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Musical Theory: Subtext in The Book of Mormon suggests that Elder Price is gay and that McPriceley could be a real thing

 So, I’m a big fan of this show on YouTube called Game Theory. It’s a show that looks at the subtext of video games to figure out answers to unanswered questions in the games (like who Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy really is, or the true story of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series). It’s really interesting and I’d highly recommend you check it out. I’m also a big fan of a tumblr user called Loudest Subtext in Television, who is famous for writing excellent meta detailing all the gay subtext in the TV show Sherlock. The other day I was reading her meta and listening to the Book of Mormon cast recording, and it got me wondering… is there any subtext in that show? I initially dismissed the idea, but then as I started actually thinking about it… lots of weird things started to make sense, and I actually found a lot of evidence for what I suggested in the title of this post. I eventually came up with the theory that i’m about to present to you now. If you ship McPriceley, or you’re a big fan of the show, or you just like subtext in general, you might want to read on (obviously spoilers for the show below) :D

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I've been looking for this fic for a while and nothing came up so there is a chance it was deleted because I read it ages ago, but its about stiles and derek already in a established relationship but the pack thinks stiles is bottom, but then derek gets turned human somehow and his healing takes longer so he starts limping because he is unashamed bottom!derek and then I think some pack feels?

Love Hurts by runningwithdinosaurs

Everyone seemed to think they knew exactly how things went down in Derek and Stiles’s relationship.

But here’s the problem: as a human, Derek didn’t heal instantaneously anymore.

As a human, Derek limped.

- S


Billie Piper Appreciation Week - Day 1 (Take 2?)

Theme: Billie Fashion

Character: Hannah Baxter/Belle de Jour

I made an alternate version!! I wasn’t satisfied with the last one. I think I like this one better?

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Hi Britta! I love all of the advice you give about getting into tv writing. It's been extremely helpful. My question: Do you think it's possible (or likely) to be staffed on a tv show if you aren't already living in LA?

In the majority of cases, the answer is no. Literally everyone I know who’s been staffed has done it while living in LA. But it’s not impossible. There are writers rooms in New York City, although not many. There are playwrights in New York who travel to LA to work in a room, and then return home when the room is over. Occasionally, a writer (usually an already established novelist, playwright, filmmaker, or comic book writer) living outside LA or NY will be staffed on a show and will travel to LA or move to LA for the duration of the show.

But if you’re an up-and-coming writer who does not already have a name for yourself, your best bet is absolutely moving to Los Angeles. Not just because that’s where the jobs are, but that’s also where the agents are, and you’ll need one of those, and that’s where your community of other writers, directors, producers, actors, managers, etc. etc. are. And you’ll have much better chances getting staffed if you have a strong community of people who can recommend you for gigs, vouch for you, and support you emotionally (and vice versa) as you all work your way up.

I know it can be expensive to move, and LA is not a cheap city, so if you don’t have a savings safety net, or if you have kids or a career somewhere else, it can be difficult to pick up and move to Los Angeles. If that’s your situation, and moving to LA is not a possibility right now, then you might focus on other ways people get into writers rooms – by writing and directing an indie film (a la Lena Dunham or the Duplass Brothers), or by writing a novel (a la Noah Hawley) or by making a web series (a la Portlandia) and prove yourself that way. Or by applying to the TV writing fellowships (Disney has a good one that pays a salary) and use that as an excuse to move to LA.

But if you can come out, LA is a lovely city full of great food, creative people, and excellent art. Highly encouraged.

