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Do you have any good websites for making pixel/sprite gifs?

theres this program you can download called gif cam and its so amazing!!!!! i think you can find the link on tumblr???? its basically a box and you put the box over the video you wanna make a gif of and click record and theres a button where you can go in and delete frames and edit frames and its amazing.

i dont remember where i downloaded it from cause it was a while ago but there have be rumors (remember rumors arn’t always true) that theres a virus program with the title gif cam. idk but be cautious i guess. (also i think the rumor could be bullshit cause i downloaded one that people were saying was bad and it works fine)

also i animate my sprites in GIMP

Statement on Zionism/Anti-Zionism

After I wrote opinions and thoughts on Zionism, I received several kind of backlashes. First of all I’m going into Anti-Zionist backlash. 

I got called several times by Anti-Zionist Jews as well as Non-Jews a White Supremacist. I personally thinks that this is very insulting considering I live in a country which is based on White supremacy and like to deport me if they could. There demonstrations by White people to deport Moroccans and I face racism almost daily in the name of White Supremacy. I think its very uncool when especially White People (including White Jews) call me that. I don’t benefit from White supremacy in any kind in the country I currently live in. Just lately my mother got verbally attacked by white men. 

Now I come to Zionist backlash. I got some really rude messages that wanted me to throw up seriously. My Jewishness got questioned. I got anons saying that I’m secretly a Muslim who wants to divide Jews?? It got me really thinking about it and I guess the main thing is that i’m a jew whose family comes from a Muslim-country and that I could pass as a muslim and tbh I think it’s racist to assume that I’m a Muslim when I state that I’m a Jew. Like there is no evidence that I’m Muslim? I wouldn’t have a problem if I were Muslims and I have also partly Muslim ancestors but still I think it’s really rude. And tbh this disappoints me. 

In the end I want to announce that in the future I will not post a lot thoughts and opinions on Zionism and Anti-Zionism since no matter what I say I face hate and I don’t want that anymore. And I think that comes especially to the fact that I’m a JoC. I can’t do it right, no matter what I do or say. People will talk over me and deny my experience. Wether its Zionists or Anti-Zionists.

In the end I wish peace for the Jews, peace for the Muslims and peace for Christians in the Levant region. May Hashem or Allah protect anyone of you. 


It was good knowing you Junpei

simon’s not actually gay my dudes

there are a whole lot of sexualities friends pals buddies 

simon liked agatha a whole lot- maybe it wasn’t love, but he def felt attraction towards her

and yep he likes baz oh boy does he like baz

which means that simon snow, my precious dragon boy, my small angry marshmallow, is not gay and is in fact bi, or pan, or something (presumably not demi bc he said he wanted agatha from the first time he saw her)

but yes simon, my magic-less fighting bean, is not gay

baz, on the other hand, is in fact very, very gay

this has been a psa


How can he ignore me like this?

I know a lot of marichat fics focus on them getting to know each other and being friends as beneficial for adrien seeing a less frantic and more composed side of marinette so that helps him get to know her better. which is true. she’s calmer and sassier.

but man what I truly love about this dynamic is marinette getting to see another side of chat noir. as ladybug, she values chat as a partner. she is not shy about saying she needs him and would protect him at all costs. she also has an easy rapport with him and he is easily her best friend, after alya.

however, she also doesn’t taking his flirtations seriously. we see in copycat how she knew which chat was the copy because she knew his feelings were real and sincere. marinette thinks that chat is just a big flirt to ladybug. he’s even flirted with her as marinette, who he doesn’t know is ladybug.

she will joke and flirt back, or roll her eyes, but she mostly doesn’t see chat as a serious option. a lot of it has to do with liking adrien, who she admits if he wasn’t in the picture, she would give chat a chance. another is that she is the head of the duo, and thinks it’d be safer in neither knew each other’s secret identities.

but, an interesting thing we see in evillustrator is that marinette, for even just a second, was pleasantly surprised by nathanael. why? because he was sincere. he promised not to hurt chloe if marinette went out on a birthday date with him and he kept it. her face went completely soft when he says this.

how more shocked and soft would marinette be if she learned how deep chat noir’s feeling for her, ladybug, truly ran? if they started talking as marinette and chat would confess his feelings about ladybug to his princess, his new friend, and she’d be so overwhelmed because she didn’t exactly expect this.

she knew ladybug meant a lot to chat, but not this much. it wasn’t until the words (j'taime) were put to the actions (his nicknames, his quick inclination to protect her/die for her, his closeness, his flirtations) would marinette truly see that chat noir loved ladybug.

hearing chat and talking to him reminds her a little of adrien. reserved but gentle, kind and most of all, sincere. she is being shown a side to chat she has never, if rarely, sees and the closer she gets, the harder it is to convince herself that she doesn’t likes what she sees.

that her kitty is taking up as much room in her heart as adrien is.

Tbh I don’t understand all this confusion about what Eto said in chapter 61. 
This isn’t the first time Eto does something like that. I’m not the best person to analyze her behaviour, but even I can see she’s always been the puppeteer behind the scenes. She rarely puts herself in the spotlights, almost always preferring to be the one who turns the gears instead. 

  • She founded Aogiri and then acted as if she was an underling of Tatara, instead of the Mastermind; 
  • she tortured Seidou instilling an inferiority complex in him to later let him loose on Haise just because she wanted to see how strong he was by then; 
  • she kidnapped and tortured and twisted Karren/Kanae to have her turn against Tsukiyama and cause some distraction so that she could appear when she pleased; 
  • now this.

Honestly, before the chapter came out, the 90% of the fandom was sure she was the King, so why are you doubting it now?  
She’s just twisting the checkerboard to place her pawns the way she wants them to see it just as she’s always done
She wants revolution, but she doesn’t want for her name to be the one associated with it. 
(As for which one, then, it’s pretty obvious to me. 
Who was the one she was so fond of, again? 

Yeah, Kaneki.
And what was that chapter title? 
The second king. )
Actually, that’s another discussion entirely. I don’t claim to be that good at predictions, but at least you have to hand it to Ishida: all the build up in TG would be pointless if Eto ended up not being the king, don’t you think?