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Someone Like Me (Part 4)

Summary: You and your boyfriend, Newt couldn’t be happier. But then, a new Greenie come up. It’s another girl! At first, she seemed perfectly okay. But, then Newt catches her eye.

(PART 1), (PART 2), (PART 3)

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word Count: 2315

Warnings: The usual… Slight swearing.

(A/N): Late… as usual… I know. I’m sorry. Part of it was my fault because I had this HHHHUUUUGGGEEE writer’s block on it. The other part is due to me being grounded. Yeah, so, while I have my laptop back for a short period of time, I figured I’d go ahead and update. I really hope you guys are enjoying this. I enjoy writing it. SO! Without further ado…. 

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I’d like to request a smutty fanfic please ;) (where its not all lust and its more fluffy) but Newt pounds the reader so hard she can barely walk the next day and you can carry it on from there. Thanks love x (submitted by anon)

Hey! I was just wondering ‘cause your fanfics are awesome… Could you do this fanfic with reader and Newt (of course some of the other boys too) and the reader has been in Glade for a while. And then she ends up having a thing with Newt. And theres plenty of stuff like where Newt tells how much he adores her, how he has been follofing her and told the other boys to be really nice but not to flirt with her. Just a lot of love confessions… They end up having a night together. Please, do this :)

Submitted by: amakanu


Smut :)

(A/N: Okay so I figure this one can be a prequel to the story I wrote last night since they kind of go together [Sam] So yeah I think I’m going to stick with that.)

“You’re so shucking beautiful.” 

Newt hugs you tightly from behind and you lean up on your toes, pecking his lips lightly.  You two both came up in the box together, the original Gladers and you two have always been attached at the hip. When Alby’s initial set of rules stated that there would be no relationships in the Glade you were upset. About three weeks into living in your new home, you and Newt began to sneak around.

It was innocent, at least at first it was. When the two of you were done with work for the day and everyone was off to bed, you both would sneak out and into the Deadheads. He would sit up against the tree and you’d take a seat in his lap, tangle your fingers in his blonde tresses, his hands on your waist and you’d kiss for what felt like hours. 

Tip toeing around Alby and the other Gladers was beginning to get tiresome. You didn’t want to hide the feelings you have for Newt. The day everyone found out was both a shock and a relief. Newt had pretty much had enough. He went up to Alby and told him that he was in love with you and he doesn’t want to keep sneaking around. He went on about how it didn’t effect our work or our efforts on trying to make it out the Glade. 

Needless to say the whole Glade was shocked. The last person they’d expect to break the rules was Newt. And they were equally as shocked that Alby had reversed his ruling.   That also happened to be the first night you two had sex. It was timid and slow and pretty much perfect considering it was your first time together (and most likely ever).

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” He murmurs softly and nips at your ear, “I want to be inside you so bad.”

Night had just fallen over the Glade and you two found a secluded area in the Deadheads that over looked a beautiful lake. 

“It’s been nearly a week and I need you so badly.” He kisses down your neck and stops just before your cleavage. 

“I miss you, too.” You sigh and hold his chin as you connect your lips to his. 

Suddenly your mind drifts to a different place and time. The day Newt had attempted to kill himself was the hardest day of your life on the Glade.  You stroke your fingers through his hair and help yourself from crying. 

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He cups your cheeks in his hands, “What did I do?”

“You tried to off yourself.” Your voice was barely a whisper.

He brings his lips to your forehead and wraps his arms around you.

“I wasn’t thinking then, Y/N. It was six months ago. I’m better now I promise you that I’ll never do it again.” He whispers in your ear and kisses the base of your neck, “You mean the world to me and I never want to see you cry like that ever again, let alone me being the reason why you cry like that.”

“When we get out of here I want us to start a family.” He says suddenly pulling me into him, “Have lots of kids running around. Just an all around normal happy life.”

You look up at him and smile within seconds you push him up against a tree and plant kisses all over him.

“Well, I guess you feel the same.” He grips your waist and keeps you still in between his parted legs.

