i think it's funny when he screams do i look like a cop

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Is it okay if I request the Rfa and saeran (not sure if v counts as rfa or not but yeah if it's okay, v too) find mc stuck in a treetre and have to help them get down? (Mc had seen the tree and thought they could climb it but ended up getting stuck and nkt be able to get down so they end up having to call the s/o to help them get down) I also hope you're having a wonderful day/evening/morning/whatever time of day it is :)

Haha, this was a funny one! And thank you, hope your day is good too:) 


  • You had gotten stuck while tending to the front yard
  • Too bad Zen was at work when it happened
  • When he got back, all he hears is, “Zen!…Zen!”
  • He’s looking around, and you keep calling his name
  • He literally looks everywhere but up…
  • When he leans over a bush, you had it and threw an acorn at his head
  • His eyes get wide when he sees you, “What are you doing up there?!”
  • You explain the situation, and thankfully he’s tall enough for you to jump the safe distance
  • But of course you’re a bit nervous doing that 
  • He looks up at you and holds out his hand saying, “Do you trust me?” Aladdin style
  • Finally you jump, but he doesn’t let you down and instead carries you into the house princess style
  • Doesn’t let you do much for the rest of the day


  • You had just felt like climbing a tree, so you did
  • You didn’t realize coming down would be an issue
  • So, you found yourself stuck and screaming for Yoosung who was still inside
  • He comes out and he sets off on this panicky scolding session while you’re still dangling off the ground
  • When you finally yell at him to stop, he tries to think of ways to get you down
  • You guys don’t have a ladder…or rope…or anything remotely useful
  • But all those blanket fort sheets come in handy
  • He knots a bunch of sheets together to make a make-shift rope
  • He tries to toss it to you but….he has poor upper body strength so it’s about an hour of missed attempts
  • The one time it drapes over the branch, he thinks you caught it and yanks it down before you can even grab it
  • More frustration…more throwing…and finally you’re on the ground
  • You are never climbing a tree again


  • You two were decorating the garden, and you were putting a bird house in a tree
  • Jaehee slips into the house for a second, and sometime during then your ladder falls leaving your stranded on a branch
  • You call for help, genuinely worried you might hurt yourself from a stupid bird house
  • She comes rushing out and puts the ladder back up
  • You climb down and she’s mothering you and asking if you’re fine and also scolding you somehow
  • Meanwhile, the situation settles in and you crack up laughing
  • She asks why you’re laughing, but you can’t answer through your laughs
  • Eventually she laughs because you’re laughing and it’s become a solidified moment in your life


  • You got a little too adventurous in his garden and found yourself stuck in a tree
  • After several attempts at getting down, you finally just call Jumin for help
  • You don’t miss the amused smile behind his calm actions
  • He pulls over one of the patio tables and helps you climb onto that instead
  • He asks you if you’re okay, and when you say you are, you think the whole thing is forgotten…but then he smirks
  • “It’s okay,” he says. “Elizabeth gets stuck up there all the time.”
  • It doesn’t end there…he’ll say you’ve been spending too much time with her and you’re picking up on her habits
  • Teases you lightly all day
  • Normally, you would be annoyed, but Jumin rarely teases you and it was rather amusing to see that side of him


  • He gets a text from you saying, “Come outside…I found a cat.”
  • He’s literally whooping through the bunker until you add, “But there’s a problem with the cat.”
  • “What’s that?” he responds, already outside
  • He looks up and he sees it
  • You’re huddled on a high branch, a small cat in your arms
  • Before anything could come out of your mouth, the cat let out a loud whine
  • Seven tried to stop himself, but he really couldn’t help it
  • He burst out laughing and you made it worse because your whining matched the cats
  • He grabs a ladder from the bunker and comes back
  • Of course…he takes the cat first and helps it down
  • You wait patiently, but as the minutes tick on you look down and see him distracted, playing with the cat
  • “Seven!” you yell
  • He hurriedly gets you down as well
  • He makes cat and tree puns for the rest of the day though…


  • You two were just taking a walk in the park
  • He had gone to use the bathroom, and when he came back you weren’t there
  • He panicked a little when you weren’t answering your phone
  • But eventually, he hears his name being called from above him
  • He looks up to see you crouching on a branch, and he gestures for you to get down
  • That’s when you tell him you’re stuck
  • He rolls his eyes, “How do you even manage to get stuck in a tree like that? Hold on. I’ll come and help.”
  • He gets to you and then looks for a way down, “Uh….”
  • You give him an “I told you so” look
  • Oh well….you two just chill there together because both of you are too chicken to jump
  • Eventually, a cop comes along and helps you guys down because the park is closed and you have been up there for hours
  • You both pretend it was on purpose to save your pride


  • He’s in the kitchen of his apartment when he gets a call from you
  • He’s confused because he thought you were in the house
  • He doesn’t even pick up the phone
  • He looks out the window and sees your limbs flailing around
  • He’s really worried because you look really scared
  • But the trees not that high, so he rushes out and positions himself under you
  • He tells you to jump, and he’ll catch you
  • After some coaxing you eventually do
  • Once you’re safe and sound inside, he thinks back on the incident…and he can’t stop laughing
  • You keep glaring at him, so he stopped–until you turned back around

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Favourite color: Black II pt. 1

Yoongi x reader

genre: Mafia!Yoongi, angst, violence

contents of violence, heavy words and so on

Thanks to the anon who requested a Mafia/Underground!Yoongi story, I hope you enjoy even though I changed the plot

word count: 11.4k

Does Min Yoongi stand for death or safety?

Right now it definitely was the first word to describe the rather cruel man and his actions who threatened you with your mother’s life if you wouldn’t obey his orders as he wanted you to. His plans for your further cooperation sounding strange. At first.

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3 Billion Dollars [Part 18] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by bobhwa

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: fluff then possible angst

Warnings: swearing? cliff hanger?

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21} {part 22}


A/N: This one is really short, and may be really bad. This one is definatly not my favorite. AND IT IS OFFICAL GUYS. ONLY 10 MORE CHAPTERS LEFT. I have a smut coming real soon so yeah. I’m a bit nervous for that smut though. Anyways please tell me what you think of this chapter, I love feedback! Inbox always open!

~Admin Brooklyn


You didn’t hear whatever Ji Yong said that night, but since then on he’s been happier. You don’t exactly know why you kinda just assumed that he got the weight off his chest from telling you about the marriage. He was a bit more handsy, which was a new thing for your relationship. It wasn’t the only change though. About a week after he saved you he had proposed an idea that you were both unsure about and very excited about it.

“So (Y/N), what do you think?” Ji Yong asked. Your hand was limp in his. A moment ago he was playing with your fingers, but he stopped as he explained his reasoning for his new idea.

“I don’t know,” you say cautiously. “Would it be weird if you took me out on a date?”

“We’re gonna get married anyway,” Ji Yong reasoned. He had a point. You felt your heart race at the thought of going out with him. “Think of it as like a test drive. We already know each other, we’re just testing out the waters of marriage and dating.”

“Don’t people usually go on dates to get to know each other?” You ask. Ji Yong furrows his eyebrows, a small pout forming on his lips.

“Only people who don’t know each other before then,” Ji Yong said sadly. “If you don’t want to go on a date with me that’s okay. I’ll never force you into something like that.”

Your heart broke as you heard his voice. You watched as his hand dropped and he got up from the loveseat in his office. You frowned as Ji Yong walked back to his office chair, sitting down in front of his desk, his head hanging low. You couldn’t help but feel disappointed in yourself. You sat on the loveseat, staring at the floor thinking through his offer.

“Ji Yong,” you said. Ji Yong looked up at you, his eyes meeting yours. “Can we try a date?”

You watched as a wide smile grew on Ji Yong’s face, happiness lighting up his features. He nodded his head wildly and left his desk walking back to you. He sat down next to you, grabbing your hand. “Really?”

You smile at him sweetly. His expression similar to a little kid’s on Christmas. “Yes really. What’s the harm done? Besides, I think you owe me from after everything you did to me.”

Ji Yong nodded his head, understanding the situation. He had a wide smile on his face. He kissed your nose, still smiling as he spoke. “I’ll treat you like a queen baby girl. You won’t regret it.”

The weekend after you had found a box on Ji Yong bed, which is now technically yours because you’ve been sleeping on it as well. In it there was a long elegant dress with a note saying to put it on. Not a few minutes after your dress was on and your hair and makeup done, Ji Yong knocked on the door. You weren’t too shocked to find him with a tux and a bouquet of flowers in his hand when you opened the door. He smiled, grabbed your hand and took you away for your date. It was a sweet one and by far the best first date you’ve ever had.

Ji Yong had also been showing you more of his work. He says it’s to “prepare you for the future so you know what to do when you have to make decisions”. It’s not as bad as you thought, but then again you know he’s not showing you everything. You’re kinda thankful for that though when you had passed a hallway. You could still remember the chilling screams that echoed off the walls, and Ji Yong grabbing you and pushing you away from the area.

Other than that one incident, you had begun to like Ji Yong’s job. Most of it consisted of paperwork and deciding what would be best for the everybody in Big Bang. Ji Yong had even asked for your opinion sometimes. He didn’t always go with it, but it was nice to be recognized as someone who could help and not some follower.

Ji Yong also liked the new change. He was glad you were becoming more accepting of his lifestyle. He had begun to take bigger risks around you. He’s been kissing your cheeks more and holding you closer than he used too. He loved having you around more, and you liked going out of the room more.

You had begun to pick up self-defense lessons. Seunghyun and Daesung finding it more important to protect yourself after what happened. They say that now you have the experience of what happened, you’ll be able to handle yourself better incase it happens again. Logically they were right, so you went back to Daesung’s self-defense lessons and Seunghyun’s knife throwing ones. When you began to get good, Seungri sneaked you a pair of knives for you to keep so you can practice on your own. So on the days when you didn’t follow Ji Yong around, you would go to your old room and begun throwing the knives at your old closet doors. Your clothing was emptied out by now, and all your belongings were already moved to Ji Yong’s room. Everything had settled down, and you had grown to love the peace that overcame your mind for the past month.


Ji Yong was currently working on a minor problem. Cops were patrolling the Eastern border of his land. He knew that they probably won’t do too much to any damage considering how hilariously out numbered they are. Ji Yong looked up at he heard his office door open. He watched as the eldest Seunghyun stepped in followed by his dad and Daesung.

“Hey dad,” Ji Yong said, setting his pen down. “Everything okay?”

Mr. Kwon shook his head, dismissively waving his hand. “I’m fine. Things are just getting boring for an old man like me.”

