i think it's very telling that she goes right to joey

I Know All Your Secrets


When everyone came close to finding out about Annabeth and Percy because of his stupid mistake. 

Annabeth felt like she was in heaven. She was covered in bubbles and the lukewarm water was so soothing that one by one her muscles were relaxing. _This must be heaven, _Annabeth thought while sipping the cheap champagne and leaning against the cold porcelain bathtub, inhaling the mind-numbing pleasant scent of the bathing salts. Her eyes were closed but they snapped open when she heard her host’s infectious laugh. Oops, completely forgot my company.

Percy seemed like he was enjoying the view. He was covered in bubbles up to his chest and while it would normally amuse Annabeth to watch a man so nervous in normal atmosphere to be so  completely at ease in presence of another stark naked, her mind was just aware of the fact that he was stark naked. Percy noticed her stare and smiling boyishly, held up his glass. Annabeth followed suit and clinked her glass against his before taking a sip and looking around to admire the view- candles lit and a few roses lying beside the small bathtub.

“You have done well Jackson. I must say I am impressed.”

Percy raised his eyebrow and smirked. “The best for the best”

Annabeth blushed slightly at his praise but quickly recovered. “You look cute in bubbles.”

Percy smiled. “Ehh, you’re just liquored up.”

He leans forward and Annabeth follows. They were a few centimeters away from sharing a kiss when a knock interrupted them.

Leo, Annabeth thought begrudgingly I’m going to kill him.

“Hey, it’s me! I’m coming in!” Leo’s voice followed his knocking. Percy’s eyes were widened and she knew what he was thinking. They can’t find out like this.

Annabeth takes a deep breath and dives just as Leo opens the door. She could no longer see them but judging by the silence, she’d say that Leo is stunned.

Leo had always been the most hyperactive person she had ever met. While at times it serveed as a source of entertainment, moments like these when the only thing she wanted was Percy, Leo was nothing but an annoyance.

“I’ve had a very long, hard day.” Percy’s tremulous voice rang out in the silence and as an explanation as to why he had so many candles lit up and he was in the middle of a romantic atmosphere completely alone. Thank god Leo was as naïve as any person can be.

After two beats of pause, Leo drawled out “Ahh, I’m gonna go get some chicken. Want some?”

_Chicken.  Sounds tasty, _Annabeth thought.

Percy replied “Ahh, no thanks. No chicken, bye-bye then.” She tried to listen to the closing the door but after a few seconds she heard Leo asking genuinely “You sure? Some extra crispy? Dirty rice? Beans?”

She had to stifle her laughter as she heard Percy shout at Leo to leave. Getting the sign that he had departed, Annabeth came up for air.

Percy immediately looked at her apologetically and asked in a voice laced with concern,” Are you okay? I’m so sorry, he wouldn’t leave. He kept asking me about chicken.”

Annabeth’s stomach grumbled at the word chicken. She looked at him “Chicken? I could eat some chicken.”

Percy looked at her for a moment and nodded. He then raised his voice and called out for Leo. Knowing what to do, Annabeth dove underwater for the second time. Leo entered the bathroom and Percy listed” Yeah, can I get a 3-piece, some cole slaw, some beans, and a Coke-“

Before even finishing the sentence, Annabeth grabbed his leg and dug her fingernails in his flesh.

_Diet Coke, you Seaweed Brain _Annabeth thought.

Percy yelped in pain and called out “-Diet Coke?”

She heard the door closing and came up for air. Taking in deep breaths, she turned towards Percy and glared. “Never forget my orders”.

“Yes, ma’am.”


Annabeth was trying to understand her brother’s antics. Jason, her dear beloved brother, was panicking again. Well of course he should.

Jason had gotten married to his 72 day long girlfriend, Khione out in London, a long way from New York. As if he wasn’t stupid enough, while saying his vows, he accidently called her Piper(his ex and Annabeth’s best friend.) And as if he hadn’t screwed up enough, while waiting for his wife in the airport so that they could travel to Greece, he met with Piper and offered Khione’s ticket to which she agreed. Plot twist: Khione showed up and upon seeing her husband getting on their fight with the girl he mistook her with, she fled. Jason did what he was expected to do. He went after Khione and in doing so, he lost sight of her and found out the flight had taken off with Piper as a passenger. Complicated. Yes.

