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“Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine” 

Side-by-Side comparison of the rehearsal and the final scene. 

*Interestingly the talking bits didn’t match up (even though the end did) so I had to edit it a bit to get the bridge and the last verse to sync. 

you know everyone always talks about how homestuck or jjba makes no sense but literally try to explain the plot to night vale to anyone and i can 10000% guarantee you that you will get stuck after you get past the general “it’s a podcast about a wacky midwestern town and its gay radio host that likes to over share” like seriously mention ANYTHING about the anti-strex rebellion, the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home, the satan beagle puppy, or even the goddamn music weather and everyone will be looking at you like you’re one of the individuals named erika that MOST DEFINITELY are not angels, because the existence of angels is illegal

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there's a terumob headcanon floating around where when they have their first kiss, both of their psychic powers cause things to happen such as the change of weather or gardens growing... calling it mob's 100% LOVE and i like to think it increases bit by bit as they continue to share that kiss because it's so special ;//w//;

100% Love is the cutest thing I have ever heard about,…

  • somebody: wow! such a nice and warm weather, it feels like spring!
  • me: nice
  • me, muttering under my breath: shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's JANUARY it's not supposed to be this warm yet!!!!!!!!!!! global warming is HERE and our cold snowy beautiful winters are forever history!!!!!! yet we are doing NOTHING about the case!!!!!!!! and even if we did something trump is the president of united states now and he's going to FUCK everything UP because his climate decisions will affect EVERYBODY!!!ON!THIS!PLANET! this weather is not _NICE AND WARM___ WHAT THE FUCKKK it's the awaiting HELLFIRE THAT'S RADIATING HEAT UPON US SO SHUT UP

Heart Won’t Forget | Theo Raeken Imagine

request: 1. Hi I think your amazing writer. Ive fallen in love with your stories. I was wondering if you could write one were the reader is one of Scott’s betas and has a relationship with him but has dark past with Theo and Scott confronts the reader about it. It was just a thought.

2. Hi, can you write a smut with Theo, where Y/N is Scott’s sister. Scott’s pack is plotting something against Theo and his Chimeras, and they send Y/N to distract him for few minutes. Y/N knows that Theo is evil, but she can’t help herself and feels atracted to him, so when she’s trying to distract him, he can sense how she feels about him… sorry, English is my second languege, so I hope that this make sense ;)

word count: 964

warnings: a bit of smut i guess

A/N: hey guys so Im back with a new imagine and Im really sorry that its so short, you can request a part two! I hope you enjoy reading this, love you all xx

