i think it's from the australia tour

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I noticed that Lilo don't like talking about the songwriting process too. The people in the fandom often ignores a whole bunch of other writers credited for the songs, and it's possible that Lilo only contribute only 1 or 2 lines, or maybe some melody. That's probably why they don't feel comfortable talking about it. I mean if they were actually the one coming up with the idea for the whole song or contribute a lot to the song they're writing, wouldn't they at least want to talk about it more?


Thanks for your message.  Glad i’m not the only one to have noticed it.

You’re right the fandom does ignore a lot of the other writers including members of the band and we’ve had this writ large over the recent No Control campaign.  I guess its possible that for some of the songs they don’t play as large a part as we’d imagine, for example Steal My Girl, where Liam and Louis are credited but in any interviews their enthusiasm has been lukewarm and Julian Bunetta is the only who really expanded on it:  x

Whereas whenever the lads talked about it, they either shaded Niall or made jokes about stealing girls.  

Its been picked up before by others too but I don’t think its an accident that since all of the lads have been involved by the song writing process, we’ve had more gender neutral songs over the last 2 albums. 

I think Louis and Liam were heavily involved in writing certain songs and involved but probably less so in writing others which happens with songwriting for any album.   Fireproof seemed to mean a lot to Liam when he sang some teaser lines of it last year during WWA tour x and x  and tweeted a line from it as well x I’m sure he also sang a line of it in Australia too when there was the big stink about the setlist.

And they’ve both said its their favourite although in Cardiff last weekend Liam said ‘Girl Almighty’ was. 

Its just guesswork but I do think part of the reason they do keep more quiet about it is out of deference to the others. They’re a unit and so tight knit and given that Zayn’s collab with Naughty Boy was rejected, they’re not ignorant so they’ll be sensitive to that but when its the 2 of them together they do open up a little more. There was an interview I saw last year when it was just the two of them for Four Promo so I’ll try and find it.

I also wonder how much of it is a reaction to being stifled a little.  The absence of Man on a mission, then Zayn’s song and the fact that they seemed excited about Four early on last year and then it waned somewhat.  Could also be that the onset of the stunt if they were aware of it tempered it but it was odd how the enthusiasm sort of evaporated.   Anyway could be reaching there but anything’s possible I guess.

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I honestly doubt that dan and Phil are gonna put out another book. Especially since they've been on tour. Where did rumor even come from? Lmao it's interesting though

if anything i think it’s less of another full blown book and more of a tatinof memorial type of thing like dan suggested they might do in their liveshow, although i doubt they would release it until the tour was completely over (they still have australia, probably europe, and most likely a variety of other places) so it’s fishy that websites supposedly know about this when it probably isn’t even in development yet

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Don't you think it's a bit unusual that since the boys have been in Australia, they've barely been spotted out and they haven't done any interviews? We haven't had an actual interview since December :/

I think it’s unusual they’re doing promo videos again. And Harry just did a radio interview. They haven’t done that since UAN, I think.

I think you accidentally sent this message from 2013, during the TMH tour, when it was hitting home that this wasn’t the UAN tour anymore.

HBB Buzz: Louis Tomlinson Best Outfit Round Up

Its August 2014, and WWA is well underway here in the states. For all you Louis girls out there, I feel your pain. He as been looking so amazing and handsome lately. I think this calls for an updated Louis best outfits post. I will take you through his recent looks and some classic favorites. I advise you to be prepared; Louis is a stressful being! So, here we go!

By Allison Lawrence

1. The Wedding- Louis showed up to his mom’s wedding this summer looking like a younger and more handsome Jay Gatsby. Girls all throughout the fandom sobbed at his beauty.

Suits do you justice, my handsome boy.

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