i think it's a worthy try

Advice for the signs
  • Aries: Take a step back and think. You are wonderful just the way you are, why do you have to be mean to others just to compensate for your lack of self-esteem? You care so much, I know that. But you have to let the others know that as well. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. You're a hidden gem, aries and let someone find you instead of wrecking the surprise for them. You are loved and you know exactly how to have fun so keep reminding yourself that you are worthy of the adventure your life has to offer.
  • Taurus: Get out of your comfort zone and stop caring about what people think. I know that you're the best at giving advice but I think it's about time that someone takes care of you. You are not those stereotypes people try to label you with. You are candid. Don't forget your dreams and keep focusing on how to get there. Be social, let yourself be loved and remember that you can always learn from anyone. You're not alone and people can understand, if you let them in. Take in the sun, try something new and keep in mind the fact that you can live through anything. You represent grace. You are going to be okay.
  • Gemini: You have so many interesting things to say and don't let anyone ever shush you. You are a deep thinker, an innovator. Gemini, I know your mind is on overdrive but take a moment to slow down, on your terms. But after that, do as much as you can because you are capable of so much. Be sure of your opinions (stick to them!) and keep looking forward, you moment will come too. Discover yourself, your surroundings and let yourself be immune to all that is superficial. We all know you are authentic so why keep up the mask? We'll love you anyway and perhaps even more. You are going to be okay.
  • Cancer: You spread your love so much that at the end of the day, you have none left for yourself. So, when you're down, let yourself be nurtured as much you would nurture someone else. Your voice may be soft but every word has so much meaning. You are so kind, genuinely thoughtful and you are so rare. Keep your purity, don't let corruptions soak in your veins or crawl on your skin. Sometimes, it can be good just to stop caring and to live at the moment. The world's problems are not your responsibility. You are free. Always. You are going to be okay.
  • Leo: Keep being yourself, I like that. But remember, people's opinion about you does not impact your self-worth. You are special and you are whole just by yourself. It's okay to lose your cool sometimes and become humble and silly, it will feel refreshing I promise. You are so brave and one of kind. Keep standing up for what you believe in and never let anyone extinguish your fire. Go get what you want and keep fierce. You are going to be okay.
  • Virgo: You are so on top of everything and I admire you for that. I know that things are overwhelming right now but you have to realize that you are powerless to somethings. Live and let live. You are so talented, unique, sensitive, intellectual and grounded, why are you so hard on yourself? You are your very own prized position. Be proud of yourself and keep working hard, it's going to bring you places. Keep being kind and considerate. The fear you feel is only in your head and you hold power over it. You are going to be okay.
  • Libra: I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful you are, so stop trying to please so hard! The people who are truly good for you are the ones you will not compromise yourself for. You are aloud to be unhappy with something and voice your opinion about it. Discover your talents and expose them to the world. Sing, dance, laugh and don't let anyone rain on your parade. You are more than meets the eye libra. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are going to be okay.
  • Scorpio: Oh boy, there are so many things I want to tell you. I'll start by saying that people care about you as much as you care about them so stop pushing them away. When you're in the dark, let your hand be held. You know you are different but you forget that it's a good thing. You are so loyal but don't be with your demons. You are not who has hurt you so shake that thought out of your head. I love how you are able to strive even when your heart is shattered. Remember what your priorities are and make sure to include yourself. You are going to be okay.
  • Sagittarius: The world is your oyster so never limit yourself to only what is known. Be daring, keep being honest and don't let yourself taken over by things that are simply not worth your time. Be patient and the good things will come. Cherish your freedom and keep that laugh of yours just as loud. Remember your one liners and how many faces you have made smile. Do whatever you want your heart desires and stay candid. You are going to be okay.
  • Capricorn: You have so many plans and you know exactly how to make them happen. No matter what your achievements are, you will always be successful. Take a minute to look at the beautiful world around you. Show them they were wrong! You are so much more than what they tell you to be. Keep asking questions, competing but keep your mind open. You know that you have an emotional side to yourself and you will feel at piece once you acknowledge it. You are devoted but let someone but just as kind towards you. You are going to be okay.
  • Aquarius: Keep being weird and not caring about the differences that set you apart from the rest. Your brain holds so much knowledge and wisdom, don't let your pride get in the way of it. You can revolutionize, change the world, modify the norms. You are so peculiar and I know that it's hard to have your interest but I can promise you that if you look at everything without a filter, you will feel at peace. Be the exception to everything. You will be okay.
  • Pisces: Always follow your gut. Your thoughts speak nothing but the truth so never put them aside. You are so special already, you don't need to change to fit in. You naturally do. You are an old soul, the one who got away, the one who will take you home. Don't let yourself get taken avantage of, trust yourself and never stop dreaming. Keep doodling and listening. Remember how strong you are, that behind that sweetness hides a layer of tar that you need to discover on your own. You are multi-dimensional. You are going to be okay.

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Reading your Robert ask, do you think Jaime can be redeemed or nay?

Talking about Jaime and redemption is like stepping on a landmine in fandom. Let’s do it.

Look, in theory, everyone can be redeemed as long as they are capable of changing. Jaime is capable of change; the person we met in AGoT is not the same one we left off in ADWD. So in the abstract sense, yes he could be redeemed but only if he takes measures to earn that redemption. But is Jaime taking those measures? The answer is a resounding no.

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Season 4 Or 5 Could Have Langst As A Subplot

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m proud of Lance and his long-deserved character development. We’ve seen him grow more in this season than the last two for sure.

That being said, has his suffering ended? HECK NO.

Season 3 has brought out a lot of Lance’s insecurities. It doesn’t help that the team is pretty much using him as a crutch by now. They’ve been teasing him noticeably more than usual.