Wynonna Earp S3 Theory #1
  • On what Waverly is and why Bobo lied (and potentially falsified DNA results, who knows) and if Dolls & Jeremy are involved and BBD and lots of other stuff.
  • There's no mistaking the very obvious cinematic choices in that end sequence within Mama Earp's voice layover speech during the demon portion of when she talks about men vs. demons vs. Clootie/Balthasar and it's a (deceptively, I think) sweet shot of Dolls walking up to Wave & Jeremy with coffee.
  • Clearly, it's already been established that Black Badge did /something/ to Dolls to make him the 'demon' he is, whatever that may be.
  • There was clear point in making the connection that Bobo can bend/manipulate metal and that Jeremy has metal inside his body. Also there were so many references to the importance of metal while everyone was discussing Peacemaker, metal plates, metal bullets...
  • Metal is a theme, clearly.
  • Waverly being fire Peacemaker? Yes, it was making a point about Earpness but perhaps not entirely? More hints on the importance of metal?
  • If Bobo can bend metal, Jeremy has metal in his body and it was implied that has /something/ to do with his recruitment to Black Badge and Waverly handled Peacemaker (special kind of metal, as it would seem and it immediately afterword tried to burn her.)
  • Side-note: Why did Peacemaker try to burn Waverly if she's not a Revenant? Even if it allowed her to use it at a particular moment of duress under the orders and permission of the heir?
  • I think there's a clear line between Bobo's relationship with Waverly (and /especially/ the comment about 'Never said she's my daughter, she's my kin'), Bobo's abilities to manipulate metal, Waverly's ability to use Peacemaker in this episode under Wy's instruction even though it tried to burn her immediately afterwards as well as Jeremy's obviously important comments on the metal in his body being a factor for his BBD recruitment.
  • ALSO: I'm editing this right now, but something else just occurred to me that I'm not sure at all why I missed. Mikshun was having Waverly collect metal and it was going to try to use it to infuse /into Waverly's body/. Could it have /only/ done that in Waverly's body? Would it have attempted that in Wy's? Mikshun did make the comment when Waverly took it back, 'No /we'll/ be together forever possibly denoting that would've have been possible with Wy. Would it only have been possible because whatever Waves is has a correlation to metal? 'I'm starting to think yes.
  • Also, an idea about the comment and wording and possible meaning of 'kin': Bobo clearly cares about Waverly, he even said so straight up in this episode, but that was never really much of a surprise to me. What /was/ a surprise to me was how insanely quickly (as in barely thirty seconds) Jeremy was willing and even eager to help Waverly at the possible risk of death and definite risk of career suicide was odd. Sure, the Earp sisters are charming as all hell and everyone loves them, but /that/ was ridiculous even without Jeremy being a logical person and we all know it.
  • Also, what about Waves' reaction towards Jeremy? That might have been even weirder. Sure, she was in a tight spot, but she told him /the entire story/. She didn't even give an abridged version, she just spilled the whole thing to someone she knew /nothing/ about and asked for help no sane person had any reason to give. Waverly's smarter than that, and to be honest, so is Jeremy.
  • So what if it wasn't entirely conscious? What if Jeremy is also a part of whatever this 'kin' is that may or may not have something to do with metal weapons/abilities/affinities, etc. and he and Waves' immediate reaction to each other was instinctual (and probably subconscious) trust and familiarity? Because it seemed like it to me, and without something underlying like that, it didn't make a damn lick of sense.
  • And Bobo could sense the metal in Jeremy, right? They were talking for a pretty long time before anyone made a move, Bobo could've killed him two seconds flat. But he didn't.
  • Also kin, whatever that means?
  • If so, who is the Master of this 'kin' that Bobo was probably referring to? Balthasar, someone else?
  • Is Dolls involved? Was there some kind of plot hatched by BBD to create whatever beings Jeremy & Wave (and possibly Bobo) might naturally be and it failed?
  • Was Jeremy recruited for the use of his body and possibly his entire genetic makeup in general?
  • Am I asking too many questions?
  • (Probably.)
  • Please hit me with your questions, or expansions on mine. Seriously, all the theories guys, I'd love them. Let's get Waverly Earp kinda determined in breaking this research down, somebody get some popcorn. ;)

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This is the longest long shot I've ever made but what if ed contacted fish, because ed knows Tabitha wants him dead. So when he asked Oswald to call him tall bea*cough* the riddler, he was stalling until she got there. The hope I'm clinging on to is every time ed has had a chance to kill Oswald he hasn't for some reason or another. Idk I'm way too hopeful but when was that ever a bad thing (((also you're amazing thank you for doing the streams) x

I was also just thinking about this, honestly. It would make sense for the lack of scenes between them all, and it definitely falls in line with Ed’s whole ‘the people had to believe it’ with Ivy apparently not in on the plan?

“the search for the antidote continues, as Fish Mooney, The Riddler and Penguin reveal plans of their own” the way it’s phrased makes it seem like this partnership has already been established. 

& you’re right. Ed had two opportunities to put another bullet in Oswald… and he didn’t? Like, what is the point of keeping Oswald alive unless A, they have a plan or B, he legit just can’t do it now and I’m down with either option.

IDK, wishful thinking but I hope this is the case. Regardless they will team up in the finale and that’s kind of all I want.

You’re most certainly welcome!


