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In the Rough

Part 1, Part 2 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks ‘s prompt

Previously: Yuuri is the prince of the country of Yutopia. His older sister, Crown Princess Mari Katsuki, is readying to ascend to the throne. Due to the stress, she has allowed her relationship with her brother to deteriorate, causing him to leave for the sake of putting less stress on her. While trekking to the neighboring country, Yuuri comes across a carriage, which is soon attacked by bandits. As reward for helping to incapacitate said bandits, neighboring Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov offers him a job as his personal bodyguard, complete, of course with the food and shelter guaranteed of a servant. Yuuri has eight months before he has to go home. Besides, he’s too awkward to refuse.

Not for the first time, Yuuri wonders how he got here. Granted, he already knows exactly how, but that doesn’t stop him from wondering when Victor drags him from the carriage the instant they reach the palace.

“Let’s go, Yuuri! The guards will let Father know that we’re back and we can talk to him after we bathe, since no one is fit to be seen after travelling.” Victor’s grip on his arm is like iron.

Yuuri looks desperately at their companions, all of whom seem to be conveniently busy with their fingernails. “Your Highness, I don’t think–”

“Call me Victor,” Victor says, turning a grin in Yuuri’s direction even as they’re moving. “You don’t need to be so formal with me. After all, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, Yuuri!”

“Your Highness,” Yuuri says again, refusing to be put off by Victor’s odd behavior, “I don’t think it’s proper for us to bathe together. You are the crown prince, and I am a servant.”

At least, as far as Victor knows. Still, it wouldn’t be appropriate whether Yuuri was there as a prince or as a servant.

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I don’t think we like to acknowledge how difficult it is to deal with jealousy and impatience. It’s so hard to look around you and feel like things are working out for everyone else while you struggle to get footing. Whether it’s for a job, a romantic relationship, or for life in general, it’s hard to persevere when you feel like you’re going nowhere fast while everyone else seems to have things going well.

Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?

mental health is needy. it needs to be watered like a flower or it will burn out like a candle in the rain. it needs to be reassured, told it will make it. it needs to be cared for, to be nurtured, to be shown love. and i know you’re busy. i know sometimes you have so much going on that you forget to water it and when you look back, the bouquet is nearly dead. i know you think you don’t have time to upkeep it, that it is a pet you never asked for, a house you never bought with its shingles falling off. and i know it’s hard to make yourself feel beautiful, to stop the anxiety, to convince yourself to get out of bed. i know it’s hard to work up the effort, and some day it will get easier, but you have to work for it. what i’m trying to say is nothing can be accomplished if you don’t care for yourself first. take time out of your day to ask yourself how you’re doing. take time to reward yourself just for getting through the day, just for living. don’t let your mental health get to the point where you’re watering a plant that is already dying. what i’m saying is mental health is needy, but it’s worth it to keep it going. what i’m saying is you have to care enough to water it.


The new New Phyrexia.

After the recent lap of honor through Innistrad, many people have been speculating about a return to other previously visited planes and since we just got a vibrant, colorful one full of shiny artifacts, the talk of its inevitable doom at the hands (or whatever the appropriate extremity might be in this case) of Phyrexia and its general goings-on consequently follows close behind. Even more so because of the involvement of another character in the current storyline, Tezzeret, who himself has had strong ties to Phyrexia in the past.

I’m anything but savvy when it comes to the plans and workings of WotC and my knowledge of professional gameplay and the things it entails is limited at best, but I suppose it will probably take some time until we go back to Phyrexia, as I think it rather unlikely that they will release another artifact-heavy set so soon after the one we have right now (unless they compleately — Ha. See what I did there? — reinvent Phyrexian infrastructure and distance themselves from artifacts in that particular set). But it still leaves you wondering just what exactly is going on there in the meantime.

Or maybe I’m just being dramatic and everyone is fine and dandy, beachin’ down on the Phyrexian version of St. Tropez. They’ve got five suns, after all.

“Yaku got his first job so we decided to visit him where he’s working. This is an Italian restaurant and…. Kenma got a difficult time to read the menu list^^;”

Day 4

And sorry if I make you all worried. Yes, its because of the haters, yes its because of work, yes its because I always compared myself to other artists. Yes, i know im such a negative person. I want to leave drawing but I just cant. In the end i will always go back to my tools and get back to draw. I still not enjoying them. But I will always try. And I think thats matter.

Im sorry if Im not reply your messages through DMs and inbox. I dont know how to reply since I literally still confuse and got overwhelmed by evrything.
But I really appreciate your support. And im sorry if I make you all concern.

There was something very interesting on the podcast (watch here) so I’m transcribing it: 

 “You’ve asked wether or not you can go back to the unterzee. The journey to the High Wilderness is a very interesting and dangerous one and it’s usually one-way. The way the time works in the High Wilderness is very different from how it works in the Neath and how it works in our world. So there’s no real way of knowing what you would be going back to. So it’s not to say NEVER NO WAY, but I do know that it would be a challenge.”