In season 1, it was established that Lance was homesick. In season 2, he vented about being a seventh-wheel. And now we’re seeing him openly talk about his issues, first when Allura when the Blue Lion rejected him, then with Keith when he made the choice of leaving Voltron.

It’s good for him to talk about it, but there’s still a noticeable build-up in Angst Levels. I believe that because of this, it will keep building up until it explodes in a fiery inferno of angst.

Because eventually, someone is going to say something, go too far. It could be Hunk and Pidge with their teasing. Allura looking down on Lance. (FAKE)Shiro not trusting him. Pretty much anything involving Keith at this point.

Heck, Lotor could and would even use this against him! Play with his mind, try to get him to betray the team. Maybe convince Lance that he’s not worthy of being the red paladin.

Then hopefully they can fix whatever they’ve done, start treating Lance as more of a person and less as comic relief, and we can wrap up Langst. Because I’m tired of seeing him silently suffer.


Asian-American Ladies ❥ Constance Wu

“It’s not a Chinese arc, it’s not an Asian arc; it is an Asian-American arc, and I’ll probably get shit for saying this, but in terms of the Hollywood or media perception of nonwhite cultures, one thing I have noticed is they’re more comfortable hiring the Chinese-Chinese actress who is a star in China and who has bankability there and who they understand as a thing to celebrate if not exoticize. The Asian-American experience [is something] a lot of us as Asian-Americans really haven’t explored, because they lump us all into one. Asia can be Japan and it can be India; it’s a balance, and it’s not easy, and that’s probably why it’s easier for Hollywood to hire Chinese-Chinese actresses as opposed to people who fit the Asian-American mold, because a lot of people like to simplify problems. It’s terrifying to say, ‘This is a thing that is complex and worthy of our time,’ but it is complex, and that’s why you’re not going to always find an easy, palatable answer. I think [the show is] trying to approach that complexity in a very traditionally simplistic form. And I think if we can do that, it’s almost its own type of activism.”

Costume Shopping and Protective Boyfriends (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Happy Halloween Lovely Wonderfuls!!! I hope you all had a wonderful day full of candy, pumpkins, and scary movies! I’m sorry this is coming so late, and it’s a little rough, but I hope you enjoy! To my lovely anon that requested this, I hope it’s close to what you wanted? If you want a rewrite please let me know! As always I wish the happiest of days and the best of luck with anything you need! (P.S. Sorry for any mistakes!!) 

You sat in the cafeteria trying to figure out your calculus homework, your four boyfriends around you.

“What are we going to be for Halloween, guys,” John asks, nudging your foot under the table.

You look up from your work, smirking at him and nudging him back. He winks back at you, tossing a french fry in his mouth.

“Do you have any suggestions, mon ange,” Laf pulls you into him, nuzzling your hair.

“I have no idea,” you giggle as he tickles your ear.

“What about the Avengers,” Alex suggests. “You would look pretty sexyas Black Widow,” he wiggles his eyebrows at you.

You shake your head and chuckle, kissing Laf as he releases you from his hold.

“That would be cool,” Hercules nods, rubbing circles on your back as you try to concentrate. “I could be the Hulk.”

“I call Iron Man, he’s the smartest,” Alex smirks.

“He’s also the most self absorbed,” John nuzzles his neck, laughing.

The rest of you let out chuckles, as Alex glares at you.

“If we’re going that route, I want to be Thor,” John says, flexing.

You giggle at him nudging him under the table again. He winks at you again, a smirk on his lips.

“Its fitting, I think you would be worthy enough to wield his hammer,” you smile.

“That means that Laf would be…”

“Captain America, oui,” he smiles, nodding. “J’aimeça.”

“Have we decided?” Alex looks around at everyone.  

Everyone nods in agreement and you shrug your shoulders not minding the idea.

“We should probably go shopping some time this week, before everything’s picked over,” you think aloud, leaning against Herc.

“Tomorrow after we get out?”

You all nod in agreement and sit in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, before John speaks.

“Do you think they’ll give out good candy this year?”

Hercules shrugs his shoulders.

“Depends on the neighborhood.”
“I can’t believe we still go trick or treating,” you chuckle.
“Its free candy, baby girl!”
You laugh and brush a stray hair out of his eyes.
“Free stuff is pretty awesome.”
Alex reaches across the table, holding your hand in his and playing with your fingers as he thought.
“I guess we’re costume hunting this weekend.”

The weekend comes quickly and you set out to find your costumes. This task would usually be pretty simple, but you had learned long ago that your boys were detail oriented.

John sticks by your side, while your other boyfriends search the rest of the store. John wraps his arms around your waist, pulling your back to his front. You smile and lean into him.

“Aren’t you going to search for your costume?”

You hum as he places a kiss on your neck.

“I’d rather help you look for yours,” he smirks when you turn to look at him.

“Have a thing for Black Widow, huh?”

You raise an eyebrow with a smirk of your own.

“Not really, but you as Black Widow,” he kisses your nose. “I’m definitely have a thing for that.”

You giggle moving out of his hold and taking his hand. You look through costume after costume, having no luck.

“Looks like I’ll have to make mine,” you frown, before shrugging and turning to John.

“Let’s see if we can find yours.”

You were lucky enough to find stuff for the boys, but you were still on the hunt. You went to another store to find three different versions of her costume.

“I’ll have to try on all three.” You turn to the boys. “You guys tell me which one looks best, okay?”

They all nod, with big smiles and you chuckle as you enter the changing room. The first one you try on is a little big, and looks more blue than black. The reaction is a little underwhelming and you go back to try on the second one. This one is skin tight and there’s a little more cleavage than you would prefer to show, but you go out anyway.