How could he possibly confuse his wife and his ex-lover-cum-friend was baffling to her. Then again Jason was the extraordinary child.

She glanced across the table to see Percy (in his navy blue suit that always sent a shiver down her spine) questioning his dear old friend about his inability to outrun Khione (“I can’t believe she can outrun you man!” “SHE’S FAST, OKAY?!!”)

Suddenly the door opened and entering with a suitcase and her natural glow was none other than Piper Mclean. Greece had suited her. She was wearing a simple chiton and her lush brown hair was done in multicolored braids. She looked happy and not at all as if she was going to murder Jason for bailing on her and shipping her off to a strange place.

Everyone sans Jason immediately gathered around her because a) it had been days since they last saw each other and b)it was Piper.

Jason, looking dorky and solemn, quickly apologized to her but Piper seemed too cheerful to care. She smiled and reassured Jason that he did what he had to do and so she was not mad at all.

Annabeth raised her eyebrow at that. Piper not blaming Jason was definitely baffling. In fact their relationship had ended because of the constant assignment of blame.

“Terrible? Hell, I was in Greece! That was a nice hotel! Nice beach, met the nice people. Not too shabby for Piper.”

Jason looked as if the world had suddenly lifted off of his shoulders and enthusiastically he quickly hugged Piper before saying that he had to go (something about buying 72 roses for Khione, Annabeth normally tend to block out his stupid ideas).

Percy smirked at him and said” Make sure to write KH-IO-NE”

Jason looked at his best friend since college  and pushing up his glasses on his nose, quickly banged his fists together (otherwise known as telling him off) and went away.

Annabeth turned towards her friend standing at the same place since she had arrived. “Pipes that’s great. It’s so good you had a great time in Greece.”

Like a snake shedding its skin, Piper’s smile slid off her face. She looked vicious and involuntarily Annabeth shifted towards Percy. Not so that he could protect her. More like she could use him as a human shield when Piper goes savage. Percy looked unbothered and continued to enjoy his blue pancakes (which Annabeth had proudly made herself).

“What?! I didn’t have a good time in Greece! Jason abandoned me! Okay, I couldn’t get a plane out, so I had to stay in their honeymoon suite with people coming up to me all the time going, “Oh, Mrs. Grace, why are you crying?” I mean, it was sooo humiliating. I felt like such an idiot! I mean, it’s all my fault! And you know why, because I make very bad decisions.” She paced around the room before grabbing a bottle and sitting down on the chair in front of her.

Piper finished ranting about her and Annabeth couldn’t help but feel annoyed at Jason and Piper. I mean, sure Jason was her dear brother and Piper was her best friend, but that didn’t stop her from thinking how both of them were too stubborn to really work things out at the same time too much attached to really let go. It was slowly interfering with everyone’s lives.

For the first time, her secret boyfriend and neighbor decided to take part in the discussion.

Percy, ever the mediator, tried to make Piper feel better. “Oh that’s not true”, he said but Piper was furious and self-depreciating enough to insist “Yes it is! It is true! I went; I went after Jason in stupid London.”

Before anyone could comment, Hazel cried out from her place on the sofa, “London is stupid! Stupid!”

Annabeth stifled her laughter. Hazel was surrogating for her brother Nico and his husband and was currently pregnant with three children. She was so pregnant that she could not attend Jason’s disastrous wedding in London. Since her friends’ return, Hazel has therefore been grumbling about how stupid London is. Annabeth liked to think that out of everyone perhaps she has gotten the best deal.

Piper was still not done with her tirade. “Hazel, you were right. I should’ve never gone to London, and from now on you make all of my decisions for me.”

Hazel-sweet Hazel- immediately protested.”  Oh… No, I did that for someone once and I’m not comfortable having that kind of power and control over someone’s life.”

Before even turning to reprimand Hazel for giving up the opportunity, Annabeth raised her hand and called out, “I’ll do it.” Of course she’d do it. She was done watching Piper make bad decisions one after the other. And if there was Annabeth was amazing at, it was controlling people. That gave her a sort of adrenaline rush.

Piper gave her a tiny smile and uncorked the bottle. “That’s fine. So Annabeth, you are now in control of my love life.”