Churi’s Sousenkyo Speech

I’ve managed to get back into the senbatsu! Thank you very much! [Sees an image of fans at the SKE theatre] Thanks to the fans who are watching from the theatre. That’s right, I was let into the senbatsu the year before last and I unfortunately slipped out of it last year, but this year I’ve been able to come back smoothly by ranking fifteenth. I’ve gotten the opportunity to participate in every sousenkyo since the first one and I’ve been able to stand on the stage like this ever since the second sousenkyo, and if we’re being honest you could probably buy a rather big house in Nagoya if you took all the money everyone’s spent on me over the years. That alone shows me that everyone shares a strong love for me. While I wasn’t able to build a home for those people, I really think that it’d nice if I can become a house for my fans, a place where I always want everyone to come back to.

It’s almost as if those who love and support me are living in my home! I spend way more time with my fans than I do with my own family. I’m very grateful to establish a new bond with my fans resembling that of a family. The house I’ve built houses my fans and family, as well as everyone who supports me, everyone who comes to see me, and those who can’t come to see me. I strongly believe that I’m here because of the support of each and every person.

It’s already been nine years since I’ve joined SKE48, and while I’ve had my share of fears regarding SKE48′s struggles, I think that the present is an opportunity for SKE48 to display its strength, so we’ll show our own strength and tell everyone that SKE48, the group centered in my hometown of Nagoya, is not done yet.

That’s right… I spoke so much about my mom during the year before last’s sousenkyo that she got mad at me, so today I’ll thank my father, my grandfather, my grandmother, and a lot of others! I’m also really happy that I’m able to express my gratitude to a lot of different people due to Noguchi Goro-san’s support, I’ve been working with him for around one year and he came to my help when I was ranked 56th during the preliminaries! I’ll stick my chest out tomorrow and walk forward as Takayanagi Akane. Thank you very much for today!

I’ve been watching discussions and speculation about Once Upon a Time’s upcoming season 7. And honestly? I think I’m just as intrigued to see how the fandom will change and re-invent itself, as I am in seeing how the show will re-invent itself during its much-publicized reboot. 

There’s little doubt that the fandom will be different a few months from now. Some long time fans have already left or plan to, in response to losing their OTP or favorite character. There will hopefully be an influx of new fans due to the new actors joining the cast and the intrigue of an established show trying something very different. Some people who have been in Once fandom for a long time, but have lost their ship or fave in the upheaval, may find themselves with a new favorite once s7 starts. 

I joined Once fandom halfway through s5, and if it was ever NOT a dumpster fire of warring shippers and warnings to stay in one’s own lane, I never knew it like that. I can’t help wondering what this fandom will be like after its own reboot. 

Kat’s 700 Follower/Blog Birthday Writing Challenge!

I finally hit 700 followers, woohoo!!! And, in just under a month, this blog is turning 1 year old!! So to celebrate, I’ll be hosting my first ever writing challenge!!

Originally posted by usedpimpa


  1. Following me is not necessary but very much appreciated
  2. Please send me an ASK if you wanna join, no reblogs, replies, or PMs
  3. The ASK should include your prompt number (plus a backup just in case), whatever character(s) you wanna write for, pairing or relationship (ex- sister!reader, dean x reader, etc.), and if you’ll be submitting it from a sideblog let me know
  4. Minimum words is 500. No maximum word limit, so go nuts! But if your fic is longer than 1k, PLEASE PUT A KEEP READING OR I WON’T REBLOG IT
  5. Must be reader insert
  6. Sister!reader or daughter!reader is absolutely not necessary but definitely preferred
  7. You can choose whatever character(s) you would like to write about, just no ships please
  8. Please don’t make your submission part of an ongoing series unless you’ve talked to me about it
  9. Can be fluffy, angsty, or any combination of the two, but absolutely NO SMUT

Make sure to tag me @family-business-one-shots and use the tag #kat’s700birthdaywritingchallenge in the first 5 tags. Also, make it clear in the beginning of your fic, preferably the Author’s Note, what your prompt was.

Due Date is 12 AM EST on July 26, which gives you plenty of time!

If I haven’t reblogged or liked your fic (likes will come from @teamfreewill-vs-theworld, my main blog) with 24-48 hours of you posting it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I swear I won’t bite, pinky promise. Just shoot me a message and I’ll check it out. Same goes for extensions. If you need one, just ask me. I’m more than happy to oblige.

