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I’m having serious Yukio Okumura feels...

Like, I really hoped that he would be possessed by those little demons in this moment so he could say the truth…

… And that he would talk to Rin about that in the ending of the chapter…

(Okumura brothers feels T-T)

But I think that what Kazue Kato is doing with this teasing is that maybe is foreshadowing a big scene between these two? Like, maybe in the next arc they will be in danger and Yukio has to use the eyes and that he has to talk to Rin about what’s worrying him? I really feel for Yukio like… He really thinks that the rest of the people see him weak, but that’s not the truth… Rin and the rest really admire him and see him as a strong person who saved a lot of people. I hope that someday he will talk to Rin and stop to keep all things to himself… Sharing his thoughts will make him stronger, not weaker.

Ahhhhh I need the next chapter T-T

A silly drabble I was thinking about during class.

In which Sousuke and Haru are dating, and Rin is bewildered.

Friday night finds Rin sprawled out on the floor of Sousuke and Haru’s apartment, resting a few feet from the TV as he shovels popcorn into his mouth.  Sousuke lays beside him, eyes fixed on the screen, where James Bond is currently throwing himself from a flaming helicopter.

Skyfall was better,” Rin sighs.  “These effects are lame.”

“Don’t go ragging on classics just because you have a boner for that nerdy tech guy.”

Rin goes red, swatting at Sousuke’s side.  “Shut up!”

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Okay but what if, just WHAT IF, the reason Rin’s so obsessed with capturing merman Haruka is because his cop buddy Sousuke’s shoulder was badly injured in a gunfight and Haruka is his only hope to heal him.

logarithmicpanda  asked:

I'm happy to see you're back! I've just started The bone witch (literally I've only read one chapter) but I like it so far ^^ what are you currently reading?

yeeessssss bone witch is so great! i believe in this book so much, its so great to see more and more people pick it up. i read an arc back in…. september i think and its so nice. rin’s such a word witch. bless.

next in line is shutter by courtney alameda. i need some spooky stuff very badly right now so all fingers crossed for non-problematic horror.

hello im back for a bit, wanna talk?

who needs valentine when you can kiss your demon boyfriend whenever you want?