A small smile jumped onto Ji Yong’s face. He gestured for them to sit before picking up his pen getting back to work. Mr. Kwon shakily lowered himself into the chair, letting out a small sigh of relief as he sunk into the armchair. “So, I’ve heard you’ve been bringing (Y/N) around, showing her the ropes.”

A ghost of a smile appeared on Ji Yong’s face. “Yeah dad, just showing her around and what to do.”

“I think she’s growing to like this place.” Ji Yong chuckled lightly. He shook his head.

“She’s getting used to it,” he said. “Liking it is something else entirely.”

“You’re probably right,” Mr. Kwon says with a small smile. “She’s a bit stubborn, but she’s more than useful. I think she’s perfect for you.”

Ji Yong let out a small chuckle. He tossed aside a paper, its contents being useless to him. “She kinda doesn’t have a choice.” His words spark something in Ji Yong’s mind. “Actually, I told her about the marriage already. Funny thing, she didn’t exactly react.”

“Women are complicated Ji Yong.” Ji Yong watches and Daesung nods his head in agreement, and a small smile appears on his face.

“Dad, I know you told her before I got to.” Mr. Kwon’s face goes emotionless for a second before he casually leans into his chair.

“She was gonna know anyways and I think I saved you the trouble of her being mad at you,” Mr. Kwon defended. He wasn’t wrong, Ji Yong gave him that.

“I know dad, thank you,” Ji Yong said. Mr. Kwon eyed him, finding his dismissive behavior with you a little weird. After a minute he concluded that you were probably easing up his rough and defensive mood about you, at least to some people. Mr. Kwon nodded his head and begun to lift himself out of the chair.

“Well I’ll get going,” he said, finally standing. “You seem to be busy and I mostly came in to check up on you.”

Ji Yong nodded at both Daesung and Seunghyun, quickly dismissing them as he went back to his work. The police really didn’t know their boundaries between defensive and stupidity as he cleared another report of them patrolling the Eastern side again, and this time the report said that they were beating people. Ji Yong looked up with concern as he heard a loud thump. His eyes went wide as he saw his father lying on the ground looking unconscious.


One-shot Fic: The Chase

PG-13 | Humor | Romance | Skank!Kurt | College AU

Based on the prompt: “I drive to school and you walk and I drive past you everyday and it’s below freezing and you’re still walking please just get in the damn car I’ll drive you” AU

Read on Ao3

Birthday gift for @notthetoothfairy! Yes, bish, I wrote you something smooshing together 3 things I knew you’d like - that prompt, college AU and skank Kurt. And i fucking studied your gorgeous blog for it! Love ya, bish. I’m sorry for the typos, but i couldn’t have my beta look at this one before posting ;)

I hope you like!!!!(I’d put a hugging gif or smtg but that would make the post fucking ginormous)

Kurt likes to think he keeps it classy. Despite the leather, and the ripped jeans, and the dyed hair, and the motorcycle – he keeps it classy. He doesn’t holler at people as he drives by, he disposes of his cigarettes butts properly; he makes sure his bike makes the normal and indispensible amount of sound when speeding up, and he just generally minds his own business. He may be… badass, but he’s kept his class. And, I mean, he’s a college freshman showing up to campus on a sweet ass ride. He doesn’t care what others think (hasn’t since he was a sophomore and discovered the wonders of steel tip boots and detachment), but if he did, he knows they’d think he looks equal parts intimidating and cool. Badass with class.

And that, right up there on the sidewalk walking towards campus, is a great ass he has class with.

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freezing-and-crimson  asked:

This is kinda rude and pathetic to ask. But your writing always cheers me up and I've been so deep in depression that it's not even funny. But could you write a small drabble about Kakashi x Orochimaru taking care of and raising Mitsuki and Log??? If you don't want to then that's fine ^^ don't feel like you have to write something.


It’s a little startling, just how often Kakashi sees his father’s smile echoed so clearly in Mitsuki’s cheerful grins.

Seeing it always gives the same reaction; his breath catches in his throat, his eyes widen, his heart stutters. It’s not pain, the way it might have been before Pein’s invasion. It’s not the aching, crushing grief he carried for so many years. This is closer to joy, light and effervescent and full, and Kakashi smiles back, even though Mitsuki is thoroughly occupied with Boruto right now.

“You know, one could say that it’s your smile as well,” Orochimaru say, amused, as he comes to lean against the balcony railing. Kakashi almost wants to accuse him of reading his mind, but—well. He mentioned it once, helpless in the face of that small connection that shouldn’t be, and Orochimaru’s memory is hardly lacking.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he denies, mostly just to be contrary.

Orochimaru’s expression shades towards polite disbelief, but he doesn’t call Kakashi on it. “You have good DNA,” he says instead, gaze flickering back to their son.

Kakashi rolls his eyes, just a little, because coming from the Sannin that’s absolutely a compliment, but it would probably send anyone else screaming for the hills. Sometimes Kakashi wonders why he doesn’t do the same, except for the fact that he’s always been a little light on self-preservation.

Besides, two pieces of his DNA are currently wandering around the Hokage Mansion. Kakashi might not cop to much, but that’s…pretty incredible.

“Rogu?” he asks, because he knows from experience that it’s never a good idea to let his older son stay out of sight too long.

Orochimaru’s amusement says that he sees right through Kakashi’s casual question, and also remembers that time with Gai, the melons, and the exploding tags just as clearly as Kakashi does, if likely for different reasons.

(Kakashi is scarred, all right? There was definite mental trauma happening that day, even if Tsunade laughed him out of her office when he told her that.)

“Occupying himself,” Orochimaru says breezily, as if that’s any sort of comfort at all. He turns precisely, already stepping back towards their bedroom, and adds, “I’m going to R&D if you—”

“I don’t think so.” Maybe Genma is right about mild insanity and suicidal bravery being the prerequisite for becoming a jounin—not that he has any room to talk, the jerk—but Kakashi grabs him around the waist, dodges the knife-hand blow that would have crushed the windpipe of anyone slower, and steers him back towards the freshly-made bed. “You’re not leaving me here alone with four children.”

The amusement on Orochimaru’s face is well-hidden behind a veil of black hair and his half-hearted struggles. “Kakashi, Sarada and Boruto are perfectly polite children—”

“One is Sasuke and Naruto’s child, and the other is Sakura’s,” Kakashi says firmly. “And Mitsuki is terrifying.”

Conspicuously, Orochimaru doesn’t argue this point. “I just made the bed,” he complains instead, and when Kakashi pauses to eye him disbelievingly, there’s a quicksilver flash of a smirk before a foot is sweeping his legs out from under him.

Kakashi is the Hokage and has been a shinobi for over thirty years now; he’s not about to be taken down by a trick like that, so when he falls he grabs Orochimaru and drags him down onto the mattress with him. There’s a brief but fierce struggle to pin each other—Kakashi mostly wins due to extra body mass and feels no shame in admitting it—and when it ends, Orochimaru is watching Kakashi with narrowed eyes and the shadow of a smirk on his lips.

They’re very pretty lips, Kakashi thinks, gaze flickering to them, and can see the exact moment Orochimaru catches it. His eyes darken, features sliding towards smugly amused, and—

Well. Kakashi had never though he’d end up here, that morning when Konoha’s most famous semi-pardoned missing-nin marched into his office with two small children in tow and an aggravated Suigetsu mislabeled my DNA samples so these are yours, Hatake in explanation. Hadn’t even vaguely considered it, but…he’s come to the conclusion that he doesn’t really mind.

Mitsuki’s laugh, loud and bright from outside the window, sounds just like his father’s as well.

Carefully, he tugs his mask off, leaning down to kiss Orochimaru slowly and thoroughly. There’s a satisfied hum as clever fingers curl around the back of his neck, and it’s lazy and languid and full of banked heat.

There’s a sudden groan from the hallway outside their bedroom, followed by an annoyed, “Don’t you know how doors work? I don’t want to see that,” and then hurried steps as Rogu retreats with speed.

Kakashi can’t help but think of that morning, when Sasuke came to drop of Boruto and caught them kissing in the kitchen. Usually Kakashi has to work a lot harder to inflict that level of trauma on his cute former students, so he’s calling this a good day.

Still. Rogu moving with any sort of alacrity outside of an actual fight, even in the face of parental PDA, is usually a bad sign. Kakashi looks down at Orochimaru, who arches a brow right back, and has to sit back with a resigned sigh.

Somewhere in the distance, something explodes. Equal odds as to whether it’s Rogu’s fault or the Terrible Threesome’s.

“I feel like we should ignore that,” Kakashi says lightly.

Orochimaru’s smirk is knowing. “Is the Rokudaime Hokage really afraid of the mischief of children?” he asks, as if that’s a fair question at all.

“My children,” Kakashi reminds him, ducking down for one more quick kiss. “Your children.”

With a hum, Orochimaru concedes the point. “In my defense, I thought I was using the Nidaime’s DNA.”

Like that would have been better. Kakashi lets one raised brow speak for him.

Chuckling, Orochimaru slides out from underneath him, as unexpected but lithe as a snake, and rises to his feet. “I’m required at R&D,” he informs Kakashi, flashing him a sly smile. “Have fun with the children, my dear.”

Kakashi groans and feels entirely justified flopping face-first into the pillows.

Long fingers stroke through his hair, but Orochimaru darts away when Kakashi tries to grab him again. Footsteps—deliberate, Kakashi knows, since the smug bastard can’t be bothered to make noise when walking at any other time—retreat out the door, and Kakashi sighs, smelling smoke.

This is definitely payback for what he inflicted on his father in childhood, he thinks wryly, levering himself up. There’s no doubt at all.

He grabs the spray bottle sitting on the bedside table, straightens his clothes, and heads out to hunt down his children.

The Devil’s Toy Box

by reddit user MrClarenceWorley

“The Devil’s Toy Box” is an urban legend that savvier horror fans will recognize as the inspiration for the infamous Lament Configuration from Clive Barker’s seminal Hellraiser series. Though in reality the titular “box” is not a toy at all but rather a small room where the floor, the ceiling, and the walls are each composed of one giant mirror.

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sillysouthernwitch  asked:

Domesticate Nyx Ulric: What does he have in his fridge, his bathroom, his computer, what's his ringtone for his friends, would he have a cat or dog (or something else more exotic) as a pet or all three? Feel free to add your own

Omg yass I love this!

Hmm, I mean my idea of what domestic Nyx is like might be different to what other people think, but my headcanons are below with a bonus of what changes when his S/O (you) steps in!

