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Can you do just Corvos mask?

Apparently I can’t do just Corvo’s mask :[ but I’m adding the ask anyway since it’s still the reason I made this drawing.


Sterek + Name meanings (as requested by @youfancymemaddearie)

because you’re my     k i n g
          and i’m your     l i o n h e a r t


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Chanyeol scenario | Royalty AU | Arranged Marriage AU | Slight Angst 

Summary: You’re unsure but hopeful about your arranged marriage to the handsome Prince Chanyeol of the neighboring kingdom. But you’re in for an unpleasant surprise when you find out he’s in love with someone else, and completely despises the idea of being married to you. 

Word Count : About 5,500 (i don’t know how this got so long)

A/N: I was originally considering making this a series because it’s so long, but I think it works as a super-long oneshot? I do hope you enjoy this, it’s probably the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted to write :) 

“Are you ready, your Highness?”

“I will be in just a minute!” you said, as your lady-in-waiting, Lily, gently placed the delicate tiara on your carefully styled up hair. You took a deep breath and stared at your reflection in the mirror.

“You look absolutely radiant, Princess,” she said, smiling. “I’m sure Prince Chanyeol will be swept off his feet with one look at you.”

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Hello! I fell in love with your art style as soon as I have set my sights on it, for some reason it's very pleasing for my eyes. It's such an inspiration for me :) I don't know if you take requests but if it's not too much, is it possible for you to draw the Lutece twins from the game Bioshock, if you haven't heard of it yet you should check it out! If you are interested :D I think it would be lovely to see them in your style! Thank you and I hope you are having a good day!

hey i love the lettuce twins

i think its fucked up that straight people in the ace community have exerted their vast privilege and resources (looking at you david jay/AVEN) to make LGBT people feel guilty about having boundaries for their community. i joke a lot about being a mean gay but its mostly because that’s the stereotype y’all are forcing on a bunch of lgbt people who want to be safe. and that’s pretty ugly. what i’m saying isn’t mean, it’s a perfectly reasonable request. so stop painting us as hysterical homosexuals cuz we see right through that

Full of Suprises

Gif Not Mine :)

Hello, my lovely friends, I’m back with another one-shot courtesy of an anonymous prompt submitted by one you beautiful people. Since my birthday is coming up and I’m a bit selfish I decided to finally write this. And here starts the apology for this being so late. I believe this prompt was sent to me a little bit before my hiatus so if the author of this prompt is reading this I hope I did it justice and I’m terribly sorry that it is so late and I do hope you enjoy!

Prompt: Can I have a request where it’s the readers birthday, and for some reason her ex thinks its okay for him to show up with a new girl, the avengers are pissed, reader is upset, and Steve comforts her while the others deal with her ex? Smooches! xx 

Word Count: 2,372

A single knock rap against the door of your small apartment, however, it goes unnoticed by you as you sluggishly begin to craft a basic breakfast. You start by cracking a couple of eggs in a small purple bowl quickly mixing the yokes with the egg whites. Placing the mixed eggs in a large saucepan, you set out to make your favorite cheese and bacon omelet.

“You know you really ought to keep your doors lock, Brooklyn can be a scary place.” Your closest friend Steve chuckles from behind you. “Wouldn’t want the birthday girl to be robbed on her very special day.”

“Steve, we talked about this…”

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back to work.

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requested by anon.

can you a low-key highkey nasty ass jungkook smut where y'all fucked in the studio and you gotta get back to like working but boy still got his dick out after you know that nasty nasty and like its kinda funny , tankssssss ilyyyyy 

genre: smut

word count: 1283

a/n: I’m so bad at smut rip also i think about jungkook and his studio a lot but this description is a+ 

“Baby, you know I came here for a reason.” Jungkook whined. “Yeah, you were supposed to bring me some fried chicken, I haven’t eaten dinner yet.” you told him. “Fuck, I’m just gonna quickly pop out.” he muttered and ran out of the studio. “That boy is seriously gonna be the death of me.” you sighed and returned to your work. You were currently working on a couple of songs for BTS’ upcoming album and it was a lot of work. It was always difficult to top the last album but it was fun to work with them so you persisted. 

A short half hour later Jungkook reappeared in the studio with your desired fried chicken. “Babe, I got your food~” he said as he entered the place, you were still working on some music and paid minimal attention to the reappearance of your boyfriend. “Babe?” he asked as he plopped down on the sofa to the left of you. “Hmm?” “Pay attention to me, I’m bored.” he whined as he changed into a lying position. “I’m busy though, I just gotta finish this song and I’m all yours.” you replied as you ate a piece of chicken and replayed the section of the song you were working on. “Too long, you’re a perfectionist, this is gonna take forever.” he said as he got up and moved towards your seat. “You know songs aren’t easy to write.” you pouted as you added a cello to the piece. 

He wrapped his arms around you as best he could, as the chair was somewhat blocking him from doing so. “You’re so clingy, oh my God.” you laughed as you finalised another layer in the song. “It’s because I want attention from you.” he pouted as he peppered your cheek with kisses. “Ugh, fine. I’ll give you some.” you said, giving into his antics. “Let me take a seat here.” he told you as he lifted you from your seat and placed you on his lap. “I hate giving into you.” “You’re just lying to yourself, babe. You love it cuz you love me.” he replied as he rested his head on your shoulder. “What do you want know that you have my attention?” you asked him. “You.” “You’re kidding, right?” “I wanted you since I got here, remember? But you sent me out to get this chicken.” he told you. “Oh, yeah, I do now.” you laughed as you played with his t-shirt.” “So, you down for some stress relief?” he muttered before he started placing kisses all over your face and collarbones. “Can I kiss you?” he asked as he hovered his lips over your own. “You’re very welcome to.” you smiled before you closed the gap between the two of you, lips colliding with passion and lust. 