Their reaction to option number two is a little more zealous.

“I don’t know about this one guys,” you trail off, wiping off non-existent dust.

You turn around to show them the back. You look at them over your shoulder, looking unsure and trying not to laugh. They had stood up as soon as they saw you. Their eyes were glued to your body and their mouths were opening and closing, not knowing what to say.

“Yo-You’re not s-sure, love?” Alex asks, clearing his throat.

“Yeah,” you frown looking down at yourself. “You don’t think it’s too tight?”

You turn rubbing your hand over your backside, and you keep in your laughter as you hear them groan.

“I think it’s a perfect fit, cupcake.”

“You don’t think this is too much cleavage,” you face them, pointing to your chest.

“Mon Dieu, ellea l’air incroyable.”

You giggle and they all give you the same dark look.

“Down boys,” you gesture for them to sit. “I’m not taking this one.” You look down at yourself shaking your head. “Not only would it be hard to handle you four,” you wave a hand across them,“but can you imagine other guys looking at me in this.”

They immediately start to look around for anyone staring at you.

“We wouldn’t get anything done all night.” You move back to the dressing room.

“Plus, this one is a little uncomfortable.”

You try on the last one and you’re relieved to see it fits perfectly. It’s fitted but not tight and your chest didn’t look like it would pop out.

“I think this is it boys.”

You walk out and the boys stand, clapping their hands.

“Beautiful sweetheart.”

“Gorgeous, love.”

“Very sexy, baby girl.”

“Perfect, mon ange.”

You smile at them, blowing kisses before returning to your regular clothes and purchasing your costume.

Halloween night comes and the five of you are dressed up, trick or treat bags in hand. You walk from house to house, meeting mini versions of yourselves and taking pictures with them. A tiny Spiderman said that you were prettier in person,  and you couldn’t stop the smile, or the blush on your cheeks.

The five of you continued walking through the neighborhood. You, Alex and Hercules were in front, Laf and John walking behind. You look over at Alex, when you hear him groan.

“What is it?”

“Jefferson,” he nearly growls.

You feel Alex’s arm tighten around your waist, as he approaches.

“Hello, (Y/N),” he gives you a smile. “Aren’t you the prettiest Black Widow I’ve ever seen.”

You feel Alex and Hercules tense, and you can practically feel Laf and Johns protective energy. You internally roll your eyes. Good thing I didn’t get the other costume.

“Thanks,” you say with a tight smile. “You’re not dressed up, you don’t like Halloween?”

“Its not that I don’t like it,” he shrugs his shoulders, “I just don’t see the point in being something else when I’m the best there is to be.”

He smirks at you, giving you a wink. Alex scoffs before pulling you closer and nuzzling your neck, your three other boyfriends surrounding you. You don’t protest or make any fuss, you knew Jefferson liked you and how much he loved to mess with Alexander. But, his ego was too big for his own good and sometimes he needed to be knocked down a peg.

“That’s a little boring, don’t you think?”

You tilt your head and giggle as Alex tickles you behind your ear. Jefferson is visibly annoyed at the scene in front of him.

“I mean it’s all for fun,” you shrug your shoulders. “That’s why I love my boys so much, they’re fun and they make me laugh, there’s never a dull moment.”

You turn and kiss Alex, letting him make a little show of it, but stopping before he went to far.

“If you’ll excuse us, Thomas, we have more trick or treating to do.”

You grab Hercs and Alex’s hands in yours and lead your boyfriends away.

“Did you see his face?” Alex laughs, excitedly. “That was amazing babe,” he kisses your cheek.

“Mhm, I’m just glad the pissing contest is over,” you mumble.

“What?” Alex asks, confused.

You give him a ‘really?’ look, tilting your head.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about and I play along because he needs to know I’m taken and that’s not changing for anyone, especially not him.”

The four of them smirk and give each other a little nudge.

“She loves us.”

“Oh yeah, totally smitten.”

“Over the moon in love.”

“We’re her un seul et unique amour.”

You chuckle, shake your head and let out a sigh.

“I just hope you know, it’s not something you need to do or worry about.”

“We’re sorry, love,” Alex comes to your side giving you a kiss on the cheek.
John follows kissing your other cheek, and before you know it, you’re in a huddle of kisses. You giggle.

“Okay, okay,” you stop them, still giggling, “we have more houses to hit, before heading home, so let’s get going.”

“Actually,” Herc picks you up, bridal style, as you squeal in surprise. “I think we should just head back to my house.”

He turns to your other boyfriends to see if they were ready.

“Yeah, I think I’m good,” Alex smiles.

“I’m ready.”


Your laughter rings out through the street as Herc runs to the car with you in his arms, your other loves close behind. You loved Halloween.

When I go NBK, and people say things like, “oh it was so tragic” or “oh he is crazy” or “It was bloody” I think, so the fuck what, you think thats a bad thing? just because your mommy and daddy told you blood and violence is bad, you think its a fucking law of nature? Wrong, only science and math are true, everything, and I mean everyfuckingthing else is man made. My doctor wants to put me on medication to stop thinking about so many things and to stop getting angry. Well, I think that anyone doesnt like me is just bullshitting themselves. Try it sometime if you think you are worthy, which you probly will you little shits, drop all your beliefs and views and ideas that have been burned into your head and try to think about why your here. But I bet most of you fuckers cant even think that deep, so that is why you must die.

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Why do you have a burning hatred for Cabin in the Woods? I have a cool indifference towards it and think it's overrated and whatever, but don't particularly see what's outright hate-worthy about it

It’s not a popular opinion, but I hate Joss Whedon’s writing. Specifically how he handles dialogue, which is weird because I do like Buffy. I generally have a real disdain for script writers trying to impress with how witty they are instead of their characters. For the same reason I struggle with Kill Bill and Death Proof.

