADCANONS!!! and thank you so much!! ^^


  • him and MC can only afford to go to local cons but when they do, THEY FUCK IT UP!
  • everyone is so jealous of their cute ass couples cosplays
  • they would probably be the type to dress up as a heavily shipped pairing thats not canon, then come up with a bunch of really romantic kissy poses
  • Yoosung gets his hard with con crunch
  • the week of the con he’s up till like 4 am every night
  • thinks that hell is just sewing, he really hates sewing so MUCH
  • but when it all comes together and his cosplays get attention, its so worth it
  • loves props


  • well known cosplayer, probably hosting a few panels and has a meetup planned
  • mostly video game cosplays with MC!!!
  • he loves to do crazy armor and shit, shit favorite part is painting foam to make it look like real metal
  • MC braids his hair so it can fit in a wig !!
  • they have the COOLEST fuckin poses
  • Zen doing cute con vlogs!!!!
  • *filming MC* “say hello to my adorable partner as they order starbucks in a full suit of armor!”
  •  starts prepping for cons MONTHS in advance
  • takes road trips to all the major ones and rooms with MC~~
  • they get stopped for pictures so often they can barley do ANYTHING
  • has tons of other famous cosplayer friends


  • cause like TBH she got that hot anime girl body sorry i cannot tell a lie
  • but she’s always super embarrassed about it and gets really flustered when people ask for pics
  • but also lowkey feeling herself
  • MC always cosplays from the same anime/game, usually someone that people ship Jaehee’s character with
  • Jaehee hates wig styling so much
  • she wishes she could set all of her wigs on fire
  • every boy wishes she was straight
  • gets lowkey really shy when she recognizes her favorite cosplayers at cons
  • kpop pannels


  • him and MC do like, dynamic duo type pairs instead of really shippy romantic cosplays
  • likes to do different takes on really popular characters, like i feel like he’d be the type to cosplay steven rogers before he was captain america, things like that
  • does a lot of comic book cosplays probably
  • gets super protective during cons and thinks that everyone who wants to take a pic of MC is filthy and just in love with them
  • hand on the small of their back at all times !!!!
  • buys them anything they want in the dealers hall
  • always able to book a nice ass hotel


  • literally does EXCLUSIVELY au cosplays
  • when him and MC do couple cosplays they’ll do high school au a lot or barista/costomer or BOTH wear maid outfits
  • P R O P S
  • loves to carry around a silver platter of snacks or like a big magical girl staff
  • he loves cosplay makeup! !!!!! he’s usually the one to do MC’s makeup
  • likes do to male!cosplays of girl characters
  • also likes to straight up cosplay girls
  • surprisingly a sewing genius


  • didnt cosplay until MC asked him to
  • at first he was like mmmMMMMm i dont really know it seems kind weird
  • but then MC put together something for him and HE HAD A BLAST AT THE CON
  • he loves that moment when someone is like “omg, can i take a picture of you two???” and he like FUCK yea strike a pose!!
  • when he started making his own cosplay it was a little rocky
  • but he loves that its something him and MC can do together and enjoy as a couple
  • he even loves the process, he loves learning to sew from MC and letting them teach him all the tricks of the trade
  • he just really loves MC a lot


  • he thinks couple cosplays are a little lame but he also literally loves MC so much 
  • and he lowkey loves getting to be cutesy all day with them
  • it blows his mind that people want pics of him and his s/o but when they look this good how can you not
  • other than couples cosplays he likes gore makeup
  • something him and MC do a lot: zombie/zombie hunter versions of a couple
  • zombie viktor and zombie hunter yuuri LOL
  • hosts panels on realistic gore makeup
  • makes a youtube tutorial here and there
  • smol girls LOVE HIM


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I've never worked retail- only food service- but man can I relate to your issues with costumers. I worked for about two years down in Orange County California, ugh don't even get me started on those customers. But I think it's also a great lesson, to be able to see how dumb people act and how entitled they think they are so that you are able to watch yourself when you are out shopping. Love your blog and stories. Hope you get some nice customers come your way more often.

I’m glad y’all can relate. 

We get some good customers every once in awhile, its just that our interactions are usually shorter and don’t go nearly as far. But just for you, Nonny, here’s a short list of fun customers I’ve had!

  • Three little old ladies came through my line with a bouquet of flowers and a roll of tulle. They’re all giggling. “Ethel here is getting married!” Ethel, who is probably in her 80′s, blushes a deep red. The woman talking to me leans in a whispers: “For the very first time!”
  • A man comes to my register with a fake orchid: “There’s a woman I work with that we jokingly call my ‘fake wife,’ so I’m getting her a fake flower for fake Valentine’s Day.”
  • One night I spent about thirty minutes helping a bunch of teenager girls find materials to put together Steven Universe cosplays. For the record… my hair is pink and my girlfriend is working on a Rose Quartz cosplay for me. So this was really cute. They gave me hugs at the end. 
  • Woman is buying all of the Star Wars merch she can find. I ask her if she’s buying for herself or for a grandson. “Oh, they’re for me of course! I was taking pictures at the opening night for the new one. All these young fellas- they kept asking me all these trivia questions and I said: Boy, I was there for the first ones. If I don’t know the answers its because I damn forgot!”
  • I asked a dude if he found what he was looking for. He held up a velvet box and told me that for Valentine’s Day he was going to fill it with french fries and give it to his husband. 
  • A small child in the toys section put a lot of effort into building a pyramid out of sharks. 
answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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Fallout 4 Companions As Parents

- Cait is the token ‘hot mom’, would definitely burst into the school like a hurricane if she found out her child was being bullied and demand the principal got up off their fat corporate funded ass to do something about it, if they didn’t she’d go to the kids houses and ask to fight the fucking parents, wouldn’t be able to cook to save her fucking life so your prime source of nourishment would be pizza she ordered (she’d be cool about it and let you pick whatever toppings you want), bedtime would be nonexistent and vague and she’d pretty much just tell you to go to sleep whenever she figures out it’s actually pretty late, you’d find her the next morning passed out on the couch with a bag of pretzels tucked into her side, ‘sex ed’ mom who all your friends come to for help even before the actual sex ed teacher or their parents, everyone’s kind of scared of her so you don’t really have to worry about anyone bullying you, let you have your first sip of alcohol, once you get older lets you have some drinks as long as you stay in the house bc she knows kids always find a way to drink, when you wanna try out for a sports team she helps you work out and trains with you, when you go on your first date and they come to pick you up she glares a hole into their head but tries to be polite bc you’re her fucking baby, gives you the coolest hand-me-down clothes