You were sitting next to Scott who was discussing about the chimeras. You tried to ignore Scott’s plan and focused at the stormy weather outside. “Y/N? What do you think about that?”, Lydia asked. You rolled your eyes. Although you were a beta of Scott’s pack, you didn’t want to do anything against the chimeras.., because of one person. Theo Raeken. He used to be one of your closest friends, well maybe more than a friend, he was the person who you had your first kiss with. Although you would never admit it, when Theo appeared in Beacon Hills, your heart had been pounding in your chest. “Y/N, are you listening?”, Scott asked you vigorously. “Um sorry..”, you muttered. He looked at you in confusion and focused at the others again. You were staring at Lydia and Stiles who were holding hands now. Why was everyone falling in love except for you? Well, maybe because of your brother Scott.. he was always trying to protect you from everything and above all boys. Scott was sure that every boy your age is going to hurt you in any possible ways. “Hm, we all know that Theo is the most powerful chimera, so before we attack them we have to get rid of Theo”, Liam uttered. For the first time you said something: “Maybe someone could distract him.. for example Lydia, you’re good at such things” Everyone’s eyes landed on you. “That’s a plan!”, Stiles shouted. “Well, I’m not a fan of talking to Theo and I can’t really do something if he tries to attack me”, Lydia said. Liam looked at you. “Y/N can do it”, he suggested. “No way!”, Scott stopped Liam. You looked at him clearly annoyed. “I’m old enough, Scott”, you hissed. “I’m gonna do it” You were confident although you had mixed feelings about the situation with Theo but at least it would give the chance to talk to him. Scott explained what you were going to have to do and after that Lydia dragged you to your closet. “So you’re gonna have to dress sexy to get Theo’s attention”, she explained. “But it should not look like I dressed up for him, right?”, you replied and took some stuff out of your closet. You put the things on and looked at Lydia. “That’s perfect”, Lydia smirked. In the evening you left the house. “Good luck, Y/N”, Scott shouted while you closed the door. You made your way to Theo and his chimera’s hiding place and found Theo sitting on a large chair, his legs crossed. “Y/N?”, Theo looked at you in confusion. “Hey Theo”, you whispered. You knew that your voice sounded just as nervous as you were although you tried to cover up. You didn’t know what to say. Theo got up and stood in front of you. “What is it?”, he wanted to know. “I just remembered the old times and wanted to talk to you, I guess”, you mumbled. “And you’re taking that big risk just to ‘talk’ to me?”, Theo smirked. “Um, yeah..”, you answered shyly. Theo slowly took your hand. “Why are you being so shy, Y/N? In my mind you used to be completely different”, Theo wondered. You realized how your heart started to pound like crazy again. “I used to know a different side of you, baby girl”, he completed and let his fingers slide up and down your arm making you shiver. You looked at Theo, the light was barely lighting his face but you could still see the outlines of his face, his perfect jawline and his full lips. You could feel Theo’s breath against your neck before he softly bit the skin of your neck. One of his large hands was resting on your waist while the other one made it’s way down to grab your ass. You bit down your lip to stop yourself from moaning. Although you knew it was wrong, you couldn’t get yourself to stop Theo. “You look so pretty, baby”, Theo groaned. Suddenly Theo’s lips crashed into yours and it felt like a thousand fireworks exploding inside of your chest. Theo gripped your waist and pulled you closer. “Theo”, you moaned. “Oh I missed you so”, he replied moaning. Suddenly a loud noise distracted the two of you. “Y/N”, Stiles shouted. You let go of Theo and looked at Stiles in shock. “What the hell is wrong with you?”, he shouted. Stiles grabbed your arm and dragged you out of the room.
Later at McCall’s -
You were sitting on your bed and thought about what happened. You hoped that Stiles wouldn’t tell Scott about the thing with Theo but the chances were very low because Stiles was still Scott’s best friend and you were his little sister. When your door opened, Scott stormed in. “Please tell me that Stiles is kidding me, Y/N”, he shouted. You weren’t able to answer him because you knew he was going to kill you. “Y/N McCall! Answer me!”, he shouted again. “Yes, Scott. It’s true”, you mumbled. “Explain it to me! How the hell did that happen? Y/N, you’re MY sister and Theo is the enemy here, don’t you get that?”, Scott was really angry. “Well.. Theo and I.. we have a past. Do you remember the boy I always used to meet up with in middle school?”, you asked. “Huh?”, he was confused. “Of course you don’t, well that’s Theo. He was my first love, Scott”, you explained to him. “That is no excuse for making out with him and distracting yourself, Y/N. That was important to me and the pack and you only cared about yourself”, Scott hissed. “I don’t get how you can be so selfish, Y/N”, he added and left the room with anger.

The Same Boy || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: Being best friends with Ned was both a blessing and a curse: you got to see your crush, Peter, on a near daily basis, yet he doesn’t seem to like you that much, always remaining tight lipped and quiet whenever you were around.

Lucky for you, you can always count on Spider-Man to be there for you when you want to vent to him about your hopeless crush! But lately, it seems like your feelings are being split between Peter Parker and Spider-Man as you find yourself falling for both boys….}

warnings: none

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story; reblogs are fine!**


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Boomerang Valentine

I’m sitting on my friends’ couch several months into being intentionally single and celibate for the first time since I was 20 years old
20 years old: when I believed sex had to involve a dude and the word “screw”
I’m telling my friend about the psychic who said I’m going to meet the love of my life by the end of January
It’s January 10th and I’m so far from ready for cupid, that naked little shit, to fire anything sharp my way

So far from ready for that kind of insane only love makes me
My friend musters every bit of new age jargon she can fit into her tongue
and says, “What if you are the love of your life?”
I think, “Oh my god, I hope that’s not true, because I am absolutely not my type”

