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I just came back from seeing the masterpiece that is Call Me By Your Name, and suddenly that is all that matters in my world. After months and months of waiting, watching and reading spoilers, seeing this in all its glory was the most beautful and cathartic release. The movie is, as everyone has said, perfection. Absolute perfection. Why believe in heaven when it has been given to us already? This movie is all you will ever need. So many things still buzz around my brain. The way Oliver smiles at Elio on the bus. The way Marzia so tenderly accepts Elio for who he is. The way their sweaty bodies radiate off the screen. The little notes Elio writes to and about Oliver. The way their kisses seem to last forever and yet end so quickly. I am, to put it simply, in love.

I think Elio and Oliver sum it up perfectly:

“I love this, Oliver.”



ive said this before but genuinely if kin shit is causing you any distress (getting mad at or fucking dissociating when you see ‘doubles’, needing people to refer to a fictional character as “you” rather than “them”, etc etc etc) you NEED to step back from it and distance yourself

like its not a healthy coping mechanism. im sorry but its not. if you have identity issues you NEED to find other ways of handling it bc you cant LARP as a fictional character forever, and you cant be doing that shit in the real world. you arent even really treating the problem, youre kind of just putting a bandaid over a gaping open wound and creating more problems for yourself.

and then it evolves into this niche subculture of people freaking out bc someone else projects on the same character as you, and finding excuses to start drama and bully people and all that. its not good, and thankfully we seem to be collectively moving on from that, but that whole mindset is still out there.

and let me be clear i dont actually think the concept of being “fictionkin” is irredeemable. its silly and weird and “cringey” and you just have to accept that, but like when you dont take it too seriously and surround yourself with people who are the same way it can absolutely be fun and harmless. just. let yourself see it for what it is and move on from all the bullshit surrounding it and i promise you will be a lot happier.


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

Libra & Emotion ♎️🎭

(I’m not a professional but I’m a Libra Sun, Libra Moon, with Libra Dominance, and a 7th house stellium so I think this comes from a place of first hand experience)

Libra suns, like other air signs, do tend to detach from their emotions but not in the same way. Libra hates conflict. They hate tension and uneasiness. They need stability and reliability. Because emotions can be unpredictable, Libras feel the need to water their feelings down. Think of it as a filter. They try to rationalize and sort each emotion, find out the source, and put it into its proper place. So say if someone was rude to Libra, instead of reacting like their sister sign Aries would, Libra would accept the rudeness and then continue about their day thinking how and why that happened.

Libra also tends to put their feelings on a larger context. They ask themselves, I feel this way because this happened to me, but doesn’t everyone feel this exact way when this happens? So by concluding that everyone experiences a certain feeling, Libra decides they don’t need that feeling. If emotions don’t help a Libra, they get rid of them. And by get rid of them, I mean they either try to rationalize them so they don’t exist or they just try to ignore it.

Libra will ‘reject’ feelings if they do not believe they have the right to feel that way. For example, if a single Libra sees a cute couple they might have a pang of envy and feel resentment towards the couple in love. But then Libra will go “oh this is just my own bitterness, they haven’t done anything wrong, I’m just being unreasonable” and they’ll tell themselves to stop feeling like that.

Libra will also pick and choose what emotions to experience based on their environment. This sounds really weird I know. But if they’re in a group and everyone is wild and goofy and impulsive, Libra will match their behavior and try to match their emotions. For example, I won’t be excited about a something until someone else is and I feed off their energy.

Libra moons are a little more difficult to understand. They filter their feelings based on what’s “just and proper,” what benefits those around them, and what benefits themselves. Libra moon will choose to delete emotions they don’t know how to deal with. They also tend to never talk about their feelings. Or, and I’m guilty of doing this, will complain about small things so that their friends won’t ask what’s REALLY wrong on a deeper level (because if I never complained about anything, they would be concerned). Libra moons will avoid talking about their feelings. They like to help others though and by helping others, they learn about themselves. They can sometimes act as therapists, asking others how they feel about a certain situation and then those Libra moons will apply what they learned to their own lives.

