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It’s in the eyes! I can tell you will always be danger.

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🎊🎊?? (hi ily sm ♡♡)

HELLO ANON OMG I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! hope ur having a great day! my wifi crashed in the middle of doing this yikes

@jeonghhan - viv’s blog is so aesthetic and her theme is so cute!! i find it really cute whenever she calls jeonghan a mango skdfjlk;;;; also one of the few blogs i kept up with before i got tumblr

@boosonseok - i think we just became mutuals recently jkdsdjhfl??? anyways jennie’s blog is so adorable and her love for seungkwan even more so!!

for every 🎊 i get i’ll recommend a blog!!

okay so i don’t usually post about this sort of stuff but i’ve seen that one post going around for the past couple of hours. it is great and yeah, it’s super inclusive and everything, and it should totally happen! i just don’t think the “whiteout” day should happen. at all. if this happens, it should not be about white people. it’s about poc and representation of everyone who sadly never gets enough of it. and white people get way too much representation.


Joseph, omg wow you now have 10 fricking thousand followers, i couldn’t be more happy, like???? It’s weird how well we got along so quickly, and how important you became to me in such short period of time. its kinda creepy actually i think, is it too lame to say that you’re now one of my bestest friends now? Idk I’m gonna say it anyway, i love you i love you i love you, and I am super happy. Also, two things, many people on tumblr dont even know we’re friends omg omg? aand you, who is reading this, can you buy us flight tickets so me and him can meet in real life, pls?  


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Omg the tags you put on that Will and Bedelia post. YES! All of that. I feel like people are missing out on all the details of that scene. It isnt JUST about Hannigram. It's also Bedelia showing her vulnerable side despite all this. Saying what she said, the emotion she showed. All of it. It's no less important than Will's question. I wish people would focus on that too. ;___; It's just so sad and beautiful.

I think many people are genuinely missing what the scene has to say about Bedelia and her relationship with Hannibal because they’re so excited about the Will and Hannibal stuff…and I also think that others are intentionally “missing” it. There is more hate for her than any other female character in the show and so much of it is disgustingly underhanded.

BEDELIA, THOUGH!!! She continues to be the most layered and interesting character on the show, even after revealing her true nature. Naturally disgusted by weakness, to the point of wanting to crush it, but brought to tears by her feelings towards Hannibal. Simultaneously trying to avoid getting eaten by Hannibal and getting off on the idea that he might. Acknowledging that he wants to kill and eat her, but accepting the fact that he won’t kill her unless he can eat her, and that he doesn’t want anyone else to kill her, as a sign of affection.

In love with him, at least a sort of love, but not willing to let him be free if it might lead to her death. Harboring no illusions about what he is or isn’t, or his intentions towards her. Putting her research on him before both him and her feelings for him.

Her desire to be Bluebeard’s final wife.

All of this is as much a part of her true nature as her desire to crush the vulnerable and weak.

With every reveal, she only grows more compelling.