But, let’s say for a moment, I am
Let’s say I am my dream girl… And boy.
And I am standing on my front step
Ringing my own doorbell
Waiting for me to answer, so I can hand myself a mason jar full of water lilies I have rescued from a millionaire’s Monet
Let’s say, I am so charmed by the radiance of my own anarchy I invite myself in for tea
And when I’m not looking, I sneak the steam from the kettle into my pocket, so that the next time I am missing the coast of Maine, I can gift myself the fog

Let’s say I’m not just running my mouth around an old cliché that says we gotta love ourselves; we don’t
I know that I can keep getting down on myself ‘til I’m tucked into the grave
Looking up at my name, carved into stone, wondering why I never knew I’d been cast the lead in my own life

Y'all, when it comes to love, the only thing I’m certain of is you are the best thing that has ever happened to you..
Whoever you are-
You’re a quitter? Great, there is plenty worth quitting
A sore loser? Who isn’t?
You got no discipline? Maybe discipline is for body builders and closeted gay monks
Picture a magician so attached to being perfect that he cuts off his own legs just to pull off the trick

Picture the 738 selfies I deleted before I took one that I was willing to show to the world
Picture me wishing I could have all of them back
My so called “flaws” in stacks, like baseball cards I know will be worth something someday
Like, compassion
Like, tenderness
Like, my capacity to think myself a catch just because I have never seen a chandler I didn’t want to swing from
because I would maybe go to space just to know if railroad tracks look like zippers from the moon

On days I have hard time keeping warm in my own weather- I imagine what the first flower said to the first human, trying to name half its flower petals “love me not’s”

that is not how anything grows
Of all the violence I have known in my life, I have not known violence like the way I have spoken to myself

And I have seen almost everyone around me hold that same belt to their own backs
Then, looking for someone outside of themselves to come clean that treason up
If I were to ask myself out of that cycle, I might say, Listen,
I am still going through a growth spurt.
I am still yet to get my worst tattoo
I am still clearing the smoke from burning the toast I wrote for my own wedding day
I am still trying to get rid of my mirror face
Look myself, dead in the eye

I know Facebook is a lousy mortician,
desperately trying to make us all look more alive
I know there are things I haven’t survived
I know there are people in this world who have had to work really hard to survive
Me, I don’t ever want to take that lightly.
But, I want the heavy to anchor me brave
to anchor me loving
to anchor me in something that will absolutely hold me to my word
When I tell cupid I intend to keep walking out to the tip of his arrow
To bend it back towards myself
To aim for my goodness; until the muscle in my chest tears from the stretching of becoming
When I came here to be a lover of whatever got covered up by the airbrush
The truth of me: That beauty of a beast

Chewing through the leash
'Til I get a mason jar full of water lilies
I got a kettle full of sea
And my whole life, y'all, my whole life is just a boomerang valentine; coming right back at me

"They don’t need us anymore"
  • -"I feel like its the fans that they were talking about here. You know because we've been through it all with them and now we're all growing up and moving on"
  • It's true. I never really understood why some fans did the most peculiar things over made up people and shows but i now know. I saw the first episode of teen wolf when i was in grade 8 i think it was and the first episode didn't really get me but i decided to continue to watch it and i soon feel in love with it. I font know what it is, weather it was the plot or the fact i love werewolves and supernatural stuff or it was because the people who played a part in it slayed their character. Or it could have been the fact that these people made it work.
  • I had a shit highschool life and i remember getting picked on and not wanting to get up in the mornings but i always wanted to when teen wolf was on that night.
  • I remember always wanting to do nothing i jsut didn't want to be here some day's but watching shows like teen wolf really did make me happy.
  • I know know why tv shows and made up charecters really mean so much to some people.
  • Because we connect with them. They play roles that we never realized we needed.
  • They say the words that we never thought we'd here or ever thing of saying.
  • They bring the meaning to life for some.
  • And they give us hope.
  • They teach us anticipation.
  • How to laugh.
  • How to love.
  • How to cry.
  • How to get over a hearbreak or friendship.
  • How to get along with people.
  • They teach us how to live.
  • They give us life.
  • Im so proud of the cast of teen wolf and the director and creator's of the show.
  • And i thank them so much because weather they know it or not they made a big impact on my life.
  • And i appreciate them for all they have done and am extremely proud.
  • The same goes for the vampire diaries, chicago P.D, chicago med, chicago fire.