“You know, we’re gonna need to practice. I mean if we are going to have a whole bunch of kids and everything,” You pull up your top slowly and his eyes linger on your bra, “We need to make sure we’re good at making them.”

You unzip his pants and bring them down around his ankles. His member is straining against his boxers and you can’t help but lick your lips. You reach up to kiss Newt and slide your hand into his boxers, gripping him tightly. He lets little moans and groans slip past his lips. You’ve only done this to him a few times and it was usually when you two were up in the Homestead. Since having sex would wake the whole Glade if the two you did it there you always go to the deadheads to have some privacy.

“Please..” He murmurs.

You push his boxers down and get onto your knees. You wrap your lips around his cock and start to bob your head up and down slowly while looking up at him. His eyes look like as if they travel to the back of his skull. His fingers lace into your hair and he gently guides your head. 

“God you’re fucking beautiful.” He hisses, “Angel…”

You love when he calls you that. It always sends a tingle up and down your spine. He needed you desperately. You could feel his member swelling in your mouth. You pull him out of your mouth and kiss the head before standing up and ripping off your bottoms.

“Off.” You say tugging at his shirt.

He smiles and pulls his shirt up and over his head. Your hands run down his toned stomach and back up to his chest and shoulders. Most girl would probably go for a guy with a build like Gally or Minho, but you loved Newt’s body. Perfect in every way possible. 

You bend yourself over, supporting yourself on the tree, and wiggle your bottom.

“You’re too cute.” He chuckles.

You feel him lined up at your entrance. He pokes at you and you can’t help but giggle from the anticipation.


“Tell me what you want, love.” He runs a finger over your clit and you feel your stomach tighten.

“Please fuck me.” You beg.

He quickly slips inside you and you feel as if all the air has been squeezed out of your lungs. He bucks into you hard gripping onto your ass. He smacks your ass, which is new, and takes you by surprise.

“God yes.” You moan and his ruthless pounding into you continues at a faster pace. 

“Baby,” You choke out, “I want to ride you.”

He gives you a few more hard strokes and pulls out, taking a seat against the tree. Your legs feel week and you clumsily position yourself over him.

“Are you sure, Angel? You’re already sore. You’re not gonna be able to w–.” You cut him off by sliding down on to him and he lets out a growl, bucking his hips up into you.

“What was that?” You bounce faster, feeling him swell inside you.

“I love you… Y/N I don’t think I can last much longer.” His voice breaks and you kiss him deeply, grinding down into him, you feel him gasp into the kiss as he finds his release inside of you.

Feeling him orgasm inside you causes you to go over the edge and you dig your nails into his shoulder blades. You slump onto him, your head laying on his chest, he’s still inside you.

“I could stay like this for a while.” You murmur and he smiles stroking your hair. 

trangwreck  asked:

hmmmm stiles is thomas from maze runner? i'm pretty flexible with how things go but a BAMF stiles after the maze runner, coming home to beacon hills and wowing everyone would be cool? not too dark

Well, I tried but I really couldn’t make a post-TMR fic without it being about trauma recovery. Hopefully this isn’t too dark for you.


Thomas was the name they had given him.

It took a long time, even after the memories returned, tostop thinking of himself that way. To stop calling himself that in the privacy of his own mind.

“Stiles Stilinski.”

He’d been through hell more than once in Beacon Hills, but some of the most defining moments in his life had been as Thomas. He’d had nothing in the world and he had been Thomas. Had faced a Griever alone in the Maze as Thomas. He’d lost Chuck as Thomas.

He wonders, sometimes, what Chuck’s real name had been.

“Hey, Stiles—“

Scott’s on his back almost before Stiles registers the hand touching his shoulder, staring up with hands raised non-threateningly, shock and something like fear in his eyes.

The sounds of surprised muttering filter slowly past the rushing in his ears, the blood-beat nightmare echo of mechanic whirring down the next corridor, the rage-filled shouting of Gladers during the Changing.