Nyx’s fridge: Definitely always has beer in it. Like always. If he has only a little money left and nothing in his fridge, he’ll go get some beer to put in there. He goes out to eat more often than not, so maybe there’s only really snacks in the pantry or something. He just doesn’t have much time to cook. Libertus and Crowe are always on his ass about cooking at home more. He can, there’s just not a lot of time.

When you come into his life, he makes a much more conscious effort of keeping at least basic condiments and things like tea, coffee, milk and sugar in the pantry and fridge. Like, just in case you come over for a bit and don’t want a beer, he has other stuff he can give you because he’s a good adult, okay? Eventually he offers to cook for you a lot. He cops a lot of shit from his friends about this; its pretty funny.

Nyx’s bathroom: has more grooming items than you think. Like, he’s kind of scruffy looking, but it’s a well-kept scruffy looking. He has like really good hair care products. He’s got a cologne for like every kind of situation in little bottles. It’s his little luxury. The bathroom is clean too; he hates big clean ups (lazy), so he cleans up a little everyday.

When you come into the picture, his bathroom starts to fill up with some more stuff. You keep some of your things at his place just in case you end up staying over out of the blue. One day he steps in when you aren’t around and just looks at all the little things you have all over the place. It makes him smile. He likes having you around… Maybe you should move in with him? Wouldn’t be a bad thing to talk about.

Nyx’s laptop: he hasn’t got a desktop because he likes the idea that he can carry the laptop when he needs to, but he never really needs to. Lol. Plus it doesn’t take up as much space? He doesn’t use it often, mostly for just emails, storing photos, etc. Libertus sends him cat videos and videos of people doing stupid reckless shit. Nyx likes those videos a little more than he admits because he’s a reckless shit too. There might be a couple of videos of him and Libertus doing something stupid with like Pelna screaming in the background or something.

When you come into the picture there’s loads of stuff on his laptop that’s just all about you. There’s pics of you, videos of you guys derping around, saved email threads, all of that stuff. When you first start dating, his browser history is full of hurried searches like ‘good dating spots in insomnia’, ‘flower bouquets’, ‘what the hell is [something you’re really into and he has no idea]’. After awhile, sometimes the words 'engagement rings’ sits in the search bar, but gets deleted because he hasn’t got the courage to hit enter just yet.

Nyx’s ringtones: he doesn’t care for this stuff much, so he let’s people pick their own tones. Pelna is thankfully very rational and just has a really nice jingle for his ringtone and it never changes, so Nyx always knows when its Pelna calling. Its Crowe and Libertus who are really confusing because sometimes they fight over who gets what song because they have similar tastes. In general Nyx just checks if his phone is ringing if any phone is ringing in the general vicinity.

When you step into the picture, the ringtone that’s set for you is something you made Nyx pick because you realised that no one else really let’s him pick. He changes your ringtone often, but he always knows its you calling. Libertus notes they’re all very Galahd themed. He thinks its probably because you’ve become home to him too.

Nyx’s pets: I think he’s a huge cat person. There’s one cat he gets that everyone is kind of wary of because it has some very similar physical traits to a Coeurl. Maybe its got some of that monster blood in it, but its tame, at least for Nyx. Its a big cat, the size of a smallish dog and very intelligent and independent. It has to be since Nyx is away a lot. Both the cat and owner are very stubborn and headstrong and sometimes they fight, in a fun kind of way. Like, the cat is a little shit and takes over it’s owner’s bed in retaliation to not being fed yummy food or something. On Nyx’s awful days his cat is the perfect companion, curling up against his legs and purring, giving its owner as much affection as he needs.

When you come into the picture, Nyx’s cat is actually very aggressive towards you. Its wary around strangers, but for some reason its very defensive when you’re around. To be honest its probably because its noticed Nyx is around you a lot and its scared you’re going to do a shoddy job of looking after him. You don’t know how to keep him company when he’s sad, not like the cat can. Don’t worry, eventually it warms up to you and it actually likes you better than Nyx. That makes your boyfriend a bit pouty.

If you’re allergic to cats, don’t worry! You won’t be allergic to this one. Its definitely got some monster blood in it and its fur is a special pelt that’s cat-allergy friendly. Snuggle the cat and make Nyx feel bad. Ahaha!

Nyx’s car: I don’t know if he actually has one, but say he does, I reckon hes the kind of person who’s like 'my music or no music’. He won’t let people touch the music unless he trusts their taste (closest friends really). Generally really clean, sometimes it’ll slip when hes got long missions though. Has spare clothes and boots in the trunk just in case.

When you step into the picture, there’s loads of complaints and general freaking out when Nyx just hands you the aux cord or let’s you play with the music without much care. They learn pretty quick to shut up when Nyx gives them a look. Its totally not fair! He must really like you a lot. Sometimes when people really misbehave in the car, Nyx let’s you play really bad music to make them shut up. The car sometimes is supicously clean after date night. Y'know… 'Cause you gotta clean up after some events. >.> There may be spare clothes for you hidden in the car somewhere. Just in case.


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Kris Wu,,, college au

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

A/N: this is my first kpop scenario, fic or imagine (whatever this is lmao) i hope you like it and if you do please let me know. i’ll write more things i have in mind, im just slow af sorry. also! english is not my first language (sorry for the typos and bad grammar) 

please enjoy! :)


-lets say you’re majoring in english,, second year 

-and you’re sharing a little apartment with three other people 

-a couple,,, one majoring on arts and the other on physics,,, honestly how did they meet???

-and a young tall and handsome man called Wu Yifan, whos like a music genius

-sometimes you overhear his producing sessions from ur room ,,, and his deep voice rapping to the tune,,,, and you just cAnt focus on what you were reading  

-oh and he can sing too,,,, and he has this breathy ,,, kinda like a moaning,,, style of singing 

-too much to handle,,, you wondered if calling the cops was a nice option 

-the worst thing was that… did i mention he was annoyingly gorgeous?? 

-jfc is he a greek god or smth?? 

-what was mother nature even thinking when she created such a beautiful creature?? 

-and honestly he such a nice guy??? like when you met him you thought he was cold and bratty 

-but after a week he opened up and smiled at you good morning and that was the day you fell for him 

-he helped as much as he could,,, he tRIED okay?? but he cant help his clumsy giantic limbs from dropping things here and there,,, and his shy nature does not help either 

-and now we’re all thinking “but isnt this too cliché? hes too perfect” YEAH EXACTLY 

-you discovered how angry he could get one night 

-everyone was stressing over exams and stuff 

-even the happy little lovebirds were studying each one in their room ,,,, you almost forgot there were four rooms since they always shared one 

-and long story short,,,, he snapped at the three of you because he had been rejected by another company 

-you felt sorry but boi we’re all in the same page ya know? 

-yeah you said that out loud… and he almost looked like he was about to explode after he stormed out to his bedroom again 

-everything was back to normal a month later 

-he even apologised to yall with his best most sincere smile 

-it felt like a small family

-ANYWAY back to the present days 

-it’s been half the year already 

-you’re relaxing on a saturday night 

-you’re wearing your most comfortable boy shorts and a star wars tshirt with a hoodie ,,, your improvised pjs 

-and youre watching the new mv from ur faves when Yifan,,,, or “Kris” as he once said he likes to be called,,, knocked on your door 

-but you noticed him too late when he already made himself a seat next to you on ur bed and took off ur headphones bc uh… maybe he wants to ask smth idk 

-and lets say you’re horny okay, like REALLY you’ve been SO lonely these days,,, and months,,,, and years ,,, sighs 

-and this huge piece of a MAN is right next to you being handsome and stuff JUST BREATHING how annoying i swear if he keeps doing that im gonna sue him,,, or sit on him,,, rip me 

-…and HE STARTS TALKING like having a conversation with you about college?? and youre like nodding and ISNT IT TOO HOT IN HERE??? 

-eventually he gets tired of talking and just stares at your laptop screen as you go through ur fave songs you listen to when youre “in the mood” (*coughs* not that i have one) 

-and this latina song you’ve been replaying lately comes on (if you want to know im thinking about “Safari” check it out it’s kinda okay) 

-its smooth and has that slow rhythm,,, perfect when ur doing the do,,, ah i hate this why is life so cruel its like being thirsty and there’s a glass of water right in front of you but you cant drink it 

-a n d he scoots cloSER TO YOU *internally screaming* 

-and as you,,, TRY,,, to act natural you can see how his eyes are on you through the reflection on the screen and *butterflies on ur stomach* 



-you cant even look at him 


-and he’s looking at you,, Kris Wu style™ 

-you know what i mean? like that lustful, intense STARE he has?? well,,, that one 

-honestly how can someone not fall for that,,, im w e A k boi !! 

-and u gasp a lil bit when u stare back 

-ur eyes wander from his lips to his eyes to his lips again and his eyes and FINALLY HE MOVES 



-it feels like a minute but like secs after he moves back 

-ur blushing SO HARD but somehow he turned u on LITERALLY 

-and u just kiss him back again, ,, he wasnt expecting u to do it BUT HES GLAD YOU AGREE WITH IT 

-and you make out right there 

-moments later u push him back against the mattress and sit on him with ur legs around his waist 

-things keep getting steamy 

-your music is still playing and SURPRISE MOTHERFATHER HIS UNRELEASED SONG (im thinking about July btw, lets pretend hes not famous okay?) STARTS PLAYING 

-he stops and looks at you with his shocked Kris face (i find it super funny lmao)

-his hands resting on your waist 

-“uh… why is this… that’s… my song???" 



-"hmm i kinda recorded it imsorryiloveditsomuchyoukeptreplayingitforawholeweek i just had to" 

-"so you like it?" 

-"jfc kris are you really asking me THAT when i literally have it on my im horny af playlist???" 

-"im glad someone finally undertands my music style" 


-so basically you end up having sex with your college roommate who’s hot as hell and also a musician and his sexy song is playing in the background as u fuck 

-until u hear your other roommates yell 






-last time you checked the time it was before you noticed kris on your room…. at 12am 


Code Red!

So I wrote this. I’ve been feeling really fucking depressed lately so I wrote this to get out of my own head for a bit. Masterlist

Summary: BuckyAU reader and Bucky are in a jail cell, they don’t like each other but get talking. Then something happens, obviously. 

Warning: Swearing and jail if that triggers anything

Word Count: 1.6K

Originally posted by justcuchu

Well this is a bit shit.

I’m currently in handcuffs that are way too tight and cutting off the circulation to my hands. The feeling in my hands is going as fast as the fat police officer in front of me is eating a doughnut, oh wait no he sandwiched two together that would be as fast as two doughnuts, maybe a new record? (Cliché much?).