Okay I’m just getting this out of the way. Because I wanna talk about it. It’s not a big deal or anything but I wanna share my opinion on tumblr dot com
I hate Lúcio’s ice hockey trope. The skins, the lines, everything that mentions it pisses me off.
I’m just gonna break this out for y'all, just in case you ain’t aware.
We do not play ice hockey in Brazil. At all. We don’t even have an ice hockey team.
That’s because everyday, every season, Rio de Janeiro is as hot as hell itself. We don’t have winter sports because we don’t have fucking winter.
I heard a rumor that Lúcio was supposed to be Canadian at first and that’s where the skin came from. But if that’s true that would be offensive as fuck, you can’t just change the character’s nationality without making sure they reflect that country’s reality.
Of course it could be that in Overwatch’s futuristic world, ice hockey becomes really god damn popular in Brazil. But honestly, from the comics, the art, the content itself, Overwatch’s Brazil still keeps its present culture (and weather).
But whatever, who even cares about which sport Lúcio’s into? I’m just overreacting.
But imagine getting represented in the game of the motherfucking year, but it turns out the creators don’t give a shit if they actually represent your culture at all.
But I think that Blizzard noticed they fucked up, because we had that whole Olympic event with Lúcio being as Brazilian as he can be.
You can’t please everyone and nothing can be just perfect but ugh
I want him having Portuguese lines in the other dubs.
I want him making dumb references about watching novelas or mixing music like funk, MPB or forró.
The same way Tracer has her “keep calm” line, I want Lúcio to have one saying “please come to Brazil ”
Sorry about the dumb rant. But that’s what tumblr is for anyway, over analyzing fiction and making discourse about cultural appropriation. That’s what we signed up for so deal with it.

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Can you please do some headcanons for Revali and Sidon with a Hylian (S/O) who gets a nosebleed in front of them? Like the (S/O) just randomly starts bleeding and they have no idea what's happening so (S/O) has to explain its normal for them. Sorry if that was kind of confusing. I really love your blog! <3

Omigosh I am that s/o, nosebleeds happen all the time because dry weather is evil

-Mod Pinks

S/o has sudden nosebleed (Revali/Sidon)


  • He is rito and nosebleeds don’t really happen to birds. So he thinks they’ve broken their face or something, he is pure PANIC
  • Picks them up and runs to the healer
    • explanation be damned, they’re bleeding!
  • Is a bit embarassed when s/o explains to both him and the healer that its completely normal, there’s nothing to worry about
    • Still really edgy whenever he sees the blood though
  • Starts carrying tissues with him, under the tease that he doesn’t want blood on his magnificent plumage


  • Coincidentally, another panicker
  • “beloved what happened??? who did this???”
  • Waits for explanation before running to healer, so saves himself a bit of embarrassment
  • very understanding
    • Starts carrying tissues with him
    • Will cover for them if it happens in the middle of an event

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Tw fandom is still a garbage fire...one that has almost reached it's end. Also, I don't know wtf that person is talking about. I can't think of anything that malia has done that I would praise another character on the show for doing. Namely because her character is all punch, useless dialogue, and weather inappropriate jean shorts.

Malia is a fucking mess. She doesn’t get praise (at least not by the non-delusional fans who aren’t camping out in Shelley Hennig’s ass) because she doesn’t do anything praise-worthy. Like, the fuck has she done? 

I am always confounded by the stans trying to claim that Malia is ‘such a strong character’ and yet never being able to supply any support for that claim. I swear imma drop dead from shock the day a stalia fan actually comes up with a valid argument defending their illogical trash fav. 