The film felt unbearably smug. We’ve had plenty of really good horror movie deconstructions, but Joss Whedon wasn’t the guy to deliver that. He didn’t really have the knowledge or credentials to deliver what he thought he was writing, so as someone really in to horror films it felt really shallow.

It was like it thought it was a great statement on horror movies by someone that had only watched slasher remakes from the time period it came out in. Anyone can just point at cliches, but even then some of them were based on such a shallow pool of research.

It seemed to think it was so clever for being another Wrong Turn, Texas Chainsaw Remake, etc, but did little to actually elevate itself above those movies it thought were so terrible. Scream kind of already did all of this, by someone who knew the genre, knew first hand the complaints he and his peers received and managed to make a satire and a solid horror film in its own right.

Scream pointed at cliches and then did something with them. Whether it was inverting them, making strong social commentary, writing strong characters, taking tropes in to a new generation and making it scary again (mobile phones).

It reminds me of The Simpsons after season 10. The episodes contain constant jokes about how bad they are compared to how they used to be, as if pointing out how bad they are now suddenly makes them funny again. Just being meta isn’t enough, it’s what you do with it.

It’s basically like Whedon saying “Yo, did you realise characters make stupid decisions in horror films? Like, you probably didn’t notice, because you have to look really closely, but they do.”

But despite all this criticism, that isn’t enough to write the movie off completely, it’s just something about Whedon’s delivery that bugs me.

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I honestly, honestly don't know how people can't tell you're joking, I mean, you drew Myers with fucking heelies and they seriously take that on the offensive side?

I don’t think they were serious. I honestly believe those people feed off causing trouble and trying to make people feel bad about themselves. 

They went on anon cause they knew they were wrong and would get yelled at. 

AND I KNOW LOL ITS A MEME DUDE. I made so many great friends through DBD and the slasher x self-insert stuff. I love it so much!

Just because I drew something doesn’t make it true lol

^^^^ uh oh I drew it’s canon now.

Scent Training A domestic faggot

About 30 minutes ago SIR’S Alpha Boy had come downstairs and unhooked it from the corner of the basement and led it over to the weight bench.

The Alpha directed it to lay down on its back, with its head hanging over the edge, so it was looking up at the ceiling.

Using duct tape the Alpha proceeded to bind it to the bench. Wrists were taped together under the bench, ankles were taped to the bench legs, and so were its calves.

 More duct tape went around its waist and chest securing it to the bench. The Alpha did something to the chain at the back of its collars so it could not lift its head.

 The Alpha went upstairs and left it on the bench for a while.

 Maybe an hour elapsed and both SIR and Alpha came downstairs. Even looking at them upside down the faggot couldn’t help admire these two MEN. SIR and Alpha were Muscle Gods, and it served and worshipped Them

 They stood near faggot so faggot had to look up to see them.

 Then the training began.

 Alpha took a jockstrap that was in a plastic container. The jock appeared to be floating in piss.

 SIR said, “Open”.

faggot opened its mouth and Alpha started stuffing the jock in. Yes it was piss. faggot had to swallow because the piss was being squeezed out of the jock as Alpha crammed it in.  Once the pouch was in the faggots mouth, Alpha took the straps and looped it around its head, twisted it and looped it again so it worked as a gag to keep its mouth stuffed.

 Then Alpha took the roll of tape and placed a strip over the faggot’s stuffed mouth. Then wrapped more tape around its head securing the gag in place. faggot could only breath through its nose, which it was about to find out, was very important.

 faggot looked up and saw SIR was looking down at it.

 Eye contact was made. SIR stared intensely at faggot for a second and faggot withered under HIS gaze. HE was so powerful. Faggot looked away by averting its eyes to SIR’S crotch. SIR chuckled. “Can’t resist looking there can it, faggot” The faggot is so hungry for MY Cock”  “Blink once for yes, faggot”

 The faggot blinked.

But the faggot knows it’s a worthless, pathetic faggot and not worthy of MY Cock, isn’t that right faggot?”  The faggot blinked.

 “The faggot wants to be trained and controlled until one day it is worthy, right faggot?”  The faggot blinked again.

 SIR produced a small cup. It looked like one of those plastic cups that comes with a bottle of Nyquil. It was filled with a thick white fluid.

 “The faggot is going to get a special treat today. “

 SIR and Alpha squatted down so they were close to faggots face.

 “Breathe in and then breathe out faggot” SIR instructed. Faggot inhaled and then exhaled through its nose.

 Just as faggot finished exhaling and was about to breath in Alpha pinched it right below the bridge of its nose. Faggot struggled for a second and SIR simply said “Still!” and faggot stopped.

 SIR tilted the cup and poured some of the white fluid into one of its nostrils and then the other.  “Deep breath in” HE instructed and Alpha released its nose and it inhaled.

“Don’t exhale” HE instructed.  And Alpha pinched its nose again more tightly squeezing its nostrils shut.

SIR leaned close looking down it. “That is MY Cum faggot” “Breathe it in. let it get into that faggot brain. Know MY scent faggot. The pheromones in MY Cum faggot are going to work on its mind, stimulate it, make it crave to serve even more. The faggot is going need and hunger for MY Cum in a way it’s never wanted anything before and that is going to make it want to work harder to improve itself until the day comes when I think its worthy to receive MY Cum “

 The Alpha released its nose and it exhaled, then its nose was pinched and SIR poured more of HIS Cum in it’s nostrils.  Another deep breathe in and then its nose was pinched again.

 The process was completed a third time with the last of SIR’S Cum. The faggot could feel it drying inside its nose.