Jungkook lifted you and placed you on the sofa before lowering himself. “What are you doing?” you asked him, completely unsure of what he was up to. “I wanna taste you.” he smirked before he removed your jeans and panties along with them. “Much better, aren’t we?” he chuckled as he threw the across to the other side of the studio. While maintaining eye contact with you, Jungkook slowly licked your core, getting you wetter and wetter by the second. Not too long after he started circling your clit, the stimulation was starting to really get to you. “Jungkook, more.” you whined with his locks wrapped around your fingers. “More? Do you want my fingers, babygirl?” he growled. “Yes, please.” “My pleasure.” he chuckled before entering his middle finger into you, continuously thrusting in and out with his finger. “More, please. I need more.” “You’ve gotten so worked up, haven’t you, honey? To think you didn’t want this.” he smirked before adding a second finger into you. 

He curved his fingers inside you every now and again, in between thrusts. “What about you?” you asked in between short breaths. “I’ll be fine, babygirl.” Jungkook replied, lying through his teeth. The constraints of his skinny jeans were almost becoming too much for his rock hard member. “Liar.” you half moaned. “We’ll work on me after you cum, baby.” he chuckled as he reconnected his tongue with your core; he quickly thrust his fingers in and out of you quickly, bringing you to your high. “Cum for me baby, cum for me.” he growled and on cue you released all over him. He brought his fingers to his mouth to remove your release from them, “Tasty.” You stayed still as he discarded his jeans and boxers. “You’re not gonna remove either of our tops?” you asked him as he lifted you up again. “I can’t be bothered to, now, ride me, baby.” he smirked as he sat down and placed you onto so that you were currently straddling him. “C’mon, babygirl. I don’t think I need to tell you twice.” he warned, before he knew it he had you on top of him. You gave yourself some time to adjust to his size, since it had been a good while since the two of you had done it. “Baby, please, move. I don’t wanna cum yet.” he whined as he grabbed your hips. You slowly moved up and down, with his aid, you were still sensitive from your high and couldn’t take anything too quick yet. 

“I need you to move faster.” “I can’t.” you said, your voice was muffled as you had rested your face on his shoulder. “Please, baby. We don’t have to take it to 100, just a little more.” he told you and so you moved a little quicker. “Fuck, you feel so good, babygirl.” he moaned as he threw his head back. “Jungkook~” you whined as you felt yourself becoming overstimulated. “I’m so close, just a little more, baby, a little quicker.” he muttered as you sped up your pace, however Jungkook was too impatient and thrust into you as you moved above him. “Fuck you.” you moaned as he thrust into you, “Do you like it when I’m rough? Do you like it when I fuck you like this? Anyone could walk into this studio, do you like to know that anyone could see you on top of me, like this?” “Fuck, keep going.” the pain of overstimulation quickly turned into pleasure and you felt your second high approach. “Baby, I’m so close.” you whined as you gripped onto his shoulders. “Cum for me, baby.” he growled as he thrust into you harder. Soon, he had you screaming from your climax, he thrust into you for a little longer to reach his own high and when he did, he released into you while slowing down his sporadic thrusts. “That was great.” he laughed as he pulled out of you. “Thanks for the stress relief, honey. I should probably get back to work. Where did you throw my clothes?” you laughed. “Over there, have you got any tissue? We gotta clean up a bit.” he chuckled and you signed that the tissue was on your desk. After he cleaned you and himself up, you pulled on your jeans and panties and got back to work. 

Twenty minutes had passed and you had gotten hungry again, all the fried chicken was gone and you had no snacks on hand. You turned to look at Jungkook but to your surprise he was still sat there with his dick out. “What are you doing? Why haven’t you got your jeans on again?” “I got tired and I’m too lazy to, can you do for me? I’ll treat you to another meal.” he cooed, you gave in to his antics, once again. “You’re lucky that I’m hungry.”

 EVERY STEP OF THE WAY (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Bellamy an reader imagine where reader is pregnant with Bellamy’s baby after a drunken night an reader confess to him that its his an he wants to raise it with her but they dont tell eachother how they feel. Murphy is both their best friend and teases bellamy about situation cause he is the god father.Then one of the hundred tries to kill her an they confess. With fluff


A/N: hi I decided to make it as a grounder tries to kill her just because i couldn’t think of any reason or situation why one of the 100 would xoxo hope u like it

Today is the day it was suddenly real. For a while, the thought of having Bellamy had taken over your senses. You’re not sure if it was your survival mode kicking in, being on the ground and everything, or if you just needed to stop gawking over the 100′s leader. 

You had wrestled with your inappropriate thoughts of Bellamy to the point that you actively avoided being alone with him. He didn’t notice much, but he could tell something about you was off. And he wanted to know what it was.

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April Maclean - BBC Class (for @efferveseance)

Thank you for requesting this!! I love April so much and honestly I can’t believe I hadn’t made an aesthetic for her before, so thank you for reminding me!! (also I finally watched the last episode of Class yesterday and I am dead help)

If you have a request feel free to send in an ask, but please check this page before sending :)

you fool. you fucking idiot. do you have any idea of the power you are calling to be unleashed? there is a reason his eyebrows were sealed that is far beyond our mortal comprehension. do you realize exactly what you are requesting? I do not think you do. if humanity truly wishes for this - for its imminent destruction - or rather, that is the word which most accurately describes the phenomenon that will occur when I show you… then I will do so, as I cannot go against the will of humanity, despite the will being what it is. you have been fucking warned.