And @ “weather inappropriate jean shorts” 

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Hi! So, in my opinion, it's clear that Bellamy loves and has romantic feelings for Clarke. I do believe that Clarke reciprocates those feelings, but I'm not so convinced that she's fully aware of them. It's understandable considering her feelings were focused on Lexa. I have always found Clarke's emotions harder to read and interpret around Bellamy. She clearly loves and cares for him, and I think the seed for romance is planted, but I don't know if SHE knows that. What do you think? :)

I don’t reblog great posts sometimes because they question Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy. 

I believe 100% that Clarke is in love with Bellamy and she has been since he was risking his life in Mount Weather. Yes. The entire time she was with Lxa. 

You say she was focused on Lxa, but I did my rewatch. Season 2 she was focused on BELLAMY, not Lxa who was right there. She rejected Lxa and her VERY next line was, “He did it.” Meaning Bellamy. Lxa knew she loved him.

And even in Polis, I’m gonna say that no, Clarke was focused on her people. And saving her people meant she had to save Lxa because she was invested in this relationship and keeping her on her good side. I found the relationship between Clarke and Lxa to be far more political than intimate. She NEVER trusted Lxa, even when she loved her. She never chose lxa. She chose her people.

In fact she didn’t become intimate with Lxa until after Bellamy rejected her and she thought he hated her. In Hakeldama.

So I question the concept that Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy were always eclipsed by her feelings for Lxa. Lxa was certainly entranced by Clarke, but I did not see her allow herself to return those feelings until it was ALREADY CERTAIN SHE WAS LEAVING and the political game was up. 

As soon as she came back to her delinquents Clarke Griffin was Bellamy focused. She wanted him back. She wanted their relationship back. She wanted their trust, their intimacy, their friendship, their support, their faith in each other and she COURTED him.

Not sexually. Emotionally.

You don’t do that if you don’t know that you love someone and maybe they might love you back. And maybe that love might be worth it, because you are better together. 

Could you fight the Cryptonloids + Gumi and Gakupo
  • Miku: Your chances of winning are probably pretty high, though since this is Miku we're talking about she could always surprise you and suddenly start beating you up, so it's about 50/50 here
  • Rin: You literally could not lose if you fought Rin. She's too sweet to hurt anyone even if you stood completely still she wouldn't lay a finger on you. There's no reward for beating Rin up at all do not fight her.
  • Len: Please beat him up he totally deserves and it even if he does get a few punches on you you could always kick him in the groin or something to end it quickly. Fight this sinner I beg you
  • Luka: You are not going to win if you fight Luka. She may look all classy and stuff but buddy those heels are going to go in your face if you bring up fighting her plus she has a giant tuna on her at all times so unless you like having giant fish slapped all over you don't even think about it.
  • Kaito: Why? would you want to fight Kaito? What did he ever do to you? I mean if you really did wanna fight him you'd probably win but still leave the ice cream man be.
  • Meiko: It really all depends weather or not she's angry because if she's not angry it's an even match but god forbid Meiko gets mad R.I.P in peace you will get sake bottles smashed over your head too many times to count.
  • Gumi: Gumi is smol and innocent you will get nothing out of fighting her other then the forever haunting thoughts that you punched this innocent child in the face.
  • Gakupo: Buddy Gakupo is a samurai and I'm almost positive you have no experience with weapons whatsoever. You are going to get your head cut off and there's nothing you can do about it. You're not going to win this fight.
I’ll Always Be Here


Possible Trigger Warning

You hadn’t thought about it before; Joe’s vast amount of sweatshirts and long sleeves. He said he liked to be comfy and you couldn’t exactly argue with that. 

It was normal for him to walk around in a jumper all day and then strip down in the dark at night for bed, its just what he did. Contrary to popular belief, Joe didn’t exactly walk around his house topless or at least he didn’t after he met you. 

Things started to happen recently though that made you question his wardrobe choice. Last year, Joe was so excited for summer that you would find him outside on his balcony sunbathing at any chance he could, even if the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating. 

This year was different though. London had been in a heat wave for a few weeks, something Joe would be all for, but he had barely gone outside to enjoy it. Sure he’d have his meetings and whatnot that he would occasionally decide to walk to instead of take an Uber but he was never out on his balcony. 