After talking to other Libra moons on here, I’ve learned that I’m not alone in that Libra moons often feel hollow. Like there’s a cavern in our hearts. Most days it feels unfillable. Our emotions can overwhelm us and so we feel numb. Happiness is dulled, sadness is dulled until everything feels “meh.” There are many days when by all accounts we should be happy or excited but aren’t. It’s like eating bittersweet candy. You don’t really understand the flavor. It has both the sweetest and the sour mixed up together. Our emotions get all jumbled up together, we have trouble trying to separate them because we see how things can have both pros and cons.

Many Libra moons (and suns and 7th house stelliums) feel a continual longing. Specifically, longing for a relationship. There’s an incessant need for partnership, for a companion, to be understood. When that isn’t being fulfilled, it makes our lives imbalanced, throwing our emotions even farther off balance. At the end of the day, despite deflecting attention onto others, we secretly need love and a lot of it. The angsty phrase “I build walls just to see who cares enough to climb over” really applies here. Yes, we give other people a lot of attention. Part of that is to weed out who just likes us to listen and who actually wants to listen to us. We sort out the people who use us for validation from the people who actually care about us. When we find that there’s way more people who only use us, we can become depressed. There’s nothing quite as disheartening to a Libra moon than realizing that all your friends and family don’t ever stop to genuinely wonder how you’re doing. Despite Libra being called the fakest sign, we put that front up on purpose just to see who’s brave enough to look underneath. And unfortunately, very few people are willing to do so. Libra is a people pleaser and will seek companionship even if it is only superficial, but we will never be satisfied until we get that soulmate level connection we are looking for.

EDIT: thanks to @airmom I was reminded of a couple more key features When we do accept our emotions for what they are, it can be extremely hard to let go of them. It becomes like a grudge. Years can go by but when reminded of a situation, our feelings are just as strong as the day it originally happened. Libras tend not to hold grudges, but when they do, they hold them forever. Betrayal really hits home with this sign. If you betray a Libra’s trust, they may act like everything’s fine, they might still be friends with you, you might never even know your actions upset them, but Libras will never truly forgive you for it. This type of resentment just builds up over time. And Libras know logically that they should just get over it, but won’t. (Never tell a Libra “That was years ago, just get over it.” We can’t. We won’t. We’ll hate you for saying this because it implies we haven’t tried. We’ve tried moving on, and we already water down so many of our other emotions, just let us have this, ok?) Libras also will push to the side stuff they don’t want to deal with. They shove it into their closet so to speak. They won’t speak about it or acknowledge that it’s even there. But eventually the closet gets full and it all comes bursting out. Libras can be volcanoes. One little thing can set them off. If a Libra ever snaps seemingly out of nowhere, it’s because they’ve put off dealing with their emotions. Likely, they’re not mad at one little thing, but rather a whole month or year’s worth of frustrations. So if a Libra yells at you, it’s best just to shut up and listen. If they’re in this frame of mind and you start arguing back, they will never ever ever open up to you again. If a Libra actually trusts you enough to tell you what they’re feeling and you try to argue with them or put the blame on them, know that you’ll never earn their trust back. Ever. The next day they might act completely normal, but know this is a front and that they are mentally stabbing you. Again I just want to reiterate here that Libras do not often publicly express their anger (for fear of how others will react) so if they cry or scream in front of you, they’re at their most vulnerable and need your support. Most of the time, support in that situation is just shutting up and listening. Don’t give advice unless they ask. Just nod. Just care. And if they’re up for it, give them a hug. Not a wimpy one. A real hug. Squeeze them and tell them you love them. Libras just want to be understood.