- Hancock, ‘the Cool Dad’, one time you came home in tears after getting dress coded in Jr. High and he was genuinely flapperghasted (’you look fine? The fuck you mean they said ‘you were distracting the boys’?? You’re eleven???), busts into the school and gives the principal AND the teacher who dress coded you the scare/tongue lashing of their fucking lives, lets you wear whatever you want within reason, takes you shopping and if you pick up something weird that tangibly no one else would wear he looks at you dead serious and says ‘i love it.’, the ‘fuck yeah stick it to old people while eating cereal in his jammies’ dad, totally respects and adores your rebellious phase bc you’re teaching yourself that the system is corrupt, always went to all your daddy/daughter or father/son dances and events and scared the shit out of all the other parents despite being the friendliest person there, picks you up from school blasting rock music and takes you to get ice cream after a game/performance/bad day, ‘auntie fahrenheit’ who comes to visit and always stays up watching true crime and law and order with you, she teaches you practical self defense as opposed to hancock’s ‘here’s a knife stab em until they drop’ take on it, occasionally picks you up from school to go play laser tag with hancock and all their friends, has an entire hanse of friends who all think you are a fucking angel and would probably die for you, he helps you clean up after a wild party so your other parent doesn’t find out, when you come home drunk as a fucking skunk he makes you a sandwich gets you some gatorade and tucks you into bed only promptly to wake you up at 6AM to mow the lawn to teach you a valuable lesson, when your first date comes to pick you up he greets them in his signature ‘hancock’ coat draped over his jammies eating chocolate rice krispies with a ‘sup dude’ no matter what gender they are much to your utter embarrassment, always the first to hug you after someone breaks your heart

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Tohru and Kobayashi Visit A Maid Cafe! (Tohru Almost Burns It Down)

I’m back with more prompts!! I got a lot of requests for 2, 13, and a combination of both of them so here we go with #2, “This was the best day ever,” and #13, “We can, you know, go together if that’s a think you would like.” This one’s for @itrogash, @franchium, @true0neutral, and an anon! Tohru and Kobayashi go to a maid cafe and, naturally, chaos ensues. 

As always, previous Dragon Maid fics and my other writing can be found here

“You’re going out?”

“Yes, just to do the shopping, I’ll be right back!  I think it’ll only be an hour.  I bet I can do it in less!” Tohru tells her, animated.  She’s done this since those awful, silent weeks, been excruciatingly careful to tell Kobayashi where she’s going, how long she’ll be gone.  Feverish reminders that she’s coming back.

“You don’t have to rush, that’s fine.”

“Um.  You could come with me, if that’s a thing you’d like, I know you have a day off.  You don’t have to, though, please don’t feel pressured-” she worries at the seam of her glove, nervous.  She’s always in this odd middle space between feeling compelled to express her affection and worried that Kobayashi is going to rebuff her.

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Welcome to my fan fic rec master post! I have worked for an exceptionally long time to get this together, and the following fan fictions are my favourites from the The 100 writers of this fandom! There were loads and loads to choose from, so it was really hard to narrow them down to this amount. There are about 30 fics here, and are 97% Bellarke, but there are other pairings scattered about: Minty, Wellvan, Clarphy and Bravenlarke being the ones with their own fics.

Take a look and see if there’s a fic for you! They’re organised by genre, and some even have little comments to show you how I felt about them! I have tried to link the authors to their tumblrs, too, but if you spot your fic, or someone else’s, that isn’t linked, just give me a shout and I can fix it! Thanks for reading!

(Each tumblr user is tagged by their fic, if you’re tagged more than once it’s because you have more than one fic here!)

All-Time Favourites

Your Mess Is Mine by monroeslittle @argyledpenguin

Bellarke | 42k

Summary: They left soon after, deciding they needed drinks to celebrate Clarke’s new, awesome ability to hit a ball with a bat. But before they went, Clarke threw an arm around Bellamy’s shoulders, forcing him to duck a little so that she could press her check to his, and snap a picture. She put it up on Instagram, labeling it suck it, Octavia! Octavia liked the photo about eight seconds later.

“I’m glad she’s hard at work,” Bellamy said.

On the T, Clarke made it the background on her phone. It was a really good photo.

modern AU, Clarke grows up with Octavia, and Octavia’s brother.

Comments: Okay, so this was the first ever fan fic I ever read? And I didn’t stop, just kept reading until two in the morning, and this was the fic that sent me down the rabbit hole. I would be angry, but the rabbit hole is absolutely awesome.

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Learn to take a hint.

I won’t reveal any names of the people involved of course, so here’s the cast for this story:

Rey - Myself

Kylo Ren - My boyfriend at the time

T - Creepy guy

This took place at a rather small but pretty well known convention in Texas. It all started on Saturday, and as I’m sure you all know, that’s usually the most crowded day of a con. But, I think this was the most crowded its ever been at this certain con. It was insanely packed. Now, I have severe anxiety and psychosis issues and I can’t exactly go to big events by myself. My mother wasn’t able to go with me on this day because of work, so a family friend happily offered to take me and help me with my medication, panic attacks if I had them, etc. So, my friend and I decided to walk off to another part of the venue that was calmer and less crowded. Anyways, after a few minutes of sitting down and chatting, she was hungry and wanted to go the hotel’s food court to go get food. I had sore feet and didn’t want to walk for a while, so i reassured her I would wait for her where I was and that I’d be okay. She figured I was right and walked off to go get food– I know this was a big mistake on my part, but hey, I’m a fucking idiot sometimes. I sat there for a few minutes chatting to the few people that passed me and asked for pictures, the usual stuff i’ve grown used to at conventions. Everything was fine

Then he showed up.