A sense of happiness blazed through her and she could not help staring and giggling at Percy who was quietly finishing his breakfast. He gave her a quick smile and stood up. Keeping the plates in the dishwasher, he turned around and addressing Annabeth he said “Okay, I gotta go to work.”

Before both of them even understood what they were doing or even cared, Percy had leaned down towards Annabeth and captured her lips in a rather passionate kiss. Her mind went blank and all she could register was that Percy’s eyes looked impossibly green and his jet black windswept hair was tickling her forehead. They broke apart and for a moment it was all quiet and blissful.

Quiet and…blissful?

Annabeth turned towards the sound of silence and silently cursed Percy. Piper was holding an open-mouthed bottle and staring at them in shock and disbelief. Hazel’s eyes were widened and her mouth gaping open like a fish. Had it been anyone else, Annabeth would have started laughing. Now she only felt the dread of her friends finding out.

Annabeth and Percy had been friends since the day he moved in the apartment in front of hers. Before they had been acquaintances as Jason and he were best friends since college. After a few mishaps with him (incidents in which he accidentally cut his toe off), they became friends. And that’s what they were.

Till Jason’s wedding day anyway.

After consuming too much alcohol and being insulted and painfully single, Annabeth needed to have a hot one night stand. And Percy, being sweet and charming, had completely taken her off guard by declaring her to be the most beautiful person in the wedding.

Annabeth had then made an impulsive decision. _Sleep with Percy, _her brain had screamed and unquestioningly, she had flung herself at him. Percy was resistant at first but he soon succumbed. It was supposed to be a onetime thing. It turned into a ‘what happens in London stays in London’ thing. And now it’s a secret relationship type thing. She should feel guilty but when Percy kisses her senseless, she becomes selfish enough to not share him with anyone.


Percy-bless him- seemed to understand the situation and his blunder .He glanced at his girlfriend and noted that he had a few seconds to do something productive. He strode over to Piper and smilingly said “And uh, Piper, glad to have you back.” He then leant downward and kissed her too.

Annabeth was torn between bursting out laughing at her friend’s gob smacked face and shooting her a glare for kissing Percy. _He’s trying to contain the situation _Annabeth thought. Yeah, try explaining that to her jealousy.

Percy finished kissing her and turned towards the only occupant in the room who he hasn’t kissed.

“Haze!” He strode over to Hazel and captured her in an awkward kiss. Hazel looked stunned but did not push him away. It looked more amusing than it had done with Piper.

At last he pulled back and bowing to all of them, he said “Always a pleasure ladies” and strutted out of the room with the girls staring after him in wonder.

There were a few moments of silence which was broken by Piper spluttering out “Did that just happen?”

Annabeth nodded at her and looked away from her so that she could not see her smiling like a lovesick idiot.

Pourquoi le ciné et la télé doivent arrêter de faire coucher des lesbiennes avec des mecs
Comme récemment dans la série Dix pour cent, il arrive régulièrement que des personnages introduits comme gays ou lesbiens couchent finalement avec une personne du sexe opposé... au plus grand regr...
By Marie Kirschen

Remember that French TV show (Dix pour cent) I told you about, that made their lesbian main character sleep with a man? Now that character is pregnant with him of course, but the creator of the show Fanny Herrero (a straight woman) has a very good reason, don’t worry!

“Andréa is gay but she’s liberated enough to, on a one-night-stand, have sex with a man and not have a problem with it, because her sexuality is mature and fulfilling enough that she doesn’t ask herself questions. From the beginning, I knew that this character would have a very rich, complex and liberated libido, and for me that goes beyond sleeping with women. I think Andréa is more modern than that.”

Did you hear, ladies? A modern woman with a rich, complex, fulfilling sex life = a woman who wants to have sex with a man! How progressive!

Anyway, for once a Buzzfeed article about lesbians isn’t completely awful, so @sespursongles and I translated it in English :

Why movies and TV have to stop making lesbians sleep with guys

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Will Solace Australian AU

-He doesn’t love the heat. He’s just use to hotter climates than what the camp gets to “it’s not that bad?? I remember one time my friend cooked an egg on the road it was so hot??? This is nothing”

-Will loves the beaches from home and goes to the beach at camp when ever he can because it reminds him of home and of simpler times.