Libras (especially moons) are daydreamers. This is a way out of dealing with reality. Libras escape in their fantasies. They write novels, direct movies, become superheroes, act out music, etc all in their heads. They’ll imagine real life situations over and over. This is why when things don’t go according to plan, they’ll become frustrated. Sometimes they just wish people could read their thoughts because it’s just hard to communicate them. The on,y time you’ll ever find a Libra unfiltered is in their fantasies. It’s the one place they let themselves be free and selfish. The world demands so much of them, their daydreams are their only escape. Libra has a strong martyr complex too. If they can’t find their inner peace, they’ll help you find yours. If they can’t be happy, they’ll try to cheer you up. If they haven’t laughed in ages, they’ll tell jokes until your eyes water and stomach hurts from giggling. They know what hollowness is like, what chaos and imbalance and self hatred is like. They help you be strong so they can tell themselves they will be strong one day too.

Because Saturn exalts in Libra, many Libras feel extreme self-hatred, unworthiness, guilt for no reason, and fear they will be dependent forever. This complex relationship between Saturn and Venus (which is Libra’s main ruler) creates tension. There’s a pull between wanting the beautiful things out of life like clothes, romance, confidence with feeling like they are undeserving of it. — Please be gentle with Libras.

Advice for the signs

Aries:you are amazing. I admire your courage, although i do believe your impulsiveness and irrationality is a little too much at times. Dont ruin your life chasing decisions you made impulsively.

Taurus:you are so easy to talk to and so chill no wonder you make friends easily. But sometimes realise, its okay to step back and save your energy. You cannot always win and thats okay. Nobody is out there to get you, nobody is against you. Be firm and believe in your values, thats all you gotta do.

Gemini :its weird isnt it? Your confusions? What matters is that you try. You know inside your heart whats good and bad, just try to follow it and rest will come naturally. I know temptation and easy ways may make you fluctuate bt its okay as long as you know wjat kind of person you want to end up as.

Cancer: you are strong. Remember that. You may try to hide your emotions, you may think you are overly emotional but try to rationalise it. Try to step back and understand your emotions like a theory. And when you do something wrong, which you dont always do intentionally,realise and admit. Its okay to be a mess at times, nobody is judging you..

Leo:your nose up in the air, may mean you feel confident. Your judgement and criticism of others wont fix you. You know the root of your problems, you know you are not a bad person, you are just a human. Its okay to judge, as long as you keep it to yourself bt remember putting others down wont make you rise anyway so learn to cope with insecurities and learn to give others equal space.

Virgo: you dont have it together, you probably wont anytime soon, either. Thats the best thing about life. Dont keep trying to find and fix stuff. Sometimes life means the exact opposite. Learn to let go of things and try to be a little flexible in your judgement. You are okay, you are doing fine. Everything will fall in place.

Libra: you are enough okay? You hear me? You are enough. You dont have to be liked or loved in order to feel valid. If you like love, chase it bt carry your mind with you too. You deserve the same treatment you give to others.its okay to be giving bt save some for yourself too. I know your friends matter alot, your lover matters alot but learn to balance. They arent everything that good about you, its you.

Scorpio: you are loved. Learn to accept love. I know things seem so messed up.i know your feelings are messed up and you either overthink or dont think at all and its okay. Its okay to fall back, let loose and be vulnerable. If you are ever deceived, its never a reflection of who you are. Sometimes people are bad just because they are. But try to manage your emotions healthily, you are gold underneath all of it and you better believe it. If you hurt others, its okay to accept and apologise bt dont beat yourself too much, you said sorry, you felt guilty thats all you can do.

Sagittarius :i know you care and you also hurt. Dont feel guilty to put yourself first bt try to do it in a friendly way. Your judgements and needs are all valid, try to communicate it thoroughly. Have faith that they will understand you, they do. If you do good, it always comes back in some form. Go for the damn adventure. You are star youd survive. You always do.

Capricorn:it gets too much doesnt it? You are always busy, always disappointing people, stress out easily and people always complain you dont give them time. They call you shallow and materialistic. But they dont know. They dont know the hard word, the emotional draining exercises, the mental work, the heart wrenching things you do for your dreams. I know you are tired, i know you dislike relaxing when you know you can be doing other amazing things. But its okay to give up at times, its okay to be lazy, to be imperfect or lethargic. You can always pick yourself back up.

