i think it's a drawing of a poop

Ivy By Dreamy 94

I drew them based on a ref sheet @dreamy94-poop-infos @dreamy94 made of them one time. I believe they are supposed to be a kid of one of the many Charas and Frisks Dreamy has (which mind you are all the most precious babs)

Check out their blogs blogs if you can and I don’t know why I decided to draw her in a grass skirt and dog leggings. 

Probably becuase I think its cute x3


i think its hilarious that i began my descent into shipping as a wee child by drawing ship fan comics and here I am once again, many years later, as these hands move of their own accord and produce more ship comics. (was talkin’ to my friend svid @seenewperspectives bc she’s thinking about writing a fun plot-centric ship-happy post-700 thing that had nejiten :’3c) 

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Best moment you've had working on TFBW so far would be..?

Getting to draw Creek for the game definitely ranks up at the top!! I can’t wait to share my pieces someday. ._. I enjoyed drawing in an anime style so much that I wouldn’t mind doing some more not for the game sometime. 

Other than that it’s hard to think of a standout moment. It’s a project that’s had a lot of its challenges, as well as a lot of fun or goofy moments. There are some silly animations I got to do that I wish I could share because they’re so ridiculous. I know the animation I was most stupidly proud of on Stick of Truth was an animation of Mr. Kitty pooping in the sandbox that goes by in an instant at the beginning of the game. Sometimes it’s the little dumb things that you remember best.

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What happened to that one reverse au comic that you made with davey and max nsfw? Was that you or am I thinking of someone else

Mmmfhgs even tho half of the poop i draw isnt cosher im gonna leave those doodles off my blog lol, the link is floating around somewhere on the blog of the person who requested it bbbbut its also on my Twitter

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hi feasts!! ive been following u forever and i was wondering if u had any tips on how to draw profiles?? ive been trying so hard but they always look like poop emoji. ur art is so beautiful and nice so if u have any wisdom to share i will cry and thank u from now until the moment i cease to exist


mine look like poop emoji too!! so im not confident that i can give the best advice, but i do at least have a few things i can say

i think a lot of people make the mistake of drawing the eyes and mouth the same way as if they were drawing them from the front. its important to keep in mind that these things look different from the side:

a lot of stuff that isnt too obvious from the front can be made a lot more obvious from the side, for example the shape of the nose and jawline. like if you’ve ever messed around in the sims (or any 3d character creation) and something looks great from the front but then you rotate it to the side and realize you made their eyes really sunken or gave them an overbite when you didnt mean to…. so profiles are a p good opportunity to show off these kinds of characteristics

if youre having trouble keeping your proportions or positioning right but youve got them down for your front views, something that helped me in the past was figuring out positioning for facial features first from the front and then just kind of rotating them to the side. we can mess around with nishiki for example:

kept track of the bottom of the chin, the top of the head, the height of the eyes, where the nose/mouth/eyebrows are, where the ears start and end

and of course references are always a ton of help!! to start you off, posemaniacs has rotatable models and you can get a really nice breakdown of everything from them. and if you can get in a lot of practice drawing from life, that’s the best for learning anything really ^ q^..

thank you!! sorry i couldnt be of more help!

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So I'm in the process of drawing my favourite Magi character, Judal, and his hair is something I've always loved, but dread drawing because its so damn ridiculous, but then I suddenly got very intense feelings about the way you draw hair, like...oh man, it's always so fluid and touchable looking, all I could think is "lord give me stripesandteeth's hair drawing strength" as I went in to draw his anal-bead looking hair.

W-what a coincidence…. he’s my favorite too. I haven’t gone too much in depth with Magi yet, but I adore the poop out of him.

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(same anon) OR bucky's kid is absolutely set on dad quitting his moping and dating people again and his/her new art teacher steve looks like a disney prince and is so nice and dad you HAVE TO ASK MR. ROGERS OUT

Mr. Rogers has golden hair.

It takes Monty a few art classes to notice. They only have art once a week, and he’s usually busy trying to draw or collage puppies, because he really wants a puppy, and thinks that if he makes a lot of art of puppies then maybe daddy will get one for him. But then Mr. Rogers bends down, grabs a crayon from where it rolled off the table and Monty gets a really good look at his golden hair. When Mr. Rogers stands up, he puts the crayon back on the table, and says, “Another puppy?” Mr. Rogers asks.

