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the dress

I had a lot of feelings after that 5X03 sneak peek. This is set in the future, post-Darkness, as Emma deals with the repercussions of what occurred when she was the Dark One.

She can’t bring herself to touch it. Just seeing the pale fabric turns her stomach sour as memories of what she did, how she manipulated him, them both, it’s too much. She wants to set it aflame, rid the fibers of her shame in embers…if only that would make her forget. This, it’s just one of the many things she’s ruined, forever. Pressing her palms against her eyes she tries to calm her thoughts, wishing she had something that was new and unburdened. Everything in front of her, her leather jackets, jeans and blouses, are all from the Emma she was, the Emma she may never be again.

Opening her eyes, she reaches out to push the offending garment to the back of her closet and out of sight, knowing it will never be fully out of mind.

“Perhaps you should put it on?”

Startled, her fingers snag in the collar of the dress as she turns towards this voice, finding him leaning against the wall at the entrance to her room. His hair, still long and unkempt, falls slightly over his eye as he regards her with a soft smile. She can’t believe his suggestion, is incredulous as to why he would even want this, this reminder.

“I can’t.”

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anonymous asked:

Why is it so easy to ship every pair on the show? Like I'm a klamille and haylijah shipper but those Elijah and Cami scenes gave me feels tbh.

Listen, I’ve probably shipped nearly every ship on this show at some point or another. LOL They all have such great chemistry, that it makes it damn near impossible to not be intrigued by other pairings even if it stands in the way of an OTP.

Daniel can have chemistry with a rock. It’s just not even right how he can look at someone like they are the only person to exist in that moment. *swoons* With that said, Cami and Elijah are one of the only ones I never shipped romantically. Their scenes are great though, next to the Rebekah stuff it was probably my favorite parts of the episode. I’ve wanted them to be friends since S1, and I really hope she can help him with his issues.