(Hannah then mentioned that that doesn’t mean nothing ever comes back from the HW, as seen in some of the latest FL stories)

(this was posted from an early production podcast and it’s subject to change)

So back in August a few months ago I woke up and, thinking I had appendicitis, went to the hospital. It turned out it was a kidney stone. But after looking at the x-ray the doctors caught sight of a baseball sized tumor on that same kidney. I went to another doctor’s appointment yesterday and am scheduling a procedure (I’m shooting for November) to attempt to remove the tumor.

In the meantime, I will be missing a week or possibly more of work due to the recovery time of this procedure. That is going to make rent and bills very hard in November on top of schoolwork. So I’m trying to work a lot now and save up for this, but if anyone would feel up to donating at all to help keep my head above water I’d greatly appreciate that. I would be happy to either make a bonus comic as a thank you, or do a few streams where I’ll draw whatever if it you guys request. 

My paypal is flame_valley16@sbcglobal.net, and my SaM email is orangeplum16@yahoo.com if you have any preference or concerns on the art I’ll draw you guys as a thank you. Just leave your username and your paypal information in your email so I know who’s who. I’ll post whatever you guys decide for the people on my patreon as well.

During the couple weeks around my procedure this blog will probably be inactive so I’m giving a heads up warning now. So I apologize if updates will start becoming slow from now through December.

Thank you.

Sometimes we as humans have a hard time letting go of the past because of “what could have been”
Or the thought of “I should have done ____instead”. When struggling with the past, it can be hard because you want to think of things back then, or you’re nostalgic. But nostalgia can be a liar. Sometimes things weren’t as good as you thought, sometimes things weren’t as bright or as memorable. The universe works in its own ways in tandem with the cosmos. Everything happened for a reason, a season And a time. Some things didn’t happen because the universe didn’t have that in tandem for you at that moment. In regards to letting go of the past, it will always be difficult. But letting go is the best thing for your soul. For your being. I recently let some things go, burned all my journals and let all that past go. Just let it go back to the universe, ashes to ashes. And once you let that go, you’ll feel so free. And joyous and light. Sometimes we don’t always get close - I know I didn’t. But, sometimes we don’t need it. To forgive ourselves and to have that strength to improve upon ones on being without holding on to the past is something great. It is a process, but once you find the place where you’re at “this is it, I can’t take it anymore” it will enlighten you. Sometimes burned bridges are left to be in ashes so you can walk to another destination the cosmos have for you. The only thing we should focus on as humans is living in the now. You have to focus and capitalize on the now, which is how you move on and learn from your past. Moving on is focusing on the present, and if you stay in the past, time will fly by while you’re stuck in the past, slowing your progression as a being. The past is a closed door. It’s not beneficial to keep opening that door and hurting yourself mentally, emotionally or spiritually. And if you have any questions, you can always text me


I recently updated a family portrait commission that I did in high school. 

This was a nice opportunity to see how Ive progressed after 4 years. It was funny to look closely at old work and notice the choices I made. Like ok anatomically what the heck was I thinKING. But I just didnt know any better at the time. Gotta keep going and keep improving and hopefully after another few years I’ll be even farther along.

watching good movies is very inspiring but also frustrating because you are literally seeing the end product

it’s the best cut of every scene that was filmed from the best draft of every scene with editing done at every stage of the process 

and at the same time you want to write and you want to write something that damn good and think maybe you can

but you’re not even halfway through the second act of the first draft and you have so much DETAIL and so many IDEAS but they’re all stuck in your head and even if you can get them out in the right way maybe they won’t be as good as what you just saw but goddammit you have to try and why the fuck did you pick this poison for yourself but you love it anyways

No one knows why, but when we let out the dogs before the night Yggur just…fucks off. No one knows why, or exactly where, but very often we just go about our way, forget he’s still outside, close the doors and go to bed. And it’s usually fine because he’ll seek refuge in the building where we keep the hay where he’ll stay dry and warm for the night at least. Except now he wasn’t having it, and I was already wondering wtf the noises beneath my window were.

It was Yggur. A wet heap of miserable black dog. Close to wailing because he wanted to be inside and not outside in the storm. :(

looking back on it i feel kindof bad about how i treated kaedyn but like. idk. then i remember she did a Lot of shit to me that really hurt me and she knew would hurt me? i dont really know or think i necessarily did something wrong idk its just. idk that was wild and we were both going thru a lot i guess but that was a really rough time for me and if i could have done it differently i would have

This time, Timestuck AU! 8D

I didn’t have time for a real nice picture, but I love this AU and wanted to do a doodle at least. Still not entirely sure who’s “incharge” of this AU though, so if someone knows and can let me know, I’ll give credit where credit is due.