-“yeah nah” “nah yeah”

-He doesn’t really say ‘mate’ unless he’s mad and yelling at someone but he does occasionally use it to describe friends as well.

-He deliberately says stereotypically Australian words to confuse people and or to make fun of stereotypes “nah yeah just give us a second to throw me tracks dacks and thongs on before we head to maccas will yah” “yeah I’m a bit peckish, I’ll probably just grab a sanga before I head off”

-1300655506 ffs (why is this a thing for gods sake. I’ve been brainwashed to remember this I swear)

-Will always making himself fairy bread on his birthday because that’s what his mum use to do back when they didn’t have too much money, making and eating it always brings him good childhood memories.

-Will sitting with Nico on the beach leaning in to kiss Nico before whispering “ "kiss me ketut” and making himself double over in laughter at Nico’s very confused expression.

- Having to try not to finish his sentences in “aye”.

-Will always saying “fizzy” or “soft drink” rather than pop or soda

-Will never being scared of bugs and spiders in camp because the cheeky shits are bigger and scarier in Australia (also because his mum was a complete wimp and made Will get rid of bugs for her), the Athena cabin normally make him get rid of and spiders or bugs in their cabin but he doesn’t really mind.

-He would most defiantly have said this at one point in his life “I bring a whole new meaning to golden gay time” *flips hair*

-Will makes jokes about why he moved to America but never really answers
“The bastards didn’t ship my merch to Australia, obviously that was not acceptable” “my pet kangaroo Joey took me on an adventure to America, I never left”

-In reality Wills mum and him moved for two reasons: to further her music career and because his step dad died. Their family home had too many memories for Naomi to bare so she packed them both up and moved to the only other place they had family.

-They both move to a tiny house in the country so it would feel a little more like home rather than in a big city

-He has regular disagreements with Athena kids who get annoyed at him for spelling things like “colour” and “mum” differently.

-Will always gets super excited about Christmas in America because in Australia it would always be so hot and humid, white Christmases were always beautiful to him.

-Let’s be real Will totally ignores Americas drinking age law all together “do I look like I give any shits? I’m 18, a legal adult in my home country. I know the affects of alcohol and what amount I should drink. I’ve put up with a lot of crap over these past 18 years. If I want to have a beer I’ll bloody well have a damn beer”

-thongs… I’m sure he made a lot of people either blush or laugh by calling his “flip flops” the Australian term “thongs”.

-Will tries his hardest to be nice but sometimes he slips up and forgets that people think he’s being rude when he says Australian terms of endearment. “Oh yeah, Greg is a right old dick head” “well I mean, I thought he was pretty cool actually…” “No no i mean-”

-“oh please that mintour is nothing compared to the spiders back home. Have you seen those things? They could eat a horse if they tried hard enough”

-Will always being asked weird questions about Australia “no I don’t own a boomerang…why would I own a bloody boomerang? Wtf?” “No? I mean I’ve seen a few kangaroos and maybe like one koala? It’s not like they run around our streets??”

-Will defending vegemite to the death because it tastes good “no no! They hate it cause they’re eating it wrong! Put it on toast omfg stop, guys stop its great if you eat it right!”

-Will sometimes just randomly humming theme songs from back when he was little like 'Blinky Bill’ and 'Around the twist’. Most of the time he does it while he’s organising things in the clinic storeroom

-Will telling Nico all about Australia and them both sharing stories about their old homes, Nico shares what he can remember about his home and Will shares all the good times from his childhood.

I just really like the idea of Will genuinely loving America and all of the people but always missing the small differences of home.
I want a Will Solace that remembers late nights camping on empty beaches, and bright sunny days with surfing and cpr lessons. A Will that loves the smell of salt water on sunny afternoons and eucalyptus oil wiped over clean benches, a young Will that would look up at the sun on ridiculously hot days and silently beg his dad to make it hot enough for the teachers to send him and all the other students home from school early because of the heat. I want a Will who grew up with so many cultures and so many different types of people good and bad with a wide knowledge of people and situations. I want a Will who makes jokes about himself and his home country never being afraid to joke around with people and a Will who misses his old friends and the old traditions that are not at all like what people do in America. I just really want a smart ass Australian Will Solace who is proud of his roots and who always wants to have a laugh with people no matter who they are or where they are from. I just really like Australian Will.