 This time instead of pinching its nose closed with His fingers the Alpha put a clothespin on it. Both MEN stood up and looked down. The helpless faggot looked up at them.

 it realized it couldn’t breath. It struggled trying to shake the clothespin off. Both SIR and Alpha had grins on their faces. They enjoyed watching the faggot struggle.

 faggot was becoming desperate, grunting loudly and trying to move in the bondage. SIR told it to shut up. Suddenly Alpha pulled the pin away and it could breath.

 They repeated the process again. SIR now controlling its ability to breathe!  

HE controlled everything.

 After awhile they tired of tormenting the faggot and left the basement without a word. The faggot was left on the bench, breathing through its nose and smelling SIR’S Cum with every breath.

 The Alpha came down in a while and released it from the bench. The gag was removed and Alpha gave it the left over bowl of piss to drink.

 Then Alpha started preparing it for the next part of its training.

 SIR had told it to clear its schedule for 24 hours so faggot was both excited and scared about what was coming next.

 First Alpha put a small pair of ear buds in its ears. Then Alpha quickly put a hood on it. Next a head harness with built in gag. The gag had a tube through it so it could breath and drink liquids.

 Then fist mitts over its hands. Everything was locked on.

 The Alpha led it over to the closet with the cage. The cage door was open and the Alpha directed it to crawl in.  The faggot was in the cage on all fours. Facing the rear of the closet and looking at the closet wall. Mounted on the wall was an iPad. 

Quickly Alpha secured it in place. The ring at the top of the head harness was secured to a bar on top of the cage.  The faggots wrists and ankles were locked in place.  The chains were attached to the faggot’s waist so it had to stay in the all four position.  The cage door was closed and locked.

faggot heard SIR coming down the stairs. 

Alpha moved around the cage so it was near the faggots head. Alpha reached through the bars with something at faggot realized He was placing a jockstrap on its head. Alpha positioned the jock on faggot’s head so the pouch was directly over the mouth and nostril openings of the hood/muzzle combination.

 The faggot breathed in and smelled a combination of sweat, piss and cum. The smell of SIR!

 SIR spoke! “Listen up faggot. The next 24 hours are going to be spent programming the faggot. 

The faggot will breath air through MY jocks. I have been saving them for just for this. 

The only thing the faggot will have to drink is MY Piss. 

The only voice the faggot will hear is MY voice. Focus its mind faggot; and worship SIR.”

Alpha reached over and did something to the iPad. The screen lit up and on the screen was a photo of a SIR’S COCK. The closet door closed and faggot could hear it lock. The light went out and the closet was lit by the glow of the tablet. The faggot stared as the images changed. More images of SIR’S COCK. And images of SIR. The faggot was watching a photo slideshow of SIR

Suddenly SIR’S voice was in its head through the ear buds.

it is a faggot

it exists to serve

it exist to be used

it is worthless

it is pathetic

it is a faggot

it needs Cock

it hungers for Cum

it is a faggot

The faggot exists to be used

The faggot exists to serve

The faggot exists to obey

The faggot exists to worship

The faggot moaned. The way its head was chained it could not turn its head or look away from the images on the screen. The faggot could only stare straight ahead and look at SIR. His power, his strength is Masculinity in every photo. Looking at SIR’S magnificent COCK, while breathing in SIR’S scent from the jock, and listening to SIR’S voice in its head.

Worship faggot.

Beg for it faggot.

The faggot hungers for SIRS COCK

The faggot exists for SIR’S COCK.

But the faggot is unworthy

The faggot is pathetic

The faggot needs to prove itself

SIR’S voice went on and on, obviously a loop. And the faggot listened and absorbed every word as the pictures changed and SIR dehumanized it, trained it and took its mind deeper into being a total faggot, an object, a thing.

At some point ALPHA opened the door. A bag was hung on a hook. A tube attached to the gag. A trickle of piss began to flow into its mouth. A new jock was placed on its face. This one reeked of piss.

SIR’S voice continued.

The faggot loves SIR’S Piss

The faggot craves SIR’S Piss

The faggot wants to be a urinal for SIR

The faggot is lower than a urinal. A urinal can take gallons of MAN piss a day.

The faggot exists to clean urinals and toilets.

The faggot loves SIR’S Piss.

The training went on and on, over and over.

The faggot lost track of time and everything else, except for SIR. it existed for SIR, enthralled by SIR.

Different subjects repeated. The need to serve SIR; the need to be the perfect domestic slave; the need to improve itself to be worthy of SIR.

At one point the recording talked about the faggots useless pathetic cock and how it was locked and needed to stay locked. How SIR owned it. How the faggot needed to be welded into a permanent device so it would never get hard and its life could be devoted to servicing SIR’S Cock. The faggots worthless locked cock strained in the chastity device while listening to this. The faggots cock knew what was best.

The pictures never stopped. it was a slideshow on random/ shuffle so the images just kept changing. The faggot does not know how many bags of piss it was given. The faggot does not know how many jocks were placed over its face to breathe. The faggot thought one jock was filled with fresh Cum from SIR and it tried breathing in deeply to inhale as much as it could. A few times right before putting a new jock over its face the Alpha had it inhale poppers.

The faggot’s mouth was filled with a rubber gag and the trickle of SIR’S Piss. The taste of piss never went away. Every time the faggot breathed in there was the smell of SIR and poppers getting into its brain. SIR’S voice repeated over and over in its head affirming and confirming what it was, and why it existed. The faggot’s eyes looked upon images of SIR. It could not turn away. Sight, sound, taste, smell – the faggot was experiencing SIR through all of its senses.

it was securely locked down with no way out. it’s fuck hole was plugged. its pathetic useless cock was locked and ached in the chastity device.  Physically, mentally, emotionally the faggots mind was being deeply programmed.