Aquarius:you are intelligent, you know that. Relationships may seem difficult, pointless at times. But its alright, try to make peace with the situation and dont think about the future.you know it in your bones if its right or not, don’t think much, do what you like drop regrets and guilt. You maybe unique bt everyone deserves equal respect. They are all as important as you are.

Pisces:my fish, you question it all, dont you? Is he lying? What did he mean by that? Why wont they reply? Why are they so mean? How can i fix it? Do they need my help? Fish, you need to lie down and stop thinking. Turn it off. If they need your help, they will ask. If they dont respect enough to respond to you, then its a reflection of who they are, not who you are. If they leave, its their loss. You maybe attatched bt we all are wired to survive alone. He maybe be god to you, bt if he leaves you can always believe in yourself. Whatever people do is who they are, not what you made them do. Be kind, if they disrespect you, still be kind bt dont let them walk all over you.


A Whirlwind Tour Of Lea DeLaria’s Long, Badass Career

“It’s pretty much about the entirety of my career: Don’t judge a butch by its cover. I wear the butch thing very proudly, obviously, I’ve got the tattoo. I live in a society that’s your basic heterosexist society, but also in the queer world where being butch is looked down upon. So refusing to be invisible — and I think you can apply that to almost anything — is important to effect change. It’s about accepting who you are, being who you are, and just putting yourself out there. It’s important. People loved it — that particular scene, with Boo and her father… I get hundreds of DMs every day on Instagram. I don’t think people realize that I look at those, but I do. I get tweets are about it, pictures, a meme started. I adopted the hashtag and I can’t believe how often it’s been used.”


Marks and Rec: Misc #837

(I also also think Roman and Paultin could be friends. Or at least mildly self-absorbed bard-buddies.) (Dialogue from Futurama.)

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I know everyone really loves that scene where the team comforts keith and gets him to move on, but personally to me it didnt... feel right. Their experiences with shiro were based on him as a legend or mentor- they were surface deep, not personal. Meanwhile we only truly see Keith mourning (and allura when she wears pink) And we know keith has history with Shiro, but it isn't one of a student/mentor. I personally don't get why it's lauded for being the ultimate comforting scene.

yeah. honestly, i think it really put some distance between him and the team in that moment. they want to have his back, but shiro’s loss is driving a wedge between them. it’s confirmed next episode when the black lion accepts him. look at his face when he gets out of the lion:

congratulations? he didn’t even want to get in the lion. they’re doing the best they can, but this boy is in mourning. we know now it’s been at least a month or so and he’s still looking for shiro, and he’s still visibly wrecked over shiro’s loss in almost all of his scenes in the first two episodes. the team really doesn’t seem to understand the breadth at this point. or maybe they just feel like it’s time to move on. it’s probably not the first time they’ve had some kind of conversation about it–or tried to.

they’re shocked. i don’t think this has been pointed out much, but at no point does he agree to be the black lion’s pilot. the conversation ends when he asks “but what about the red lion?” like, god, please look at keith’s face when lance tries to comfort him and tells him he should accept black’s decision:

keith: ✓ read 7:41pm

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How are Ravenclaw's relationships with other houses?

Ravenclaws have a weird relationship with gryffindor. Though we often adore them individually, as a house it represents everything we loathe. To ravenclaws, gryffindor symbolises conformity, arrogance, and unoriginality. It’s bs of course but ravenclaws strain to go against the current, to stand out from the crowd, and the idea of being in gryffindor and just being so normal is incredibly unappealing to a ravenclaw. Also we joke about gryffindors being big headed but know that it’s not intended maliciously, after all many ravenclaws are exactly the same whether we admit it to ourselves or not

Slytherin is quite the opposite. As a house we can get behind its beliefs. Slytherins value wit, cunning, and ambition. It’s like ravenclaws look at slytherins and think ‘huh… that could be me if I actually put my mind to something’. However, though slytherin is by no means an evil house, it is one focused heavily on putting yourself first. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but ravenclaws often take issue with ‘the ends justify the means’ mentality that a lot of slytherins hold, particularly when it concerns prejudice. Ravenclaw values itself on acceptance and so the exclusive nature of slytherin doesn’t sit that well