Alright you guys! Are you ready for a tale of life long friendship, an odd old man, and a reunion of epic proportions?! Because I’ve got you!

So for my tenth birthday I asked my parentals for a turtle, thinking they’d get me like, a little box turtle or whatever and I’d have it for a year or so until it died or “hibernated” and I could move on with my life, but nope! They decided to get me a motherfucking baby sulcata desert tortoise! Now for those of you unaware these things live to be like a bajillion years old and like a billion pounds, basically, they’re fucking huge! And durable and the type of pet you’ve gotta put in your will because it WILL outlive you! I named her Joey aka Josie aka Josephine and we were supposed to be best friends 4 lyfe! Well for mine. Anyway, I loved her and put a lot of energy into her well being, for an irresponsible ten year old who just kinda wanted a turtle on a whim. Fast forward 11 years and Josephine and I have been through some shit together! She never left my side, literally, my family was homeless living in a hotel for awhile once when I was a teenager, and we moved Joey right into that room with us, hotel staff be damned. I used to take this tortoise for WALKS in the park everyday when we lived in a house with no backyard. A couple years after that however, we moved into the perfect house for Josie! It has a big backyard and I just let her freaking roam the place from dusk till dawn. She was living the life! But tragedy fucking STRUCK 11 months ago when a panel of our backyard fence fell off. I thought that the hole that panel created was too small for my darling reptile to get through, but a was sorely mistaken. The next day when I went to check on my baby she was nowhere to be found! I put up signs! I put up Craigslist adds! I searched the neighborhood and nearby farm fields for weeks, but with no luck in finding my scaly, shelled, best friend, I had to give up hope.

Until today! It all started when i got out of the shower only to hear a voice coming from my driveway. I peaked out of the blinds to see a very old man with a large bicycle, bike trailer in tow, looking through our trash cans and talking to himself. Although this disturbed me i let it go, and told my dad, who told me that it was the same man he had talked to the day prior. That day my father spotted a suspicious old man looking through our neighbor’s bushes. He went up to this man and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing! The old guy calmly explained that he was looking for a tortoise he had found a few months ago and had now lost. My father, bless his heart, told him all about how I had lost my tortoise and asked the man if the turt he found could be ours! The guy agrees that if he finds the tortoise he’ll bring it by and we’ll see if its the same one I had lost all those sad, lonely months ago. Well my dad tells me all of this, and I try to not to get my hopes up, having already had some leads disappointingly go nowhere. But sure enough, here we are, today, on Memorial Day! As the sun sets to set the scene, my family, all standing on the front porch, me in the driveway, this glorious old man in a red flannel and flip flops comes trudging down the street wheeling a wagon that’s got a crate on top. Inside that fateful crate was a much larger tortoise than I had, but there was no mistaking the resemblance in shell shape! One look at her face and I knew that it was my Josephine! The chip in her beak, the nick on her shell from the time our dog had mistaken her as a toy, her brown beady eyes! It was all unmistakably her! Needless to say I cried, and laughed, and held that beautiful shelled reptile for dear life! I thanked that man profusely and I think my father might have offered him a reward, but I was to excited to pay attention to much of anything else! The tortoise I loved and raised for 11 years was back! And she remembered me to! Let me pat her tiny scaly head just like I used to, let me give her a bath and not once did she try to hide away in that magnificent shell of hers! I don’t know what exactly she got up to on her long adventure away from home but I know that the next adventure she goes on, we will be going on it together.

[This fic was requested anonymously, I hope you all enjoy!]

  I lay in bed listening to music in my room. Mister J and Harley had gone out, but I didn’t feel like it tonight. I was too busy thinking about my own plans. My flight was booked, my bags were hidden but packed, and I had my money stored away under the floor boards. 
  Living with Harley and The Joker has been… an experience but one I’m afraid must come to an end. The longer I stayed the more… out of place I felt. I mean the sex was amazing, the crime was exhilarating, and they… they were something different all together. They were a whole other ball game and what was I? A third wheel? I mean kinda, a more intimate third wheel but a third wheel none the less. The longer I was with them… the more I needed them… and the more expendable I felt. 
  I was nothing to Mister J but another bed partner but that was expected, and Harley… Harley confused me. You never really knew with her. I was in too deep and I knew it, the easiest way I could think of getting out was running. Simple as that. 
  It was almost such a pathetic fallacy that it would be raining tonight and the song that had played when we had first encountered each other was playing now when I felt so shitty. I would never forget that day, I would never regret it either.

