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Hey, wondering if you could give me some advice. Picked up my first roadkill today, a red fox, and i started crying? Just seeing the blood that had pooled around her made me think of what a horrible, strung-out death she had. Im thinking i mightn't be cut out for this hobby, but i really want to do it and find it fascinating any help? Is it just as it's my first time?

Hey there, anon.

I’ve picked up my share of roadkill over the years, and I still cry a lot. Not all the time.. but there are those ones, those certain animals that you either don’t know if they’re dead yet, or you guess they might have suffered awhile.

I found a mother opossum once, a few years ago, with babies. Three were alive and were able to be rehabbed, but many others did not make it. It was just so heartbreaking to see. And I sobbed there in the road, in front of my truck headlights, crying and scrambling to help the live ones. I got home and I cried to my boyfriend. I cried to two separate wildlife rehab acquaintances as they walked me through keeping the babies safe through the night. And I cried later when I put the deceased ones in my freezer.

Crying is okay! You are coming to terms with your emotions and realizing that you feel sad about the animal dying. That’s okay. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the hobby. Yes, you feel sad that the animal suffered, but it’s no longer suffering and now you’re able to learn about the animal up close and see how it works and take time to appreciate it when most other people couldn’t.

I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried over roadkill. Sometimes it’s just hard. But if you feel that you want to enjoy the hobby and that you would like to learn about the animals and find it all fascinating, I think you can push through it. It’s often hard to deal with, especially right when you find them, but it gets a little easier over time.

I hope that helps a little. <3 If you wanna talk about it more, feel free to message me privately and we can chat.

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So I just found this blog, and as someone who spends far too much time thinking about Hogwarts house habits and analysis, this blog awesome! My question is: what do you think each house's organizational habits would be like?

Jamie (Gryffindor):

For me, nothing has an organizational system til it needs it. Downside: I have like 20 piles of miscellaneous things at any given moment. It can kind of stress me out, but usually this is how new hobbies go and its nice to have it easy access. Upside: when I invest in an organizational system of some sort, its knowingly. I understand how much needs to be stored, can take into consideration any expansion that may take place, and can determine the level or portability I feel I need for the particular thing. I’ve made the mistake of purchasing organizers before I knew how much space I really needed and it was a huge waste of effort and money and everything just ended up piled everywhere.

I think its a fair assessment to say a lot of Gryffindors are like that. Things that get used every day and don’t truly need to be stored live mostly in easily accessible piles, but things like books we’ve already read, holiday decorations, and craft supplies end up in a generic box/pile/shelf until the focus, time, an insight on what is needed are all available. Then its a Day of Organizing! Then we never have to worry about it again. Just hunt down that one purple box with the flippy handle when we need our paints. Once the effort has been put into setting up the organization, its easy to stick with it. Its getting to that Day of Organizing that’s difficult.

Amy (Hufflepuff):

So my personal organization structure is “awesome in theory, kind of a mess in practice.” I get ideas and then do them for a while and then kind of stop. I also tend to focus on the small things rather than the big picture a lot of the time. But, for Hufflepuff, I think there’s this organized chaos (also me). Like it looks like an explosion of THINGS. Books, pens, notebooks, plants, just things - but a Hufflepuff knows where everything is.

Caitlin (Ravenclaw):

Oh yikes none really. It’s a jumbled mess. “Organized Chaos” we like to say. I think I said in an earlier post about clothing that Ravenclaws are just hanging in balance and that’s definitely true with our organization. We’re the house of procrastinators and spontaneous decisions. Our workplaces are crazy and all over the place because by the time we’ve done one thing, our minds are already onto the next thing so we have to catch up to ourselves and it’s crazy. We might organize things like books, like I know personally that my book series are lumped together in the same space, but that’s as far as it goes really. The rest of everything I own is kind of everywhere, and I think in my mind, everything is in it’s place and it’s organized somehow personal to me, but to anyone else, it would be a disaster zone. So yeah, organized chaos.

Justin (Slytherin):

I’m a bit of an organization freak. The Container Store is my favorite place ever, and you can ask any of my friends that I have been furniture shopping with (including Amy) that I am obsessed with storage and organization. My home is full of labeled plastic bins in shelves and every closet. Literally looking in my hall closet, I have bins labeled for photographs, cards, paper keepsakes, pencils/pens, sharpies, screwdrivers/tools, tape, miscellaneous , dust rags, cleaning wipes, toiletries, dog supplies, curtains, sheets, etc…