Hufflepuffs are the people there to keep ravenclaws on track. They’re the friends ravenclaws want to be like. They show ravenclaws the value of hard work, share the same passion for equality, and show a loyalty that ravenclaws often struggle to maintain. Hufflepuff also joins ravenclaw in the under appreciated houses club, and there’s a certain comradely from being constantly under represented. However the relationship can be fairly one sided with ravenclaws often taking more than they give back, and we need to learn to take notes from the hufflepuffs rather than simply admiring them

every time someone claims that children are all ‘innocent’ and ‘pure’ and ‘unquestionably follow the example of their parents’ and that ‘this satanic/disgusting media will corrupt them’ or whatever the hell I think of that page from Captain Underpants where Professor Poopypants is talking about how elementary students are so kind and accepting while some kid is putting salt in his coffee

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I really want Damian to one day find out the lengths Tim was willing to go to avoid being adopted by Bruce and him just looking at Bruce with pity and then in some weird twisted logic try to incorporate Tim even further into the family

“Father wanted to adopt you, Drake,” Damian shouted incredulously during one of their many fights, “he was allowing you to enter into his family and you turned him down! Modified your father’s will and made up an imaginary uncle! How can you be so ungrateful!”

“Maybe I just didn’t want to be brought into a family out of misplaced obligation,” Tim hissed, angry and tired and hurting, always hurting. “Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t want to give myself the delusion that, hey, Bruce might like me beyond my abilities to punch people in the face.” He put a pale finger into Damian’s face. “Because I knew, even then, that some other kid was going to come along, some new Robin who was smarter, better and actually belonged in this crazy world.”

Tim drew back, turning away from Damian because things were pouring out of his mouth and he couldn’t stop. His vision was starting to water and he had to close his eyes to preserve that small bit of dignity he had left.

“Jason calls me the Replacement and, I get it, I’m fine with that. But after all I’d sacrificed for this town, for this team, I just didn’t want to put myself in a position where I’d be accepted only to lose it all when someone new came along. And look, barely 3 months after I finally gave into Bruce and let him legally adopt me, you…” He trails off and pointedly does not look at Damian’s Robin costume. It's hanging prominently next to Bruce’s suit where, once upon a time, Tim had hung his costume. He wipes at his nose as it started dribbling. “Whatever, you’re right. I’m terrible and everyone would be better off without me. I don’t even care what you think anymore, just leave me alone.” He said, stalking off. He walked away so fast and closed his ears to any snide comments Damian might have made. Because of this, he doesn’t hear Damian’s quiet, sincere little whisper.

“No, it’s not like that.” But of course Tim was already gone and Damian, well, he had a few things to think about before he confronted the older teen again. Maybe after he had a long discussion with his father regarding Tim’s placement within this family.

Amends (part one)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing. 

A/N: I started writing this about a year ago and left it alone after that. I was incredibly bored at work and managed to throw a little bit of it in there. For your information: the reader works as an optician (like myself!) but it’s not mentioned all that much. (I was actually looking for one of the most mundane-sounding job some one could do after modelling, and I found it XD) It’s been tweaked and improved (if I say so myself) and I hope you enjoy it! 

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“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes”

You looked up from your work to stare straight into the eyes of none other than Carter Baizen; fucking. Carter. Baizen.

Completely baffled you stared for a few seconds, but quickly turned back to what you were doing. The man had hurt you more than you could bare. The filthy rich guy who came to you, a former working class girl, every once in a while to have a little fun for some time; only to up and leave without a word when he found something better. Until you were done that is; done with the modelling lifestyle, done with the too bright spotlights and especially done with Carter Baizen. You decided that there was nothing more left for you in New York city, and packed your bags and high tailed it out of there to Europe, back to your home country.

