i think it's cute he has a last name

klance headcanons!

  • keith flirts with lance and lance fucking EXPLODES. (pidge in the background: lance.exe has stopped working)
  • lance finds keith wearing his jacket and flopping the sleeves around and he doesnt think hes ever seen something so fucking adorable, jesus keith, are you Trying to kill him????
  • lance meets keiths Scary Galra Mom™ and in a moment of panic he introduces himself by saying “The names LaClain, Mance LaClain.” keith won’t let him hear the end of it
  • (making out in the castle) allura: seriously? in front of my mice?
  • (in the middle of a battle) “dammit lance! admit that i love you more!”
  • shiro: “hey keith do you- oh god oh god oh god never mind” (keith flips him off and keeps making out with lance. big brothers are the WORST)
  • keith always gets lance presents from the planets they visit but its only ever like, a rock or a leaf or something. lance responds with an enthusiastic thanks and treasures it anyway.
  • for valentines day keith makes lance a card by himself and lance CRIES
  • keith tickles lance ALL the time and he absolutely gets kicked in the face at least five times
  • whenever keith is losing to lance during training he’ll take five to put his hair up. lance is immediately off his game (“i’m telling you hunk!! he does it on purpose!!! its SABOTAGE!!!!“)
  • lance has a thing for keiths hands. whenever they’re lounging around lance likes to play with his fingers or just link them up with his own, pressing little kisses to his knuckles. keith has never smiled so big
  • keith doesnt know how to cook anything except pasta. lance cooks him fancy meals and keith feels bad that he cant return the favour so he makes sure to say its extra good and lance BEAMS at him from across the table
  • with alluras permission, keith gets lance a space cat after hearing him speak about his own back home. shes bright orange and lance falls in love with her instantly ("i think i’ll call her….. barbara!” keith is too happy to tell him that its a terrible name for a cat)
  • keith LOVES lances freckles and has made it his mission in life to kiss every last one. lance laughs and says something about how “my nose is ticklish!” but really he just doesn’t know how to deal with how cute his boyfriend is
  • keith: (blowing shit up) lance, to blue: thats…. thats my fucking man

As a black fan of taylor swift it breaks my heart when black twitter thinks its funny to make comments on were taylor would say the N word when we all know she would never disrespct anyone with a racial slur. Black twitter is so fucked up that you all will crawl up kany west asshole which is a man who cosntaly was abusive towards amber rose after they broke up I remeber black twitter dragging him and the kardashians for when they couldnt keep amber rose name out their mouths. But all of sudden this kany has again and again been abusive towards taylor and yall laugh and thinks it funny even after he put a image of her nake body in a music video whith out her concent. BLACK TWITTER just likes to drag people because they think its cute like just last month yall were dragging the karadashians for the pepsi commercial but now yall up their asshole because taylor dared to say she doesnt want to be bullied anymore.

PruAus things

-“I hate you” “I love you too!”
-A very “intimate” couple ;0 ;0 if you catch my drift
-Will call you out on your fashion sense together
-Also a very competitive duo
-Lazy Sunday’s are every day.
-Let’s sleep in and also cuddle forever.
-Austria is somehow lazier in the morning
-Prussia is also the flirty one but turns to a pile of mush when Austria does the same
-Basically, they’re a cat and a dog
-Prussia likes to follow Austria out when he runs errands, just so he can hold hands in public.
-Austria also likes to watch Prussia garden and play with dogs because he thinks its cute.
-Prussia only says Austria’s nicknames, like Specs, or Roddy, or just Rod, unless he’s being super serious.
-Austria says Prussia last name when he’s being “dominant” wink wink
-Prussia also finds that last one incredibly hot and dies
-Austria looks good in summer, fall and winter clothing and Prussia doesn’t know how.
-Prussia SPOILS Austria rotten. Absolutely spoils.
-Austria has a very soft laugh and Prussia finds it adorable
-Austria occasionally wears dress shirts, ironed and clean and everything, and ends up ruffled by the end of the day. Prussia finds it so freaking sexy because he’s a loser.
-Austria is both skinnier and shorter than Prussia so Prussia loves picking him up.
-“Is that a violin hickey?” “Oh my god…” “Ha, I’ll give you another one, no violin required!”

Add some more!! I dare you!!

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im playing asra's route rn and he craved my name on the wall??? like i think when he was in the palace he saw mc and instantly fell in love and it feels like he's in highschool??? like him drawing a heart on a tree and writing (asra + mc) in the heart and it feels like its 1990 highschool love stories again???

asra just has a notebook covered in mc’s name and little hearts. he writes his name with their last name to imagine what it’s like being married to them.

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Omfg about your hc with Whizzer sometimes introducing himself with Marvin's last name: it's seriously all I can think about. And once he realizes how flustered it makes Marvin, you bet your ass he'd start doing it more often

Tbh, that was actually my favorite headcanon from that list, and I kinda wanna write a short one-shot about it.

Because like that??? is such a cute idea, omg. I can see Whizzer doing it at first like an offhanded joke - something that he and Marvin would smirk at and then laugh about later - until then he looks over and sees Marvin’s face, how the man has went a little pink and breathless and wide-eyed. And that would kinda freak Whizzer out a little bit at first (commitment issues resurfacing) but then he can’t deny that he also gets a little funny feeling in his chest when he introduces himself with Marvin’s last name.

So he keeps doing it. Again. And again. And again. And literally the entire night.

Afterwards, Whizzer notices that Marvin looks a little pissy and when he tries to ask what’s wrong (he thought Marvin liked it too, and a surge of panic runs through him), Marvin just snaps roughly, “It’s not a funny joke, Whizz,” And Whizzer replies immediately, serious face and voice, “Who said it was a joke?” and they just kinda stare at each other for a beat and Marvin just kinda sputters and proposes to Whizzer right then and there in the middle of the small, crappy elevator of their apartment complex.

flinx child concept art lmfao

He’s got pale skin and the same color hair as his mom. Blue eyes like his father however. his powers are probably pink just like jinx’s, but he also has fast reflexes and can run fast like his father but only in short bursts. 

hes a pink boi lol sooo cute <3 i kinda like his outfit design. i’ll have to clean these sketches up.  He resembles his mother a lot but he acts mostly like his father…a romantic with the ladies, pretty calm and cool-headed and has a bright-sided positive disposition on things. when he gets depressed, look out. he’s very moody and gloomy lol 

I think I wanna name his superhero name Hex, but idk lol I have no idea if i’ll keep that name tho its growing on me XD; any name suggestions? Both superhero names and his domestic name. (idk what flash’s last name is…can someone tell me? lmfao )  


OMG this Chapter 812

So basically Im THRILLED ! This chapter was a benediction:

First we can finally seriously see Sanji on a Chapter(not only on 2pictures ) Plus he is so class and Finally WE LEARNED something about him!

Look at him! Being so serious and totally acting like a captain, protecting the others and taking decision seriously this is really lovely! We can really appreciate his character.

Look at him being so serious, the royalty is sweating out of him ! (The lion cuddling with him is so cute!)

And FINALLY, The explosion of this chapter ! :

Sanji’s LAST NAME is VINSMOCK ! He is a PRINCE(we already suspected that but now its sure) and he has 2 BROTHERS (OMG do you imagine a team of men like sanji I think I can’t survive that).

If you want you can watch this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6HqE1k1yZg 

Where it explain some theory about sanji its really short and well done (there also some theory about his mother/father and whats maybe going to happen next)

Im really satisfied about this chapter, what about you, what are your impressions, I love to hear your thoughts?