He’s in class, he remembers dimly. In Beacon Hills, in school. He’s on his knees in the aisle between desks, his best friend – his preternaturally strong, werewolf best friend – laid out beneath him on the tile. When he shuffles back to his feet, his classmates are on theirs as well, pushed up and away as far as they can get without tripping back over the low, simplistic maze of desks and chairs. Finstock is standing halfway up the aisle ahead of him, looking like he’s not sure whether to be disapproving or impressed by Stiles’ clean tackle.

Scott, from his place on the ground says again, softly: “Stiles…”

And Thomas does what he was born to do: he runs.

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NEWT - Mine

Requests :

hi! can you write an imagine where newt and y/n have been together for a while and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her so he proposes… p.s all fluff, no smut pls

hi can you please write a newt imagine where him and y/n have been dating for three months and he wants to do something special for her and all the gladers help him to prepare. No smut though, just fluff. thankyou xx

(So, I thought these two requests worked very well with each other and I decided two kill two birds with stone, metaphorically. I hope this is alright!) 


“Teresa, Teresa!” Newt huffed, running to Teresa who was at the Gardens. “Did you get the flowers ready?”

“Yes, I’ve got them ready,” Teresa smiled. “You need to calm down! It’s all gonna turn out fine, trust me.”

“Okay, alright,” Newt agreed, but panicking again no less than two seconds later.

“Oh, right! Hold on, I need to check if Alby’s got the candles!” Newt ran off mid-sentence and Teresa could only stand there and shake her head.

“Alby! Were you able to get the candles?” Newt asked as Alby was packing supplies away in the Homestead.

“They’re right there, Newt,” Alby directed Newt’s gaze to a small box placed below Newt’s hammock. Seeing the box, Newt heaved a sigh of relief and then smiled to himself as visions of how he wanted tonight to be like flooded his head,

“Newt, man, lemme just tell ‘ya somethin’,” Alby began. “Everything’s going to be just fine, you need to breathe.”

“I know, it’s just that I want this to be- wait, does Minho know what time he’s supposed to bring her back? What if he brings her back from the maze too early and we’re not ready? What if-“

“Newt!” Alby snapped, then chuckled. “Minho knows, alright? Minho never forgets.”

“Yes, right,” Newt brought a hand up to his chin, stroking it in deep thought. “Hmm, what else do I need to check..”

“Nothing more, Newt. Nothing more. Gally’s got the firewood, Thomas and Teresa’s got the flowers and the flower petals and I’ve already asked Chuck to help trim the grass at where you had originally asked,” Alby explained.

“That does seem to about everything,” Newt replied.

“It is everything. And it’s still long before dark, we’ve got plenty of time. Now calm down, go and clean up, this is what you’ve been waiting for,” Alby smiled then patted Newt’s back as he left the Homestead to give Newt some time alone to think.

He sat on his hammock and started gently rocking it while keeping his feet on the ground. Newt started looking back – to the day when you first arrived, to the night when you fell asleep in his arms and his world made sense for the first time, when you’d hug or kiss him out of the blue, how you were always the best part of his day, the way it’s you whom he sees the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, the sleepless nights that you’d spent looking at the stars to playing outside whenever it stormed.

Everything. He smiled at how proud he was for having memorized you better than the back of his hand. There was no other perfect time to do it other than tonight. He reached for the pocket on the strap across his chest and opened it, grinning at the feeling of the cold metal greeting his fingers and relieved that it was still in there.


“Hey guys, the runners are back!” Chuck yelled, standing near the maze doors which was about to close any minute.

“Hiya, Chuck,” you panted as you slowed down to a jog and ruffled his curly locks, making him grin.

“Hey, (Y/N), you can go ahead and hit the showers first,” Minho smiled.

“Woah, now that is new,” you laughed. Minho usually argued with you that he should hit the showers first and you let him win most of the time because you had no strength to argue back. Sometimes it was even an automatic thing – he’d hit the showers, you would go see Newt who would usually be waiting by the maze doors.