Twice during the training the Alpha used the faggot juice jug and ordered it to piss. The faggot relieved itself into the jug. The faggot was under no illusion. It knew that when the session was over that jug would be waiting for it to drink. SIR’S Piss recycled a second time.

At some point the faggot realized it was hearing the same few sentences over and over:

it is a faggot

it exists to be used

it exists to serve

it exists for SIR

SIR is everything

it is nothing

it has no rights

it is an object

it is livestock

it is a faggot

it exists to be used

it exists to serve

it exists for SIR

SIR is everything

it is nothing

it has no rights

it is an object

it is livestock

it is a faggot

And on and on.

The faggot drifted in and out. The voice never stopped. Hours went by. It realized SIR and Alpha must be sleeping. it was locked away until they woke.

It must be morning; Alpha was back - Another bag of piss. This stronger…SIR’S morning Piss? Another jock. The training continued. 

SIR said 24 hours and he meant it. The faggot was being programmed and trained and it had no choice but to except SIR’S training. it was faggot. it had no rights and was worthy of no consideration, it existed for SIR, to Serve, Worship, Obey and be Used as SIR saw fit. it was a faggot.

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Just wanted to tell you that I've been saying "no" to my family when they pressure me to do things, "no" to the part of me that says I'm not worthy of being confident/loving myself, instead I've been trying to be myself. It's hard, I've been my family's version all my life and I don't really like who I am, but I think I'll be ok. I'll figure it out, somehow. I like this more confident version of me. My family thinks I'm rebellious, but I'm just not taking their shit anymore. :D



Hello to all my amazing and supportive followers, recent events in my life have made me realize the true value of a healthy lifestyle, mind,body and soul. I have survived with depression,anxiety and an eating disorder my whole teenage life and I don’t not plan on entering adulthood in the toxic state that I am currently prisoned to.

I am lucky enough to have a well functioning body( despite some sad side effects of my disorder) and I would like to live up to the potential that my body has given me. After all I only have one.

It took a lot of self talk and convincing but I have decided to accept recovery so that I am able to live a full and happy life. I want to be able to explore, learn,and experience life to the absolute fullest so that when I am old I am able to reflect on my life and think “well damn, I did well.”

I am so tired of being afraid, afraid of food,weight,social interactions and what is out there for me. I am exhausted of waking up every day and telling myself that I shouldn’t eat, that I’m fat,not worthy, that I’ll be only happy when I’m thin. Because that is complete nonsense, the only thing that is preventing me from being happy now is myself.

Its time for me to be selfish( in a good way) , it’s time for me to wake up and be happy that I can go into the kitchen and be excited to try a new smoothie recipe or some awesome pancakes. I want to look at food and see fuel, nutrition and pleasure, not fear,hatred,calories and fat.

I want to be able to go out with family or friends and eat something without the constant worry of how I’m going to get rid of those calories later. I want to learn to love food for the amazing things that it does for the human body. I’m bloody lucky that I am able to eat food on a daily basis and I need to start taking that into account. I feel selfish for all the food I’ve wasted with this disorder.

I no longer desire to be sickly thin, I want to be strong and healthy.

I will continue to use this blog, however, this blog will now be focused on my recovery and healthy living. I am here for anyone who wishes to speak with me.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive in my journey this far.

Its time.

Strong Dove 🕊

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Tw fandom is still a garbage fire...one that has almost reached it's end. Also, I don't know wtf that person is talking about. I can't think of anything that malia has done that I would praise another character on the show for doing. Namely because her character is all punch, useless dialogue, and weather inappropriate jean shorts.

Malia is a fucking mess. She doesn’t get praise (at least not by the non-delusional fans who aren’t camping out in Shelley Hennig’s ass) because she doesn’t do anything praise-worthy. Like, the fuck has she done? 

I am always confounded by the stans trying to claim that Malia is ‘such a strong character’ and yet never being able to supply any support for that claim. I swear imma drop dead from shock the day a stalia fan actually comes up with a valid argument defending their illogical trash fav. 

And @ “weather inappropriate jean shorts” 

Orgasm. Its not a dirty word.“no, no no” Im dying. I have to impart wisdom.“this wisdom? Right now?you’ve got time we, dont have to go there right now…. ive had orgasms” well good.They’re not a gift its your right dont let anyone tell you otherwise.and this is Important. At least once a day. Sometimes i like to wait until right before bedtime but–“oh god no. mom no.”. Your too intense! to Have Some Fun.“ “i have plenty of fun”. good. You were always so good.“what do you mean?” incredible grades, clean room, ooh and you never talked back, and you were never messed around with the boys.“most parents would appreciate that”– oh i did, then. But now…You need to shake it up a little. Be a little lazy or a little slutty. Make a mistake.“i have a job”– well your never gonna look back and say,`i wish i had been more uptight` And stop always saying what everyone wants to hear. Tell someone off. Its good for ‘em and better for you, especially if its a car salesperson.I brought my engagment ring to seattle. Its at the house in my jewlery bag, and i want you to have it. “Mom”– Your father gave it to me. He’d want you to have it too, so please– “Okay. Thank you.” I want you to fall in love.And it has to be somebody whos worthy. Find a decent man who loves you, just a little more than you love him.“ how bout equally as much? How bout that?”. No he needs to think that he is lucky to have you and not the other way around.(maggie chuckles).Never make yourself small for anyone. Be your own person. And try wearin a little lipstick.“you know mom if you keep going at this rate your gonna run out of advice before tomorrow”.
—  Grey’s Anatomy
“Be Still My Soul”
S13E18 Diane Pierce

i haven’t been able to draw in a month i have to milk this wave of insp for all its worth

i am thinking up an angsty backstory for her as we speak. it’s still vague tho. i know she’s an ex magical girl and is actually tragically misunderstood and just trying to do what she thinks is right….or something. 