Can you do a napping with Zoro, Luffy, and Law scenario! Sorry if its a bother requested by @voidygal

A/N: I hope you like it! I didn’t really do napping ALONE, idk i had to think of something else like storywise….i hope that’s Ok… tell me what you guys think wohooo (and btw its not a bother don’t worry im very happy about requests!!!)


You never were the kind of person to just go and nap somewhere. It didn’t quite make sense to you; why waste the day to sleep, when you have the whole night to do so? You’d rather lay somewhere and watch the sea or do something productive, maybe talk to your friends but sleeping when the sun was out? Never. At least before you meet a certain someone.

That someone, a green haired someone to be honest, was the reason you caught yourself sleeping day after day in the daylight. It was not that you wanted to sleep, it was just the warmth that came from his arms or the smell that lulled you into a light sleep and before you could catch yourself, you fell asleep.

Zoro didn’t mind though. Actually, he really did like to see you sleep, it was something that calmed him down and ever since the adventures of the strawhat crew got more dangerous by day, he found himself longing for something to calm his nerves, something that could make him relax, make him feel safe. That something was you.

“Zoro…”, you whisper from the side of the room he was currently in. “Don’t you think it’s enough? You’ll hurt yourself, if you don’t stop.”

You were worried sick. A few days ago, your boyfriend had gotten into yet another fight with Sanji, but this time, he must have said something that made his ego hurt. He had been training for days straight, barely talking to you, barely talking to anyone, actually.

“No, I won’t.”, he mumbled back, not bothering to look up to you from where he was seated, lifting weights as if his life depends on it. His skin was glistening with sweat, a sight that made you gulp, but you pushed those thoughts away quickly. Angrily you walked into the room.

“Yes, you will! Why do you suddenly care about what Sanji says to you?”, you crossed your arms over your chest. Yes, Sanji was your friend and one of your crewmates, but honestly? Both of them are just completely senseless when it comes to fighting each other. “Just, I don’t know, at least take a break from whatever you’re trying to achieve.”, you added a bit more softer.

“Cant.”, he whispered back, put the weights away and looked at you. For a second you could feel him muster you, his eyes wandering from the top of your head to your toes. “I need to show him that I’m better. And stronger. And better.”

“Seriously?”, you rolled your eyes, this was just too childish. “Please come and take a break, just ten minutes.”




“Please?”, you tried again, this time trying your best to make him give in. “Let’s take a quick nap… just a tiny one.”

He hesitates, you stay silent. His gaze starts to wander, as if he’s trying to find an excuse to stay, but after a while you break the silence. “I won’t leave, if you don’t come with me.”

He stands up, sighing. He takes a towel and dries his sweat, but doesn’t care to do something else. The both of you leave the room, you smiling happily and him right behind you, groggily walking along and a slight blush on his cheeks.

The both of you enter your room, a bed in the corner just big enough for the both of you and a lot of plants all around you. Raindrops were quietly hitting against the little window, making the room look even cozier than before.
You let yourself fall down on the bed, feeling the mattress shift from the weight on the right side of you, after he lets himself down as well.

“Just a few minutes.”, he reminds, his blush turning into a deeper color and his eyes staying glued onto the ceiling. “…not more, right?”

You hum quietly and lay your head onto his chest, your arm hugging him lightly from the side. For a second he freezes, even though he’s been in this situation with you for a million times now. After a while, he relaxes and hugs you as well, pushing you closer to his side. His hand slowly starts to stroke your hair carefully, afraid to break you.

“Just a few minutes…”, he mumbles again, barely making a sound as his eyes fall closed. You snuggle closer to him, inhaling his scent and humming quietly afterwards.

You don’t really care about him being a bit sweaty, you don’t really care about the footsteps echoing around the ship as your captain runs from one room into another. The only thing you care about is his steady heartbeat, how it speeds up every time you plant a little kiss on his chest and how his rhythm seems to match yours perfectly, even after you both fall asleep. Just a few minutes turn into half an hour, half an hour turns into one hour, one hour into two…


It had been a horrible day. A very horrible day, to be honest.

You were seated somewhere on the deck, watching the waves for what felt like hours now, even though it had only been about twenty minutes since Franky had left. The sun was glaring at you from above, making everything feel just a tiny bit worse.

The day had started perfectly: the sun waking you up, a deliciously made breakfast from Sanji, a beautiful little song by brook, a cute peck on the cheek from Luffy.. everything had been perfect. But then it happened.

You were walking around, not doing much in particular when you felt the first cramp. Stopping your walk, you hissed, but ignored it anyways, deciding that it probably wasn’t something to worry about. But you were wrong. The second cramp followed shortly after, the third one right behind.

Groaning in pain you had held onto your stomach. Something was wrong. You thought for a second, could it been the food? No, Sanji would never give you something that would hurt you. It must have been something else, a virus maybe.

After a while, you decided to walk to Chopper, maybe ask him for his opinion, but a few steps later, you realized that it wouldn’t be that easy. Your stomach started to turn, your head started to spin and your feet dragged you to the side of the ship, where you emptied your stomach quickly. It was horrible.

Franky, who had been standing a few feet away from you, quickly came running to you. “Oi, Y/N! Are you alright?”