Anyway, away from the donuts, I’m being thrown into a jail cell for something that was NOT my fault and have to wait for my bail to be paid. I have no phone, no purse, no nothing. So, long story short, I’m a bit fucked. 

Oh! But don’t worry I’ve been thrown, (literally thrown), in a cell with a dickhead because the jail cells are cramped so I’m stuck with him. I’ve taken the liberty of sitting as far away from him and making no eye contact. For all I know he killed someone, I mean it is extremely unlikely but still, who knows?

‘What you in for doll face?’ He says with a thick American accent. 

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* triggering content below, proceed to read/reblog with caution!

’ It’s all true. The bogeyman is real and you found him. ’
’ Let me ask you something. ’
’ How come you’re asking me so many jackassy questions? ’
’ You know, the crazy shit you see when you’re driving across the country. ’
’ I don’t drive cross country. ’
’ You little dickens, you. I know what your problem is. ’
’ Ya’ll think us folk from the country’s real funny-like, dontcha? ’
’ Yeah, well saddle up the mule, Ma! Slide me some grits! ’
’ I said, shut your fucking mouth! ’
’ You asshole! ’
’ Listen, you Malibu middle class Barbie piece of shit, I’m tryin’ to work here. ’
’ Work? You ever work? Yeah, I’ll bet you have. ’
’ Our bodies come and go but this blood… is forever. ’
’ I bet you’d stick your head in fire if I told ya you could see Hell. ’
’ Meanwhile, you’re too stupid to realize you got a demon stickin’ out your ass. ’
’ Have you seen this girl in the past twenty four hours? ’
’ The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’. ’
’ You know, I like ‘em with a little more meat on ‘em. ’
’ Yeah, cute kid. Ain’t my type though. ’
’ Come on clownie, just answer the damn questions. ’
’ We ain’t interested in your love life. ’
’ Goddamn, motherfucker got blood all over my best clown suit. ’
’ I said get the fuck off him/her you stupid fucking whore! Fucking slut! ’
’ Oh, really? Are you gonna do something about it? ’
’ I’ll fucking cut your tits off and shove ‘em down your throat! ’
’ Why are you doing this? ’
’ I mean, I couldn’t have asked for a better speciman. ’
’ You don’t know what kind of dry spell I’ve had here. ’
’ This can’t be real, this can’t be real, this can’t be real. ’
’ Oh, it’s real. As real as I want it to be, mama. ’
’ Fuck you, you fucking freak! ’
’ I’m the one who brings the Christmas candy. ’
’ I’m the one who beats you when you’re bad. ’
’ I’m the one who brings the devil’s brandy. ’
’ Who’s your daddy? ’
’ Now tell me, who’s your daddy? ’
’ Come on, sweetie. Give the old man some sugar. ’
’ I’m the one who loves ya when you’re fucking dead! ’
’ We like to get fucked up, and do fucked up shit. ’
’ Take his gag out. It’s more fun with the screaming. ’
’ Please don’t kill us, please don’t kill us. ’
’ That screaming is much more exciting that way. ’
’ Please don’t kill us… nah… please don’t kill us. ’
’ Shut your mouth and get your shit in the box. Get in now. ’
’ Wait, wait, wait… I wanna say goodbye. ’
’ Goodbye, sweetie. We could’ve been great. ’
’ Ain’t we just having a fucking hoot? ’
’ Just let us go, I swear to God we won’t tell anyone. I swear… ’
’ Get your fucking ass up, boy. ’
’ Come on, we ain’t got all night. ’
’ Where does she think she’s gonna run to? ’
’ She gonna run all the way home? ’
’ Where does she think she’s gonna run to? She gonna run all the way home? ’
’ Huntin’ humans ain’t nothin’ but nothin’. ’
’ They all run like scared little rabbits. Run, rabbit, run. ’
’ I hate fucked up families. ’
’ But most of all, fuck you! ’
’ Shit, I can’t do nothing with this now. ’
’ For the lot of me, I do not understand why you hang out with that asshole. ’
’ Well hell, arn’t they all? All they want to do is eat and fuck. ’
’ Well, if you knew him better you might understand his urges. ’
’ You know what his favorite thing is next to whacking his weasel? ’
’ He takes a sharpened pencil, sticks it in his eyeball and twists it. ’
’ He doesn’t hurt himself. He kind of twists it next to his eyeball. ’
’ Oh, he’s been putting that pencil someplace other than his eyeball. ’
’ What did you see? Who was she with? Where was she going? ’
’ They was nosing around… asking a bunch of stupid questions. ’
’ I figured, what the hell? Can’t do no harm. ’
’ You can shit ten bricks for all I care. ’
’ You miserable motherfucker, I ought to leap over this counter and bash your fuckin’ balls in! ’
’ Hand over the cash box, and I might leave your brains inside your skull! ’
’ Hey, I know you. You work down at the hardware store. ’
’ They call you ‘Little Dick Wick.’ They even sing a song about you. ’
’ Hands up! Keep your paws where I can see 'em. ’
’ What the fuck is that supposed to mean? ’
’ Well, shit the bed! Howdy folks, come on in! ’
’ I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. ’
’ Cause ya wouldn’t be fuckin’ with me, now would ya? ’
’ Better you leave here with your head still full of kitty cats and puppy dogs. ’
’ 'Shoo, shoo,’ said the maiden. ’
’ 'Come, maiden,’ said the rabbit, 'sit on my tail and go with me to my rabbit hutch.’ ’
’ The doctor is in! Its your ghost host, with the most! ’
’ You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? ’
’ Go into the garden and drive out the rabbit. ’
’ You know we like to get fucked up? ’
’ Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! ’
’ That is it! I’m gonna count to ten and you’re gonna hand over all the cash. ’
’ I’m gonna splatter your grease paint mug across the state line! ’
’ Hey, Poopy-pants. What’s new? ’
’ Is that all? Now, I want you to think really hard. ’
’ There’s cops outside! ’
’ Oh, don’t worry about it! How many were there? ’
’ Fucking pigs always come in packs. ’
’ I’ll go around back and take control like I always fuckin’ do! ’
’ Here take this go down stairs and play nice. ’
’ How? Now, that is a question worth examining. ’
’ Buddy, look around. Would I be surprised? ’
’ How much we owe you? ’
’ Go buy yourself a new name… ’
’ That ain’t gonna break my bank, hon. Here, keep the change. ’
’ If I wanted to listen to an asshole, I’d fart. ’
’ You sure this fella’s supossed to ride with us in this car? ’
’ This just don’t seem right to me. ’
’ Well listen, it ain’t up to us. ’
’ I just hope he don’t get in my way’s all I’m sayin’ all right? ’
’ The guy’s an ex-cop and figures he can be a help some. ’
’ I’d say these kids got a cold six and are out getting shitfaced right now. ’
’ I sure hope you’re right. My guts are telling me different. ’
’ You’re spidey senses tinglin? ’
’ I myself always favored for the hulk. ’
’ Whatever you need to do, you do it. ’
’ If someone needs to be killed, you kill 'em. That’s the way. ’
’ If someone needs to be killed, you kill 'em. ’
’ Don’t scream, don’t move. ’
’ Sweet baby Jesus, girl. What the hell happened to you? ’
’ Oh, there’s a whole bunch of people been looking for your ass, girl. ’
’ All right, all right. Just sit back and relax. I’ll get you to a doctor. ’
’ You gotta have the marshmallows, that’s what makes it fun. ’
’ Ain’t the only thing tasty in this house. ’
’ Whoopy-fucking-doo. ’
’ Hey wanna play a guessing game? Guess what number i’m thinking of. ’
’ Hey wanna play a guessing game? ’
’ No wait please come on stop it! What do you want? ’
’ Please be quiet I don’t wanna slip. Ok one more. ’
’ You get this right, i’ll let ya go. If you get it wrong you are fucked! ’
’ Let me take a guess here, y'all are having a Halloween party tonight huh? ’
’ Well you sure are buying a whole mess of holy water for two people. ’
’ I’m going to cut you like a pig and make you eat your own fucking intestines… ’
’ Why are you, Why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this? ’
’ Come on sleeping beauty, time to go to work. ’
’ No please, let me sit this one out. ’
’ You’re the one who wanted to be a photographer. ’
’ The door’s locked. I’ll gotta go around… wait here. ’
’ Christ, you scared the shit out of me. ’
’ You, my dear worm feeder, are about to become immortalized. ’
’ These are all my dolls. ’
’ These are all my dolls. I used to like to chop their heads off and their arms and stick 'em up on the wall. ’
Spring Anime Final Impressions

Now that I’m back from the dead and only my detestable part-time job keeping me from being a NEET, I can finally go back to do the shit I opened this log for: rant about anime! Spring season is over and there was so much variety and so many good shows that, after a certain cutoff point, it became difficult to ascertain my top picks for the quarter. So here are my summarized last impressions for this season, as usual, from worst to best (The top two are pretty much a tie, so don’t pay the order there much mind). I’m not mentioning the half-dozen shows I dropped because I already addressed that in this post

It must be noted that I’m extremely gullible, so if a show had a lot of flaws along the way but nailed a perfect ending, I’m probably gonna rate it higher than it should. Meanwhile, if a show that was great through most of its run craps the landing, I’m gonna be harsher with it than it probably deserves

Mayoiga/The Lost Village. To be honest I don’t even have words to describe this. I couldn’t even begin to explain all that was wrong with this show. Nonsensical direction, plot and characterization might be an apt way to put it. To make things worse, the last couple of episodes dropped all of the hilarity of earlier moments (nothing will ever top the silicone boob monster), to focus in the two most boring characters out of the entire cast, with an amazingly stupid underlying “message” about “psychological scars”. It’s sincerely baffling that there are people who think this mess was being “bad on purpose”. And the most frustrating part of it all is that not a single person died. At least Another had the component of ridiculous over the top death scenes that had me laughing all the way through. Lost Village didn’t even deliver on that front. Might be worth the watch just to amaze yourself in how such a thing even came to happen. I also can’t believe that not a single person died because I was so ready to see all these despicable people meet a bloody end. Rated 0/10. It failed in everything it attempted to do and the final episodes weren’t even so-bad-is-funny which was criminal in and of itself.