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What Your Sun Sign Says About You
  • Aries: Aries people are all athletes. They are all egomaniacs and are the best at everything. They have naturally loud voices and by that I mean your outside voice is their inside voice. They have jawlines so sharp they can cut you. All Aries have road rage and are male.
  • Taurus: All Taurus people are slow and live on farms. They love anything that has to do with plants, animals, and nature. They also love security which they often find in a Snickers bar. Taurus people make great chefs if you can keep them from eating the batter. They are very stubborn. You can lead a Taurus to water, but you can't make it drink.
  • Gemini: Gemini people talk 1,000 miles a minute. They are always hyped up on caffeine and when they're not, they still act as if they are. They never sleep. Gemini people have an account on every social media site. They may not have invented the internet, but they sure as hell popularized it.
  • Cancer: Cancers are very loving and protective. Until you cross them. Then they go Rambo. They are moody and manipulative. Cancers will try to charm you into doing things and when you don't comply, they lose it. They especially hate it when people who they love backstab them. If a Cancer thinks you betrayed them, I wouldn't recommend eating anything they cook because it's probably laced with rat poison. Cancers live in their bed, usually surrounded by tons of blankets and pillows with Netflix on and snacking on a box of chocolate. All female Cancers are moms and all male Cancers are mama's boys.
  • Leo: Leos are the most fabulous people you'll ever meet. They wear only the best brands and have terrific fashion sense. Their hair is their prized possession (along with their Gucci handbag, of course). Leo people are extremely dramatic and love having the spotlight on them. Leo people live on a stage and are the type of people to tweet extremely personal things ("Just went to the bathroom #SWAG"). All Leos are blonde.
  • Virgo: Virgos are the neat freaks of the world. Their favorite bath product is bleach. The quickest (and funniest!) way to anger a Virgo is to touch their things. Go into their room and move their pens around and them watch them have a nervous breakdown. Virgos are very intelligent people and like order. However, they don't really sleep much because of their continuous worrying. "How many calories were in that brownie?" "Do aliens really exist?" "DID I REMEMBER TO TURN OFF THE STOVE?!" All Virgos suffer from OCD and are picky eaters.
  • Libra: Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. They are also the most indecisive. The quickest way to kill a Libra is to make them pick where to eat for dinner. A Libra's favorite thing to talk about is their love life. For every light on Broadway, there is a lovestruck/heartbroken Libra. Luckily they get over breakups pretty quickly. After staying in bed for 2 weeks, badmouthing their ex to ALL of their girlfriends, listening to Taylor Swift nonstop, and the occasional tire-slashing, they're pretty good to go. Libras flock in groups. If you see one, there's 20 more hiding in her handbag. They're the girls who go to the bathroom in groups. All Libras are female.
  • Scorpio: Scorpios are secretive and possessive. And don't forget obsessive. Once something has caught their eye, they will pursue it relentlessly. They are the people who Facebook stalk others. Often times you won't even know a Scorpio has been doing this. It will just be the occasional shadow you see out of the corner of your eye or the creak in you floorboards at night. The quickest way to get stung by a Scorpio is to betray them. Cheat on them or worse yet, tell someone their deepest darkest secrets, and you will regret your very existence. But here's the thing: they won't yell at you, they won't throw things; the police will just find your body 3 days later floating in the ocean. But as long as you're trustworthy and never EVER leave their sight, you should be okay.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a ball of fun. An irresponsible, reckless ball of fun. It's always fun to hang out with a Sagittarius, that is until someone calls the cops because chances are if you're hanging out with a Sag, you're doing something illegal. Sagittarius people can do ridiculously stupid things and still never get hurt. They are the luckiest sign of the zodiac. They are those people who find $20 just laying in the street and get arrested but only spend the night in jail. It was a Sagittarius that invented the phrase "Do it for the Vine". All famous people are Sagittarians and all Sagittarians are famous.
  • Capricorn: Capricorns are hard-working. Too hard-working. They will do anything to get to the top. They will step on people and use their appearance to get what they want. However, they party as hard as they work. In fact, they are usually the craziest ones on the dance floor. Out of all the signs, Capricorns are the funniest ones to watch get angry (as long as you're not the one they're angry at of course). Capricorns get frustrated like the rest of us, but their anger usually reaches a certain point where they lose it and sarcasm becomes their first language. It's at that point that all the fucks they gave go out the window. Capricorns always have the best insults.
  • Aquarius: Aquarius people are... uh, unique. It is impossible to base what the Aquarius race looks like based off of just one. They come in all shapes and sizes. Just look for the tacky people and there's a 99% chance that they're Aquarians. Aquarius people also love technology. On that note, their rooms are fire hazards because of all the cords they have plugged in to the electrical outlets. It's difficult to push an Aquarius over the edge but when you do, their insults are usually below the belt. The hit where it hurts and either don't realize it or simply don't care. All Aquarians still live in their parents' basement and have attended ComicCon at least twice.
  • Pisces: Pisces people are sensitive little fish. And by sensitive I mean crybabies. They are those people who held a funeral for their fish when they were kids (and probably still do). Pisces are also irresponsible. They often say that they'll do things but never do and usually it's because they legitimately forgot. All Pisces have the amazing ability to stay kids forever. They are easily amused an enjoy fantasy stories, especially where everybody lives happily ever after. All Pisces like anime and cosplay.
“Who’s That Costume!?” - The PColor DLC costumes; Both Sets!

Sooo, seeing how the second PColor set was released today, it makes only sense I’d make a post comparing these costumes to the characters they are supposed to be reminiscent of. 

Why only now? Well, tbh, the first set wasn’t all that impressive; despite being more detailed than the recolors in P4U2, it was still pretty basic and in no way directly resembling the characters the costumes were based on.

Not so with the second Set, which imitates the characters used for inspiration as closely as possible with the model bases already present in the game, giving some pretty impressive costumes for a very low price (Currently, the set is even free for a limited time!) and making this set a must-own for any fans of the first three Persona Games (P1, P2IS, P2EP). Now, without any further ado, let the comparision begin!

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There's a KLK cosplay by Jannet Vinogradova and Christina Fink! It's actually pretty impressive to look at but I think yours is even better. They look great but I think the work you put into your Senketsu is even better.

I’m sure every girl would love to sync perfectly with her clothes XD. There are so many incredible Ryuko cosplayers!! I’m glad you liked my attempt X’D;;!!! I’m just a normal cosplayer hanging out in my basement. I’m far too embarrassed to give out my full name hahahah

Cast On


For The Power Of Mabel Week, day 3: The Future!

In high school, Mabel works in a yarn shop. One of her coworkers needs advice about unicorns and choices and growing up. Fortunately, Mabel has tea and a huge stockpile of knitting metaphors.

(They’re like 16; the owner of the Yarn Bomb is probably a witch; and Mabel’s yarn stash is infinite because Fidds and the Grunks give her money for it: Fidds so she can knit things for the poor and needy, the Grunks so she can knit things for their monster friends.)

The Yarn Bomb wasn’t usually busy on Tuesday evenings. All the kids had homework, or if they were avoiding homework could find something more interesting to do than hang out in a fiber arts store. The Old Biddies Knitting Group only met on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Mrs. Drummond and Mrs. Igorashi were working on large-form sculptures these days so they weren’t in every night like they used to be. They’d just published the workshop schedule for the next month, so there weren’t any classes.

It would be fine, Molly told herself. It would be fine and empty and she wouldn’t have to spend the whole time with her Chipper Sales Girl Face on and maybe she could read or do homework or … wallow in existential misery …

Yeah. Probably that last one.

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Owari no Seraph Volume 12 Extras Translation

I saw it and I felt like translating it so here it is! Raws are from @chuunikun here.

(pg 1)

Extra Materials Collection by Author Takaya Kagami!


