i think it's the same hammer they had out at the london premiere of the film


So Thor might have left Mjolnir behind after his battle in Greenwich…

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Hit us with your headcanon! I want to bathe in angst over this...

Oh man, IDEK, it’s like… my usual headcanon of Nick and Harry were legit, like, dating-without-calling-it-that-but-no-actually in 2012/early 2013, and then Harry went on tour and Nick cried into his ice cream (C A N O N) and they had to call it off because Harry can’t be tied down! He’s too young! And neither can Nick - he’s got to do things for himself! Plus, all the insinuations from the tabs and all the talk about how he only ever talks about Harry Styles and getting asked about Harry Styles constantly was really starting to get to him, so they cooled things off CONSIDERABLY. That’s when Harry started considering buying in LA. Hey, it’s an investment, and why not, he loves LA. Nick did things with his own friends, maybe tried seeing a few people here and there, but nothing really stuck. Then, Harry came back for the film premiere, then Fashion Week… They couldn’t stay away. Even as they were papped everywhere together, and knew it was a bad idea, as soon as they were back, they were back, but that couldn’t last; not with the rest of the tour; not with the rest of their lives.

Harry fucks off to L.A. after Christmas. Nick stays behind, does his own thing, goes on his own holiday. But they keep talking. Texting, phone calls every now and then. Never Skype - it’s too hard, seeing but not touching. It’s too grainy, too not there. Better off this way. Harry sees a couple of people - there’s Kendall, who’s lovely, really, then a few others no one knows about. A bloke or two, in private. It’s easy to be private in LA. He also sees Nick’s friends, and that’s - that’s almost like seeing Nick. A bit of London right there in LA. Not the same, though.

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