And now… the PROMPTS! Fun fact: Almost all of these are actual quotes said by my friends and I that were recorded on our band trip.

  1. “No, wheels only go one way.”
  2. “What’s the turtle, and why should I fear it?”
  3. “This is gonna be horrible because 1) I’m pale and 2) someone’s just gonna pass out.”
  4. “Look! There’s either a plane or a very large bird.” “That’s a big chicken.”
  5. “Mushrooms don’t have hair, dumbass.”
  6. “Why are you wearing a long-sleeve shirt and long-sleeve pants?” @imaginesforthose-wholovefandoms
  7. “We already established that Florida was its own America.”
  8. “Normal people don’t love their pillows that much, you weirdo.” @wonderange
  9. “Listen, bud, I’ve been a Girl Scout for twelve goddamn years.”
  10. “Maryland doesn’t exist.”
  11. “Whose underwear is that and why is it on my bed?”
  12. “How do you want to eat them – like a bite or like a dog?”
  13. “You have the attention span of a grape.”
  14. “It’s sunburn. What do you think it’ll do, cool you down?” “Yes. Sun… cold.”
  15. “Birds don’t talk, but I don’t know what sounds birds make, okay?”
  16. “You don’t think it can get any worse, and then Pitbull shows up.”
  17. “Are those the Wiggles?” @bookworm12312
  18. “MUSTACHES!”
  19. “Stop shaking your butt at me!”
  20. “Finding Emo - it happens to every kid in the sixth grade.”
  21. “It’s the ghost of a churro.”
  22. “Why use a napkin when you have a mouth?”
  23. “Jeez, you’re really excited about that pickle!”
  24. “You try reading the damn map upside down.” “I can’t read.” @supernotnaturalcas
  25. “You’re gonna cash out the cow?” 
  26. “Stop it. You’re disrespecting the cow.”
  27. “I really don’t need a step by step on how to shake my butt, thanks.”
  28. “I feel like a pirate.”
  29. “You may question my motives, you may question my methods, but no one questions my brownies.” @angeldesaray
  30. “I was singing the Cheetah Girls. That’s always necessary.”
  31. “I swear, you have the maturity level of a baked bean.”
  32. “You can’t stop me, I have the esophagus.”
  33. “I have hands but no birds.”
  34. “You know how you have apple smoked bacon? If the pope smokes the weed, then you have weed smoked pope.”
  35. “These sunglasses sure make it hard to see in the dark.”
  36. “I believe the appropriate phrase is ‘Boo-yah.’” @percussiongirl2017
  37. “I gotta warn you – I look damn good in a tutu.”
  38. “I am the hype!”
  39. “Excuse you, I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say.”
  40. “Well, that’s a new one.”
  41. “I have one of those? Oh, god, I have two of those!”
  42. “You’d think hell would have beds with spikes, or spiders, or spikey spiders… Spikers.” @straightasdeanwinchester
  43. “Oh no, don’t mind me, I’m just a little bit absolutely livid.”
  44. “By the way, I only hit you because I have pent up aggression against your father.”
  45. “I sank their boats… and their whales.”
  46. “Oh, god, natural light!” @abbessolute
  47. “That’s Disney evil!”
  48. “That door just bitch slapped me!”
  49. “Fine, what are you not doing up on the roof?”
  50. “If you two are the best hope for our survival, we’re all doomed.”

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Before it's too late and it's already been established in a color, can we have vehicle tutoring be red? I know that red doesn't usually tutor because of its short term action philosophy, but just think of it has impulse buying a new car.

White and blue are the vehicle tutoring colors.

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So I started reading The Shadow Prince and it's high key like atla... I'm on chapter three and there are already 4 elemental kingdoms established, a reincarnated person who hasn't been born in a hundred years who can master all 4 elements of nature and is supposed to bring balance to the world, and the main character is a fire elemental prince who has to kill this avatar-person in order to please his Queen mother who commands him to kill the avatar-person so he can become the king.

Oh my god. I think @avatarwindboy bought it too.

Apparently it’s a retelling of Hades and Persephone, but I was reading the summeries and just…it’s SUCH an Avatar rip off.

And I thoughf that maybe this was something by a new author, bug apparently not.

On Magica & the “Lucky” Dime

Before I got around to reading the Barks stories in chronological order, I had been under the vague impression that Magica and the dime made their debut at the same time. I never really thought about it much, honestly; it just seemed natural to assume that the dime had been created specifically to provide a motivation for Magica.