Not being able to say anything, you shook your head and decided to sit on the little chair not far away. “I’ll go and get Chopper and Luffy! Don’t go anywhere!”, and then he went off.

Even in your state, you couldn’t help but shake your head. Of course you won’t go anywhere, you are barely able to stand on two feet. Time kept passing by, and soon, minutes flew by like the birds in the sky. Hell, how hard could it be to get Chopper and Luffy? But as if they had heard your thoughts, the two of them ran towards you, Franky following close by.

“Y/N! Franky told me you were dying!”, your boyfriend yelled. He crouched down next to you, his face showing his worry for you.

“I’m not dying.”, you said, your voice hoarse from the pain. “I hope.”, you added, trying to make the situation a bit lighter, but it didn’t work. Luffy was worrying even more, his eyes staring at you deeply and you felt your heart jump.

“Let me see,” Chopper said and pushed Luffy a bit away from you. He started to ask you questions, what you ate, what you did, what you did yesterday and so on. After his questions had stopped, he nodded. “It’s nothing bad, you just need to stay in bed for a while.”

You nodded as well and tried to stand up, but lost your balance shortly afterwards. Luckily, Luffy caught you. He hugged you close, using his devilfruit skills to wrap his arms around you not just once, no, eight times.

He brought you to your room and sat you down on the bed. “Thanks.”, you mumbled.

“Do you want me to bring you some meat? Maybe this will help?”, he asks you. “Meat always makes me feel better, I’m sure it will work!”, he adds brightly and turns around, ready to leave and get the food when you grab his arm.

“No, I think I just want to sleep for a bit.”, you say and try to bring him closer to you, but instead of him coming closer, his arm just starts to get longer.

“Oh. Okay. I’ll tell Sanji to make you something delicious for later then!”, he starts to walk again, his arm stretching more and more.

“No, L-Luffy!”, you yell, your stomach turning again. “Please, can you come lay down with me?”

He looks at you curiously and confused. “Will this help make you feel better?” You nod slowly and he smiles, his huge sunshine smile. “Okay!”

The both of you lay down on the bed and yet again Luffy wraps his arms around you a million times, but you can’t complain. It feels nice to be in his arms like that.

You bury your head into his shoulder and try to concentrate on his smell, the feeling of his skin against yours and his breathing, anything but the ache still prominent in your body. After a while, you start to feel tired, your eyelids growing heavier by the second and your mind slowly drifting off into the clouded world of dreams.

You still register Luffy snuggling closer to you however, rubbing his head softly against yours like a little puppy and you smile. You think he must have been tired as well, because shortly, his breathing starts to even.

Time passes by and the last thing you hear, is him whispering something about how good you smell, almost better than meat. But just almost… and then you fall asleep.


Being a member of the heart pirates was amazing and you loved lots of things about it. You loved the bond between you and your crew mates, how you could always count on them and your captain, no matter what happened. Even though it had a lot of good aspects, it also had some bad ones.

You being completely stressed, for example.

It wasn’t your task to help all of your crew mates, it really wasn’t but also… it kind of was. You were the one they always came to with their problems and questions and honestly… it was exhausting.

On one particular day, you couldn’t bear it anymore. “How do you ask someone out?” - “Do you think I would die, if I ate only pancakes?” - “What’s the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’?” And your absolute favorite one for the day: “Y/N, is Captain a good kisser? Please don’t tell him I asked you that!”

After a few hours of you trying your best to help everyone, you decided that you needed a break. Exhausted and a bit annoyed you left the deck and went inside the submarine, a slight headache thumping evenly against your forehead.

You went for the kitchen, ready to make you a nice, warm cup of tea but decided against it. Your mood will probably affect the others trying to eat, or worse, your presence will make someone think of a weird question again, which they’re dying to ask you. So, nope. You won’t go there.

Your feet dragged you to your own room, your mood falling more and more, so much that you didn’t even realize you were walking straight past Law, who was asking you if you were alright.

You opened the door to your room and let yourself fall down on your bed, face first when you finally heard Law.

“Y/N? Are you alright?”, he asked and walked into the room. He didn’t wear his hat, which you didn’t see, because your face was buried deeply into the pillows.

“Yeah. Just exhausted.”, you tried to say, but your words got swallowed by the pillows underneath you. You sat up and repeated yourself, this time looking straight at him.

“Hm,” He sat down next to you on the bed. “Maybe you should nap for a bit. It will make you feel better.”

“Will you join me?”, you asked. He was already here with you, he might as well stay and spend some time with you.

“Do you want me to?” You nodded. “Alright then. I guess I can take a little break.”

He pushed the blanket a bit down, enough for him to get inside and let you lay down right next to him. You were laying face to face, your hand grabbing his shirt tightly and your head snuggled into the blanket.

He put his hand over yours and started to slowly stroke his thumb down your hand, making you relax instantly.

“Tell me what was bothering you.”, he said softly and even though your eyes were closed, you could feel him staring at you.

“Nothing, I wasn’t feeling well, that’s everything.”

“Don’t lie, Y/N.”

You huffed. Of courses he knew you were lying. You snuggled closer into the blanket and opened your eyes a bit.

“The crew… they were asking me so many things.. it was so, ugh, I don’t know. I was feeling weird.”, you let your eyes wander down his face, studying every little detail about him. “It wasn’t weird because of them, it was rather weird, because sometimes I didn’t knew what to answer.”

To your surprise, his lips started to curve slightly upwards. Trafalgar Law was not someone who was easy to make smile, it was very hard actually. Sure, you could say you were the best one in doing so, but still.