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now hold on wait just a second… how is shatt?? a crack ship??? they canonically know eachother… they were in the same class at the garrison… they went on the kerberos mission together (thats a long time together in a limited amount of space.. it’d make anyone close)… shiro literally pulled a katniss everdeen screaming “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE” when they tried to put matt into the arena… and right now the Real Shiro™ is probably out there kicking ass and taking names with matt and people think shatt is.. a crack ship?????

Jeremy on Off Topic saying “well theres so many other more talented people at Rooster Teeth” when Gavin said he never accepts their compliments is such a #Big Mood

but also how do I get it across to Jeremy “Lil J” Dooley that he’s very talented and funny and should stop comparing himself to others. How do i do this He Must Know

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Why did Haise have a crush on Touka? I remembered he thought of her a lot. Is it because of triggered Ken or is it because of her stunning look.(nobody can deny me this cuz we have seen a lot of ppl stun when she pass by them) I'm not being negative,just lazy to reread it again. I love to see your interpretation.

The chapter title from when Haise first visited :re says it all

Although Haise had no memories, he still inherited Kaneki’s feelings buried in his subconscious. The same feelings that caused those inexplicable tears after the taste of Anteiku’s coffee

The same feelings which made Haise pick up the hobby of searching out coffee stores until he came to :re and started frequenting there instead, having unknowingly ‘found’ what he had been searching for- the loved ones Kaneki had been told were dead

He did think of her as beautiful but I get the feeling it wasn’t purely because of her looks but also because of that familiarity

Even now though, I still think where Haise was able to entertain the idea of romance, Kaneki was no where near in the right head space. Kaneki definitely had strong feelings towards Touka in TG- she quickly became another one of his important people- but I don’t think he would have ever sat aside and examined those feelings- whether they were romantic or not at that stage. I’ll just copy paste my thoughts from an old post because I’m lazy too

Even with the crippling fear of one day disappearing, romance was something Haise was able to entertain; he had the time and inclination for love-filled fantasies. Much like Kaneki in the beginning of the story with Rize. But especially after Aogiri Arc, Kaneki has always been struggling under the weight of all the shit life has thrown at him and desperately throwing up walls between himself and others. Romantic feelings just don’t seem like something he’s been in the right head space to recognise or accept when he’s ‘empty inside’ as Seidou put it, both in TG and :Re. I mean, he couldn’t even understand how much the people around him loved him and wanted him to ‘live’.

So I think Haise’s crush on Touka was a progression of Kaneki’s feelings.

Somebody Else *Harry One Shot*

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Anonymous said:
“Hey Kourtney and Betty, I love your page!! I was just wondering if you could write a little something with the storyline of The 1975’s Somebody Else please? Think it would be a good concept. Thank youuu”

I haven’t wrote anything in a while so please be patient until I get back into writing! But I hope this one isn’t too shit but I hope you like it! Please send me requests if you have any ideas for my next one shot xxx

Harrys P.O.V
The last time I had seen Y/N was last year when we broke up, and something was always in my mind about her, did I regret leaving her? Absolutely. She was the only person who could read me like a book and show me what it is like to be normal and not someone who is famous. Y/N was my everything and to me losing her was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. When I got this role in the movie I felt like it was wrong for her to stay with someone that has a boyfriend that she wouldn’t see for most of their relationship. But leaving her was killing me but I knew that’s what I had to do. I could never tell Y/N how I felt because I know it would of hurt her more. It still kills me to think that she is hurting and knowing that I was the one that broke her heart, I just cant deal with that emotion.
It was my dads birthday party at home, and I always make sure I am there for it regardless of where I’m at in the world, I always take time out for family 100%, but it was something that me and Y/N done every year together and I couldn’t imagine seeing her today and not being the girl that I used to know and love. It will kill me. And if she has moved on with someone else that makes her happy, that’s all I want.

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Critical Role is full of fully formed and unabashed female, male, gay, bi, straight and nonbinary characters. This series has always been for the outcasts and the disenfranchised. Matt and the rest of the cast have gone to the ends of the earth to be inclusive and relevent.