‘He’s probably just busy’ you would tell yourself when he wouldn’t join you outside. ‘He’s a busy YouTuber who has a lot of exciting projects that he’s working on, he’ll come out when he has the time.’ 

But that time never came. Joe would be cooped up inside his flat filming, editing, and sweating because he would be wearing a jumper.

“I’ve got to promote the clothing love” Joe would say after you questioned his choice of clothing.

“I think your fans are aware you have clothes available, and besides, why are you wearing the jumper? You do have t-shirts which are more suitable for this weather.” You would reply which was only met with a shrug and “its my favorite.” 

Today was a particular warm day, the spring days getting longer as the summer months quickly approached and Joe as off to a few meetings that morning. 

“Hey love, hopefully I won’t be too late not sure how long these meetings will run for.” Joe said coming over to kiss your cheek before bending down to put his shoes on. 

“I thought your first meeting wasn’t until noon its only 11.” You said laughing a bit as he almost tripped over his feet. 

“It’s nice out so I’m going to walk, and you know I’m a slow walker.” 

“Are you sure you want to wear that?” You asked, eyeing the jacket he was wearing knowing that it wasn’t exactly classified as lightweight. 

“What, you don’t like it?” Joe questioned looking down at himself.

“No I do, I just think that if your walking to your meeting, in the heat, that you wouldn’t be wearing a jacket.” 

“Love I’ll be fine. I gotta go, love you.” Joe said giving you another quick kiss before running out the door. 

You let out a sigh as you tapped your fingers on the worktop. Something was up, it felt like Joe was hiding something but you weren’t exactly sure if he was. And if he was, he was doing a good job at it. 

You ran your fingers through your hair as you contemplated your next step: 

You could just call him, ask if he’s doing okay. Although, he’s walking to a meeting and the call would most likely have to be cut short.

You could wait until he got home later that night, although, he’d probably be tired and would just want to lay around with you and not have you bombard him with questions. 

Or you could figure things out yourself. If Joe was hiding something, that something would have to be somewhere in the flat.

You decided to go with the latter option and if you didn’t find anything, you’d drop it. There probably wasn’t a reason why he was wearing so many jumpers other than he just wants to, but you were too stubborn to just drop it.

Since you were in the kitchen, you started there. Looking for anything possible sign for the reason Joe had been acting weird. You checked the fridge and the cupboards, you weren’t exactly sure why but you did just to be safe. You read the labels on his protein powders and supplements and quickly realized that was a dead end because you had no idea what any of that meant.

You checked the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and his office. Anywhere that Joe possibly could have hid something, you’ve checked as thoroughly as you could without invading too much privacy. 

You made your way back into the kitchen deciding to give up on this imaginary quest that would help answer the question ‘why you boyfriend was acting so weird’ when in reality there was no question. You were just paranoid for no reason. 

You glanced up at the clock, 3:00. Joe’s second meeting should have just stared so you had at least another hour or so by yourself. Deciding you needed a distraction or else your mind would continue to wander, you went back upstairs and gathered all your and Joe’s dirty clothes. Laundry always seemed to take your mind off things and frankly, the washing needed to be done.

You walked back into the ensuite, grabbing the towels off the hooks when something in the mirror caught your eye. It was the mirror actually, it was different. You could see more of the room than you normally could, like it had been shifted. You dropped the towels on the floor and examined the mirror. 

“What the hell?” You asked when you realized that it opened, revealing a tiny cabinet behind it. 

You had lived with Joe for nearly a year and a half and this was the first time you had noticed this. Neither mirror in the bathrooms downstairs did this so you assumed the one upstairs wouldn’t either but apparently you were wrong. 

On one of the shelves there was a tiny box. The box didn’t look like much but you found it weird as to why there was a box in a cabinet you didn’t even know existed. 

You picked the box up and opened up, you’re eyes widening and narrowing when you saw the contents. Razor blades and bandaids. 

You were speechless and confused and tried your best to push back the tears that were forming but failed as they cascaded down your cheeks. 

You closed the box and put it back on the shelf, making sure to close the mirror properly before wiping your eyes and regathered the towels from off the floor and made your way back downstairs.