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Super Lovers: This shit ended so long ago I hardly remember it. It’s horrible and gross and I can’t believe it’s getting a second season when Love Stage isn’t. Agh. As the weeks went by it just got more and more gross with worse and worse grooming undertones. But, to be honest, I might have been able to deal with all of that if the romantic drama was even the slightest bit compelling, and it’s not. At least Junjou Romantica (which y’all know I despise) has the latent conflict of having to tell Misaki’s brother about their relationship. Here everyone sees Haru and Ren kissing, sleeping together and even borderline humping and everyone’s a-ok with that. Not only is that very creepy but makes for very boring storytelling. There are no stakes, no tension and no drama whatsoever. And I’m still gonna watch S2 for the pleasure of trashing it. Rated 0.5/10 and I’m being lenient here because the dog is cute.

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Sailor Moon Crystal III:  Chibiusa’s friendship with Hotaru was well-developed (except at the finale) and the first set of OP/ED was great. That’s about the only good things I can say about it as a whole. But the rest, well, poop painted in gold is still poop. Even with better designs and slightly better animation, the story was as flat and childishly stupid, full of plotholes and contrivances, and the character development was nonexistent. The entire season is about how Usagi is a perfect queen and everyone loves her and she can do no wrong. Character relationships are paper thin, nothing in the entire series has sold me on why the senshis are such good friends. And the very beloved HarukaxMichiru pair that I was excited to meet for the first time didn’t even exist. I still struggle to figure out what made this shallow and badly-written series an all-time classic.  Rated 2/10

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Kiznaiver: I have conflicting thoughts on this show. The premise on which it rests is incredibly stupid, and not in a good way. The show acts like it’s being deep and clever, but when the whole exposition happens, I was left scratching my head because the writers were obviously challenging my suspension of disbelief. I didn’t care about the characters either. I kind of liked Tenga because his design was very appealing to me, he looked mighty handsome when he smiled at Chidori at the end, but that’s about it. And I’m probably gonna get stoned for this but I really disliked Nico. Her crush on Tenga came completely out of left field and her character was overall annoying. The only moment I liked her was when she said she didn’t care about Noriko because those were my thoughts exactly. The first half of the show was absolutely a drag, entirely boring and unengaging. All that being said, the visual execution of the show is top notch, the director is clearly very talented. The scenes at the bridge with Katsuhira and Noriko were stunning. And it hit some great emotional notes in the second half, even if I couldn’t get behind on what drove the characters to those emotions. I’m a big sucker for pining, so the scene of everyone screaming under the rain hit my buttons just right. But everything else about was just so… ugh. The teachers were insufferable. The kids were insufferable. The premise was insufferable. And there’s just a lot it does wrong for me to even think of recommending it to anyone. So it’ll just have to stick to a mediocre lower-middle spot. And it’s sad because it could’ve done great things. Maybe next time, TRIGGER. Rated 5/10

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Kotetsujo no Kabaneri: This is the reason we didn’t get more Attack on Titan this year (even though we were supposed to). And that’s fine I guess. It was a fun and exciting show for the most part, with great action scenes and gorgeous designs. It kind of went off the rails in the middle section, but it recovered in time for a bombastic finale, so almost all of its shit is forbidden. I mean, don’t go in expecting your life will change, but it’s a perfectly acceptable piece of entertainment. And Ayame’s character really grew into her role instead of devolving like I’d feared she’d do, which was great. Oh, Mumei also flings Ikoma like a sack of potatoes back into the train and it’s hilarious. 7/10. Could be a little higher, but yeah, that middle portion was baaaad.

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Joker Game: This is another one of those shows that I don’t know what to make of. I think I liked the concept of it more than I liked the actual show, mostly because the final episode was so terribly underwhelming and with that gross, unnecessary sexist remark at the end. This is probably the one show that doesn’t benefit from how much a series’s ending influences my opinion of it as a whole. If they had capped off the show with an introspection into Yuuki’s character this could’ve gone way up higher, but it didn’t. I doubt I’ll remember this show a month from now because it didn’t give me anything to chew on character-wise, which is a shame because it had so much potential. Oh well. Rated 7.5/10

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Shonen Maid: This show was way more adorable than it had any right to be, with a loveable cast and predictable, yet funny storylines. It took a premise that could’ve made it a rival for Super Lovers in the creepy department and made something cute and sweet. I’m partial to family stories, so this one worked pretty great for me.  But the last couple of episodes teased the possibility of predictably heart-wrenching melodrama and then decided to cop-out. The final two episodes were actually rather boring in comparison to the rest of the show. I was also thrown off and annoyed by the last minute introduction of a girl that I suppose is meant to be a love interest for Chihiro. Not only was her introduction to the series clumsy –nothing like the well-handled introductions of the other cast members-, but she brought nothing to the two episodes she was in, and was more of a background character. Also, if anyone’s gonna be a love interest for Chihiro it should be Hino because their level of mutual understanding is wonderful. 8/10

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Flying Witch: Honestly these three shows stand relatively equal to me in terms of enjoyment. I’m putting Flying Witch in the middle because I got a little less magic than I had hoped for, but it had an absolutely beautiful ending. The last two episodes showed us how lovely and magical this show could be, so in comparison it’s kind of sad that the rest of the show was borderline pedestrian as far as supernatural stuff. But the show accomplished what it set itself to do while delivering a loveable cast and a pleasant atmosphere, and it’s definitely a stand-out in the slice-of-life genre. Rated 8/10

Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge: I caught on to this show sometime mid-season due to all the positive responses it had. It was definitely worth checking it out. Like Flying Witch, it is perhaps too slow and quiet, but in Tanaka-kun’s case, that is kind of the point. Like all the others in this section, it has a loveable cast, with all the characters working quite well as a group. One could say Tanaka is the polar opposite of Sakamoto, in that we’re always waiting to see how far Tanaka is willing to go for the sake of his own laziness. I wasn’t a big fan of how much the last episode focused on teasing Tanaka about his nonexistent relationship with Shiraishi (people who won’t take “I don’t have a girlfriend” for an answer irk me to no end), but it led us to a very sweet realization from Tanaka himself about how he’s come to enjoy his friends’ company. Rated 8/10. Continuing in the sacred tradition of Seki-kun and Nozaki-kun, Tanaka-kun joins the list of unusual school comedies with unusual leads that are way more fun than they’ve any right to be.

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Bungou Stray Dogs: This is a hard show to rate because I had very high expectations for it, but it turned out to be something completely different from what I wanted, as I have mentioned before. It’s not that the thing it did turn out to be is bad, but it’s not what I wanted from it. In spite of that it still managed to be fun and the character work they did was great. I came to really love the cast. The last confrontation was really cool, especially with Mori Ogai pushing Atsushi forward, that was very interesting. I could’ve used a bit more Akiko Yosano because she’s the true boss of this season and I loved her, but I’ll be looking forward to season 2.  Rated 8.5/10

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Sakamoto desu ga?! This was definitely the stand out comedy of the season, with a unique take on the old high school anime setting and a protagonist that was perfectly able to carry the whole show in spite of its irregular production values. It’s not without its faults, and there are a handful of episodes where the jokes just don’t land, but its overall a lot of laughs and over-the-top fun. There’s not much else to say about this anime Mary Poppins other than I’m glad the show addressed Acchan’s huge gay crush on Sakamoto :D 9/10

Originally posted by kanekx

Assassination Classroom: That was a dang ballsy ending and I applaud Matsui for it! Lesser mangaka would’ve gone the cop-out route –it even seemed like he was gonna do that at some point-. This second season had its ups and downs, it had great stories and rushed plot points, but the finale earns it a high place in my book. This is truly a unique series –especially for Shonen Jump- with a message about growing up, finding your own talent, and how important a teacher can be, that it’s not  a job to be taken lightly. Even though a part of me was slightly hoping for the cop-out ending, but I’m also glad they didn’t go that way and preserved the wonderfully executed emotional climax. 9/10

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Concrete Revolutio: Anime that takes a spin on historical characters or periods is the stuff my dreams are made of, and I’m not exaggerating. Even though it had a shakey start and could’ve used more episodes to really establish all of its ideas, ConRevo was a creative and smart take on the 60s in Japan. It might have lacked a little in character development, but it still told a complete story that’s different from everything else that’s out there, with a unique visual concept and maybe a thing or two to say about Japan’s politics. This is certainly a show I’d like to binge (once I know more about the period, my specialty is 30s Japan!) eventually to really grasp the story in its full Rated 9/10

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Macross Delta: I wasn’t very impressed with the first episode but boy has this show grown on me. Probably 90% of that is that Mikumo is my new waifu and queen of the world. I wasn’t big on the idea of an idol unit instead of a solo singer (stop it with the idols Japan, that industry is horrible), but I’ve come to like Walküre. Though I wouldn’t mind if they wrote out the Reina and Makina because they don’t really add anything vocally to the group or plot-wise to the series (also Makina’s godawful nicknames need to die. I fucking hate every time she speaks and calls someone by one of those dead stupid nicknames uuuugggh). Anyway, they’ve made an interesting story for this series and it’s one of the shows I most look forward to every week. The emotional peaks in episode 11 were absolutely beautiful. And the songs are pretty good in general, which is kinda important for a Macross show y’all 9.5/10

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Ushio to Tora: Y’all know I’ve had an up-and-down relationship with Ushio to Tora. The first half-a-dozen monster of the week episodes bored me to tears, but once the plot picked up it got better and better. This final cour started on a rocky path too, rushing through plot points and character development (Nagare’s bit is still pretty damn bad in hindsight). But the second half and the final battle against Hakumen were absolutely among the best shit the shonen genre has to offer. Everything since Ushio’s reunion with his mom hit the perfect emotional beats to make for a great story and the Hakumen no Mono was one of the most memorable shonen villains I’ve seen. The final battle was hands down amazingly cool and emotional. Yes, the show could’ve been executed better, but what it accomplished was so great I’m willing to overlook most of its earlier flaws  Rated 9.5/10

Boku no Hero Academia : If it wasn’t evident at this point, I’m a complete sucker for shonen anime, and one that is so well executed makes my soul sing. Fans of the manga have complained about the slow pace but to be honest, with one exception, I never felt that the pace was slow. The characters are endearing, Deku is the type of shonen protagonist that I love, and I’m eager for new seasons to get to know the rest of the cast better. They did a good job in showing us at least a little bit from most of the kids in Deku’s class, so I was very satisfied with that. The animation was stunning and every episode reached moments of wonderful emotional peaks which had me on the verge of tears. And I love All Might. I’m so excited for S2 and I might pick up the manga too. 10/10

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: This show is so fun. I love how much David Production loves this franchise, and how palpable their passion for the material is with the wonderful animation and direction, the lively colors, the great pacing. I’m way more engaged in Josuke and his crazy bizarre pals than I was with Jotaro’s crew, and I loved that crew. That they ended the quarter with the very emotional reunion with Joseph, who is my favorite Jojo. They’re doing a very good job in portraying Josuke’s inner conflict about resenting his father while also wanting to get close to him. Now that the bow and arrow have been captured, I do have to wonder what they’ll be doing for the next 25 episodes, but I’m absolutely willing to tag along 10/10

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You’ll note that I didn’t mention Sinbad no Bouken. The reason for that is that, along with how busy I became with my dissertation (I can’t believe it’s finally over), the fansubs were taking a while to come out and I lost track of it. Since it’s coming to Netflix I’ll binge it when it shows up.