In fact, this is not the case at all. The dime did gain a much greater significance after Magica’s introduction; but it actually made its debut over eight years before Magica’s – in the 1953 ten-pager “The Round Money Bin”. It then appeared in “The Second Richest Duck” (1956) and again in “Billions in the Hole” (1961) before Magica was finally introduced later in that same year.

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did i ever tell y’all about my headcanon that riku was the original owner of the crown necklace?

it’s mostly based on the fact that kingdom key was supposed to be riku’s keyblade. as such, it makes sense that its design should pertain to him, which it does. its two most distinguishable characteristics are the mickey emblem keychain and the crown-shaped teeth, and one of those things has already been established to have a strong connection to riku. the other part to my basis for this is that the crown is the keychain for oblivion, which is itself symbolic of riku (or more accruately, sora’s connection with riku).

so back to my headcanon. i imagine that it was something of a family heirloom that riku gifted away for one of sora’s birthdays or some other equally meaningful event. further delving into headcanon territory, i like to think that sora’s father died and that riku gave it to him soon after to show support, like a “my family is your family” kind of thing. also sora cried. a lot. and then never took the necklace off.

Preface to the Chuokoronsha edition of Kaze to ki no uta
Takemiya Keiko

I recently received a letter from a reader which started, “This is the first fan letter I’m sending you in 18 years.”

When you’ve been drawing manga for 25 years, this is not so uncommon. When I do book signings, many people bring their little children. Some men in suits claim to have come to get their daughters’ books signed, but then turn out to be fans themselves.

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Final Requiem

A big, multi-movement final boss theme I wrote for a friends game about two years ago. The celtic elements were by request, the Attack on Titan-esque ‘chorus’ was my own creative liberty.

I guess I can talk about the structure a bit, since I think the middle part of this song illustrates well how I pace a lot of my music. The somber string quartet intro serves two main functions here: to offer some emotional nuance and surprise to the overall song (”Isn’t this supposed to be a final boss? Why does the song sound like someone just died?”) as well as to create a dynamic contrast when the main song kicks in. It’s a well established rule with crescendos that the softer you start, the louder and more impactful the ending will be, and we see entire musical genres devoted to building up to the biggest ‘drop’ (Dubstep, Bigroom House). Plus, since it’s a final boss, we can get away with having a fairly long low-intensity intro since the battle will likely not be over that quickly.

:48 is one of the aforementioned ‘drops’. At that point we get the bass, guitars and drum kit, which provide most of the power in a song like this, as well as one of the main melodic motifs (played by the strings). In terms of pure volume level we’re already more or less maxed out, but there’s still room to increase the intensity in other ways.This section builds further (more celtic instruments are layered in while the guitar riffs and drum patterns become ‘busier’) up until about 1:15 when the song establishes what I like to think of as its ‘default’ tempo. The battle is in full swing now. Dropping the additional instruments and bringing it back to just guitars, bass and drums paradoxically enhances the ‘rawness’ and intensity here, especially because the harmony has been vastly simplified to the point of ambiguity (we’re only playing power chords here, which don’t contain a third, and therefore don’t explicitly determine the tonality as major or minor).

1:41 is another key moment because we finally let the chord progression resolve by switching out of the A5 chord that the guitars have been playing up until now, leading into the breakdown at 1:50. The moment of silence here works as a palate cleanser to transition into the much less intense ‘verse’ part of the song.

And this is the actual part I wanted to talk about. The verse-prechorus-chorus song structure is pretty much my alpha and omega when I’m writing intense, guitar-centric music like this. It provides a great, standardized setup in building up a song and maintaining a sense of forward motion while strongly emphasizing dynamics in order to make the chorus stand out. I am really big on dynamics in my music, even in songs that, by all means, should be balls-to-the-walls intense. Let’s break it down.

The verse section (1:54) is characterized by relatively low intensity but a strong, lyrical melodic line. In a pop song this would obviously be done by a vocalist, but in an instrumental track we use a variety of lead instruments. In this case, we only have drums, bass, piano and lead guitar playing. The piano is something of a necessity here in order to provide harmonic content (chords) for the lead melody to play off of, since the bass by itself doesn’t do enough of that. 