That reminded you of something. Newt wasn’t by the maze doors tonight. You shook the feeling off, telling yourself that he was probably just helping out with dinner. You turned to look at the fire and in the fading light of the day, wisps of smoke were gently billowing from the firewood, making you wonder why the fire looked like it had only just been extinguished.

“(Y/N),” Minho’s voice interrupted your thoughts. “I said you could go hit the showers first.”

“Right, sorry, was thinking,” you replied.

You looked around The Glade. The place seemed awfully quiet and it was making you feel uneasy. Usually, dinner would only be starting now and Gladers would usually be tumultuously loud as they waited for food. But there was none of that tonight, you thought. Had something happened? The Glade usually had a strict timings and schedules but the difference in that tonight was making your stomach lurch.

You made your way to the Homestead to grab a towel and the clothes that you would be changing into. There was no one in there too. Totally empty. You were getting very suspicious but tried to think nothing more of it, half-heartedly convincing yourself that everyone else was just busy with their own business.

Glancing around and seeing very little activity and almost no noise, you made your way to the showers. You couldn’t deny that you were nervous. Very nervous in fact. Your senses were heightened and you were just about ready to take someone’s ass down if anyone ever decides to attack you.

You took a shower and changed into a light pink long-sleeved top with old and worn-out jeans. You left the showers after putting your shoes back on and cradling your dirty clothes in one hand, you tried to untangle your hair with the other.

You turned the corner so you could go back to the Homestead then grab some dinner. You stopped in your tracks when you saw a small candle on the ground, stepping back. “What on earth,” you whispered. You looked just a little ahead and another candle was lit and on the ground, just about ten steps from where you stood. Then you caught glimpse of another candle and another candle and you didn’t realize yourself following the trail. You were curious and a little afraid at the silence and the glow of the candles as the sky had completely darkened. But in the back of your mind, you couldn’t help but feel in your guts that this was for you and someone very, very special was behind all of it.

You looked up and an overwhelming glow filled your eyes. In the middle of the Glade, was more candles, in the shape of a heart and you continued walking towards it. This was the only light that filled the Glade and the usual torches around the huts and the towers were extinguished.  A small fire burned in the middle of it and with your vision slightly improved, you saw no grass on the ground inside the heart outline. You saw red, yellow, pink and white petals of different shapes. You stood frozen just a few steps away.

What perhaps was the best part and what confirmed your suspicions was Newt, standing right next to the fire, holding flowers with its stalks tied together with twine. He caught your eye and smiled, the orange glow of the candles and the fire making him look so ethereal. You ran and jumped into his arms as your heart leapt out of your chest.

“What do you think?” he grinned, pulling you close by your waist as he handed you the flowers.

“Newt, I-I don’t know what to say,” you stammered, tears beginning to fill your eyes.

“I do,” Newt smiled.

He cupped your cheeks with his hands and took a deep breath.

“(Y/N),” he began. “Darling, I love you. I love you so bloody much. When you arrived, you brought meaning back into my life when I thought I’d lost all hope of being happy. You are the greatest thing to ever happen to me, (Y/N). In your eyes, I see stars and in your every being I see the universe. And I..”

“Yeah?” you whispered, crying by now and you melted at the touch of Newt’s thumb swiping your tears away.

“Be mine. Truly mine for the rest of the time in this world we’ll live in,” he whispered as he leaned his forehead against yours.

He fished out a clean metal ring with yours and his initials engraved on it. You smiled and held out your hand for him to slip it on. It was a perfect fit.

“Where did you get this?” you asked as you held out your hand, admiring it in the glow of the light.

“I made it,” he smiled. “The builders helped. Do you like it?”

“I love it,” you breathed as you crushed yourself into his chest and wrapped your arms around his neck. Newt held your waist and lifted you off the ground.

“Newt, thank you,” you sighed, your voice muffled.

Your heart was bursting and you were flying.

“So I take it the answer is a yes?” Newt cheekily asked, pulling away.