So that was spring! What were y’all’s favorite shows? Are you among the crazy people that claim Mayoiga was intentional comedy? Team Freyja or Team Mirage? Let me know which shows you liked/hated and if I missed out on anything that I should check out from the season. And stay tuned for my summer lineup, it’s a crazy busy season y’all!

Graffiti; Chapter 6

Fandom: B.A.P
Genre: Slow Build, Romance, Fluff, AU
Rating: Teen and Up
Couples: DaeJae (main), Jonglo (side)
Summary: A tough and overly cocky Daehyun meets the quiet new boy in his neighborhood by chance. Both swear it isn’t love, but it played out so obviously to everyone around them, as clear as the graffiti on the walls.
Tags: not-famous au, gangs (sort of?? not really), aromantic/greyromantic character

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Wanted Ch.4

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Pervious Parts

Year 2002

John and a fifteen year old Mikayla sit in a small diner in Dunsmuir California eating breakfast drinking coffee. The waitress comes around refilling Johns mug.

 “I’ve never seen a teenage girl drink coffee and read the newspaper with her old man.” 

“Oh he’s not that old.” Mikayla teases getting a chuckle outta John. They sit there eating silently looking at the newspaper. “Found something.” Mikayla says sitting up tossing the paper to her dad. “Three people went missing in a week. All the victims are female and all seem to be a member of the local church possible case we should check it out.” He reads the news article as Mikayla finishes eating her pancakes doing research on her laptop. The waitress comes back getting the empty plates.

“Can I get you folks anything else?”

“How bout a slice of that apple pie.” Mikayla smiles and John looks her with furrowed brows.


“Ain’t it a bit early for pie?” 

“It’s never early for pie dad.” She smirks when the plate of pie is placed in front of her. She takes a bite and sits back happily chewing on the crumble pie. After a moment John chuckles to himself. “What’s so funny?” She ask. “Oh nothing, just you remind me of someone who also loves pie as much.” Mikayla shrugs her shoulders at this continues eating the slice. On their way to the motel they stop seeing a bunch of cop cars outside the church.

“Stay in the truck.” John orders pointing a warning finger at her. She raises her hands in defense shrugging her shoulders. Once he steps out the truck she slouches down in the seat putting her boots on the dashboard flicking the rubber band on her wrist something she does when she’s impatient. She sighs blowing her hair out her face looking lazily to her left and spots a strange man standing on the outside of the church on the far side away from the cops. Mikayla squints seeing he has blood on him. She quickly grabs the keys, locking the truck doors getting out. She ducks avoiding being seen by her father. Once he steps in the church Mikayla darts out from the bush she’s hiding behind and makes her way to the side of the church. She takes the knife she keeps in her left boot and grips it tight to her side.

She looks around the corner seeing the man enter the back of the church. “I don’t think that’s a good idea dude.” She murmurs to herself. She runs to the doors and stops not seeing him in the hallway. She opens the door on the side of the hallway to find it empty. She continues her search through the other doors. As she enters the second to last room and finds the dead victim from the crime scene. She steps over the police tape line and walks over the body. Not wanting to touch the body she she moves the girls head with the tip of her boot.

“Just what I thought, vamp.” She says examining her neck. As she’s about the leave the room she hears the sound of boots coming from the hallway. She hides behind the open door and waits for the person coming closer. When she sees the figures shadow she jumps out ready to slice and dice but they grab her wrist fast stopping her. She looks up to see it was her dad. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in the truck!” He scolds. “Yyyesss, but I saw a vamp walk in here so I took the chance in investigating.”

“How you know it was a vamp?”

“Cause there was blood all over him. He was standing on the other side of the church out of sight. The guy seemed scared I’m guessing he’s the one that killed the girl.”

“Alright well lets get outta here, you are staying out of this you’re not a hunter.” He grabs the collar of her jacket dragging her out the church. 

“I do all the research and stuff for you and uncle Bobby so close enough. I just don’t hunt cause you both won’t let me me.”

“Maybe because we don’t want you dead.”

“Dad I can protect myself, I almost had you back there.”

“Yeah, almost.” He says starting the truck up.

Mikayla sighs leaning back on the seat with arms crossed leaning her head on the window. The rest of the day they go around asking questions about the church and victims. Later on at night John is in restaurant picking up food inside since it was pouring out and just wanted to bring the food back to the motel. Mikayla is playing the air drums rocking out to the music in truck. She finishes her drum solo opening her eyes seeing a black figure in the distance from the restaurant. She leans over and turns the windshield wipers on and squinted seeing the same man from the church earlier.

She gasp thinking about going after him but she decides not to piss her dad off again so she leans over and flashes the head lights in the restaurant. It takes a moment for John to notice and he quickly gives the cashier the money grabbing the food running back to the truck. 

“What is it?” 

“Its the vamp I saw him over there he disappeared in the woods and it looked like he was in a hurry!” She rambles. John reverses outta the restaurant and in the direction Mikayla gives him. They drive with the headlights off to be unseen. After a few minutes they spot a barn in the distance.

 “Alright stay here I’m going in.”

“Are you crazy there can be a whole nest in there!”

“Mikayla I’ve got this.”

“Dad I can help.”

“No, you can’t. Your staying in truck and I mean it Mikayla.”


“No buts! Now don’t argue with me.” He raises he voice.

“Now pass me my knife in the glove compartment.” He asks. She gets it out and hands it to him and he suddenly handcuffs her to the steering wheel.

“Dad what the hell!”

“You’re not going anywhere. Stay in the truck! Now if I’m not back in ten you know what to do.”

“Go straight to Bobby’s.”

“Atta girl.” He nods closing the door. She sits there leaning against the bench seat of the truck and grunts out loud leaning her head on the steering wheel. She sits for ten minutes getting anxious he wasn’t back yet. “Come on dad where are you?” She whispers checking the time on her watch. She scratches her head stoping when she realizes she’s wearing a Bobby pin. She takes it out and after a minute she’s free. She quietly gets out the truck going to the back opening the case with his weapons grabbing a machete. She grips it tight holding it eye level walking to the side of the barn. It was quiet too quiet.

 She’s suddenly grabbed from behind across the chest the person covering her mouth to block screaming.

Mikayla braces herself and flips the guy forward over her knocking him down. She maybe small 5’4, but she was strong. John and Bobby had her take self defense classes and other material arts classes to be prepared for anything. He goes to get up but once he’s on his knees Mikayla swings the machete at his head slicing it off.

She continues her search about to turn a corner when she hears footsteps coming closer she stiffens immediately ducking behind one of the wheel barrels of hay. The footsteps get quiet and stop. She stands up which is a bad idea because she’s suddenly punched in the face by the man she saw a the church. She stumbles back and he charges at her tackling her down. He is way bigger then her so she gets the wind knocked out her when he takes her down. He inches his face close to her his fangs out ready to bite.

“I’m so hungry.” He growls. Mikayla gets him off guard when she punches him in the nose hard with her knuckles. He growls picking her head up and slamming it down hard. Her vision becomes blurry for moment. Her legs were somewhat free as he hovers over her. She raises her knee high hitting him in the sweet spot.

She chuckles at this flipping over to her stomach to grab the machete. Right when she did he gets ahold of her ankle dragging her to him she flips herself quickly but he knocks the knife out her hand and grabs it himself. Mikayla gets up quickly, he swings the knife side to side at her as she backs up. The last one he gets her good on her right bicep. She gasp immediately grabbing it. She takes her hand away seeing the blood. The man stands there staring at her in hunger. He charges at her again this time Mikayla manages to slip by him and he trips falling on the knife stabbing himself.

Mikayla runs to him quickly flipping him over taking it out his stomach and chops his head fast, it hit the wall and bounces off her. She streaks a little throwing it off. She gets up and sighs wiping the sweat and blood off her forehead. “Sorry tubby I’m not your dinner tonight.” She takes of her plaid shirt tying it around her bicep for pressure to stop the bleeding leaving her wearing her bloody white tank top. She suddenly hears laughter and snaps her head up seeing it was coming from the second floor from inside the barn. She steps quietly in hiding behind the stacks of hay. 

She looks around seeing dead vamps on floor through out the first floor of the barn. 

She hears her dads voice coming from upstairs this time. Mikayla steps over the dead bodies and heads to  to the ladder. She puts the machete on the loop of her jeans and climbs up slowly trying not to make noise. When she reaches the top she spots her dad tied against one of the post. In front of him was a blonde women in a leather jacket and black jeans. Mikayla figures she was the packs leader. “John Winchester, you think you can just get away with just trolling in here without a plan and just take down my pack by yourself. Don’t think so.” Mikayla walks closely behind her holding the machete up. John sees Mikayla, you can he was clearly pissed but still glad to see her.

“You’re not going anyway Winchester!” She spats at him. John just smiles at the vamp.

“What makes you think I won’t get outta here.” He says to her.

“Cause you were stupid enough to come to the nest alone.”

“Think again blood sucking bitch!” Mikayla says as the blonde turns around and gasp as Mikayla swings slicing her head off swiftly. Her body falls to the floor as her head rolls off to the first floor. John looks at Mikayla’s appearance looking like a true hunter with blood all over her holding the machete up high and a face with so much confidence. John knows she was natural. “I told you to stay in the truck.” He scolds at her. So much for a happy father daughter moment. She cuts the ropes from behind the post setting her dad free. “Your welcome.” She scolds backed walking away leaving John there. 

“Hey don’t you walk away from me young lady!” He yells. Mikayla ignores him jumping down to the first floor of the barn going back to the truck. The ride to the motel is quiet. When they make it there she just grabs the food and goes in the room and they eat quietly to themselves. John doesn’t say anything he knows giving Mikayla space was the way to let her calm down. She’s stubborn just like him. She stands by the mirror looking herself, blood all over her clothes and face.


“Come here, let me see your arm.” John says as he sits on the bed with the first aid kit. She doesn’t say thing she just plops down next to him. He unites her shirt from her arm and frowns at her wound. “How it happen?” 