***Flashback, Two Years Prior***

  The club had just opened for the night and I was ready for the night to be over. I didn’t mind the dancing, I didn’t mind the clients, after all money is money. I just didn’t like my boss. That’s how it usually goes, right? It was kind of a cliche to have a pervy boss when under his employ as an exotic dancer. I say exotic because as Joey stresses “We run a high end club dance club, not a strip club”. There wasn’t much of a difference, except removing clothes was entirely optional unless the client pays five hundred dollars for it then you don’t get a choice. When your clientele is the rich and the famous, five hundred dollars is chump change so bullshit aside I was a stripper in a strip club. 
  “Ready to make some magic happen, Y/N?” Joey slapped my ass, not really waiting for a reply before he was off to harass Lotte. 
  Prison isn’t worth it. Prison isn’t worth it. Prison isn’t worth it. I repeated my mantra over and over again. Applying a layer of red matte lipstick I slipped on my (insert colour of choice) wig and got ready for work. 


  I was ready to call it a night, my shift wasn’t over yet but Joey wasn’t stupid enough to fire me for leaving two hours early. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I turned, spotting a woman everyone knew. She wore a tight, gold little number and her hair fell in soft curls. She was beautiful, but I knew better than to entertain her. 
  “What’s wrong, you scared?” She asked.
  I scanned the room, finding The Joker watching the interaction as he leaned against the bar. I could hear his laugh over the music. Looking back to Harley I smirked, “My shift’s up, sugar.” 
  I grabbed my money, arching a brow at her when her hand curled around my wrist. She waved a wad of cash in front of my face, her eyes locking with mine and I licked my lips. 
  “Is it?”
  I heard Joey clear his throat and I looked over at him. He made very clear gestures which told me to get on her ass even if it meant putting mine on the line. 
  “I guess not, tell me, what do you want?” I asked.
  “Everything you’ve got, gorgeous.”
  I counted the money, about to ask her if she was crazy but that question seemed redundant.
  “Keep your weapons to yourself, yeah?”
  “What about my hands?” She whispered.
 I brushed my nose against hers, smirking, “As far as I’m concerned those are the most dangerous weapons of all.”
  She leaned back in her seat and gestured for me to proceed. 

***Harley’s P.O.V***

  I liked her, she has spunk, and she wasn’t an idiot either. She knew something was off, she knew we were playing an angle, I could see it in her eyes. She just didn’t know if that angle would end in her demise. I wasn’t sure either, with the way she was dancing I didn’t want it to.
  A scream drew her attention from me, she lunged off the stage almost knocking me out of the chair and she pulled my gun from its holster. 
  “Mind if I borrow this?” 
  She didn’t wait for my reply.

***Y/N’s P.O.V***

  “The fuck are you doing, Joey?” I demanded, aiming the gun at him. 
  He had a gun to a clients head, his free hand fisted in Lotte’s hair. 
  “He touched her,”
  “She was giving him a lap dance Joey, it’s part of her job-”
  “She is mine! No one tou-”
  “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” I heard Mister J’s voice, both him and Harley had come up beside me. 
  “Pull the trigger gorgeous, lets blow this joint,” Harley whispered.
  “What the hell are you doing here?” Joey snapped. 
  Mister J turned to me, I could hear his purr in my ear and for a moment I couldn’t focus. 
  “I’m here on business my boy,” 
  “You want her, have her, and get the hell out,” he snapped. 
  “I’m not for sale asshole,” Lotte was crying, her eyes filled with fear.
  I don’t know what she ever saw in him. He was pathetic, I told her that but I guess I never could have anticipated how right I was. 
  “Shoot him doll, what’re you waitin’ for?” Mister J said with a growl. 
  I pulled the trigger. I hadn’t even realised I did it until I heard Lotte scream again and all the roaches in here began to scatter. Suddenly Harley’s lips were covering mine and for a moment I was too shocked to do anything. 
  “Now was that so hard, Puddin’ can we keep her?” Harley asked. 
  I looked to Mister J whose eyes were narrowed to slits, his tongue snaking out across his teeth.
  “How’d that feel, doll?” He asked.
  I looked down at the gun in my hand, “Amazing.”