“You’re…”, he started and his eyes turned a bit brighter, a bit warmer, a bit… more in love. “…adorable.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Sure.”, he brought his hand to your hair and started to massage your scalp, which made you close your eyes again. A deep sigh left your lips. “What kind of questions did they ask you?”

You snorted. “Someone asked me about your kisses,” you said. “Guess who it was.”

“Bepo.” Instantly.

You laughed. “Bingo.”

You could hear him shake his head. “So, what did you tell him?”

“Told him they were horrible.” You teased and giggled right after. Of course you didn’t say that, but it was fun to tease him.

“You’re the worst.”, he mumbled and pushed you into his chest. You inhaled his scent and hummed in content. Yeah, you were definitely in love. “What did you really say?”

“I didn’t answer, it was just too weird.”, you laughed again and felt your body become more tired by the second. You just wanted to sleep.

Neither of you spoke for a while, both of you just enjoying the company. You fell asleep first, he didn’t. You didn’t know Law liked to watch you, when you sleep. To be honest, he didn’t want you to know, it was weird.

But he still did it, because it made him feel good. It made him feel safe, it made him appreciate who he was, simply because he had you with him.

When you woke up again, about two hours later, you were alone. You touched the side of the bed, where Law had been laying and felt it to be still a bit warm, so he must have left not too long ago. You were about to turn around and sleep some more, when the door to your room broke open. You screamed.

“I told you to not tell him about my question, Y/N!”


fan meeting ft jimin

lil fluff

now was your moment. you were about to meet the men that you loved, appreciated, and watched for the longest.

just as you were on/in the planes and car, you were a shaking mess. not only were you nervous about meeting them but you were also nervous about how your korean would sound. you learned a few phrases and things to say to them but you were unsure if you could say it…to their faces.

“was this real? did i really? how did i get so lucky?” you asked yourself in your head as you moved up in the line.

now was the moment.

first in line was jin ; the talk with him was bless to you because it calmed your nerves. he was a funny (and handsome) guy and he even complimented your hair in english. he was cute. “do you know annyeonghaseyo?” you told him yes and then said it. he was shookt.

namjoon ; he was really happy to see you. “you really came here to see us? we really have the best fans inda worrl.” his dimples seemed much deeper in person and so did his voice. he was fine as hell, he even held your hand and his were soft. those calmed nerves? weren’t so calm now.

jungkook : he told you how pretty you were at least ten times. he told you that you really stood out and that being different is a good thing when he realized how nervous you were. he said it in broken english but it was cute.

taehyung ; he made you laugh more than jin. and damn, he looked good. you kept wondering about the type of highlight they used. he played with your fingers..a lot. he raised his eyebrows and did that proud smile that he loves to do everytime he talked to you (in english ofc).

yoongi ; stared into your soul. now he really sucks with english so the sentences that you learned came in handy. he did try is best to talk to you in english. “you’re foreigner?” “how are you?” he high fived you at least fifty times.

hoseok ; yeah he was/is a literal sunshine. his smile had you weak at the knees. he’s a sweetheart and he smelled so good. he let you touch his dimples and you let him poke at your cheek. the whole interaction was cute af.

after you said goodbye to hoseok and moved on to the next and last person, your bias (jimin) was right in front of you. at this point, you were on the verge of tears cause damn..park jimin looked like an angel. the angel that you were finally about to meet. he smiled brightly at you and reached out his hand for you to high five.

after you high fived him, he spoke. “uhh..what is…your name?”

although you were nervous, you couldn’t show it now. you could’ve been sweating bullets at the moment but the pep talk that you continuously gave yourself prevented you from doing so. you opened up your mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“hey? are you..okay?” jimin asked as he started to get worried.

after he said that, you finally came back to earth. you started to smile again once you saw his face. “sorry. my name is y/n.” you spoke in korean.

“ohh you can speak korean? that’s good, I thought that I was gonna have to speak english. i’m so bad at it i should improve my ski-”

“i can’t speak korean. i can speak a little.” your cheeks started to get hot because for one, you wanted to slap his neck and for two, you were embarrassed.

he laid back in his chair and mouthed ‘ohhh’ but quickly sat back up. “your..way you talk is..cute!”

“pronunciation?” you asked in korean.

“yes! what…are you…here in korea for? just us?” he asked you.

you nodded and smiled widely. “yes, i came from w/y/l just to see you guys.”

“wow…i..my heart…special…feel.” he put his hand over his heart and grabbed one of yours. “y/n you’re amazing.”

you were basically putty in his hands once he said your name. never in a million years did you think that you would be this blessed. first off, he said your name which sent chills throughout your body and secondly, he was holding onto your hand like his life depended on it.

“i love you..” you said, completely mesmerized in his eyes. although that was a slip, you just pretended as though you didn’t just say that. it was true though, you loved him.

“i love you too y/n.” he said, with the most sincere tone that you had ever heard.

suddenly, you were told to move to the right and away from the table. for some reason, jimin didn’t want to let go of your hand. he said one last thing before your hands were completely separated. "come back…to see me…us! i want to..see you again!“

“okay!” you shouted back at him before you were guided out of the building.

you were now determined to see them/him a second time. and little did you know that jimin was thinking about you back there just as much as you were thinking about him.


A ground zero forgotten

The Marshall Islands, once a U.S. nuclear test site, face oblivion again

In 2001, an independent nuclear-claims tribunal awarded the RMI $2.3 billion in health and property damages, but there was no mechanism to force the United States to pay it. Washington does not consider itself liable beyond the original settlement and points to the additional tens of millions of dollars it grants every year to environmental, food and health-care programs.