“Vamp came at me with the machete when he knocked it out my hands.” 

“Pretty deep definitely gonna leave a scar.” He passes her a clean wash cloth to bite down on.

“This ain’t gon’ feel good.” He says holding the bottle of whiskey and her arm ready to pour. She places the cloth in her mouth and braces herself. John pours it on her arm as Mikayla curses are muffled. She exhales and spit the towel out as he was done. “Now you know how I feel when you patch me up.” She stays quiet as he stitches her up only noise she’ll make was a hiss from the needle going in sensitive areas.

“You know I’m proud of you today.” He says suddenly as he was finishing. Mikayla looks at him with a raised eyebrow not sure if those words really just came out his mouth. “You are?”

“Of course I am you were a true hunter today. You didn’t show fear once full confidence. You took out two vamps and their pack leader without breaking a nail.”

“Well I kinda did.” She chuckles lifting her hand up. 

“Alright go wash up careful with the stitches.”


The next morning after leaving the motel Mikayla goes back to sleep in the truck with one of Johns jackets over her face blocking the early morning sun. When she wakes up she stretches hitting her knuckle on the window. “Ouch!” John chuckles shaking his head. 

“How long I been out?”

“Four hours.”


“Didn’t get much sleep I presume.”

“Nope too much adrenaline from last night.” She smiles and looks around and is immediately confused seeing they were at a school. More like a college.

“Why are at… Stanford University?” 

“Just wanted to check something out.” Mikayla looks around trying to think on what he wanted to check out. 

“Why don’t you go get us some coffee and stuff.” He says handing her some cash.

“Yes sir.” She salutes and hops out the truck and makes her way across the street to one of the school cafés. She stands in line waiting humming to herself patiently.

When she gets her order she struggles to balance both coffee cups and the bag of donuts. Not paying attention to where she was going she trips bumping into someone and dropping the donut bag but someone catches it just in time before it can hit the floor. “Got it” she hears. She looks up to see a very tall boy definitely over 6 foot with a brown bowl cut that curves out the ends. A real cute smile and hazel eyes. “Sorry I’m such a klutz I should’ve been paying attention.” 

“Its no problem, names Sam.” He introduces handing her the bag. 

“Mikayla.” Sam looks at her with confusion.

“Have we met before?”

“Uh I- I don think so I don’t even go to school here.”

“Oh okay sorry you just.. you seem familiar like I know you from somewhere.” He confesses.

“No problem. My dad and I are just passing through town.”

“Thats a pretty gash you got there.” He says pointing to her arm.

“Oh yeah I got that uh from tripping and the wood fence got me good.” She nervously laughs.
John on the other hand was looking right out window watching his two kids talk to each other after many years. Brother and sister can’t even recognize each other. He smiles at this and was glad he came down to check up on Sam. Sam introduces Mikayla to Jessica his girlfriend and says their goodbyes. Mikayla climbs into the truck sees her dad grinning to himself. “What?” She ask her mouth full with the donut.


We Get Worse Things Than Snakes Out Here in Australia

Living in Australia as a kid is strange. You get all the American and British media… television and books. We watch the same shows, and in a lot of ways share the same culture. But none of that belongs here in Australia; it all feels out of place. Christmas specials always reminded me of that. It’s always snowing on television at Christmas time, and I’m watching kids build snowmen and families wear those tacky patterned jumpers, while I’m melting in the the middle of a blistering Australian summer just trying to stay conscious in the heat.

I guess we have a lot of the same urban legends too, the same scary stories and monsters. They travel here one way or another. Serial killer hitch-hikers, werewolves, vampires… all that. But they don’t really belong in Australia. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Australian landscape, but it’s nothing like the forests or plains you get in Europe or the States. For a start, we call forested parts here “the bush”. The name is bloody appropriate too. A eucalyptus forest is hard going for hikers. The undergrowth is thick and scraggly everywhere other than the paths that have been worn by bushwalkers or animals. If you want to go off the path… well imagine walking through a hedge, filled with thorns and barbs. Now add the very high likelihood of spiders, which aren’t like the little pissy ones you guys get. Big fat spiders with thick ropey webs that tangle around your face and neck if you aren’t watching… Then there’s the risk of snakes, or more dangerous, unseen ledges or cliffs. The whole thing is a huge pain in the arse.

Your monsters wouldn’t fit in here. It’s hard to imagine being chased through the woods by a werewolf when anything bigger than a rabbit has to keep to the paths or find itself tangled up in lantana; but most white kids don’t actually learn much about the old Aboriginal stories. The things which live out in the bush, or those big red deserts. I think about that a lot now. Particularly after living alone in a place called Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. It’s not far from Sydney, the city with the big pretty bridge.

My curiosity was nothing more until recently. Recently things got pretty rough out there on my own. Living alone can really screw with your head.

Most nights I sit out on my deck til late reading and writing while I have a smoke. I have a floodlight out there but it draws in too many bugs, especially in summer. We get these things called Christmas beetles when the weather gets warm; they’re about the size of your thumbnail and they’re stupid as hell. If you leave a light on at night they come in scores, bumping into you like drunks at a crowded night club. I keep a little citronella candle instead to shoo the mozzies, then I turn on a bright spotlight round the other side of the house to lure the beetles away from the back deck.

Well last week on Monday, I was out maybe around ten-thirty at night just doing my usual. Everything was fine until suddenly the spotlight on the other side of the house goes out. I groaned aloud. I had a spare bulb in the house but the whole thing was an inconvenience more than anything. Anyway, I went and got the spare bulb, walked ‘round the side of the house to the light, and… well the bulb wasn’t blown. It was gone. Unscrewed and nowhere to be seen. Looking around, I heard a weird sort of scraping sound from nearby. Like two rocks rubbing together. It started slow and picked up speed moving fast toward me. I didn’t stop to think about it, I just made a bee-line for the door and got into the house. Bugger that for a game of soldiers.

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Have a reply post.  :D  I think that’s all?  And I hope I replied to everyone WITHIN the post.  I end up doing replies in weird broken ways and there’ve been occasions where I’ve put the reply but haven’t actually said anything about it… >_>;  xD

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Hello yes may I please request more band! AU thank you


band AU part 2: marching season senior year (RFA is all in the same class)


  • section leader BITCH
  • best friends with every single girl in the flute section
  • it doesnt matter what yoosungs sexuality is every girl in the section calls him their “gay best friend”
  • lowkey always talkin shit about the other sections
  • he went from the most shy smol on the planet to “bitch if you dont have a dot book….”
  • wears his hair in a tiny little pony tail
  • constantly sunburned
  • the freshman in the other sections are afraid of him
  • always very quiet on the field!!!!
  • always hits his spot!!!
  • he is really good at teaching marching technique to the kiddies
  • he loves his flute children
  • when Yoosung is a senior a ton of girls are lowkey swooning over him but the other girls in his section r like bitch back up this one is OURS


  • this bitch has one loud ass section
  • his section probably has a chant
  • they run laps around the field before practice just to be obnoxious
  • very tight knit group!!
  • if the band has to count out loud, his whole section screams SAX and SAXTEEN instead of six and sixteen
  • gets away with shit because him and the band director are pals
  • “you give Zen special treatment”
  • “he’s a special boy now run along”
  • he fucks around a lot but when its time to work he works HARD!
  • his other section members will always confess their love to him as a joke
  • also, they all call him “oppa”
  • dot book? i havent heard that name in years
  • if you ever see Zen with a dot book just know that its empty


  • the most terrifying woman you’ve ever seen,
  • her stare alone can kill 1000 men
  • (but really she just thinkin bout how cute Zen looks today)
  • the only person she can tolerate during marching bad rehearsal is V, because he’s the other drum major
  • she’ll walk around the field during practice and give tips
  • if Jaehee approaches someone you can assume they just peed their pants
  • but she’s actually very sweet and encouraging when she gives tips
  • that is, unless you keep making the same mistake over and over again
  • then she gets really passive aggressive
  • “no yea, dont listen to me! i’m sure that penguin walk technique you have will charm the judges at competition this year. i’ve only been doing this for three years but hey, what do i know?”
  • at this point V has to physically remove Jaehee from the situation
  • “Jaehee you’re scaring them again”
  • “good. they should be scared”
  • also Jaehee is that one kid in band who says they hate band kids all the time
  • like every three seconds “i hate band kids”
  • can keep time so well she is probably not human


  • also hates band kids
  • “Jumin, can we have a section chant like the saxophones?”
  • “no. thats stupid”
  • “can we have a cool section name?”
  • “we already do”
  • “we do?”
  • “the clarinets. now shut up”
  • the most well behaved section on the field
  • they all have dot books
  • none of them are well behaved because of Jumin, its mostly because they’re afraid of Jaehee who’s also a clarinet
  • but they let Jumin think that he’s the reason they act well
  • when they finally convince him to get section t-shirts it is literally this
  • “this is terrible”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • “its so boring”
  • “its says “go clarinets. isnt that exciting enough”
  • “you wrote it in ariel font”
  • “well yea, i’m not a fucking savage”


  • has played bass two all four years!!!!
  • his section is so messy (but the playing is clean)
  • but it doesnt matter because drumlines drill is easy as fuck
  • Seven doesnt even allow dot books in his section
  • if you get caught with a dot book he will throw it away
  • always wildin and adding their own visuals
  • “hey man, what if we did this”
  • and he’ll just flip his stick around and then pass it around his back and click on his rims a bunch of times
  • “oh, thats in”
  • for every dumbass thing they do 
  • “thats in”
  • when they play cadences Seven adds his own choreography
  • also adds his own vocals (saying dumbass shit when he’s not playing)
  • SEVENS DRUMLINE expectations:

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  • reality:

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  • the most gentle drum major youve ever seen
  • tries to be intimidating but everyone can see right through him
  • him and Jaehee are like good cop/bad cop
  • “you dont have a dot book? oh thats okay, just please bring it next time. keep up the good work!”
  • tells his band he is proud of them every five minutes
  • also, he always raises the most money when they do fund raisers
  • if he’s not conducting during rehearsal he’s literally following the drumline around
  • he wants to keep them in check but they fuck around anyway
  • Seven will be like “V, think fast!” and throw a stick at him
  • they when he doesnt watch it Seven will say “yikes, you dropped a stick. thats 10 push-ups”
  • then V is like jAEHEE THEYRE DOING IT AGAIN :(
  • thinks drum major bonding time is very important
  • can often be found encouraging Jaehee and/or calming her down
  • everyone in band loves him
  • also picks on Jumin a lot and makes him do push ups in front of his section for no reason


  • only one in the RFA who isnt section leader
  • makes everyone do push ups anyway
  • if you look at him funny he’ll give you push ups
  • even if you arent in his section he doesnt care
  • once he made one of the flute girls do push ups because she missed her dot and Yoosung was like tbh i dont wanna start anything just do the push ups
  • once made V do push ups
  • everyone hates him except for his section
  • the only trombone without a dot book
  • not playing half the time
  • at the beginning of marching season they have Saeran teach the freshman marching technique as a way to scare them into submission
  • never misses his dot
  • makes snarky comments for all of rehearsal
  • but they’re FUNNY
  • always doing the most
  • always ready for a who-can-do-the-most-push-ups contest


I love the Sammy imagine❤️ can you do one like that but of Cameron ?