A girl who spent time with Mika in the Hyakuya Orphanage. In the past depicted in the novels “Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose, Catastrophe at 16”, she was a kind child who was gathered in the orphanage along with Mika. When she died in the first chapter, I was told off by a lot of people.
“What are you doing killing off the cutest girl!”
“Hey look, its Kagami’s quality. Everyone dies in the first chapter.”
“Get it together!”
I’ll answer to your anger (Well, since these are extras, there weren’t going to be any answers to begin with) finally!
At last, the cute Akane-chan has appeared!
There’s no way I would write spoilers in the extra section though!
Yoichi: “……”
I won’t write any!
Yoichi: “…Um, I’ve always had them though…”
Okay, Akane-chan, go ahead.

(pg 2)

Akane: “Yay! Thanks for waiting. The Super Heroine Akane-chan has finally appeared!”
Shinoa: “No, I think I’m the heroine”
Mitsuba: “I think its me”
Akane: “No no no, there’s no way the heroine wouldn’t appear in the first chapter. So the only suitable heroine is –”
Sayuri: “Oh, I-I appeared in the first chapter, Guren-sama!”
Shigure: “…Yes, I did as well, Guren-sama”
Akane: “ Who’s this Guren-sama! Wait, that’s not it! It’s the order! The order of appearance in the first chapter is important!”
Ferid: “Then, I guess I’m the heroine. Everyone pays attention to me in this story, right?
Everyone: "No!”
Akane: “You’re not even a girl! Come on, Mika and Yuu should say something too!”
Yuu: “Well, even saying all that, what is a heroine anyways?” Right, Mika?“
Mika: "Yeah”
Akane: “But, its really good….being able to meet you two…it’s like everyone from the orphanage is back together”
Yuu: “…Actually, well, Akane”
Akane: “Huh?”
Yuu: “…Um, did that actually happen in this volume?”
Akane: “Hm? Ummm, I didn’t read this volume but, I remember everything up until chapter one?”
Yuu: “……”

(pg 3)

Mika: “……”
Yuu: “For now, Mika”
Mika: “Yeah?”
Yuu: “Let’s work hard for Akane’s sake”
Mika: “…Yeah”


I’m writing from a plane headed to Germany. I’ve been invited as a guest to a festival in Germany called  Animagic, so I’m on a plane with Yamamoto-san.
It’s a great seat! I’m getting the VIP treatment! Thank you very much for letting me eat as much as I want on the plane (There?)!
Also, since Yamamoto-san is in another seat drawing an Akane-chan chibi, right now, this plane is now the production site of the Seraph of the End Volume 12 bonus pages (laughing).

(pg 4)

Here’s our conversation from before we arrived at our seats.
Me: “What should we do for the characters on the extra pages? Is there a character you want to draw?”
Yamamoto: “Oh! How about Akane-chan? It would be fresh for this volume”
Me: “Oh, of course! Let’s do that”
We said that and then arrived at our seats. I thought I would try writing it and thought…would it be fresh?
Ferid: “Freshness really is important”
You shut up.

And now, this part is written from Germany. From Dusseldorf Airport, we’ll be going to a place called Bonn. Lest Karr might be there. I’m going out for a bit.
But, now that a shocking truth has been revealed in this volume, its on to the next volume. Both the novels and comics will have some surprising developments that I’m going to try hard to hide, but finally things are going to quickly come together (Actually “gyun-gyun” is German. No its not).
(TN: the phrase “gyun-gyun was used in the previous sentence. Apparently it means the same as "don-don” which means quickly. Basically, its a joke that doesn’t translate well.)
In the next volume, all of the secretive foreshadowing since the beginning will start to be clear. It’s coming so fast???
I kind of feel that way, so thanks for the support, everyone!

(pg 5)

So, that’s the end of the afterword, but I forgot to submit it when I got back to Japan (really), so I’ll add some of what I saw in Germany!
There were a lot of people cosplaying downtown where we stayed, there were a lot of Seraph of the End cosplays too, it was a great festival.
The autograph session was a lottery that was done 5 times, I signed hundreds of books. There were lots of enthusiastic fans. Seraph of the End has spread across the world!
Lest Karr: “Anyway, I’ll be ruling over Germany”
I didn’t see any cosplay of you actually.
Lest: “…Will you increase my screen time?”
Next volume. Will Lest Karr-kun get more screen time!?
Look forward to it, everyone!

A Word About Race & Cosplay

Sweet Fuckin Jesus

That one Garnet cosplay with the white German girl in brown paint has been going around here for a while now, and more recently that Stevonnie cosplay with a white girl darkening her skin has shown up, and soo many people are saying it’s racist and honestly why? A lot of arguments are like “it’s racist because its brown/tan/blackface and that’s racist,” “she painted her skin like another race, and that makes it racist,” etc. I understand how blackface was used and how it’s insulting, but that isn’t blackface (or tan/brownface for that matter). They weren’t using it as an insult to the race, there was no stereotypes present to mock the race, it was the actual skin color (opposed to an actual black face from grease paint or something) so exactly how is it blackface? And I know people hate the “Garnet isn’t black” excuse but I mean it honestly applies. Although I think we can agree if she was human she’d be black, but she isn’t, she is a rock. Even if the color of her “skin” is basically the same shade as some black people doesn’t mean she’s “genuinely” a black person. So painting your skin as the color of Garnet the rock person is different than painting it for a cosplay of Kiki/Jenny from SU (still ain’t blackface but this time they’re doing it for an actual black person).

Okay maybe it doesn’t go with the definition of blackface but coloring your skin as another race is still racist right? Not really. In cosplay its just another detail of the character. The choice of whether or not to match your skin to the character goes with how far do you want to take the accuracy of your cosplay. Personally, I don’t think you need to do that if the character is another race but go ahead there ain’t nothin’ wrong with wanting to. It’s similar to when people wear colored contacts for a cosplay: you don’t need it, it’s one small detail, but you’re more accurate to the character if you do so. 

If someone decided to darken their skin to match another race all the time (no tans/tanning lotion don’t count) then I’d have a different say on this. Many people said/say you can’t dress as ____ if you’re not of that race (ex: white Garnet cosplay) because you are erasing their identity as a POC character or something close, so wouldn’t this be a good thing? Since they acknowledge their race?

If I’m wrong about something , please go ahead and correct me, but I’ll need an actual evidence and argument to change my mind.

TL;DR- Darkening your skin for a cosplay isn’t racist

I really wanted a NYE episode this year. This is how I saw one going down. Pure fluff.

“So who all’s coming to my New Years Eve party?” Stuart asks the guys as they thumb through comic books. They all look at each other and grimace before Sheldon answers.

“I don’t believe any of us will be attending your shinding’.”

“Not even you Raj?” Stuart asks desperately and he shakes his head.

“Sorry dude.”

“Come on guys! It has been like four years since you came to tbe comic book store for new years eve.” Stuart begs.

“Exactly.” Howard tells him. “And in that time we have all gotten girlfriends or got married.” He says shrugging his shoulders.

“So bring them too! The more the merrier! The last time you brought a girl you won first place in the costume contest.”