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anonymous asked:

white trans men are the main ones that are being transphobic tbh. bc once i went to my local lgbt center and the youth group director, who was white, said to me, a tpoc, i feel better off in a different group with black trans men of color. and im like, what's wrong with this group? it's my first time here? i was referred to you? and ever since i said no to their offer, they turned a cold shoulder to me. so i haven't been back to the lgbt center since because i feel that if i do go back(part one)

i mean i think trans men as a whole have ALOT of work to do but its true that they are more conformitive to cisnormative behavior. Thats why i usually stick to getting information from non white trans people, cause white trans men dont experience the same mistreatment so like half the time they try to do a shitty objective based argument when these opinions and ideals people have are literally inciting violence. Not down with it and not gonna fuck with people who are down with it lol. Im sorry that you had to go through that, i feel u tho, pretty messed up how you cant even feel safe in a youth center 

Jihoon- Bubbles

Title/Prompt : “Bubbles!”

Prompt Description : “This is the most important decision you’ll have to make today”

Pairing : Sub!Jihoon (Woozi) x You


Word Count : 3, 195

Note from Bear: OMG THIS IS DONE WHAT. This is literally the longest thing I’ve written in a long long time. Its kinda awkward in some places and i think theres a few errors, but i have to go study now … I GAVE UP A LITTLE AT THE END BUT I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY IT :D


“Jagi, Im Home! Where are you?” A tired voice called out and the sound of a door closing and keys hitting the table were heard. It was late and Jihoon had just arrived home, eye bags having grown at least a centimetre since he had started working. He stripped off his jacket and stretched his arms upwards, letting out a groan as he heard his poor back crack. He took off his shoes and shuffled from the entrance way into the apartment. It was quiet but peaceful, the sun shining in through the window just slightly. Jihoon giggled to himself as he saw how messy the dinning room table had gotten, a certain someone seemed to have been studying pretty intensely.


Jihoon called out softly as he searched the apartment, feet shuffling over the wooden floor ever so lightly. He looked in their bedroom? nothing. The study? nothing. Maybe she was in the Kitchen.

As he walked back towards where he had come from, he heard the faint running of water coming from the bathroom beside him.


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vityanikiforov replied to your post “Would you ever consider moving the character playlists to a different…”

playmoss is a good alternative to 8tracks bc 8tracks is also blocked to a lot of international countries. its easier to manage, running on a similar 8tracks format but works with youtube links than uploads

I tried playmoss a few months ago and stopped trying for some reason - I think because I was having the same problem as Spotify and YouTube where I couldn’t find certain songs. But I’ll go back and take a look at it again when I have time! 

kgfeather  asked:

1, 18, 27, 28, 29, 41, 50, 60, 65

(valentines day asks)

1: Do you have a crush at the moment?

YES kind of maybe its weird

18: What do you consider a deal breaker?

being a pisces

27: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about dating what would it be?

find out how old they are first lmao…also ur gay

28: Do you think long distance relationships can work?

in general yes absolutely but for me personally i think prefer face to face…ldr is fine tho if we meet up every so often…i like physical contact

29: What do you notice first about another person?

what theyre wearing color style etc what kind of jacket

41: What’s your imagination of a “perfect date”?


50: If you’re single, why do you think you are?


60: What’s your opinion on open relationships?

in general i think theyre fine theyre great for me personally idk bcos ive never been in one but im not sure…im not poly ive never had a poly partner i guess ill find out if it ever comes up

65: Would you consider yourself a “cuddler”?


mss-fortunate  asked:

9,19,29,39,& 49!

Sorry this is late! I got it after I went to bed and doing it on mobile was just out of the question, and then I was out all day until now and its almost L&O time so I’m gonna try to make this short and sweet!

9. Do you set yourself deadlines? No. I tried that once and it didn’t work so now I just go with the flow. When inspiration strikes, I write. Sometimes I’ll write on one fandom for a whole day, sometimes I’ll spend months on it, sometimes they just sit there and I do nothing. It is what it is.

19. Favorite fandom to write. I don’t think I have one that I’ve written for multiple times, or one that I keep going back to and creating new stuff for. I’m a fangirl of multiple fandoms, I can’t pick a favorite. I love them all

29. Favorite story/poem of another author. I don’t have a single favorite story, cause I’m a voracious reader and there’s too many great stories to pick just one as the be-all end-all fave, but I think my favorite poem is either “Ulysses” by A. L. Tennyson or “In Memoriam” (section L) also by A. L. Tennyson. I will say my favorite line of any poem ever is from Walt Whitman’s  “Song of Myself” in verse 52 which is, “I sound my barbaric yawp from the rooftops of the world.”

39. Do you want to be published some day? Naaah. I just write for fun. Once there’s a deadline and pressure and expectations, it’d suck the fun and joy right out of it and I’d probably never write again. That’s what happened in my high school specialized art program. 4 years of restrictions and deadlines and shit and I haven’t drawn, painted, sketched, sculpted or photographed since.

49. Writing advice. Just don’t stop. I looked back at my early stuff and I cringe. Like, its bad. Its awful lol But I’m better now! I’m more experienced. I’m more educated. I can make characters that have pieces of me instead of characters that are me, and I can build a story and suspense and foreshadow and do all these things that I couldn’t do before. And I wouldn’t be the semi-decent writer I am now if I wasn’t a horrible writer once upon a time. So just, keep writing. Always be working on your craft because its the only way you improve.

send me a number between 1 and 50 about writing