(your bf is abusive and he finds out ) “Y/N let’s go! Don’t make me say it again!” You heard your abusive boyfriend of 7 months Andrew yell from the living room. “Yeah I’m coming sorry!” You responded quickly tossing your hair in a messy bun. You and your ‘boyfriend’ Andrew were going to your friend Nash Grier’s house for the super bowl. Apparently Cameron was going to be there too. You and Cameron had a thing going before you and Andrew got together. You weren’t intending to be with Andrew. It was in a way forced. You wanted to be with Cameron. But Andrew and his controlling personality changed that. He made sure he had you the second he saw you. And since you didn’t have. Eyes for him, he forced the relationship by abusing you into it. Now, you’re stuck. “Are you driving or me?” You asked as you picked up your bag. You tried to make it seem like a Normal relationship. The more you collaborated the less he hit you. “I’m going to have to now since you like to take forever. ” he said. “Really? Do something with your hair. I’d like for my girlfriend to look presentable ” he said. You rolled your eyes before getting into the car. You put the mirror down letting your natural hair down and fixing it up as much as you could. “Better?” You asked with a sassy tone. You instantly regretted it the second you felt his large hand slap against your cheek. “Don’t talk to me in that tone again. ” he replied. You quickly shut your mouth, looking down at your hands as you held your tears back. After what felt like an eternity, you had finally made it to Nash’s house. You quickly grabbed the bags of chips out of the back seat before running inside ahead of Andrew. “Y/N!! Cameron yelled lifting you in the air. You smiled widely, hugging him tightly. “Gosh I missed you” you said as you closed your eyes, enjoying the few seconds of good attention you were going to be able to get. “Diddo” was all he could reply before Andrew walked in, groaning. “What a great girlfriend you are. Thanks for the help” he complained as he sat a few bags of chips down and a 12 can box of soda. “That’s all? Guys I asked for three that’s not going to be enough for everyone!” Nash whined considering he planned to have the house full for the game. “Well I can run up to the store real quick and get them. Anything else you need?” You asked as you grabbed the keys from Andrew. “Yeah I’ll text it to you while you’re on your way” he replied. You quickly walked out the door, getting in the car before Cameron got in on the passengers side. “What are you doing?” You asked raising an eyebrow at him. “What? Can’t have some one on one time with a friend?” He said, a sly smirk firming on his face. “Yeah yeah whatever” you joked with a grin. On the way to the store it was quiet but once you actually got to the store, Cameron thought it’d be funny to put you in the buggy itself and push you around. “Cameron stop running into shelves!” You yelled as he knocked a few boxes of macaroni and cheese into the cart. “I’m sorry its hard to control right now” he said with a chuckle. “Is that a fat joke!?” You asked, pretending to be hurt. “Duh” he replied but you both just laughed. As he pushed the cart around, looking down the isles, you couldn’t help but stare at him. Cameron was literally perfect. Perfect skin tone, perfect body, perfect hair, perfect eyes and smile. It just killed you that you couldn’t touch him everyday and kiss him everyday, because that’s what you wanted. You wanted cameron. You wanted him all to yourself. But you couldn’t, because you didn’t have the balls to get out of the relationship you were in right now. You hadn’t realized you were staring at him for so long until he hit you in the face with a bag of doritos, making you blink widely in shock. “Stop staring at me and put these I. There with you. You grinned standing up. "No” you said crossing your arms. “Excuse me?” He questioned raising an eyebrow, a sly grin forming on his face. “You’re going to put me in the buggy like a child then I’m going to act like a child.” You said smirking. “Uh uhh no you won’t” he said fully smiling now. You immediately opened the bag of chips, placing one in your mouth. “Y/N!!!” Cameron said with shock. You couldn’t help but laugh loudly at his surprised gesture. You quickly looked around to see no workers before you hid that bag in the back, placing other bags in front of it. “You’re going to get it” he exclaimed before his large hands quickly found their way to your sides, running up and down. “Stop!” You laughed loudly, trying your hardest not to fall out of the buggy. He eventually stopped as you continued to stand. “You’re crazy” he said stepping closer to the cart. “Am I?” You asked, leaning down some before getting on your knees in the buggy. “Very crazy” he said, his voice lowering as he got closer to you. “Crazy enough to do this” you replied before your lips landed on his, your hands immediately making their way to his hair. You felt his hands tightly wrap around your waist as your tongue’s fought for dominance. Just as it started to get heated, you heard girls giggling from the distance. You both pulled away to see three girls staring down the isle, huddled together as if they were gossiping. “Shit” you mumbled but you didn’t think Cameron heard you. “Hey are you Cameron Dallas?” One girl asked. “Yeah yeah I am” he replied smiling st them. “Can we get a picture with you please!?” They questioned excitedly. “Of course!” He replied. They all three squealed with excitement as they took pictures with him before one turned to you. “Is she your girlfriend?” One asked. Before you could Deni it though, cameron placed his arm around your waist. “Yeah yeah she is, beautiful isn’t she?” He said staring at you. You couldn’t help but smile as the feeling of being an actual girlfriend for once hit you. “You guys are so cute oh my gosh!” They cried out. “Thanks girls but we gotta go! Nice meeting y'all” he replied before hugging them goodbye. When the girls were out of hearing reach, you immediately slapped Cameron’s arm. “Cameron what the actual fuck was that about!?” You replied, fear rushing over you. “Oh come on Y/N! I’ve never seen you kiss Andrew or even hug him. All he ever does is treat you like shit. He doesn’t deserve you and you know it. Besides, what we had before he rudely stepped in was special and you know that! You should be with me I could treat you so Much better” he replied. You wanted to cry, that was everything you wanted to hear to be honest. “Oh god Cam of course I want to be with you. But its not as easy as it seems I can’t so that to Andrew” you replied, running. Your hand through your hair. “Yes it is! It honestly would do you both good!” He replied. “Cameron stop. You really don’t understand. There is more to it than you know. ” you said before stepping out of the cart, grabbing the last few things you needed. The rest of the way back to Nash’s place was quiet, neither one of you even looking at each other. Unfortunately, Andrew found out about the kiss before you could get home and explain considering those friends tweeted it and of course it went viral. “Y/N and Cameron I’d like to have a word with you two” Andrew said, dragging you roughly by the arm inside. “Fuck” you said under your breath, knowing you were going to get it tonight. “You guys want to explain this picture!?” He yelled. Neither one of you looked at it, knowing exactly what it is. “I can’t believe you Cameron. And to think I use to call you my best friend” he replied but you could tell that cameron personally did not care much for Andrew. “As for you. I’ve put up with your bullshit or the past four months. I’ve done everything for you. I’ve been nothing but good to you. You are the most shittiest person I’ve ever met” you chuckled shaking your head. You figured the besting was going to suck tonight but with the guys right here, you could say what you wanted and he would touch you. “Me? Ha! You should look in the mirror ass hole” you said crossing your arms over your chest. Before you knew it, a large hand was placed across your cheek, taking you by shock. “Hey what the fuck man!” Cameron yelled , helping your stumbling figure gain balance. “You bitch!” Andrew yelled. You looked up at him, finally breaking. “I’m done! I’m so done Andrew! No more! We are done! I’m tired of you hitting me every time you don’t get your way, or you thinking its funny to burn my sides with your lighter! Do they know Andrew!? Do they know about that time you choked me for so long I passed out and had to go to the hospital? Do they know about that time you locked me in the basement of your house for three days because your laundry wasn’t done!? Do they know how shitty of a person you are Andrew!? You need to grow the fuck up! We are done Andrew! Yeah I kissed Cameron because Cameron treats me better in one day than you ever will in a million years. Fuck you!” You screamed loudly. Andrew was just as shocked as everyone else in the room by your words but you didn’t care. It was time for you to get out of this abusive relationship. You stared at Andrew as you watched his hand lift in the air as if he was going to hit you again but Cameron’s fist made it to home first, knocking him straight to the ground. “You need to get the fuck out of here before i call the cops, ” he spat out. Andrew stood up quickly, looking at you. “I’m not threw with you” he said pointing st you while wiping his bleeding lip off. “Yes the fuck you are. Now go” Cameron commanded sternly. Andrew stood for a second before cowardly walking out. “I’ll be over later to get her stuff” Cameron replied behind him, making sure he heard. You immediately fell to your knees, tears falling from your eyes. “Oh my god… Its over” you replied with shock. “Yeah baby it is and I’m so sorry you had to GI through that for so long, you didn’t deserve that” Cameron replied, wrapping his arms around you. “Thank you Cameron… But what if he does come back?” You asked, a little bit of fear coming back. “You’ll be with me, and if you’re not with me you’ll be with Nash. And if you’re not with Nash you’ll be with the jacks and so forth. I promise he will never touch you again” Cameron said before hugging you tightly. Cameron Kept your promise. Him and Nash went back to Andrews place that same day and surprisingly Andrew just stood in a corner while they grabbed everything of yours that they could find. They even skyped you so you could tell them what all was yours and what not.
About Time

Synopsis: Recordshop AU with Warren from my List of Upcoming Fics

A/N: I used a different writing style with this one to kind of emphasize Warren’s crush on you… also this follows his origin story from the comics more so then xm:a so hes just a rich boy with wings and is totally sugar daddy asf

It was an early morning in late November and Warren couldn’t believe he was even awake before 2 PM. The night before he had struggled to fall asleep between the bustle of the city and his drifting mind. All he could think about was this girl; this ridiculously pretty girl with good hair and amazing taste in music that made the big bad Warren Worthington III feel like a miserable lost puppy. He had tossed and turned all night until it was morning, deciding that he should get up as he was already awake. So here he was; running on no sleep, his hair a rumpled mess as he drank his third cup of coffee, roaming the streets for a way to occupy his time.  He had been walking at a decent pace, enjoying the morning breeze, when he found himself stopping. There before him was Warren’s absolute favorite record store.

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