You sat on the couch until Joe came home, the washer going off in the background every 15 mins signally that it had finished washing but you didn’t move. You’re head moved towards the sound of the door opening and clicking shut followed by the sound of your boyfriend voice calling your name. 

“In here.” you answered as best as you could. 

Joe came sound the corner and paused when he saw you sitting on the couch. “Whats up?”

“You know you can talk to me right, about anything?” You said watching him walk over to the couch. 

“Yes?” He said cautiously. 

“Then why haven’t you?” You said, a tear sneaking past the blockade and rolling down your cheek. 

Joe didn’t say anything at first, his face just shifting through the emotions trying to figure out what you were talking about. But when he did, his face shifted into completely sadness, something you have never seen from him before. 

“Joe,” You said opening you arms, allowing him to fall into them.

The two of you sat this way for a while, letting the tears fall freely from both of your eyes until Joe finally pulled away, his eyes red and puffy. 

“I’m sorry. I..I don’t know why I didn’t talk to you. I guess…I guess I was just scared. Scared you’d leave and think I was pathetic.” Joe hiccuped. 

“Joe you don’t have to be scared, I’m not going to leave you and I don’t think you’re pathetic. How long has this been going on?”

“It comes and goes, these feelings, ever since I started secondary school. I got in under control when I started YouTube but recently…recently its been rough and its the only way I know how to realize all this stress I have bottled up.” 

You let out breath as you took Joe’s hand in yours, “Life is stressful and its okay to take a break, its okay to say no to things because you are already doing so much. And don’t think that you’re alone in this, you have so many people in your life that love you and who are willing to listen if you want to talk. I’m here, I’m always here. I see you everyday, sleep with you at night and we chat about everything, so don’t think this is something we can’t talk about, Joe. I’ll always be here for you because I’m not going anywhere.” 

“I know, I know. I just, I don’t know. I know I can talk to you but it felt easier this way but it doesn’t help. It just makes things worse and I have to lie to you about it which hurts me because thats something I never wanted to do. I thought I could keep this from you but you’re smart and you notice the little things and I thought I was being careful.” 

“Honestly, I was going to drop it today but then I noticed the mirror in our bathroom was opened.”

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way, I should’ve just come up to you but like I said, I was scared.” 

“It’s okay to be scared, but just don’t be scared alone. I’m here Joe.” You said squeezing his hand lightly. 

“I know, thank you.”

Shakesphere? No Problem: The Student’s guide to studying for English

I’m going to start this off by saying that for the longest time, I had no idea how to study for English. I’d always read the book way before anyone else in my class, listen to a brief discussion of themes, write out my essay, and boom, A/A+. But late last year, I started wondering why I never do any work for English, but put tons of effort in studying for all my other subjects. My immediate response is that you can’t study for English, but looking back, I definitely know you can. So this set of tips are for those of you who are doing well in English but want to boost up your scores, or for those of you who have this “you either get it or you don’t” mentality about English. 

1. Annotate your book

Some people get really antsy about writing in the novel they’re analysing, but its way easier than writing everything out on another piece of paper. As you read your novel, get out your highlighters and a pen and highlight important quotes for your essays  and write specific themes or notes about the characters as you come across them. I found that with a lot of my classmates, they’d technically read the book from cover to cover, but had no idea what the themes were and since that’s important in essays, a lot of them found it really hard. If you’re active about writing stuff down and highlighting, the story will even be easier to remember. 

2. Don’t be obsessed with reading Sparknotes/Cliffnotes

These two websites are so helpful in understanding parts of the novel, finding themes and understanding characters but if you just read the analysis and basically write down what it says, you don’t really get the book, you’re just copying what someone else says about it. In essays, you can really tell the difference between someone that knows the book and someone who just read spark notes and think they do. My suggestion is that before you look at any online sources, brainstorm a list of themes yourself. That way, you know you understand what’s going on, and you can get more from websites later. 