“With all my heart, it’s a yes.”

His lips, curved into a smile, came crashing down on yours, desperate yet gentle and you kissed back.

All of a sudden, the torches in the hut and towers were lit up and you saw a glimpse of the runners with torches.

“HE DID IT!” Chuck’s voice exclaimed.

Gladers came pouring out from the med jacks’ huts, from the Slammers, from behind bushes and trees. The tumultuous cheering made you laugh and you leaned in to place another soft kiss on Newt’s lips who was beaming, and in return he kissed your forehead.

“Are we invited to the wedding?” Winston yelled over the sound of laughing and merriment.

“Do I have a choice?” Newt joked, earning laughs and louder cheers from everyone. 

You were ready to do this, absolutely ready. 


What Are You So Happy About ?


Anonymous said:Hi! Can you write an imagine that reader is the sweetheart of the glade and thomas-minho-chuck are her best friends. She likes newt and in a truth or dare game someone dares her to kiss newt? Newt protests for you but you kissed him and after you got drunk newt is the happiest man in the world and tells you that he loves you and smuutt in his room please??? :) In the morning reader wakes up early cause she is a runner and he think about last night smiling??? Thank you honey!!!

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The Pain Is Worth It

Word count: 1199

Character: Y/n and Newt

Newt saves you from being attacked by a griever, but you feel awful because he risked his life to save you. Also I based this more off of the book, where only one griever comes in, instead of like a bunch.


 The maze doors hadn’t closed that night and every glader was in full panic mode. You had problems with anxiety, so this made you feel completely helpless, scared, and alone. When you heard that first griever your body went into a full chaos mode. Your back tensed up, every breath got shorter and shorter making it almost impossible to breath, and your whole body was shaking, as if you had just drunken 30 cups of coffee. You look over to you’re left and see a griever coming into the maze and you where terrified. You then see it start to run toward you, as you where the only one left out in the open. That when you pushed your panic attack to the side and run. You didn’t know where to run to all you knew is that you needed to run. As you continued to run, you felt the griever slowly gaining on you. For a split second your breath hitch and you’re mind went to a haze of crazy; and in that split second you had lost control of your footing and completely tumbled to the ground. You turn around to see that the massive griever was only a couple hundred feet away. You had tried to turn and get up to continue running, but your body had given up on you. Your panic attack had set back in and it was so bad that you could not get up. You tried to drag yourself but it was just to hard. You just collapsed and you had given up. It wasn’t worth fighting anymore. Suddenly from the corner of your eye you see Newt running straight towards the beast. It had clearly seen him because it turned its attention away from you and toward Newt. You turned you body just enough to see Newt running full force into the griever.

“Newt No!” You had screamed at him. You didn’t want Newt to go up against that beast. He wouldn’t stand a chance, the griever was just to big; but he was fighting anyway. You sat there in horror as Newt was trying his best to take now the griever. He threw a spear straight into it head. The sound it made was terrifying. You couldn’t hold back the tears that where trying to escape my eyes. You had been best friends with Newt since day one. He was always there for you. He meant the world to you. People around the glade told me that he liked you and you were so happy; Newt was perfect so of cores you like him, and the fact that there was a chance that he might like you back was amazing. But now all that hope of being with Newt is being ripped away from you. You see Newt pull out his pocketknife and start to stab the griever in any place that it can. Suddenly the griever sliced him across his chest. Newt let out a horrific scream of pain and your tears started to fall harder. You could not lose Newt. The griever kept battling with Newt. Each causing more damage to one another, but you could see Newt was becoming very weak. Then it started to get brighter. The sun started to rise and the griever new that. It pulled back away from Newt and let out one more deafening screech and ran back towards the maze. You then see Newt fall to the ground and then, everything went dark. You had awoken in the medjack hut your body aching and your brain still in full panic mode. You couldn’t sit there, something about being in there made you feel weaker than you already were. As you were walking out you passed Newt. He looked as if he was just waking up. You don’t know if he saw you or not but you couldn’t stand looking at him. He looked so weak, like he was in so much pain, and it was your fault. If you didn’t have a panic attack and just ran and hid like everyone else he wouldn’t of had to fight the griever, and he would be in so much pain. You cause his pain. You ran off to the deadhead to get quiet, but once you got there the quiet was awful. It made you think of Newt, and the grieves, and the whole maze. Another panic attack was setting in, and this time it was much worse. Suddenly tears filled your eyes and you couldn’t breath again.