At 2:08 we get a small break and the verse part is repeated. In a vocal track, the change in lyrics would generally be enough to provide the necessary variety, but since we’re fully instrumental, we have to use other means to spice up a repeated section. We do this by A. introducing more instruments (choir and rhythm guitars) and B. altering the lead melody (in this case moving it up an octave as well as adding some embellishments).

At 2:22 we move into the prechorus, which is a section that I don’t hear all that often in Western pop music, but it’s staggeringly common in anime opening themes. Its function is to connect the verse and the chorus by providing a sort of intermediate intensity and build-up, while usually also having a contrasting harmony (so if the chorus happens to use the same chords as the verse, the repeat will be less obvious). I find that half-time or ‘inverted’ drum patterns (snare on the beat, kick on the off-beat) tend to work very well in these sections because, again, they provide some contrast to the tempo used in the verse and chorus, which all serves to make the chorus sound ‘fresher’ when it drops. The prechorus here reintroduces some of the celtic instruments from the beginning in order to maintain overall thematic consistency as well.

After another long, 2-bar break, we get the chorus drop. This is again at the songs ‘default’ tempo, but basically with a lot more content than anywhere before. In terms of dynamics this *should* generally be the loudest part of the song. Coincidentally, the melodic motif used here is a fairly dramatic reprise of the main theme of the game, which is something that always fits well in a final boss theme in my opinion. The chorus melody is then passed on to the lead guitar (2:53), which then moves into a typical wanky guitar solo and ends on a sustained note.

The 3:05 section could be called the bridge. What’s notable here is that the last notes from the guitar solo last some time into this new section, which creates some necessary continuity and smooths out the transition into what is otherwise probably the softest part of the song excluding the intro. Also note the mood whiplash: The chorus was uncharacteristically upbeat, to the point of almost sounding triumphant, and the solo seemed to be building up to some kind of grand finale, only to resolve on a very uncertain note. I wanted this section to make it feel like victory was almost in reach, only to have it snatched away at the last moment. It’s a final boss fight after all, did you think things were going to be that simple?

Although this section sounds somewhat uneasy and foreboding, it also provides a bit of a breather after the intense chorus because it’s so calm. And we need a breather, because things aren’t looking so good for us. At 3:19 we transition into the ‘dark’ part of the song. Psycho strings, heavy guitars, ominous latin chanting, evil organs. The section escalates with ever growing dissonance. If we’re looking at the song as a narrative, this part is the heroes’ darkest hour, where all hope seems lost and the enemy seems to have the overwhelming advantage. 

3:58 is then the ‘end of the tunnel’ more or less, and we move on to the final section of the song. Very Dancing Mad-like (The final boss theme of Final Fantasy 6), low intensity, and almost cathartic after the previous section. We’re shaken up after the onslaught of the last section, but we’re still standing and ready to fight once more. I don’t have all that much to say about it other than the fact that it serves the function of providing a breather before going back into the fray as the song loops back to the first section (which is a requirement for a videogame theme like this).


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If there's one thing I regret from the series its not being able to know/see the look on Gale's face when Peeta's like: "If it weren't for the baby..." I can only imagine.

Yeah, I agree with that.

I think that’s one thing I miss in Catching Fire as well. The glimpses back at what the rest of Panem would be seeing or hearing and their reactions. I understand that there’s a lot going on in the second arena with the Games, the other Victors, Rebellion & the Everlark happening. Plus, the Games and its political and social representation were already established in the first book.

A reaction from Gale watching the interviews though would have been amazing. Would he have thought it to be true? That there was any validity to it? 

After the whipping and their conversation about her staying there to cause trouble, we really don’t hear much from Gale after that. Katniss is injured and then it’s cheese buns time, the QQ announcement, the three Victors train and then the Reaping. 

He’s not there taking care of her foot, carrying her up and down the stairs or bringing her coal everyday.

Katniss & Gale have a short conversation before the Reaping about where they would be and she replies, “Hunting. Like every Sunday.” In this same conversation, Katniss thinks, “Even if I had killed Peeta in the arena, I still wouldn’t have wanted to marry anyone.”

SC doesn’t give us more about their relationship in the time that she “chose him” other than they hunt together and he helped them train. I think it’s very telling that the eyelash and hands ogling happens after the whipping. 

Definitely no spooning happening with Gale or kissing or arms longing….

At the baby confession, I think Gale would be upset and in disbelief. I don’t think he would automatically think it was a deception. I think he would really think about whether or not that was a possibility. There would be this nagging doubt that Katniss & Peeta had sex at some point. 