“That’s another thing.” Sheldon says. “Since winning top prize the thrill of competition is gone.”

“So how about instead of a group costume contest I make a bunch of other categories and best costume of the night wins top prize?”

“Interesting.” Sheldon says is interest piqued.

“The girls are not going to go for it.” Leonard tells him raising his eyebrows.

“Speaking of the girls… How do I know, that if I bring Amy here I can trust you to keep your hands to yourself?” Sheldon asks him raising an eyebrow. “I am told you tried to pitch woo to her on several occasions during our break up.” Sheldon says looking at him menacingly and Stuart throws his hands up.

“You guys were broken up! I would never hit on Amy knowing she was yours.”

“I still don’t know.” He says looking at him skeptically.

“Yeah Stuart, I just don’t think we are going to be able to convince the girls to spend new year’s eve in a comic book store.” Leonard says.

“I know it’s just this year has been long and lonely for me. What with Debbie dying and being kicked out of the house we shared…” Stuart starts hanging his head

“First of all Debbie was my mom! And you lived in our house for long time!” Howard begins but Howard stops him.

“Emily might go for it she likes cosplay. Tell me Stuart is there a theme?” Raj asks.

“Yes! This the best part keeping with the trends… This years theme is Star Wars!”

“Oooo!” Sheldon says excitedly. “The original movies? The prequels? The Force Awakens? Yes to all!!!”

“All genres no holds barred.” Stuart tells them. “Though I am surprised to hear you so excited Sheldon.”

“Why it’s a well known fact that I am a fan of Star Wars.” Sheldon says confused.

“It’s just that I know you gave up your opening night ticket so I thought that maybe you weren’t as big of a fan anymore.” Stuart says trying to get him back for his earlier dig about being rejected by Amy.

“Oh that, well it was Amy’s birthday.”

“Still birthday’s coming once a year and you have been waiting ten years for the new Star Wars.” Stuart says.

“I decided instead of seeing Star Wars on opening night. My time would be better spent having coitus with my girlfriend.” he tells Stuart matter of factly. “From what I recall you enjoyed your night doing neither. Good day Stuart, I will ask Amy about attending your party.” Sheldon says turning on his heel and walking out of the shop.

“So he and Amy finally…” Stuart asks the other guys making a gesture with his hands.

“Yep.” Leonard says smirking at Stuart.

“No wonder he skipped the premiere.” Stuart says dreamily. “I would forgo the rest of the franchise for a chance with her.”

“You might want to keep that to yourself.” Leonard tells him.


“I can’t believe you convinced me to go to this dumb party.” Amy gripes as she adjusts the sleeves on her Princess Leia costume.

“I can’t believe you convinced me to go as Han Solo.” Sheldon says adjusting his vest in the mirror.

“I can’t believe you had a Princess Leia costume at the ready.” She tells him smiling. Even though she did not want to go to the party she has to admit they look great together.

“You never know who the odd one out will be at Comic-Con who has to go as Leia.”

“At least it is not the gold bikini.” Amy says as they walk out the door of Sheldon’s bedroom.

“Are you sure? I could buy you one.” He tells her winking at her.

“Quite sure, I don’t have the… Ahem… Assets to pull of that one.” Amy says as they walk into the empty living room.

“I beg to differ.” Sheldon tells her pulling her into a kiss he had been resisting giving her since seeing her dressed as Leia.

“Oh get a room!” Penny yells at them before their lips connect. “Don’t do that in front of your mother! “ Penny says pointing her gun at them dressed as Padme’ from Attack of the Clones.

“Ha ha.” Sheldon says stepping away from her.

“That’s a good son-in-law.” Leonard jokes as he walks in dressed as Anakin. “Okay family let’s go we are meeting the rest of the gang at the comic book shop.

When the get to the comic book store the party appears to be in full swing. Sheldon looks around and groans loudly and rolls his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Amy asks.

“Look at how many Leia and Han’s there are here! I told you we should have been BB-8 and R2-D2!”

“And I told you I was not going dressed as an orange ball or a space trash can.” Amy hisses at him.

“Space trash can! Woman!” He hisses back.

“Fighting already?” Stuart says appearing beside them dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi. “Did someone say help me Obi Wan you’re my only hope?” He asks raising his eyebrows at Amy who rolls her eyes.

“Get lost you…you…nerf herder!” Amy tells him and Stuart and Sheldon are taken aback.

“Geez! Someone Can’t take a joke.” Stuart says walking away.

“Did you just use a Star Wars reference to insult Stuart?” He asks looking down at her intently.

“I did.” Amy says excited and just as Sheldon leans down to kiss her they are interrupted by Bernadette’s high pitch squeal.

“You guys look adorable!” She yells hugging Amy around the neck.

“So do you guys!” Amy tells her Howard and Bernadette are dressed as ewoks

“This is humiliating.” Howard gripes crossing his furry arms.

“Why? The Ewoks are the most adorable Star Wars characters.” Bernadette tells him.

“That’s just it I don’t want to be adorable I want to be badass!” He says.

“Excuse me! The Ewoks helped take down the empire while looking adorable in the process.” Bernadette tells him.

“She has a point Howard.” Leonard tells him. “Who better to be Ewoks than tbe most tiny adorable couple we know.”

“Are Emily and Raj not coming?” Penny asks bored of the subject.

“We’re here.” A Kylo Ren says behind Bernadette pulling of its mask to reveal long red hair.

“I can’t believe nobody dressed as Luke in our group! I don’t even get to say my best line.” Raj says pulling off his mask.

“So you guys are grandfather and grandson… Neat…” Penny says tilting her head.

“I only wanted to be a sith.” Emily says putting her mask back on and walking away.

“Ookkkayyy.” Penny says through her teeth drinking her drink.

The rest of the night is fun. More fun tban the girls thought New Year’s eve in a comic book store would be. Even if Sheldon is disappointed that his and Amy’s costume did not win top prize just best Han and Leia.

“Its not fair! Howard and Bernadette’s stupid Ewok’s won… I told you…”

“If you say we should have been two robots so help me. Besides think of it this way. They were the only Ewoks so they won top prize. However we won best Han and Leia out of how many other couples?”

“Only because you were the only actual female Leia.” He sniffs.

“Exactly! When you used to come to these things did you ever think you would be the one with an actual girl on your arm?” She asks him as tbe countdown begins.”

“Are you saying you are the prize?” He asks her puzzled.


“You’re right.” He tells her as the count hits one and he kisses her. Kissing her long after the other couples break apart to celebrate the new year. “Sorry I’ve been wanting to do that all night.” He tells her when he breaks away.

“So have I” Amy admits staring back up into his face.

“How about a hug to ring in the new year?” Stuart asks Amy walking up to them but She,din wraps her up in another passionate embrace blocking Stuart out.