“y/n?” An all to familiar accent echoed in your ear, but it sounded so weak. You begun to cry harder.

“Y/n, are you okay what’s wrong? Talk to me please… Y/n” How he said your name sounded like he was trying to hold onto something but he couldn’t. He let out a small grunt of pain as he knelt down next to you to help be more comforting and he placed a hand on your arm. You let out a shaky breath and looked up at him. His face was all scratched and his skin was so pale, he looked so weak, and it was your fault. More tears fell down your face. You paused and tried your hardest to form words.

“Its my fault Newt. I did this to you. If I weren’t such a shank you wouldn’t be like this. You wouldn’t be injured. It my fault, and I can’t even look at you without thinking that it’s because of me that you’re in so much pain. You could have died Newt. I don’t want to cause you any pain Newt. And I did… I-I did” The last part came out almost like a whisper.

“Y/n.” He took a deep breath “You didn’t do this to me. I did this to me. And I could have died yes but I’m still here. And if I didn’t go attack that griever then he would have taken you. I can’t lose you y/n… Yes I’m in pain now but that will heal in time. I would be in so much more pain if I had lost you to a griever. Knowing that you are safe here with me makes the pain much more bearable… I love you Y/n. And I will be in a much pain as it takes to make sure you are safe. I want to keep you safe” You just looked up at Newt, you didn’t know how to respond to that. Newt could tell too, he just pulled you close to him, and just held you. He just held you close. You did feel safe in his arms. He was like the blankets you would put on you’re head when you where a scared chilled. He was your own safety blanket. He arms felt so warm and inviting, but so secure at the same time. You pulled out of the comfort of his arms for a second to look him in the eyes. You slowly lean forward and placed your lips on his. And they felt just as safe as his arms. That kiss just reinsured you that everything was going to be okay.

“You do keep me safe Newt.” 

I Promise

Newt Imagine! Its been a while!! This one is sad but has a happy ending I promise. Feeling kinda dark today… but the ending needed to be happy. If anyone else is going through a rough time right now like me I hope it all works out <3 I love all my followers 

Warnings: Triggers; mentions of cutting and thoughts of suicide

Happy Ending I promise. 

Summary: You’re going through a very hard time and the words of some fellow gladers finally break you down. Luckily, Newt is there to literally talk you down from the brink of death. 


Too fat.

Too skinny.

Too loud.

Too quiet.

You had tried everything to change the person you are to get them to accept you, but they refused.

Reaching up you took another vine and pulled yourself higher.

In the distance, the sun was beginning to rise sending a warm beautiful glow over the glade.

Decided you were high enough, you slowly and carefully turn yourself around so you’re facing not the cold hard stone walls that keep you trapped, but the green glade and warm morning sun.

Sunrise was always your favorite time of day. You and Newt would always wake up extra early to watch it together. Hand and hand you would sit at the top of the watch tower your head on his shoulder just watching the sky turn from a dark blue to brilliant purples, reds, oranges, and yellows.

Tears slowly drip down your face at the thought.

Newt. He is one of the few who cared for you, loved you.

To him, a letter had been written explaining why.

So one was for Minho, Alby, and Gally the only other boys who accepted you.

It had never gotten this bad. To the point of no return. Not until now.

Every once and a while you find release in a quick slice of your wrist.

Last night, the words of the boys cut you deeper than usual and there was no going back now.

“What does Newt even see in her?”

“Yeah she is so… ugly. Like do you even eat!”

“She used to be fat, now it’s like she’s a skeleton.”

“How does he even shuck something like that.”