The problem? These sector grants are decreasing yearly until 2023, when they expire. Plenty of treasure has already been lost in the clumsy merger between a Western economy of cold hard cash and a feudalistic society in which traditional chiefs and landowners hold sway.

What Americans consider welfare, the Marshallese consider normal historical function: Fish, coconuts and other perishables were given to the chief to distribute promptly and fairly, to avoid waste and to keep the peace. Then America, with its deep pockets, became the de facto high chief.

Now, a new trust fund is being capitalized by the United States at a rate of $12 million to $16 million a year to provide a life jacket for the RMI economy after 2023. But this fund would be just as vulnerable to hasty distribution as existing trusts, which have been siphoned at times by the Marshallese.

“I think the U.S. acquitted itself reasonably,” says a U.S. policy adviser on the Marshall Islands who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak for the federal government. “We did a horrible thing, but we provided compensation, and then a lot more.”

The Marshallese culture is rooted in a history of resource sharing, ecological balance, of an intimate knowledge of how the winds blow, how the waves break, how the stars slip across the sky. Over the past 70 years, though, victimhood, corruption and dependency have produced a different kind of fallout.

“We have basically destroyed a culture,” says Glenn Alcalay, an anthropology professor at New Jersey’s Montclair State University who took part in Greenpeace’s second evacuation of Rongelap in 1985. “We’ve stolen their future. When you take the future from a people, you’ve destroyed them.”

School!AU NCT Dream

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Anonymous said: Hello, this is probably a weird request ( you don’t have to do it) But being the only girl in dream would include??? If you do it thank you. Love your work

Anonymous said: Being the only girl in dream would include??? Thank you.

A/N: ok so this is probably not what u guys meant but gjrhgjrhgjhzjg see me and my friend were discussing this and we thought ‘,,damn i dont think s.m would rlly have a reason to randomly put a girl in nct dream’ and this is actually a v weird request BUT there’s always smth for everything rite and so i decided to make this kind of a school au??agjrhgjh it’s going to be based on the anime ouran high school host club and i rlly rlly hope u enjoy this!!!!<3

  • ok so basically
  • ur a new girl at school and it’s not j u s t a school its a school for rlly rich kids
  • and honestly u have no idea how u got into that school but apparently one of ur aunts worked there and she thought that u would like to go to that school!!!
  • she’s a rlly cool and chill aunt
  • and she even showed u around the school and gave u ur uniform for FREE bc it actually cost like probs smth around 100 dollars but lol do u think i would pay that
  • anways
  • mind u it’s a school day
  • and there r students walking around and they’re all pretty much staring at u and ur like ‘,,,haha’ bc pls 
  • so ur aunt tells u to change ur clothes in the bathroom so u can try out a day at school and if u don’t like it u won’t have to go ahjfehjhe
  • ofc u change ur clothes quickly
  • but when u leave the bathroom u see that ur aunt isn’t there anymore and ur like “shit.”
  • obviously you’ll have to look for her and it’s :”)) bc u don’t KNOW where she could be
  • suddenly tho!!
  • ping ping
  • a message from ur aunt!!
  • she texted u saying that the principal called her and she had to go back to her office and if u were done that u could just go to her office
  • problem is
  • you don’t know where the office is
  • yikes
  • so you’re there, in a huge ass school that look like a castle and somehow you’re aunt expects you to find your way to her office 
  • gr8
  • u end up knocking on each door and opening them which is kind of embarrassing sometimes seeing that there are classes :))
  • okay but there was this one door that kind of gave u weird vibes???
  • but still u knocked lmao bc why not 
  • no one answered????
  • but for some reason the door opened???
  • ofc u open it a bit more and walk in
  • probably expecting to find ur aunt b u t
  • it’s not ur aunt
  • when u open the door, instead of finding ur lovely aunt u find 7 boys and literally you’re so confused like bois dont u have class
  • ok but lbr tho
  • you’d probably stare at them for a good minute bc like
  • shit they’re all so cute????what the???
  • obviously they’re staring at u too bc like ??what’s a girl doing here??
  • ajhjghjehg there r two bois tho, jeno and jaemin and they both walk over to u and they’re like “hello there~”
  • ur still a bit shook but u say hello too
  • still highkey confused as to what the fuck’s happening
  • and u ask them who they are and they’re like “we’re a music club!!we’re the dream team ^^“
  • and their leader mark lee, presents u to all of them 
  • afhjehrjgh and basically u end up staying w these 7 bois the whole day
  • and they’re like “y/n!!!!we’re ur friends now right??”
  • ofc ur like “yes??”
  • and that’s the start to ur friendship w the dream team
  • everyone at school refers to u as ‘the girl in the dream team’
  • ahfjrhg ur not actually in the team but ur a friend of them who just hangs out w them all the time??
  • like ur not in their music team but ur still one of their best friends
  • tbh they’d always go to u for advice w girls
  • or advice on their clothing
  • if ur on ur period tho
  • do not worry
  • bc they will be so careful ajfehjfh AND they’ll buy u every food u want
  • nana and jeno would call u princess afjhefjejf
  • ur donghyuck’s n.1 target tho for pranks rip
  • and jisung and chenle’s pranks
  • basically u always get pranked
  • its ok bc renjun will scold them 
  • also u can always go to renjun when you’ve got any problems w schoolwork
  • ajhefhef mark is also always taking care of u
  • basically ur like super loved within the whole group
  • but who knows
  • maybe one of them fell in love w u
  • ;)