Lolitas and the Weebs

My friend and I were going to our first Lolita convention and we were so excited. The first night was going to be a swap meet and then afterwards we would all go out and eat and then we were going to have drinks and dance.

Everything was going so well, we were having so much fun seeing everyone in our community as well as buying and trading new things to add to our wardrobe. Then they showed up.

Earlier that day a cosplay picnic had taken place, and since this was not only for lolita but for all Japanese fashion, those are the picnic were invited, because why not? They were into the fashion scene as well and reaching out is always good to attracting new members.

Those who came all seemed to be genuinely interested and had some idea of what was going on. Well, Ihad brought some of my handmade jewelry as well as some cute phone charms, some of which happened to be Pokemon. Well, they come in, one is cosplaying Ciel from Black Butler, the other Jojo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Ciel comes up and starts gushing over my phone charms, I think I have a sale and a few extra bucks for a meal. Jojo starts sighing and lamenting how awful Pokemon has become. Sighing more and more how he moved on to edgier things like DBZ and other anime he sees as far more superior than a show made for kids.

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Getting to “Noh” Cosplay, and how it helps society at large.

So, time for a few POSITIVE words about cosplay:

A Fireman, a Gynecologist, A movie Star, and a Schizophrenic all walk into a bar.  Bartender says “What’ll it be?” and each one in turn orders a drink… they all sit down at a table, and have a lovely evening…….

Oh… wait… that wasn’t funny… I was supposed to open with something funny.  What would make that funny? ah, yes, it would be the conflict you would expect from this group of very different people meeting together.  

But what would make these people from very different walks of life come together?  What could transcend age, race, gender, social class, education, occupation, in order to bring all these starkly different individuals together to share a few drinks, and a few laughs? Is is some kind of Illuminati-style-secret-society?  Some 1980’s “Cannonball Run” movie plot? No!  Its Cosplay!

Cosplay?  What’s cosplay?  Isn’t  that some kind of weird fetish?  “Oh kids these days!” … Well, you may know someone who is a cosplayer…that unassumingly normal person standing in front of you on line at 711 might be a cosplayer, and you would never even know it!  

Cosplay is a portmanteau for costume-play, and it is a growing subculture.  It can be defined, quite simply, as putting on a costume in an effort to embody that specific character. Some define Cosplay as a subculture that began in Japan, with the popularity of Manga and Anime, and made it over to the US at the turn of the century. Now, you may be thinking: “ We have a name for that: Halloween.  We have one day, set aside, for all this childish nonsense.  I don’t need to see batman buying milk at the gas station on a random Thursday night.”

However, I beg to differ.  Cosplay is not new.  It is something that has been a part of every culture, in every corner of the globe, since the time of the caveman.  Without it, there would be Anarchy. Anarchy?!  Surely I must be joking! What does a caveman have to do with this green woman standing before you?  Furthermore, how could my cousin dressing up like Harry Potter and embarrassing the whole family possibly keep anarchy at bay?

When you think of a caveman… you can envision them sitting around the fire, putting skulls of animals on their heads and reenacting the hunt.  Tribesmen of  Native Americans created elaborate costumes and danced out the stories of their Gods.  The Ancient Greeks defined what we know as modern theater, building amphitheaters where people could gather and experience the stories that were acted out before them.  In Japan, Noh theater, with its elaborate masks and costumes was born out of the Buddhist concept of Noh, which translates to: the connection of the audience with the actor.  Then we had Shakespeare…and oh, a few hundred years of live theater where people would come together as groups, and become enthralled with the story as the experienced the emotions, the drama, the fantasy…right along with the actors before them. … But then, something changed.

Movies came along… and then television…eventually, the internet.  And although sometimes we still gathered as an audience to witness these stories…they were now on a screen, and not in our physical presence.  With the advent of special effects and CGI the visuals became more dazzling and “realistic”.  To top it all off, reality TV became a staple.  Now anyone can be a star!!!  You do not need any training, talent, or even human decency to be famous!!!

But that Japanese Buddhist concept of “Noh”, of the connection between the audience and the actor…. was lost.

That little spark of magic, that “Noh”  is so important to me!  I remember my first Trick or Treating. I was about 3 years old.  My mom painted a clown face on me with greasepaint…which I promptly smeared all around!  When we finally got outside, my mom kept having to chase after me, because every time I saw another child in costume I’d yell “It’s Batman!!!”  "Theres Spiderman!!!“ "Oh mom look!!! a real Vampire!!!” I don’t remember one other little detail about being 3 years old, but that feeling has stayed with me for the rest of my life. It is that magic that I still feel when I see one of my favorite characters in the flesh at a convention.  

If you haven’t had that experience, I would say that it is similar to the feeling you get when your favorite song unexpectedly is playing on a radio, and all of the lyrics seem to eerily synchronize with the events that are going on at that very moment of your life. Or the thrill of your underdog sports team gaining a seemingly impossibly victory!  But we all know that it is a very different experience in between watching your favorite sports team playing on TV, and going to watch the game in person, maybe even getting the chance to snap a picture with your favorite player?

Cosplay is actually a lot like sports, just for a different set of individuals.  Just like in sports, there are players, and there is an audience.  The players spend time and dedication honing their skills in practice, so when the big day comes, everything is on point, ready for the game- which is much like a performance. The audience cheers, boos, and is engaged mentally and emotionally with the players… here again is that Japanese concept of “Noh” !  

Just like in sports, there are levels to cosplay.  Some people just like to get together with friends and shoot some hoops. Others spend every waking moment of their lives trying to make it to the top.  

So we can see that cosplay is something that engages people socially; in a time when few of us can be bothered too look up from our phones and experience the world around us. Cosplay forces us to look, to pay attention to what is happening in this very moment.  To have an experience, however brief, with another real, live, person.   My failed joke at the beginning of this talk was actually loosely based on real life experience (and now you are wondering  "Is she the Gynecologist or the schizophrenic?“…and I’ll just let you keep wondering about that!!) But the moral of the story is that through cosplay I have had the ability to connect with oodles of people I would have never interacted with based on my lifestyle, my skin color, my education…and <mumbles> my credit score.  

In fact, one of my favorite things about cosplay is how it transcends race. (Yes, I just hit the hot button issue!!!) I can remember going to the buffet after a convention with some friends, no time to shower, so I am still the green woman you see before you.  There was a family of many people having a LOUD debate about what my true skin color was under the paint.  For some people, its the first thing that they ask me..because…when you are green, its actually difficult to discern it otherwise. People think I’m Indian, South American, all kinds of lovely exotic things.  But more often, people say to me, "you know, its so strange to see you without bodypaint!  I guess I always just assumed green was you natural skin color!” Its these people, these individuals, that give me hope for the future of humanity.  