“Bet he just uses her for sex. Thats what I would do.”

Their words shot you right in the heart, but what’s weird is you didn’t cry. You were numb. You walked back to the bonfire where you surrounded yourself with your friends and placed a fake smile on your face.

This was the plan.

One last night of fun and laughter. Then let it all go.

You look down. The glade, something that seemed so enormous, looked so small from up here.

There were so many ways to die.

Run into the maze.

Slit your throat.

Take a bunch of pills from the medjacks.

Drown in the little pond by the deadheads.

Take an arrow to the heart.

So many ways to die.

You chose to jump.


You always wanted to know what it would be like to fly. Fly away from the glade. From the world. Just break away.

Even if was just for a moment. Flying you knew would bring you joy even in this grim circumstance.

You closed your eyes and realized how hard you were crying. Sobbing even.  

This was it.

The last thought you think of was the beautiful blonde you fell in love with, that you weren’t good enough for.

“Y/N DON’T” Newts voice echoes around the glade.

You look down to see him running towards you.

No. This isn’t what you wanted. You just wanted to die. No tears. No heart ache from the one you loved. Just death. You didn’t want to explain. You couldn’t if you did nothing would stop you from jumping.

“Y/N PLEASE DON’T” Newt screams up at you. By now Minho was running towards you  as well. Along with Alby.

“Leave me alone!” You yell back voice cracking and getting lost in the wind.

“Y/n LOVE PLEASE!” Newt pleads sobbing hard while Minho starts to climb up towards you.

“One more inch Minho and I JUMP!” You scream at him and he immediately jumps down

“Y/n don’t do this!” Alby commands.

“Y/n why are you doing this!? Why?” Minho yells and you sob thinking back to the night before. You start to let go when Newt’s voice penetrates through the shouts and screams of the other gladers.

“Y/n love wait! Remember the time you first worked in the gardens with me!?” He screams and you grab onto the vine once again.

“Remember?” He asks the other graders going quite. “You and I had the best time, mainly because you ended up showing me off on everything.” He giggles nervously. “Remember the time we got into that huge water fight you and I?” He yells and a smile plays at your lips as tears continue to pour down your face.

“Love you can’t leave me. I love you. Remember all the good memories don’t do this.” He yells pleading for you to climb down.

“Newt you don’t understand.” You yell back.

You look towards the gladers who were talking about you the other night they look shocked, scared, but mostly ashamed.

“I’m nothing but skin and bones. I’m ugly. I’m nothing.” You spit.

“Your beautiful!” He yells back, “And my everything! Please don’t do this!” He screams again.

“You deserve better.” You say before closing your eyes and drowning out the rest of the graders. You start to let go of the vines, your choice made. All you want to do is fly. Fly far far away from the world. The Glade. Fly home.

“You are my sunshine!” Newt’s voice reaches your ears again.

“My only sunshine.” He’s singing. The same song you sang to him. On the nights when the nightmares kept him awake. On the night the day he jumped.

The day he tried to do the same thing your doing now.

“You make me happy when skies are grey.” You start to look back on that day. How much it hurt to see him broken, how much pain it had caused you.

You wanted to fly, but you never wanted to cause Newt pain, no, not him.

“You’ll never know how, how much I love you.” His voice cracks as he sings that last notes.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

You can’t jump. You can’t leave. Not him.

You are worth it. He is worth it. Your love is worth it.

You are meant to stay in this world, for you, for him.

You grab back onto the wall.

“I’m not just s..skin and b…bones. I’m more then just a girl. I’m beautiful. Newt knows I’m beautiful. I think flying can wait.” You whisper to yourself, convincing yourself finally to slowly climb down.

“Y/n!” Newt yells running over to you and embracing you with force wrapping his arms securely around your shaking form. He holds you close, never wanting to let go, afraid that you will try to climb again. You begin to sob quietly into his chest and he rocks you back and forth as he whisper again and again in your ear. “I love you y/n. I love you. Why darling? Why?”