Monty nods. “I want a puppy.”

“What kind of puppy?”

Monty shrugs. “Any puppy.” He pauses, then adds, “You should talk to my daddy, then you can come pick out a puppy with us.”

Mr. Rogers chuckles. “I’m not sure that your dad would want me to come pick out your puppy.”

Monty smirks. “You don’t know that,” he says.

Mr. Rogers is, admittedly, a little fearful of what Monty meant by that.

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I wanted to draw a little Big Brother AU scenario lol 

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I was wondering how you do your eyes and head shapes. It's been troubling me because circles is all I can think of.

Sure! (note, im still learning a lot myself- so please bare with me ^w^)

lets begin with chins/basic head shapes

(A thing to always note: breaking down complicated shapes to easier/simpler shapes first helps in the long run. also thinking in 3D helps here too.)

so for head shapes- I keep mine pretty simple and mostly just change the chin shape up for my base depending on the kind of character I want to draw up 

so if they were big and bulky, id go with a round/square chin (1EFC- it gives them more weight and roundness). if they were small and slim, probably a pointier narrow chin. (1A/1D) (study real life and take note of peoples features)

this can go into more depth where you also change the shape of the forehead to achieve a better shape or exaggerate it all(ex. we want a really square face, we make the top of their head flatter/more like a box shape. or if we wanted it rounder, we just keep our round shape and build on it to fit)

Something thats good to remember is how the basic head shape guide rotates around and how it looks from multiple angles. (think of a cube or any 3D shape really floating aimlessly in space and how it looks spinning randomly around)

this’ll help establish where certain features and such are located on the head depending where the face is pointed (this works the same for if the head were at a dynamic angle, like: looking slanted, up, down, to the side, etc. Perspective might be needed for steeper angles like up/down)

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this might be a weird question and something that seems like i could probably look up easily but; i haven't seen any tutorials on this anywhere and i want to ask, do you have any tips on drawing feet from a front view? it's incredibly frustrating and lately they've been turning out like weird horse hooves

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, been super busy as of late! I hope this helps you out a little:

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Do you have any advice for artists, any advice in general? :)

Oh maaaan this is a very broad question uhmmm. I guess there’s always the most common advice of just keep practicing, but you’ve probably already heard that. It’s probably the most important though; the more you draw something, the better you’ll get at it. Case in point, here’s one of the earliest pieces I can find on my computer:

This is from 2007. Look at that smirk. They know they’re hot. ….Aaaand here is one of the things I drew last night:

But the thing is, I was a very proud 12-year-old when I finished drawing the first one. I’m also proud of the drawings I did yesterday. No matter what point in art you’re at, you just have to work at a drawing until you can say, “Yes, I put effort into this and I am satisfied with how it’s come out.” If something looks off at first, don’t give up! Most of my sketches look like a fifth-grader did them, and they don’t start looking like anything until I keep going to refine them.

Also, don’t care too much about where the people around you are at (and it’s so easy to compare yourself beyond reason when you’re on the internet; remember that these are people from all around the world!). You might end up unimpressed with something you’ve done after just a week or so, but that just means that you’re improving. When you start to hate the last thing you’ve drawn, sit down drawing something else. No one starts out magically having an amazing grasp on their medium or how people and scenery work in general; just keep at it and if you can see yourself improving, then that’s enough. (I think it’s a good idea to save all of your artwork, so when you feel like poop you can at least go through and say “well at least i don’t draw like that anymore”)

And another thing is, especially on tumblr: the number of notes you get on a drawing is not a signifier of its artistic worth! There might be a correlation, but as a rule, don’t judge your work solely based on reactions from strangers on the internet. I think it’s best to find a few people you respect and trust to give you legitimate critique; it’s much more rewarding to get feedback from them.

Lastly, if you’re interesting in drawing people, take every figure drawing class you can get your hands on I swear; I promise you your portraiture will improve exponentially. Study how skeletons work, what bones look like, and basic musculature. I super super recommend checking this book out: “Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist” by Stephen Rogers Peck.

That’s all I think of…I hope my perspective is helpful! Obviously take everything with a grain of salt, since we all come from different places and experiences. =D