Thoughts on “Beauty,” that Fanfic on TV Last Night

As all the Rumbelle fans know, the real Once Upon a Time ended a few years ago. Since then, there’ve been some fanfic writers with the budget to shoot what look like real TV episodes, but they’re not fooling anyone.

So, what are my thoughts on this latest offering, “Beauty”?

It wasn’t so bad, all things considered. I think the biggest problem was that the person who did it was trying to make it work with “Hyperion Heights,” and some of the other big budget fanfics. I think some of its biggest problems stem from that.

Gideon remains a popular for an OC who was never part of the original series, and I can’t fault his use here. Oh, sure, it’s giggle-worthy that the Enchanted Forest (or whatever magical realm they were in) has college entrance letters being sent out (by the way, if you want to know you’re in fairy-tale land, both Belle and Rumple assume an eighteen year-old going to college has moved out permanently), but it was great to see him growing up as the much loved son in a stable, healthy family. 

Belle and Rumple traveled worlds having adventures before settling down in a piece of beautiful scenery. There were also some great callbacks to previous episodes. Sad as it was, it seemed so fitting for Belle to fall–and be caught–one more time while letting in the light.

I also liked the way the dagger came back to Rumple when he tried to lose it at the bridge.  When he reached for his leg, I thought he was becoming lame again.  Instead, he found the dagger in sheath in his boot. It was a good fake-out.

But, that doesn’t hide the weaknesses. Like I said, the biggest weakness is still that this episode has to fit into Hyperion Heights. That means, they had to come up with an excuse for what happened to Belle.  The idea they came up with is that Belle made a very un-Belle-like choice to speed through her life, losing opportunities for all the things she might have done and the time she might have spent with her son and other family (I remain convinced Belle had at least one daughter). In the end, she did this not because this was the way to break the curse but because her understanding of the prophecy was that she had to die in this place with Rumple there. 

First, it seems like that gave her a pretty large margin of time to work with. Second, given the track record for prophecies working out just the way people think they will on this show, I wouldn’t bet the farm on that one.

By the way, you don’t want to have to build a house like that by hand without a lot of people to help you. Even if you were in your twenties in pioneer times, that would have been an accomplishment. If Rumple is limiting himself to the skills of a man in his fifties, that’s going to be a much smaller house. Also, if he’s not using magic, how did those fancy clothes remain so intact?

We’re also supposed to believe that Rumple is now actively seeking his death. Does it matter that he has a son, grandson, and great-granddaughter? Assuming Gideon hasn’t done anything to expand the family tree? Please.

There’s also the glaring mistake at the beginning. It’s possible Belle and Rumple might allow Hook to come to Gideon’s party because he’s now a package deal with Emma (again, that’s only if you accept some of the crazier ideas in “Hyperion Heights.” For those unfamiliar with it, yes, the author really does say Emma married Hook. So far, this hasn’t been revealed as a false memory or the result of a curse, so I suppose “Beauty” couldn’t completely ignore it). But, does anyone believe Belle would invite the woman who tortured her husband and murdered her stepson to her baby’s birthday party? I’m hoping this was some kind of really bad typo that didn’t get caught in time).

I did like the ending with Rumple getting his memories back. Lady Tremaine has no idea what the phrase “world of hurt” means or the definition that is coming her way.

So, how do I rate it?  I think it would have been a lot better if the author had just broken free from all the “Hyperion Heights” nonsense and had been able to write a story where something is done about the curse and Belle and Rumple head off into the sunset together.  But, once you allow for the basic silliness of that other fanfic (and how HH seems to assume Belle died before it started), I think it was valiant effort. It doesn’t replace the real series for me (or even many of the better fanfics), but I’m giving it points for effort.

Ixalan Speculation

I know it’s a ways away, but if the rumors are true that it’s a mesoamerican set then I’m really excited. I’ve always been interested in pre Columbian civilizations and to see that represented would be cool. So what I was thinking might happen would be that Bolas is trying to make an army from “The Worthy” on Amonkhet that he can take with him to any plane. How? I don’t know, but perhaps he plans to conquer Ixalan with his army in a similar way that Cortez did with the Aztecs. Perhaps they’ll mistakenly view him as a god like Cortez. I would prefer to see this play out in a return set though rather then the first, because it would give time to establish Ixalan as its own plane. Also this could really only play out if the Gatewatch fail to stop Bolas which it would be interesting to see how they handle their first failure. Obviously there are some issues with this like with the failure of the planar portal how do you move the army? And the conquistadors weren’t Egyptian so flavor wise that’s strange. AND the idea of the Gatewatch ever losing seems right now to be lost on wizards. Anyways thanks for reading and I’m open to hearing what others think so please let me know.
@flavoracle @vorthosjay @sarpadianempiresvol-viii


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I'm Jonsa but I put my shipper googles on Jon3ris scenes and you know what happened... nothing, I tried to seek for something and I didn't find any romantic undertones, no camera angles purposely done for it, no relative intimate closeness (even though they get close at the sightseeing dragons scene), when D looked at J while he left, I think that meant she's just starting to understand/believe him but I saw just that ab it. I'm not afraid to admit if they had chemistry but honestly I see none.

Hello Nonny!