I am a geek, a nerd, whatever you want to call it…I grew up with my nose in a book, Avoiding gross human contact at all costs! This caused me to be a socially awkward individual.  I didn’t really know how to relate to my peers who I  had nothing in common with, so I just pushed people away. I’m sure all of us, at some point have felt this way.  Now, attending a crowded convention hall full of people is the direct opposite of what you would assume socially awkward person would want to do. Yet we come in droves! We travel for days and spend exorbitant amounts of money just to be there.  One of the reasons for this is that cosplay is empowering!…. Billy might get bullied at school… but he can put on a Thor costume and be a god at the convention!  People marvel at his costume, take his picture, and he meets other Thors, who share his interests, and may share his problems with bulling at school. Sarah has poor self esteem about her looks and her body…she clearly has not kept up with the Kardashians. No girls want to be her friend, and no boys will even look at her in school.  But Sarah can put on a Wonder Woman costume for one weekend, and feel like she can conquer the world!!!  People are complimenting her, snapping pictures, just like she is on the red carpet…and when she goes back to school on Monday, she stands a little straighter, walks with more confidence, and feels better about the girl who she sees in the mirror every day.  

But where there are heroes…there dwell villains..and <feigns shock> anti-heroes!?  Why?  Why would someone, especially a child, want to dress up like something bad, something unsavory, something eeevvviiillll? Since the dawn of man, we have used our imaginations to safely explore our darker sides.  The writer who created the villain certainly had to do so.  So inherently, there must be human parts of these darker characters that everyone can relate to.  Would you prefer that Paul be that weird kid who likes to dress up like the Punisher; or would you think it better that he keeps such ideas to himself?  Forcing himself into conformity, shoving down the weird, the bad, the ugly… until these unreleased urges boil over in an actual real life destructive, or self destructive act? So there you go! A very good example of how cosplay helps to keep anarchy at bay!!!  Now lets take a look at how cosplay can benefit individual’s brains.

Sure, there are more superhero movies and Anime coming out all the time…but superhero movies are based on comics, and Anime is derived from Manga.  So you might be surprised to find out that cosplayers are smarter then the average bear.  And not just because they read, but many of them are becoming the next generation of skilled craftsmen.  I can not stress the importance of this enough! Both reading and crafting strengthen your prefrontal cortex: the part of your brain responsible for organizing, strategizing, controlling impulsive and addictive behaviors.  A strong prefrontal cortex give you a better attention span, helps you deal with stress, and makes you more successful in life in general.

When people take your picture at a convention, or you have the thrill of seeing one of your favs in the flesh, the excitement of seeing another person who shares your passion, that connection, that “Noh” experience causes your brain to flood your body with dopamine and serotonin- your body’s natural happiness drug!  this makes you feel good, and then while you are on your own, crafting and reading, you connect those experiences with the real life experiences and wham-bam-thankyou mam! more happiness drug is released into your system!  

Research psychologist Amy Cuddy proved that holding “power poses” or Alpha stance (and yes, the classic wonder woman pose is included in these) holding these poses, for as little as two minutes lowers your cortozol: (that’s the stress hormone that makes you sad and fat) and raises your testosterone (that the “take the bull by the horns” hormone) Where as holding  shy or withdrawn pose has the opposite effect!  So grandpa telling you to stand up straight isn’t just being old fashioned…he’s trying to make you a happier person! Now, what do we do when we cosplay?  We power pose!!  All day long!!!!  If just two minutes can have an actual physiological effect… imagine what an entire day of power posing can do for you?!!!

Another “take my breath away moment” that happens at conventions is this:  last weekend, I had an entire conversation with Mario.   Yes, Mario the plumber, known for kicking koopa’s butts and saving princess'  yeah, that Mario.  An absolute stranger came up to me an interacted with me as his character .  I didn’t ask him to…I wasn’t even dressed in a costume from the same universe.  But we went on for a good 5 minutes, just bantering back and forth about the treachery  of warp zones, where the next castles where the princess might be found, etc. For five brief minutes….we were playing pretend….just like children!  

There are plenty of experiments done on rats, and “studies” done on children that prove that interactive plat has a plethora of benefits .  Its another activity helps to strengthen our prefrontal cortex that as we explored earlier helps you to problem-solve creatively, reduce impulse behavior, and helps you to be happier and less frustrated with the world around you.  Psychiatrist  Stuart Brown shows in his book Play  that adult play can foster harmony between adults, in families, in the workplace, and even in relationships. The importance of play time for children can not be understated . During playtime  children learn social and physical  boundaries  with their peers, They learn the essence of cooperation, develop stronger language and communication skills then children who play less.  Remember Our Thor, Wonder Woman, and Punisher from earlier?  All these kids have a bright, happy, and social future ahead of them!

So its easy to conclude that cosplay is a great way to play with your kids!!!  In a busy world, why sit staring at your phone agonizingly  waiting for your child’s play-date to be over, when you could be fulfilling your childhood fantasy of being Green Lantern? I’m sure most of you have seen the viral “bat-dad” videos…you can’t deny that they make you smile!  And if you don’t have children…play with each other !!!  Be that dad, that mom, that brother, sister or friend!  It doesn’t matter if you have an expensive costume, or you wrapped a towel around your neck imbue your old class ring with power!  

I hope that I have shown you that cosplay is not “dangerous”, “antisocial” or “frivolous ”.  Hopefully you understand why its important not to shun your weirdo cousin who dressed up Like Harry potter….Because if you stripped Humanity of all its technology, its electricity, its fossil fuels … we would still be left with our imaginations.  And fortunately , all we need to create the magic of “Noh”, this sacred connection that has existed since time before time….. is me, you, and a little imagination!!!     

#Supernatural TippiTV Recap: 10-19 “The Werther Project”

Previously on Supernatural, aka a limerick for Astrid, who backed my Kickstarter recap campaign:

Dean once had a friend who’s a vampire
Who helped him get free of a quagmire.
Although Benny’s now dead,
And freed of his head,
Death is merely a pause that expires.

Currently on Supernatural, aka 1973:

A teenage girl is just trying to watch her cartoons, but her family is being annoying. Her mother wants her to do the laundry and preemptively cuts off any argument: “And none of your Betty Friedan stuff!” Her male chauvinist brother laughs.

The girl heads downstairs to the washing machine, but decides instead to pick up a sledgehammer and break down a wall for some reason. Work those strong, feminist arms! Behind the wall is a vault bearing the Men of Letters crest. She tries to open the vault, but a blast of green, glowing smoke knocks her out and zips up the stairs.

That mist totally matches the washer-dryer set. Good job, decorators.

When she wakes some time later, she finds her father and brother have killed themselves. She runs to her mother, who assures her that everything’s going to be just fine. Then Mom slits her own throat with a kitchen knife.