3. Possible Essay Questions

I only ever got one essay question from my teacher, so I recommend going online and finding different essay questions. Try to pick essay questions that cover different themes so you’ve covered all your bases for exams or tests, or if you already know what theme the exam will be focusing on, look for specific questions that relate to it. Write your practice essays and find people to give you feedback, weather its online, or your teacher or your friends. Specifically ask what they think you could improve on (especially from your teacher) because this is how to boost your grades. 

4. Make a study guide

Whatever your novel is, look online for discussions on themes, characters, questions, whatever you can find. Copy paste these into whatever word processor you use and either print them out, or just have it saved. Now, annotate it. If you’re reading a paragraph on theme for example, write down appropriate quotes that relate to it, characters that might tie into it, simplify things, etc. Learning and remembering this stuff is all about the act of taking notes, not re-reading them, so make sure they’re detailed. 

5. Dictionaries

I had no idea how useful a dictionary actually is, and I feel like its so underrated in schools. Even if you’re good with almost all words and consider yourself to have a high vocabulary, there are going to be words that stump you, and these words might actually be the key to a whole new level of understanding. Seriously, keep some kind of dictionary with you and look up words. 

So those are my tips for acing English! As a side note, I’m studying Fahrenheit 451 at school right now, so if anyone needs any help with themes or just don’t understand, don’t be afraid to send me an ask!

Five Tips For Unexpectedly Hot Weather From A Desert Rat

Because when I see lists that are more than five items long I cease being able to read.

  1. DRINK WATER. Drink three times as much water as you think you need. One glass every two hours is a good starting point.
  2. Avoid sugary foods when possible. They will spike your body temperature and you will get nauseous and unhappy.
  3. Get your hair wet. Soaking wet. There’s a lot of blood vessels in your scalp and wet hair will cool this blood as the water evaporates.
  4. Hold your wrists under a cold tap. Similar idea to the wet hair.
  5. Be careful with laptops. Their casings can get hot enough to burn you. Keep them on a table and be wary of touching the battery.

Good luck!

heckingheck0  asked:

(you can post this publicly :p) so im like!!! really mad!!! this happened a while ago but i cant stop thinking about it. i have pots, and one day this kid in my class asked me why i dont play sports and i explained it was bc of pots and stuff, and my teacher (who used to be my favourite) was like "thats not an excuse my niece has it worse than you she passes out at school and she'll never be able to drive" like!!! cool!!! we're totally different people!!!

(also public pls) like what her niece can handle i cant??? we’re not the same people??? and like so what if i havent passed out at school? its still hard for me to do basically anything!! i cant stand up for long periods of time!!! i cant run!!! i cant hang out with my friends!! or go adventuring in the woods anymore!!!! like dont you think if i could physically handle doing sports and stuff, i would?? i know she meant well but it really hurts to hear that from someone you really look up to      

Hi!  I am sorry this took so long for us to answer.  I have been really sick because of the weather and trying to recover from that mess.  Admin E was visiting her mom and had to recover from that fun!  And we probably should have just published this, but I was so angry at your teacher I wanted to add a note.

Because they were basically telling you, “Have you tried being Not Sick?”  And that’s never ok.  And I think all of us understand how heartbreaking it is to struggle with something so hard and then have a person you love or look up too make you feel like you just aren’t trying hard enough is horrible.

You didn’t deserve that.  You deserve to be treated with respect.  You deserve for people to understand that chronic illnesses don’t come with cookie cutter symptoms and functionality levels.  We all get affected differently.  You deserve better and I’m sorry that this happened.

I know are doing the best that you can.  I know that your teacher is wrong.  I know that you know your body and how your illness affects you better than anyone else.  And I’m sorry that someone took a swing at that. 

I wish there was more that I could do.  But just know I believe you and I believe in you.  But I also know your first priority is to take care of yourself, not to meet some asinine teacher’s idea of what you can do just so they can Feel Good About Encouraging You.  Because honestly, fuck that.

Lots of love and hugs,Admin J

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to know what kind of flower America was looking for Davie? Because I'm curious to weather the ind of flower had a special meaning or it's just a random choice(which I highly doubt that it's merely a random choice)

I think the flowers are called “forget-me-nots” which adds another heartbreaking layer to this already sad story

I could be wrong, tho. I don’t know much about flowers.