You did better than me because I can’t say I put on any shipper goggles to watch them…lol.  My lips may have been pulled back in a sneer throughout their interactions the first time I watched tbh.  But I did watch the scenes a second time and tried to be a bit more objective.  Know what?  I’m with you.  I didn’t see any sparks of chemistry at all.  Just a lot of non-sexual tension between them and annoying posturing on one side…you know who.  I’m not blaming the actors.  I’m sure they were directed this way.  

One thing I will mention is that I often watch fan reaction videos of the show.  In the past I used to enjoy them more but lately it’s difficult because so many of them are pro-Danielle and anti-Sansa.  But guess what?  All these pro-Jon3ris ‘reactors’ were pissing themselves with glee when they saw Jon arrive on Dragonstone but then I loved watching their little faces crumple with disappointment when they watched those scenes.  They didn’t know what to think and were so shocked that they didn’t click right away.  I felt like Cersei for sitting back and cackling at them.  Anyway…

Now, we’ve got more to come of these two together so we’ll see if the show is trying to rom-com us into seeing a enemies to friends/lovers trope-type thing.  Maybe Kit and Emilia will pull off some chemistry or at least sexual tension and it won’t be yawn-worthy.  But I won’t ship it regardless.  I’m too far gone down the Jonsa hole whether its ever canon or not.  And J & D are fundamentally two very different characters.  I can’t see a lasting romance there.  I just hope D&D don’t massacre my favorite character to try and make it happen.

I like your point about camera angels, undertone and such.  The director was definitely not going for that in this episode.  We’ll see what their future scenes bring.


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hey i hope you don't mind me asking this, but i was wondering if you could share what you mean about adam trying to date gansey by proxy through blue early in trc? bc i don't think i've ever thought about it that way before but you have me curious now lol

i don’t mind at all lol, though some of this is def personal interpretation/my imagination running away with me. also this got long fyi, because i’m me, sorry

(also you should know that i really hate adam/blue a ship lmao sorry. i love them both a lot but the whole thing that went down with adam not accepting blue’s not wanting to kiss him at first and punching the wall and so on is a personal berserk button for me so i rly dont have positive feelings abt this ship on its own, though i am sympathetic to how it had to do with adam’s abuse etc and certainly don’t want to paint him to be bad and evil. he’s a teen boy who has been abused and adam/blue is altogether a very teenaged and human dynamic.)

maybe it’d be more accurate to say that by dating blue adam is trying to be gansey by proxy: worthy, desirable, (heterosexual*), successful, everything he associates with gansey. but i also think he’s attracted to gansey, in the bi way, but that’s it’s difficult for him to separate the two, so i think we can connect those two concepts.

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i’m exhausted by this culture on tumblr where media consumption, specifically tv shows, is so politicized. 

like, yes, i think it’s important to be conscious of the media you consume and its messaging. but i also think it’s ok to be like hey i’m aware this show has xyz issues/shortcomings but i still enjoy aspects of it as a source of entertainment. instead, tumblr has this idea that everything you enjoy has to be politically and ideologically stellar in order to be allowed to enjoy it. 

so you’re not allowed to just say “hey i enjoyed this thing because it’s entertaining, people who enjoy xyz might also find this entertaining!”

instead it’s “hey so this show is great because it has this this and this rep, and it addresses this this and this socially/politically relevant topics, and therefore it is wonderful and worthy of our consumption” … until it falls short, and then it’s endless discourse where people must fight back and try to prove in essay format why they are still allowed to enjoy the thing

here’s the thing…no tv show is ever going to be politically and ideologically flawless. there will always be shortcomings, and sometimes some major issues. because it’s mass media entertainment. it’s television. so…don’t let the major issues go ignored, but maybe try not to hold tv shows to an impossible standard. it’s a lot harder to enjoy them that way js

I was thinking about that ultra-serious Gintama abrigded thing, so here are a few of ideas of reverse-engineered Gintama (and oh boy this is a bizzare thing; thinking of Gintama as the proper abridged series and trying to see what could it be a parody of): 

  • Gintama, or Silver Soul is ultra-powerful all-destroying technique, passed on through generations to only one student, who proves he is worthy of its power. There can be only one who knows it alive at time, as the final test for this technique is killing your master.  Gintoki has gotten it, and Taksugi went half-insane of jealousy. 
  • Shinpachi and Kagura are Gintoki’s two dilligent students; at the end of the series Gintoki will decide who will get Silver Soul technique (That’s what this series is about). They try their best to show that they are worthy of it, or rather that they will be when they grow stronger (when their power reaches over 9000…) 
  • They don’t know that one of them will have to kill Gintoki at the end (insert Zura’s and Gintoki’s long dramatic talks about the innocence of youth)
  • Kagura and Shinpachi don’t really compete for the Silver Soul; they respected each other from the start and now have a strong bond of friendship. Power of friendship boost them to new heights of strength, of course, and they couldn’t do it without each other. 
  • Kagura is a noble female space monk (?) from space (!), as her mother before her. She prefers fighting on her own. She believes in harmony with the universe and that the body is the extension of a soul; her fighting style (hitting fast and strong…) reflects that. Her strength is her fighting spirit and strong moral code; her weakness lies in the fact that she often thinks after trying to right any wrongs with her fists,
  • Shinpachi is the genius strategist and a natural born leader, taking responsibility in every situation and loudly (very loudly…) motivating people. He believes that any action is an extesion of the thought, and he actually avoids fights where he can, but if he can’t, he uses enviornment, his allies, and everything he can think of to take control of situation and then finishes everything with one deciding slash. His strength lies in his strategic nature and strong sense of responsibility; his weakness is that he can be too scheming and is not actually very strong physically. 
  • Sadaharu is an actual god-sent creature sworn to protect Gintoki as the holder of Silver Soul technique. 
  • There are, like, 20 romantic subplots. Love triangles (and squares, and octagons) everywhere.