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RebelCaptain AU || Before Sunset  i. ii. iii

Years after their chance encounter, Cass and Jyn meet again in Paris. There, she is working for an environmental firm and he is on tour for a book that is based on their one night in Vienna. Initially meant to be a quick hello for Jyn after she heard Cass would be at her favorite bookstore for his tour, it quickly turns into another series of conversations and a walk around the city. But once again, Cass will need to catch a plane by nightfall to get back to Mexico and his committed life. So in the couple of hours they have left, both will relive the connection they experienced together…but will they also relive the same mistake?

haha but Alek enforcing the “no secrets” rule throughout their entire life together and just being like, 

“Deryn, did you eat the last of the food?” 


“No secrets, remember?”



““I had a taste for you, once.” His head snapped up. He hadn’t expected that. Saints, it was satisfying.”

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Honestly couldn’t think of anything for day 29, so here’s a shitty spaceship 

Still version bc I couldn’t find a gif editor that didn’t massacre the quality:

An All Too Jagged Snowflake
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When Leonard and Barry discover that they’re Soulmates, they struggle with the many, many issues this causes. It might be easier without the collective difficulties of the Rogues, a meta-gorilla, and the military, but life has never been simple for either of them.

[COMPLETE. Diverges after the Season 1 finale]

Long fic, best read in three instalments: Chapters 2-17 (Soul Mark), Chapters 18-34 (Soul Bond), Chapters 35-50 (Soulmate).

infamous-wizard  asked:

I read The Search Trilogy AGAIN and The Letter I dont get it why it was important in the comic or if was important (Ursa wrote about Zuko or something ) even if Fire Nation is my favourite it was boring (My Opinion ) Was The Letter Important Tho? And was finding Ursa even important I get it if I was Zuko or not but I would leave her alone with (with her family ) and if The Search wasnt made wonder what kind of Trilogy its about 🤔 and I dont think Ikem was ever important (sorry but thats myPOV

No need to apologize. We are all entitled to have our own opinion. 

There was some significance to the Letter in “The Search”. I’ll try to explain it in a way I’ve come to understand it. 

For one, it was used as a cliff hanger of sorts–at the end of Part 1– to make us question if Zuko was really Ozai’s son or not. Does he really deserve the throne or not, should he not be of royal blood? It made Zuko question everything about himself since we know as readers and viewers of the show, that he is a very conflicted person. He wants to do what’s right and constantly questions himself. This Letter, which he didn’t know was true or not, made him believe that he didn’t deserve the title of Fire Lord and that possibly Azula did, even though she was not mentally healthy at the time to take on such a responsibility. 

Which brings me to my next reason…this was a small grasp of power/control Azula now had over her brother. She believed what the Letter said was true and that kind of evidence as she calls it, would be enough to put her back on the throne. You have to be of royalty in order to maintain that title. Azula was willing to believe anything her father threw at her as a cause to get Zuko off the throne, but as we all know, Ozai was using his daughter yet again. Her destiny was being questioned throughout the comic from the readers and herself. She didn’t know what her worth was in this world. At the end, after being shown love from her brother, she dropped it on purpose because she couldn’t go through with taking Zuko down now knowing that he loves her and the only one to her knowledge who does. 

If anything, that Letter was a test for both Azula and Zuko. It plays into each of their character growths. Zuko let her have that power and she could have done a lot of damage to his life with it but she chose not to. This was a HUGE turning point for her and Aang saying as much just pushes that proof further. It’s what changes her to who we see in “Smoke and Shadow”. Zuko pushed past his doubts of whether the Letter is true or not to see that his destiny is in fact becoming Fire Lord. He is starting to learn not to doubt himself and that his loyalty doesn’t just start with his people but with his family. 

Finding Ursa was a mystery that had to be solved. The true relationship between her and Ozai was necessary to see how broken their family was. Azula’s huge impact in her life is that she believed her mother didn’t love her enough. I believe that Ursa’s love will be a playing factor into Azula’s future as a way to help her. Now that Ursa has pushed past her Fear, she can now help her daughter. Ursa could have stayed where she was but there is still so much yet to be told about her. 

“The Search” trilogy was not only to find Ursa and explain her story but to also help break down and build up both Azula and Zuko. It’s all the little details that become a playing factor. The Letter is certainly one of them.