***Present Day***

  I jumped, removing a headphone as Harley slid into bed beside me clad in only a cropped T and undies. 
  “When did you get-”
  “Shhh,” She kissed me and I hated how good it felt. 
  She snuggled into my back and I closed my eyes, trying to control my emotions. 
  “You give the best cuddles, Y/N,” she said tiredly. 
  Don’t get used to it.
  She nuzzled her face into my neck and I couldn’t help but smile, stroking her arm. We stayed like that in silence for a long time before her hand began to glide ever so slowly downward and I turned my head.
  “I thought you wanted to cuddle,” 
  “Well, I changed my mind, I figured I gotta convince you to stay.”
  I recoiled, getting out of the bed to look at her incredulously. “How did you-”
  “You can’t hide stuff in this house, if I didn’t like ya so much you’d be dead, Y/N.”
  I ran a hand through my hair, “Harl’s-”
  “Stay… please?”
  She said it in a way that made my heart flutter and my knees get weak. The spark in her eyes had me crawling across the bed towards her and my lips crushed hers. 
  “Tell me you’ll stay,” she said between kisses and I paused for a minute, clutching her to me.
  Mister J cleared his throat and we looked over at him, “So we’re stuck with you, huh?” 
  I bit my lower lip, looking down.
  “Well, in that case,” I heard his belt hit the ground and I smirked.

(I might come back to this idea, I kinda dig it)

the frequency is not an illusion

Summary: At the beginning, there’s an unintentional challenge and a set of unfortunate circumstances. A phone number scribbled on the bathroom stall wall. A failed class that needs to be taken during the summer break. Two people sharing one table in the library. A party. Drunken kissing. Text message conversations with a stranger. Somewhere in all that, Chris stops seeing Darren as “Lauren’s loud and obnoxious friend” and Darren stops seeing Chris “as that kid from the class Lauren TA’d”. With their paths crossing in more ways than they realize, it’s inevitable that they end up together. Or is it?
~15k // AO3 // Rated: Teen

AN: This is my (belated, even with an extension) work for the CCBB 2015. When signing up, I didn’t think I’d come across as many (ultimately irrelevant to anyone but me) hurdles when writing it, but I did eventually finish. It’s not entirely what I set out writing, as fics tend to, but I hope you will enjoy reading it.

My big thanks goes to @klainernity​ for her patience with me after she chose my fic to create art for. You can find her fabulous photoset here on tumblr. (please go check it out, it’s really cool!) And another big thanks to @invisibleraven​ for bringing me through the last sprint to the finish, and really, for everything else this year. You’re a star, hon, and I can’t say thank you enough :D Thank you too to my Beta, @gnomerino​ for the never-ending support (and putting up with my comma abuse). I’m lucky that you found me, and that you stuck with me so far! The final thanks goes to @controlofwhatido​ for the work she put into running this Big Bang. Thank you, and I’m sorry for the posting delay! 

Dedicated to Cass, who was the first one to see the idea for this, and who encouraged me to write it. Love you!

Anyway, here it is, happy reading!

It all starts in a way that is a lot simpler than the usual set up for any previous shenanigans that their group got up to. There have been times in the past when anything they did was based on a complicated set of events that somehow always ended up in something that could be considered insane. This time, it is only one offhand comment, a joke that would have been forgotten fast, had it not been for the mood that Darren is in.

“I bet you won’t do it.”

Really, Joey should know by now that challenging Darren – even if the challenge isn’t intentional – is a bad, horrible, destined-to-go-wrong idea. Most of their friends know to watch their words around everyone else, Darren more than anyone.

“Joey, no,” AJ says, a little too late.

“There,” Darren says with a grin, his phone number already scribbled on the side of the bathroom stall. “Do I win you guys not abandoning me for the whole summer?”

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