i think it's only polite tho

Signs as Ezra Koening tweets
  • Aries: a writer once asked what I'd say if I ever met my biggest hater. I paused, thought deeply, and said, "probably 'suk a dog dik, motherfucker'"
  • Taurus: u say "I don't give a fuk" but merely desire 2 not give a fuck. When ur last fuk is truly given, a wave of silent euphoria will wash over u
  • Gemini: "What a beautiful morning! I should quite like to compose a tweet"
  • "Very good sir, shall I bring the droid?"
  • Cancer: I pretend to look at the wine list rly hard and then just order the second cheapest one. U can apply this technique to anything
  • Leo: look upon my prettiness, ye motherfuckers, and despair
  • Virgo: the biggest factor contributing to the break-up of the American family unit is GETTING 2 THE MOVIES LATE. I TOLD U IT WOULD BE CROWDED!
  • Libra: went undercover as a woman to solve a crime. ended up in a love triangle and hurt someone I cared abt but JUSTICE WAS SERVED & now I'm back
  • Scorpio: this trend of self-induced subungal hematoma (blood under fingernails) is wack. It's NOT nail art. the black-purple color is gr8 4 fall tho
  • Sagittarius: when the flight attendant asks what u wanna drink: slowly turn ur head, lower ur sunglasses and say "milk shake" in a Russian accent
  • Capricorn: when someone calls you "unsavory" it means they think ur sweet right?
  • Aquarius: most important phrase to learn in every language is "I understand every word you're saying, motherfukker"
  • Pisces: the "Special Skills" section of my resume was 1. Polite 2. Not scared of most animals 3. Can draw manga (face only, no hands)

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do you think nk elections are actual democracy tho?

thats not the point!!!! and frankly, it doesnt matter what i think because i dont live in north korea and me making any attempt to give a criticism of the dprk’s government as a communist living in the belly of the beast will only end up serving imperial interests. even if its well meaning, even if its genuine and accurate, do you really think politics can be isolated from imperialism like that? they can’t. the ONLY principled stance that western socialists, communists, and anarchists can take while living in an imperialist country is “no to war, no to imperialism, US troops out of everywhere”. if we, or the world, had an international communist movement capable of making changes on that type of level, then maybe we could, but nothing like that exists, and hasnt existed since the 30s.

the only people who can make revolution and liberate korea are the korean people, not neocolonial armies, not socialist polemics from the west, and certainly not any foreign armies that are responsible for the neocolonization and lack of peace on the peninsula in the first place.

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probably a stupid question but why do so many naruto blogs get into the political and serious stuff???? like i'm a naruto blog but i watch the show for fun and don't really have the proper mentality/mindset to understand what the posts are talking about but i appreciate that you do bc it makes you all sound super smart (sorry if this doesn't make sense/is all over the place)

omg… tbh i have a lot of trouble not thinking abt things seriously even naruto (tho also esp naruto bc its my special interest) like it’s just hard to only see the fun in smth when it pulls shit thats harmful esp if it affects you personally, which is prob where a lot of ppl are coming from. also this is just me but im uh delusional and have trouble separating fiction from reality