I think he would go away to the Meadow and wonder why he didn’t get to make babies with Katniss.

Thank you babe! So first, I want to direct you to this ask because I gave a technique before and I think that could be helpful. Start there. But I’ll try and list some things I think about when I’m writing.

1. Your rough draft will always be shit. Just get out what you want to say first and worry about the wording and details later. I always come up with the baseline dialogue before anything else. Build off of that. 

2. When you are describing emotions, think about the specific expressions and features that alter under a certain feeling. Take anger for example: arms crossed defensively, eyes narrowed, lips pressed together in a thin line.

3. Describe more than just color, whether that’s referring to eye color, the sky, clothing, hair. Talk about it in terms of memories, or other senses. Talk about the emotion behind someone’s eyes or if they seem glossed over or distant. Do they have dark circles under their eyes? or are they strained? That kind of stuff tells a lot more about your character than just the color of the eye. 

4. This seems basic, but always start a new paragraph when a new character is talking. Otherwise it gets confusing. In terms of writing fan fic, always give some kind of summary, even if it’s small. I personally won’t even try to read fics if they don’t start new paragraphs or have a summary. 

5. Reread and edit a million times! Say I write like 1000 words at a time, the next time I go to write again, I reread everything I wrote up to that point and probably add at least 500 words in editing and added detail alone. Everything you go back and read and edit, it gets better and more complex and more detailed. 

Those are just what I try to keep in mind when I’m writing. That being said, it is so much easier to write fan fic because the characters are already established. I’ve been trying to write my own work for a while, but it’s a lot harder to introduce characters without it seeming too rushed I think. Its something I’m working on anyway. 

I hope that was what you were looking for! 💕

thoughts on puppies

So here’s why casting Buckley has all my puppy mama feelings in full force.

They have animal agencies for television and movies, basically where productions put out casting calls for trained animals that can do whatever the scene calls for. See example: Pongo. 

So why would they use a cast’s personal pet on screen? The training needed (depending on the scene) would take a long time, which also costs money.

Unless the reason they cast Buckley is a budget-friendly win-win because whatever they need him to do Colin already trained him to do, such as follow his obedience commands like come, stay, loose leash walking, etc. 

Also, usually when an actor works closely with an animal, they spend time together BTS to form the bond needed for the scenes.  Buckley already accepts Colin as his alpha, so the bond is already established.

So its not like they needed to cast a dog that can do special stuff like jump through a ring of fire or softly mouth a prop. 

Whatever they’re going to have Buckley do, its going to be adorable, typical puppy stuff and Colin will be the one in command on screen. We have a very high probability of genuine tail wagging, face licking, and I absolutely could not be happier.

connoisseurclassic  asked:

When you call yourself antizionist, do you mean to say that you deny jews the right to self-determination & nationhood? Why is it that we don't deserve national agency when every other erhnic & religious group is allowed it?

This assumption is based on the belief that Zionism is the only Jewish liberation movement that exists, which is extremely harmful. Zionism is an Ashkenazi movement (created by Ashkenazim) and as such does not reflect the opinions or goals of all Jews. It is important that we recognize non-Ashkenazi liberation movements, or at the very least, movements that aren’t Zionism. Zionism is A movement, not THE movement.

I take issue with this message because for some reason there is a large misunderstanding of anti-zionist Jews (or at least most of us). Do you actually believe that I, a descendent of holocaust survivors, stand against Jewish self-determination? My entire family was obliterated in the holocaust, and both I and my family are victims of antisemitism very frequently. And yet because I’m not a Zionist, people think I don’t support our own self-determination.

I support a Jewish homeland but not a Jewish state. I also do not support Zionism because I do not think Jewish self-determination or liberation should come at the expense of other people. The treatment of non-Jews and non-Ashkenazi Jews by Israel, under the name of Zionism, is un-Jewish.

Zionism in its modern practice has led to the murder of innocent people and the theft of indigenous land. I’m not sure which part of that is Jewish or liberating, but I don’t stand by it.

I think Zionism is hindering. The state of Israel has been established, so I think in that sense Zionism is defunct. We need to move towards post-Zionism. We need to organize movements that uplift Jews without infringing upon the rights and liberties of non-Jews. In fact, organizations like that already exist. Neither Zionism nor Israel are the solution to worldwide antisemitism. Neither will bring about Jewish liberation. For all of these reasons, I am an anti-Zionist.