Hi guys, I’m sorry I think I need to reduce making requests for a small while and the reason is that I really need to eat and buy my meds, so I’m doing commissions! Anything is appreciated! Every piece is fully coloured and any fandom is fine! You can send me an email to pakastinprinssi[at]gmail.com

What Are We Waiting For

Request: can I request a Bucky/reader? one where the reader is apart of the Avengers but she’s like super shy and is like: high ponytail,wears glasses,always in her room reading) and one day she overhears the Avengers making a comment about her not being able to seduce a man on a mission? so the reader starts to act flirty and wear more revealing clothes. the Avengers know something’s wrong so Bucky confronts her? Thanks! Xx

Words: 1180

Warnings: None I don’t think

Sorry about not posting guys! Tumblr wouldn’t let me post for some reason but its all ok now x

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Friday night. It always would be the best night of the week since everyone would take the night off and missions would tend to be finished. To say it was a relief from the end of the week was an understatement. Alcohol would be poured, courtesy of Tony, and the craziest snacks would be shared around. The night always seemed to end up with someone eating chillies or drinking the worst vodka out there.

Did anyone mind? Not really.

Sliding on to the arm of the sofa, next to Natasha, you ushered over Tony bearing your drinks. Vodka martini. It was strong, yes, but boy did you need it. After all, what would a Friday night be without a bit of alcohol in it?

“So… Y/N,” started Natasha, smirking already. She had something up her sleeve, you could tell.  “Hm?” you turned to her, looking down at her grinning face.

“You and that guy on the mission; how did that go?” she laughed, you realising exactly what she meant. It wasn’t a big secret that the female avengers used their femininity to get where they needed to go. The biggest culprit to that was Natasha of course, but she was at least good at it.

It wasn’t that you were bad or you couldn’t be sexy but it wasn’t exactly down your alley. Natasha had tried to get you to be better but it never really seemed to work. After all, you weren’t a willing student.

“Well I completed the mission, didn’t I?” you answered sharply, sipping on your drink.

“That’s not what I asked,” smiled Natasha, knowing she had well and truly stitched you up. You glanced around the room, Steve, Bucky, Tony, Vision, Clint and Wanda all watching and listening closely.  “Well it’s not like I am going to get off with someone in the middle of a mission, Nat, unless that’s what you’re suggesting I do,” you replied, turning to walk to the bar to grab yourself another drink. “Pft, whatever,” sighed Natasha, clearly knowing you had given up on her. “I just was wondering if it was because you couldn’t lure him in, you know?” she cackled.

“Aha, alright whatever you say Natasha,” you laughed, giving up on arguing with her and just laughing it off. In the end, Natasha would always be your best friend, whether she had stitched you up or not.


Despite Natasha only joking about you, the words had seemed to have a mighty affect you. Were you really that bad at flirting? Could you flirt anyway?

Shifting through your wardrobe, hauling out multiple items, you glared over to sheer top. Did you really have to speak to be flirty? Sliding on the blouse, you buttoned up the top, leaving more than one button undone. Glaring at yourself in the mirror, you admired your look, finishing it off with sleek leather trousers and boot heels. You had left the top un done just enough so you could express some cleavage without showing your bra, and topping your lashes with mascara, you left your dorm.

The outfit didn’t necessarily make you feel more confident but as more and more compliments piled in, you were more than satisfied with your attire. With Natasha nodding over to you from the other side of the breakfast bar, you hurried her over, ready to talk.

“You look sexy!” she smiled, admired your ass from in the leather pants. Chuckling you turned to the fridge, taking out the milk. “Has Bucky seen it yet?” she smirked, clearly knowing your secret. If you had ever gotten this many compliments before you would have probably attempted to at least flirt with Bucky, but with the shy awkwardness of you dwelling over you persistently, you always chose against it. “Shh!” you hushed her. “And no, not yet. Do you think he should?” you asked, keeping the volume down so no one would hear. “Heck, yeah!” she beamed. “You look stunning and he is going to loose his mind when he sees you, especially since he likes you!” she chuckled, knowing it would get to you. “He doesn’t like me Natasha. Stop lying!” you laughed. When she didn’t reply, you turned round to look for her and it appeared to you she was looking down the hallway. You didn’t need to see who she was looking at. It was obvious.

Bucky was down there, accompanied with Steve.

“Have fun, hun!” she giggled before leaving you alone in the breakfast bar. Sighing, you packed away the milk, taking your cereal and heading for the sofa. As you strolled over, more confident in your heels, Bucky and Steve passed through to the breakfast bar, clearly grabbing their protein shakes.

As they huffed and pattered in the bar, you could hear their constant whispering and muttering below the sound of the drawers. Choosing to ignore them, trying to calm down your heart beat as Bucky remained in the room, you focused on the TV.

“Alright, you stay here, I’ll go to the apartment,” exclaimed Steve, leaving you alone Bucky which only panicked you more. “Alright,”

Digging into your cereal, you felt the sofa dip as Bucky huffed down next to you, clearly tired from work out. “So… you look super nice today,” he smiled, pulling a toothy grin as he downed his shake. “Thanks, I just thought I would do something a bit out there, you know?” you replied, turning to him.

“Well, there is nothing wrong with out there, but are you sure this isn’t because of last night?” he asked, clearly already sussing you out. “What do you mean? Of course not,” you answered, slightly panicking.