Was tarryons coming out problematic? Sure

Misinformed? Maybe

Homophobic? I’m not convinced

Let’s be clear about the facts of the character.

An anxiety ridden rich boy with an overbearing and scary father was caught in a relationship with a tutor when he was twenty. Father makes that man disappear and disowned said son until he can prove he is a man.

To reiterate it was consensual adult sex and he was shamed for the act. A real life thing that happens and doesn’t get talked about enough.

So the son embarks on a romantic inspired adventure to prove himself worthy and meets up with the most legendary of all adventurers vox machina. In his travels with them he shows a particular interest in the druid who is tall, fair and strong. All aspects of his former lover that he believes to be dead.

Now the scene in question, for all its warts, does one thing. It shows that no one person’s journey is ever the same as the next. Tary as a character is not confident in himself. He puts on an act because that is what he thinks the world wants from him and is only now coming to terms with himself because he is in an environment that accepts him as he his; broken, unsure and gay as shit.

Anytime a straight actor plays a gay character its going to be problematic. It’s just a different world perspective. You can’t understand the triggering nature of the scene if you haven’t lived it.

The scene is cringe worthy yes and I wasn’t sure about it while watching myself, more over I didn’t like the ‘well you’ve never tried with a woman so how do you know’ vibe. But what saved it for me was Laura checking to see if he was ok and Sam saying he was 'scared but excited’.

This was something that Tary wanted. Again it was consensual sex between adults.

And let’s talk about this. We are still very early in tarys development as a character. With the time skip maybe we will see him grow into a strong accomplished merchant warrior who just so happens to fancy hunky pale dudes. Who knows maybe in the span of the game we will never see Tary fall into a relationship but in the end we see him as an independent self starter who accomplishes his list for himself and not anyone else.

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I have been hearing a lot about how Rick will react to the potential michonne "death", but how do you think Carl will react? (if he even sees it) I mean, for him it would be like losing a mother again. How do you think he would behave?

Why you do this to me?

Seriously, my Special Little Guy™ has been through so much in his short life. He has found something wonderful in Michonne and to see him think that she is lost to them would be so heartbreaking. He and Michonne were best friends before she became his mother figure (as Chandler so beautifully stated). Carl was the one who said Michonne was one of them; he accepted her first, which led to Rick letting her stay. He was angry at his father for even contemplating handing Michonne over to the Guv’nah. He loves Michonne and she loves him and I am going on and on about it so I don’t have to answer your question lol

*sighs* I know it would really hurt him. Michonne is so much to Carl on top of being a parent and friend; she is someone he looks up to; someone whose judgement he respects and whose abilities he admires. Of everyone who leaves the safety of their walls at ASZ, Carl knows she is the most likely to come back unscathed because of how smart and strong she is. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t worry about her safety:

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Or realise that she is not invincible:

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We have seen him be angry lately because they have lost so much. I think if we are given a scene where the group thinks that Michonne has ‘died’ (ugh, I can’t stand writing it in the same sentence lol), Carl will have a different reaction to Rick. I think Rick’s will be very visceral whereas Carl’s will have him revert back to being a kid again, in some ways.

Michonne is one of the only characters who I feel let Carl be a kid (bringing him candy and comic books; being silly with him) when the world around him needed him to grow up fast. This is not to say she wanted to put him at a disadvantage, because he is quite capable; it’s because she accepts him for ALL that he is. The badass that will take you out no questions asked; the grouchy teenager; the child that needs nurturing; ‘just another monster’.  He can literally be everything that he is around Michonne. She has been so important to him, so for him to think she is gone will be devastating because she is his family within Team Family (Richonne Grimes Family is its own thing). It is going to hurt him tremendously, and I think it’s going to be anyone’s guess how he responds because he can be so unpredictable. Either way, I’m calling the police on Gimple for hurting me!

