i think it's because loki is usually the dark so..

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I've been having a really shit week, and I was wondering if you'd do a short prompt from one of these AU's? *‘I found you on the roof of my house passed out with a black eye holding a fire extinguisher’ au **‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious' au

So sorry about your shitty week! I hope it gets better! <3 That last AU cracked me up, so I had to choose that one. Hope it makes your day a little better…

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“The only thing better than when he gets in the elvator is when he gets off, because then I get to see his ass. Oh, hey! Get off! Rhodey? Why aren’t you laughing? I made a funny.”

Tony had started babbling the moment the doors slid open to let Loki step through. As usual. And as usual Loki exchanged a brief look and a barely-there smirk with the tall, dark-skinned man by his side. Rhodey, apparently. He hadn’t had a name for his accomplice before, even though this little charade had been going on for weeks now.

Honestly, it was cracking Loki up on the inside. And it was getting more and more difficult to keep a straight face and not burst out cackling over the comments.

His first day in the office building, Tony had overheard him speaking on the phone with his mother. In swedish. Nothing odd; that’s where his adoptive family was from. But somehow Tony had assumed that Loki couldn’t understand a word of english. Cue three weeks of completely unfiltered Tony Stark, shamelessly appreciating everything from Loki’s hair to his suits and - yes, very often - his ass.

Loki guessed he could have been insulted, but he really wasn’t. Besides having an impressively filthy mouth and a great sense of humor, Tony was really gorgeous. Loki could live with being admired by a guy like that.

The elevator gave a polite little ding! as it stopped on Loki’s floor. When he was halfway out the doors, Rhodey’s voice spoke over Tony’s on-going monologue on why Loki should always wear pinstriped pants.

“Hey, you dropped something!”

Loki turned to see the man stand after crouching on the floor, holding a paper from the pile Loki was carrying, which had apparently gotten away.

“Thank you”, Loki said smoothly, not even a hint of an accent in his words, taking it from him and eyeing it quickly to see which one it was. “I would have missed that one later.”

Then he looked up. Straight into Tony’s round, brown eyes. And gave him a wink. “And thank you for the fashion advice, Mr. Stark.”

While Tony’s mouth dropped open Loki turned on his heel and walked out. Tony’s groaning mumble was the last thing he heard before the doors closed.

“Oh god… Just kill me now…”