You can’t speak not threw the tears, but instead you point. Point at the boys who words cut you deeper then any knife ever could. The boys who looked at you as object.

Suddenly Newts arms and warmth are gone as he marches up to them fist high in the air.

“What did you say to her!” They start to back away nervous. “WHAT DID YOU SAY!?” He spits as he lunges towards one of them.

“No!” You shout, your voice surprising everyone even yourself. Isn’t this what they deserved? After what they said about you?

Maybe. But what good would it bring. None. Only more pain.

Slowly you make your way towards them. They stand there like dear in the headlights terrified about what you may do.

“I forgive you.” You say reaching forward and stroking one of their cheeks. This boy was the shortest of the three who had said such hateful words. “All of you.” You pull your hand away and turn around to face Newt. “I’m more then just skin and bones.”

Then you clasp to the floor, but Newt catches you and picks you up. “I got you.” He whispers placing his forehead against your own.

“Take those three to the slammer. One week in the pit minimal food and water.” Alby orders and Gally and Minho drag them away.

You can’t stop the tears, lucky Newt is there to hold you. “Shh baby I got you shh love.” He takes you bridal style and carries you back to the homestead to your room.

He sits you on the bed then crouches down in front of you.

“What did they say to you, baby?” He asks you just shake your head the words trapped in your mouth. Your voice getting lost in your mind.

“I can’t help you unless you tell me what happened.” He says stroking your cheek tears pouring down his face. “Please baby I love you so much. I can’t lose you. Why? Why baby?”

“I don’t belong here Newt. I f…feel like they will n…never except me. They called me a s..skeleton. Ugly. A toy just for s…sex.” You choke out.

“No! Love your none of those things. No. No. Come here.” He wrapped his arms around you as he pulls you onto his lap.

“You are none of those things. You are beautiful. Your body is perfect. I love you for you. Your smiles, your laugh, your wit and your horrible jokes.” You smile through the tears and Newt continues confident that its helping. “I love your voice when you sing. The songs you make up. I love how kind you are, how caring. I promise I’ll help you threw this y/n. I’m so sorry I didn’t see it. I should have been there to help you. I’m so so sorry.” He is crying now and you both sit huddled together sobbing in each others arms.

“I..its n…not your fault.” you stutter squeezing him tightly.

“Still I promise I’m going to make this better. I will tell you how much I love you everyday. I’ll give you a rose for every reason why I love you, which trust me its going to be a lot.” You giggle threw your tears. “You can come to me at any time to talk about anything and everything and I promise to be there and make you smile when your sad. We are going to get threw this together. I’m here for you just like you were here for me.”

He then to your surprise picks up your wrists and kisses your scares whispering an “I’m sorry” after each delicate one. 

“I’m sorry.” His lips press against your skin

“I’m sorry.” Another. 

“I’m sorry.”

“I love you Newt. It’s not your fault.” you say once again wrapping your arms around him.

“I can’t lose you y/n. I’ll make this better. I’ll make you happy again. Thats a promise.” He whispers kissing your forehead.

“And I promise never to do that again Newt. I’m sorry.” You sob holding him close.

“I love you y/n everything is going to be alright.”

And Newt did keep that promise.

Everyday he told you he loved you.

Everyday he brought you a rose.

Everyday he called you beautiful. He called your laugh beautiful. Your body beautiful.

Everyday he came to you to check in, even when he was busy.

Everyday he cuddled you when you were sad. Held you when you needed to cry.

Slowly it didn’t hurt any more.

Slowly the color flooded back into your face.

Slowly your smiles that Newt loved so much found their way to your lips more and more.

Slowly you began to feel happy again.

Then came the day where you didn’t feel sad at all. Or trapped. Or broken.

“Hey you.” Newt wraps his arms around your waist as he comes up from behind you. You giggle.

“I love that laugh.” Newt sighs kissing your neck.

You sigh contently. “You ok?” He asks

You smile. “Yes. I really really am. I love you Newt.”

“I love you too y/n.”