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Homestuck Meta Theory: 1.5 Years After

When the comic came to an end, I made this huge post about why I felt it was a good ending and how it changed my entire perception of the story, and while I still stand by it- Actually, no, while I stand by the better and more detailed theory by @revolutionaryduelist​, there are a few things that I feel I didn’t quite explain back in the day. I’ve seen the theory circulate a few times, and I’ve seen both fair amounts of criticism and appraisal, and now that I’ve done a little re-read of some of the story with a pal, I wanted to clear a few things up about it.

First of all, when I saw the Ending for the first time, I was happy. The point of the entire theory was not to invalidate people’s own thoughts about the ending or to find a way through which I would enjoy an ending like that. I hadn’t thought about any of the Meta Stuff at that point, but I enjoyed the ending, and I saw so, so many people through the tag complaining and bashing the finale. I wanted to put my opinion out there, in a sea of people that seemed angry at the ending, to see who else actually enjoyed it, to find why I actually enjoyed it. It was only then than I started to think deeply about the story and began to find a common thread through everything.

Second, as I said, my intention wasn’t to invalidate people’s opinions or start a discourse about why the ending was objectively good and anyone trash talking it is bad. You can be disappointed by the Ending. You can not like Open Ends. That’s fair. However, while I do agree that the story and the characters are every bit as important as anything else the comic showcases, saying that making the narrative intent, moral lessons and bending of the medium and the meta of the story important undermines the enjoyment of anyone who enjoyed the comic for the story is ridiculous. I’ve heard how authorial intent shouldn’t influence a story that’s a grounded narrative, and that doing so towards the end just shits on everything that’s happened before and makes the story ‘pretend to be something it wasn’t until the end’, but…

The thing is, one of Hussie’s earliest talks about Homestuck described it as a Creation Myth. Furthermore, given Jade’s very handle introduced in Act 1, gardenGnostic, the Gnostic and Philosophical themes of the story are actually, not part of any theory, but grounded firmly in the author’s view of what the story is or should have been. It’s fair for people to not enjoy thinking too hard about these things. It’s fair for people to dislike authors putting more personal opinions or views on things in their work. But Homestuck was never something that shied away or hid its intent. If anything, it was just obscured by the fact Hussie’s style tends to be complex and intertwining, and the sprinkled humor through sections doesn’t make it any easier to decipher it. I personally like overthinking this kind of stuff. I know other people don’t.

What I’m trying to say is that, not enjoying the ending is totally valid, and not accepting a theory about its more meta aspects and the philosophy within the comic doesn’t have to make anyone like it any better. But these themes do exist there, and are put out early and through the entire Comic. And in the same way focusing only on the Meta Aspects undermines the narrative itself, ignoring and refusing to accept the existence of something deeper in the story is also a detriment to it.

Last of all, I would like to add that, a year and a half later, I still love the Ending. But furthermore, I still love the story itself in its entirety. As I said, when I got to the end, I was surprised to see how many people disliked how it all ended. Maybe it was the wait, maybe it was the expectations. Whichever the case? Reading beginning to end with someone who hadn’t read it before was amazing. Seeing their reactions to events and new characters, to deaths and shocking bits, going from beginning to end without having to wait for an update. Remembering the good times, noticing things you missed the first time through.

Homestuck isn’t perfect, nothing in life is. Everything has its flaws, and yes, the pacing towards the end isn’t the best, yes, it has an open end and a lot of things you can’t quite know if they were intentional or if you’re reading too much into it and any more casual reader won’t pick up on it and become confused. It’s not for everyone. But with the themes it presents and how it delivers? The way it’s changed my life and my way of thinking? The enjoyment I have gotten out of it and out of this Fandom, and I still get on the daily basis as I wait for the game to come out?

Whether the theories I believe are right or not, whether people love or hate the ending, as far as I am concerned, Homestuck is a Masterpiece, and I will cherish this dumb, long-ass, crazily intricate Webcomic and Fandom for the rest of my life, and keep on sharing the joy it’s brought me with anyone and everyone that’s willing to give it a try.