In the present day, we’re back at Sam’s sooper-sekrit meeting with Rowena. “Kill my son,” she says, naming her price for translating the Book of the Damned. She starts to go into a long, boring explanation for why she wants Crowley dead, but Sam just cuts her off. “I’ll do it,” he says.

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Don't feed the Fangirl

I needed to get this off my chest, so I thought I’d share it here. My apologies, it’s kinda long.

Eric = me

Ashley = weeb

Waschbär, Kuro, Gupfinchen, Unicorn, Mary, Sasu, Mochi and Chibi = my friends

Macho-man = this guy I know

So first off, let me set the mood. I’m from Austria – that tiny country next to Germany that’s shaped like a chicken leg. About me as a person, I’m a history nerd with a certain appreciation for Japan and its history, and I like me some anime. I also go to cons and cosplay on a regular basis, and I’m willing to admit that I went through some sort of a weebish phase at some point.
Now, about Austria and its cosplay community: Considering it is a small country, Austria has a remarkable amount of conventions, and consequently, a cosplaying community that may not be the smallest in the world, but still small enough for pretty much everyone to know each other after a while. I have been part of this community for about three years and I know most people and their….quirks. Thankfully, we don’t have too many actual weebs here, but there are a few. About a year ago, I had my first encounter with one of these.

It was in October last year, I had just moved to a different city, Akicon was coming up and I was looking forward to seeing a lot of people I didn’t get to see that often and just have a good time. My friend Waschbär and I had agreed on cosplaying William and Grell from Black Butler for that day, as we’d been meaning to do that cosplay for a while now, only I hadn’t found the time before that. Most of the day passed and we had a pretty good time at the con. Enter Ashley. 

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anonymous asked:

I think you look super adorable as Rose Quartz, I'm just not sure why you're acting like such a fan. You clearly had no idea who she was until people started saying that you should cosplay her. It's kind of a disgrace to the entire cosplay community when people decide to jump on a bandwagon or dress up as a character because they think they look the part. It's supposed to be about passion and dedication. Honestly, how big of a fan can you be after a couple of weeks?

so what you’re trying to say is that a person can’t truly be a fan unless they’ve met some quota for how long they’ve been a fan?  do you know how ridiculous that sounds?  I started watching the show because I kept seeing it all over my dash.  I found it incredibly intriguing because of how much representation they put into a children’s show.  it’s full of diversity, love, humor, and just so many other beautiful things that I’m so glad kids (and adults) are getting to watch.

I binged watched the show in a matter of days because I couldn’t stop watching it.  it was and still is SO incredibly enlightening for me.  I’ve watched so many of the episodes over and over again because they just fill me with a great sense of joy.

did I initially think to dress up like Rose because a ton of people told me that I should?  yeah.  was that the only reason?  of course not.  Rose (from what we know) is incredibly loving, caring, empathetic, and just has a wonderful presence.  she’s also one of the first fat characters to be represented in a completely positive light.  do you know how wonderful it is that fat people actually have a character that they can dress up as that actually LOOKS like them?  and is represented in an entirely good way?

I didn’t even refer to what I did as cosplaying and I’m not a part of the cosplay community.  if this is the way you act towards newcomers, I really don’t think I’d want to be a part of it anyway.  what I am a part of is the Steven Universe fandom and I don’t really have to justify or explain that to you.  if somebody likes something - why do you think it’s your job to question it?  the capricorn in me really wants to keep going on about how incredibly rude this message is, but since this is essentially about Rose..please just think about what you are actually saying.  cause you know what - what if someone did just see Rose and think they look like her and so they wanted to dress up like her?  what if someone knew nothing about someone other than that a lot of people liked them and that they were one of the only characters to exist that actually looks like them?  and that was the reasoning for them cosplaying them.  what if a fat person saw Rose and it would make them feel good to dress up like her?  who are you - or anyone else - to judge them for that?  this sounds exactly like the whole ‘fake gamer girls’ argument and it is just so ignorant and misguided.  

please don’t question my passion, dedication, or anything else when you know nothing of it.  

anonymous asked:

While I agree that cultural appropriation is a thing (why do people say it's not???) isn't it true that most Japanese want to spread their culture and beliefs? If my memory of history class serves correctly, it wasn't like this before. But hasn't that changed? Yeah I can get why her costume can be offensive, but as far as the actual tea or stylization (I hope that didn't come out wrong) of the whole thing, is it really that bad?

Alright, please bear with me and allow me to preface this by saying I’m not too good at this. You’re better off asking a blog like thisisnotjapan. But this is going to be from my perspective, and what I have learned during my time on this site.

Anon, allow me to clarify. First of all, yes, any country would like to expand the reach of their culture. That’s simply how civilization works, and by extension, how it exists in the form it is today. But here’s the thing. Japanese people in Japan (actual ones, mind you, not the ones who say they are online w/o evidence, I never trust those on principle) don’t have the same perspective as those diaspora (people of Japanese descent who live elsewhere in the world). 

You see, many non-European cultures are… made light of, in many countries around the world. General xenophobia, antiblackness worldwide, that sort of thing. And particularly in places like the United States, the current trend is East Asian countries. You’ve seen them. Weeaboos, Koreaboos, that sort of thing. Honestly if this site was around in the 80′s or 90′s you’d have Chinaboos all over the place too. That’s the problem. We are a trend here, and that’s not ok. Many people like to use our language to accessorize their own (aesthetic bloggers, looking directly at you, despite your eye gouging themes), or act as though they know more about Japanese culture because of an anime they watched.

I cannot tell you how many times, for example, I go to Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, and see far more cosplayers than should be there, or see someone say something is “so anime” as though anime is the only facet of modern Japanese culture. I get it. Cosplay is a popular hobby to have. Cosplay is fun. I do it too. But the thing is that cosplay as we know it today started in Japan, and has been consumed here. Just like many other things, weeaboos have commodified many parts of Japanese culture, or used it to present themselves as more worldly or more knowledgeable, or even in some worse cases, “more Japanese” than people like myself, an actual diasporic Japanese person. 

I realize I’ve made this a bigger issue than most would have, but the thing is, it really is that bad. As I said in my much angrier version on that post, we are a culture, not a costume, and I don’t think it’s fair that that little white girl gets to have her geisha fantasy for a day, while many Japanese people train and devote themselves to the lifestyle and get looked down upon by white people, the same ones who gush about how cute their little girl looks in a much much worse “kimono” and poorly done makeup. 

In short, anon, and I sincerely hope this helps you understand, Japanese people are not a costume, not a trend, and we should not be treated as one. If some white family wants to have a geisha tea party, they need to know why that’s wrong, and learn how to go about it properly. Hell, hire an actual geisha to perform a tea ceremony with them, it’s still more respectful than bad facepaint and paper thin “kimono”.