“Well, just so you know, you don’t have to dress like this to get guys. I know a lot of them like boobs and stuff but if you ever wanted a real guy, you would never have to dress like this. But of course, if you want to, then there is nothing stopping you,” he finished, turning to look at you intently. “Cos maybe you haven’t found the right guy yet,”

“Oh yeah?” you replied.

“Yeah, well I am sure there is someone super nice and lovely and you just haven’t realised it yet,” he added, making you weary. Was this him flirting or was this him shutting you down? Nothing made sense, it just seemed to confuse everything even more. “Yeah, I think I understand, I guess…” you answered, slightly awkward.

Sighing, Bucky sat up, facing you straight in the eye. It wasn’t intimidating but to say you were comfortable would be a lie. “I mean, I always wondered… no I just thought… ahhh, this is hard to say.” He spluttered, clearly getting flustered. “So if you haven’t met the right guy yet, what would you say if he was facing you, in front of you right now?” he finished, not daring to look you in the eyes. Smiling and blushing, you glanced away slightly, trying to bring yourself into reality. Did Bucky just ask you out?

“I would say what are we waiting for…”

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Confessions (Hayes Grier)

Hayes’s POV:
As soon as I told the guys I was leaving to check on Y/N they all made fun of me, but at this point I didn’t care. For months, I’ve had to deal with them teasing us about when we were finally gonna hook up, and how whipped I was. And secretly, I kind of agreed with them. I’d been waiting for a good time to tell Y/N that I really liked her, and I wanted to be with her. Looks like she took care of that conversation for me.

Everyone knew Y/N was extremely honest when she was drunk. Whether it be rude, or extremely personal, she never stopped talking. For once, I was grateful for it. Right now though, I had to focus on getting to her and her friends. Apparently they had gone to one of the only clubs in LA that allowed people under 21 in and still managed to get kicked out.

As I pulled up quickly, I immediately noticed them standing on a corner near the building, jackets wrapped around themselves and laughing. After quickly parking, I approached them.

“You ladies okay?”

“Hayes!” Y/N called out, “When did you get here?”

“Just now,” I explained as she looked at me dazed.

She bust out laughing. “Oh, that makes soo much more sense.”

“Do you guys need a ride home?” I asked them all. It would be a squeeze but there was no way I’d leave them drunk on a street corner in the middle of the night.

One of her friends, Elle I think it was, said “Nah we called an Uber maybe 10 minutes ago, we’re good.” She grabbed Y/N’s arm and pushed her towards me. “You can take her though. Don’t want her to get us kicked out of the Uber too.”

A van pulled up and everyone piled in aside from me and Y/N. I led her back to my car as she giggled at random things and jokes I had no chance of getting.

It took a minute to get her in. “Let’s get you home okay?”

She just nodded as we drove off.

“So how did you get kicked out of the club?”

“There was this security guard, really grumpy dude,” she stopped to laugh. “And he kept being grumpy, wouldn’t let some people in because apparently they were at,” she made quotation marks with her hands, “’full cap city’ or something like that.”

“Full capacity?” I suggested.

“Yeah that! Either way I told him he was full of shit and he was being a meanie for not letting those nice people in. Then he called me ‘hon’ and told me to sit down. So I made it clear that I wasn’t a ‘hon’ and I didn’t appreciate his remark.”

“So he kicked you all out?”

“No, I may have also told him that his head was shinier than a brand new penny and that his skinny jeans weren’t cute. Also I had no clue how he could have such chicken legs with such a thick upper body. Then he kicked me out, and luckily my friends came out with me.”

I rolled my eyes but couldn’t help smiling and laughing a little bit. She hit me.

“It’s not funny,” she said, even though she was laughing.

A minute later I changed the subject. “So I got your texts.”

“What texts?”

Oh god. Did one of her friends take her phone to prank her? “You know, the ones where you said you had to talk to me, and you told me… you know.”

“I told you what?”

“That you liked me.”

“I sent those to you?” Her eyes were wide in disbelief.

“Well, yah. Seemed like you knew you were talking to me too. Aside from the end when you said not to tell me, even though you were talking to me.”

“I didn’t think I hit send,” she smacked her forehead, seeming closer to sober than she had all night.

“You did. We had a whole conversation, how do you not remember? So… is it true?”

She took a breath, “Yes, okay? I’m sorry, I know we’re supposed to be best friends but I caught feelings.” I sat quietly, thinking about everything she said before she spoke up again. “Does this change things between us?” She asked as we pulled up to the apartment she shared with one of her friends.

“Yes,” I said easily. “Come on, let’s get you inside.”

I could feel her pensiveness as we walked in and knew I should tell her how I felt but if she couldn’t remember the texts she might not remember a conversation. We’d talk in the morning.

I tucked her into her bed in the party clothes she wore and she fell asleep almost immediately. I kissed her forehead quickly and whispered, “I like you too,” then turned off her light and went to lay on her couch. Making the girl of my dreams mine could wait until the morning.


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Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. Sorry its been a minute since I’ve been on, not nearly as long as last time, but like ¾ days. To the requester, I hope you liked it. I know in the last one you mentioned doing it through text so I decided to keep that, then added a little normal writing. Also, part 2 anyone? It’d be a minute ‘cuz I have some requests to do but I think it’d be cool. I have ideas in my head for it already, but I kind of like the simple ending I left. Also speaking of requests, I know I don’t respond immediately when you request but I do see it and have it planned I swear! If I answer your request its not in my inbox and I forget. The only reason I’d reply to your request before writing it is if I can’t do it, so don’t worry. Anyway, see y’all in the next one!